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Monday, January 9, 2017

Wife Swap : A Real Story Of Wife Swapping In Pakistan

The story I'm Going to narrate here is based upon our real wife swap experience with a close couple. Finding a couple in Pakistani society for wife swap is a very tedious task. However, If you are committed to do it you can find a couple. Before proceeding to this story I must tell you the background of this story. I am 34 Years old while my wife is 30 Years. We have one kid who is about 3 years old.Me and my wife have been enjoying a great sex life past 4-5 years since we got married but none the less it was getting a routine type sex. We were both bored when we thought to spice up things. It is such a risky thing finding a Pakistani couple for Wife swap living in our society as there are so many issues of trust. We were in a state of frenzy when finally we managed to enjoy our first wife swap in Pakistan.


As I told you earlier that we were both prepared mentally to spice up things and I have discussed everything in detail with my hot and horny wife. She was quite convinced by the idea but we couldn't find a right couple for about 1 year of long struggle. majority of couples seemed interested in skype sex but no one was willing to meet a trust. Plus we also have some concerns with privacy and secrecy so we couldn't manage it right. 

We were still searching for couples when 6 months ago, a family of 4 shifted in our neighbors. They were Nabila and Kamran (Name Changed) with two male kids, 5 and 3 years old respectively. Nabila was a very social kind of lady and mostly found out-sourcing. In a period of one month or so, she became a good friend of my wife. Her husband was also a frank kind of guy and we became friends too. Nabila had a sexy voice, Often she got a sexy intention whenever I heard her voice. She had something in her voice (you could say that her voice makes your cock ready). She had a big ass (I often used to stare her ass thinking to fuck that bitch). Moreover, she was a fashion curious so she always worn dresses that ask men's attention.

One day, after 2-3 months of their arrival , she told my wife that they were planning to visit murree. She asked my wife if we want to join them they can make a combined family trip. My wife told me about this option.I have heard about swingers that they are usually very social and friendly so my mind suddenly sparked and started to think about the other scenario. If we could plan a family trip together, we might have a luck to swap. I was 70% sure that Nabila and Kamran might have swinger likes but Still we couldn't proceed openly. 

Finally, I told my wife that she must agree to their option. The next day, Nabila visited again and murree trip was finalized. We have to leave on friday and spend weekend in murree. Kamran booked a van for this tour and we both families left for murree on friday evening. Kamran told me that he had searched for some hotels but due to plenty of tourists visiting murree those days, we might have troubles finding accommodation to stay. Anyhow, we were committed to tour so we left at every cast.

We reached murree by the evening and started finding an accommodation. All hotels were almost booked and we couldn't find family rooms in 4-5 hotels we knew. Finally, we reached a hotel which luckily had a family suite vacant. We tried to book 2 family suites but couldn't manage to get another one. Finally Kamran said; If my wife had no issue we can stay in one family suite. We asked the hotel management to show us the suite if it can accommodate 4 adults and 3 kids. They took us upstairs and we both had a good look inside the room. It had two large beds inside and it seemed quite nice to accomodate 4 adults and 3 kids. 

Finally, I agreed to Kamran's option ( by doing that I had two benefits in my mind, one was economy option and the other was trying something naughty during the two night stays). Our wives had no issues living in combined room. So we finally managed to book it and get in. We got refreshed one by one and then changed our dresses. The room was accommodated with a nice heating options and its location allowed us to have a nice look at outside mountains. We ordered a tasty dinner and we especially ordered fish.

Kamran was getting a bit crazy and talking about naughty things in double meaning style. I was getting him. He was not showing any lusty looks at my wife but I could guess the same feeling in his eyes as I have for his big booty wife. After dinner, Kids fell asleep quite quickly leaving 4 adults awake. Kamran and me made a plan that we both will visit murree surrounding and places separately so that we should not be bound to each other in the day. It was quite nice for me and my wife too. 

It was about 11 pm when I asked Kamran that we should go to sleep. We managed to place our kids in the sleeping trolley placed in the corner of our room. It accommodated all 3 kids as it was two story type trolley. Their was a curtain in the center of both beds, providing a kind separation sense in the room. In short, you can say that it looked like a room which was designed to provide two couples a fucking opportunity as well.

When Ladies got ready to sleep, Kamran winked me in a naughty mood. I could guess his style that he was probably telling me that he will fuck his wife tonight. We shifted kids sleeping trolly aside and pushed curtains. After switching of the main light, it was kind of very dim light in the room through which you could only guess the movements. Nabila and Kamran went to one bed and me and wife got inside the blanket of other bed. 

