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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pakistani girl getting ready for sex

My name is Zeeshan.I read a lot of Pakistani sex stories on this blog so I decided to share my own life story here.I am 27 years old and living in Lahore.I am a kind of guy who always searches for Pakistani butterflies.It is my life rule that I always follow.I never try to waste my time on Pakistani married women or any mature type Pakistani wife.Its always much more easier to start some wonderful Pakistani sex session with a Hot Pakistani girl in the age range of 14-18 years.This age group of Pakistani girls is not mentally matured and these days due to cable,Internet and other resources,Almost every Pakistani girl in this age range tries to look around and have some fun.Where on the other side when Pakistani women are married,they are more likely to remain loyal with their husbands and even if they have any extra-marital affair,They would think a lot to start or not.So my choice is always a Pakistani girl between 14-18 years of age to start dating and later on some Pakistani sex stories.

I am living alone in a flat which is just by the side of a ladies park.Most of the women and girls of our area visit this park during evening hours between 5-7PM.I have my window to the park side.I always try to peep through windows and have a good look at sexy Pakistani girls walking and sitting in the park.I do this all keeping myself behind curtains so that none of the ladies could see me.One evening,I saw three girls walking along the park road.The middle one was wearing a thin half sleeve dress and her bra strap could be easily guessed from the position where i was standing.I could here their talks.The two of them were below 14y and the middle one was almost 16 which i guessed.She must be getting some breast touches daily as her breasts were quite heavy in that age.

I was peeping through window and suddenly my curtain's hook broken away.When the curtain just hanged from that side,I quickly tried to adjust it but during the meantime the middle girl had seen me.She given me an angry look and when our eyes met,she just continued to walk.I knew that she had got an idea what i was doing there.The next day,on the same time the three Hot Pakistani girls again came for walk in the same area and I was eagerly waiting for her.This time she intentionally looked at window when she came nearby but i remained hidden from her.They made 4-5 round on that road and every time she tried to look in the window.

My tool was getting reading for that sexy Pakistani girl.I decided to make some further move.This went on for 3-4 days and on 5th day I intentionally shown her that I was watching her from that window.she smiled and again continued with her Pakistani butterflies.I struggled hard to get some information about her and then finally i got all her details that she was living one street away from us and she is a student of Metric.I noted her school timings and then one day i threw a paper on her way by writing my mobile number on that.I asked for a call and in evening I got a few miscalls from an unknown number.I guessed as per my devil mind and my mind was true.Our mobile friendship started and soon I told her to visit my flat.She resisted in formality for a few days and finally agreed to come during school timings.

I told her to come between 11am to 12 because my neighbor family wife goes to bring her babies from Montessori.She came just in-time and checked my door.I had already unlocked the door so that she can come without any knock.She came in and believe me,Her innocent looks in that school dress and milky big breasts made me horny.I quickly locked the door and picked her up in my arms.She laughed loudly and i placed my hand on her face to stop that so that no-body can hear her inside.The I started kissing her without any further talk.I was holding her in my arms just like a baby in father's hands.Her large soft breasts were sexier than any Pakistani woman.She tried to forbid me but I knew that it was a formal denial. I continued to kiss her face,lips and then i removed her uniform.She was wearing a Skin color bra which has nicely held her large breasts.

She was extremely soft.I removed her shalwar too and when I saw her panties,She just put her hand over the area and tried to remain shy like a child.I removed her hand and started licking her areas around pubs.My licking made her moaning with pleasure.She went into heaven in just a few minutes.Suddenly,I heard the lock opening of our neighbor.I asked her to remain quite during sex so that our neighbor wife could not guess what's going on inside my flat.I licked her love hole and inserted my tongue inside.She was not a virgin.I asked her about her first hymen breaker in slow voice.She told me that her cousin has banged her once without her wish.I said no problems.I will make you a complete Pakistani woman today.Then i went into 69 and placed my tool over her face and continued to lick her.Licking is not a usual thing for Pakistani girls so they enjoy it the most during sex.

I asked her to suck my tool but she was not habitual to that.She sucked its tip only and then I told her how to suck deep.She started like a lollypop but not taking it fully in mouth.I knew that she has not done it before.finally i lifted her legs and put my tool tip on her valley lips.I given a small jerk and her eyes seemed to be coming out.She screamed in pain.I fondled her breasts and her pubs area and then slowly inserted a half of my tool inside.I am almost 3 inches in girth,so it was very tough for a girl like her to bear that easily.Then I took at least 5 minutes to fondle her breasts and inserting it slowly inside.After getting almost 5 inches inside i started to stroke slowly.She had some tears in eyes with pain.I kissed her and consolidated her.Finally the pain changed into fun and I increased my pace.I tried to keep the 2 inches outside as she has a tight love valley which can not bear the full tool.I banged her and then made her doggy for 5 minutes fast sex session.Finally I was going to release so I went near her face and spread all my loads on her big breasts.I got some toilet papers to clean her chest and then managed to send her out of flat in a very difficult manner.I will share my next Pakistani sex stories soon.

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