After about 30 minutes, I got a text on my cell. It was Kamran. He sent a naughty sms on my cell, saying ; We are going to start something. hope you won't mind that (Smileys). Now, I was excited so I replied him that we are also starting. After this I could guess that Kamran was playing with Nabila, slowly and quietly inside the blanket so I started playing with my wife.

As I told you earlier, My wife was mentally ready for naughty stuff so she didn't stopped me and I think Nabila and Kamran were already experienced in doing sex in someone's presence so I could hear slow moans of Nabila Bhabhi as Kamran was playing with her boobs and pussy. This went on for 15-20 minutes when I again got his sms. It was quite a bold and un-expected kind of sms. I was not expecting it to happen that quickly but it happened.

Kamran has sent me a text; 'Wanna Change Taste"? I got his point but I intentionally inquired him again; How Could Taste change?' He replied; ask bhabhi, If she's agreed - we could change beds. I sent a smiley in reply to that. Wait.......I knew, my wife must be ready so I slowly whispered in her ear , I'm going to Nabila's bed and Kamran is coming here. As soon as I whispered in my wife's ear, She grabbed my hand hardly and said; OH no, Really? It was a kind of strange feeling from her. She didn't shown any signs of unwillingness so I said, YES. Are you ready? She remained quite and then said; OK - as you wish.

I sent kamaran an sms and said, OK, please come. As soon as he read my sms, he got up and started moving slowly towards our bed. I got up and went to Nabila's bed. It was such a nice feeling (I can't explain in words). I went near Nabila bhabhi and laid at her back. She was facing the other side with her night dress removed but wearing only a bra and panty. I touched her big ass and slowly caressed it after getting inside the blanket. I removed my trousers and now I was also in an underwear. My manhood was semi-erect as it touched Nabila's big ass. I placed it in-between her ass crack and started rubbing her boobs from behind.

It was our first wife swap but Nabila bhabhi looked experienced. I slowly kissed and licked her back , neck and ears and then slowly removed her bra. With left hand I kept on rubbing her big pussy. It was very wet and her large boobs were making me frenzy. I played with her entire body for about 15-20 minutes before I placed her head onto my fully erect cock. Her body smell was making me mad. My wife had quite a different smell. Nabila's body smell was just asking me to drill her like a whore. 

Meanwhile, Kamran was also busy with my hot wife. Nabila started sucking my cock and many a times I felt that I might cum in her mouth. I stopped her quite a few times and then before I get cum, I made her facing other side. I placed my throbbing cock onto her big pussy lips and then throbbed it 2-3 times onto her clit before pushing it in. Nabila bhabhi moaned slowly, as I inserted half of my cock inside. I measure about 6.5 inches in size. Her pussy was as hot as hell.

I pushed the entire length of my cock inside and started moving slowly. Same thing was happening on the other bed as Kamran was fucking my wife. I could hear her slow moans but we have to keep things silent due to the presence of kids sleeping inside the room. I fucked nabila bhabhi for about 5-6 minutes. We had no condoms put on. After 5-6 minutes, I couldn't hold anymore and blasted my cum inside Nabila Bhabhi. She was filled but she was biting my fingers that I placed in her lips while fucking her. Her big melons were making me crazy. 

Kamran was still fucking my wife on the other bed. He kept on fucking her longer in the first cumshot. I didn't pulled it out as Nabila bhabhi's big ass didn't allow me to stay away. I slowly kept on fucking with a cum inside and now my dick again started to feel a full erection.

It was time to change position so staying in the blanket, I opted for doggy style. Looking at us, Kamran also opted doggy style but we can't see sex organs of each other due to the dim light and blanket. We fucked each other's wife for about 1 more hour. I came once again inside Nabila's big pussy. It was about 2.30 AM when Kamran finished. He had given my wife 3 cumshots in those 2 hours. After finishing, we both got up and changed beds again.

Then I asked my wife slowly, How was it? She replied; It was awesome. I was curious about Kamran's cock but my wife's feeling told me the entire story. He must be a good cock guy. We slept at 3 and wake up at 8 A.M as kids were awake early. for the initial 1-2 hours , both ladies were a bit reluctant making eye contact with each other. But things became very friendly and smooth when at evening we came back to our room. At night we had another great session. This is how our first wife swap went along. Nabila and my wife are still great friends and we do plan a swap night whenever we feel bored. Otherwise, we had good and respectful family friendship. 

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