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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adult Dating in Pakistan

Adult Dating in Pakistan is the most important topic for which every Pakistani is searching on internet.The Pakistani women are hard to find using internet Dating sites.another factor which adds difficulties for online dating searchers inside Pakistan is that majority of Pakistanis look for Free dating sites to prove their luck,therefore Adult Dating in Pakistan seems to be a a most difficult process.

Online Adult Dating in Pakistan is possible and you can find many Pakistani women using internet To promote their Dating. The only thing you need is, to get a membership of a good dating website like Adultfriendfinder. This is a website that is full of real Adult Pakistani women who are looking for Guys. Paid services also provide you the cell numbers of Pakistani its easy to contact them if you want really to enjoy your Adult dating in Pakistan.

Free Adult Dating services may provide you a chance of getting a real Pakistani women but lot more depends upon your luck. Free Adult Dating websites often restrict the users to send messages to other members until you upgrade to premium, and also you can not add you contact numbers or emails to your profile to be displayed to other members.finally your adult dating bring no fruit to you.

If you really want to enhance your Adult Dating in Pakistan,you must try to join a website as a premium member so that you can get full access to the Pakistani girls.hi hope that you adult Dating Experience would rise to top.

How to Meet Beautiful Pakistani Girls

How to meet beautiful Pakistani girls, you can do so right from your own computer. You can take your pick from the lovely women that await you from this part of the world. If you like women who are beautiful and also very charming, then you will want to take a look at some of the beautiful Pakistani girls who are online.


Recently we have conducted a  Pakistani women and girls survey on our blog. The survey results shown the facts that 100% of Pakistani women are not involved in dating affairs but there are few Dating secretly. two surveys were taken about the two key factors of dating. the first was , How many Married Pakistani women are involved in sex or dating with men other than their husband.


Pakistani women want secret dating. It might be the most required factor of Pakistani women of all ages, as majority of Pakistani society don't allow women of their families to involve freely in dating. If any Pakistani women/girl is caught involved in dating someone,she may loose her life.The dating is always a fun and everybody wants to enjoy his/her life. same is the case for Pakistani women. They want to date someone whom they like,but due to family restrictions they can't do.Ultimately Pakistani women want secret dating.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Pakistani women and dating trends is quite an interesting topic for guys.Pakistani women are sometimes hard to find if you are following regular trends like, searching single or married women on internet, posting body massage messages on social networking sites, making profiles on internet on dating sites and looking for girls in chat rooms. You may only succeed in getting a real single women or girl or may be some married aunts after a hard-work of months. It takes too long when you are looking for Pakistani women for dating to follow these techniques and get women for your bed.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dating Single Pakistani women look for Rich Guys. The women who are habitual of dating often look for rich guys either married or single. It is a common habit amongst Pakistani Muslim single girls that they want rich status of the guy whom they are dating. Often you have seen many single Muslim Pakistani girls sitting in luxury cars of their daters.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Pakistani women secret ,Story of naseem is here for you.Pakistani women carry many stories which are not unknown for the society,their family and their relations. Some Pakistani women have done such crazy things which you would laugh to read. They are only a few ,may be 3% ,but this is a true fact that these stories have happened.

Pakistani women stories are quite an interesting topic for the readers. Today i am going to share a true life story of a Pakistani women which you will never forget. Naseem ,a lady of 38y now.This is her real life story which happened in front of me when i was only 15Y old.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Pakistani women can easily be dated by a guy who shows kindness to them and shows sympathy.Pakistani women need someone to tell her problems which she can not discuss with mother and father or husband as most of them are remain under pressure of their a person who shows sympathy or kindness and listens to the pakistani women who is in touch with him, he gets great chance to catch her.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Pakistani women are shy during sex.when performing a sexual act. Majority of Pakistani women are just sex dolls. Guys have often felt this thing. Only a few,may be 5% of Pakistani women go wild during sex and enjoy every activity at their own. Know each and everything about Pakistani women and sex.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Pakistani women have common habits.Few common habits by which guys can easily pick the women who are interested in making affairs and getting a boy on bed with them. You can learn the tips if you continue ...

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Elite class of Pakistan is a group of people who are rich by their birth. They are so called Muslims. The elite class of Pakistan is just different from Europe in a sense that they speak Urdu,and Known as Muslims,Rest everything is like English.They do gay/lesbian parties,they do wife swapping,they drink,they dam care who is fucking their wife....

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Pakistani women often start affairs as fun.In the beginning they do not intentionally start with a man in a dating sense or any affair.they usually take time in getting set up with men.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Pakistani Women are a symbol of beauty and elegance. They are very determined and hardworking. They portray the imagination of every artist. Their eyes are filled with courage of sacrifices for their families and pride of caring for them. They are very dignified and fun loving. All these characters are shared by most of the Asian women. 


Why Pakistani women are found dating ugly guys and looking to marry nice guys?...This is a critical question which come often in the minds of this post I am going to show some realities of pakistani women involved in this game.

First of all I would say yes its true that majority of pakistani women have been seen dating ugly looking ,normal,blackish,dull personality guys but when they desire for marriage they desire nice guys. One of its basic reasons is that personality matters more than beauty of face for pakistani women. If we explain personality it means guy’s talking methods, his way of approaching a women, his social status, his sense of humour, and ultimately his mental approach towards opposite sex.

The matter of good figure comes at last as women need a person who cares her,who remains in his own personality and has good manners. Pakistan is considered to be a men’s society so women normally do not get a chance a huge laughter inside or outside the home. They ultimately like the guys who make humor in their life. The Pakistani women also need such a guy who can not be caught by the eye of  people, Means that people can not think that this guy can date a girl/women. Its because it provides Pakistani women more safety of getting into the eyes of society.

In many cases it has been seen where Pakistani house wives were involved in sexual affair with the persons who were coming regularly to their door for selling milk or something related to household. These sales men often don’t have very attractive bodies,figure or something extra. They may be wearing dirty clothes, but Pakistani women finds it safe to fulfill her sexual urge when her husband is not at home and she’s horny and no body can doubt about such person. Hence these housewives get fully satisfied of their lust by the salesmen.
When we say that pakistani women look for a nice guy as their husband, it is also right on the other hand. This desire comes because husband has to be with them in their entire life and they are free of the fears of society’s eye now when with male. So they desire for nice guy who have good figure and good status ,wealthy and a caring one.

The matter is only that as bad looking guys are less eye catcher so Pakistani women remain safe of society’s eye and also they fulfill their lust. While nice guys are more in the eye’s of people

Monday, August 8, 2011


Why Pakistani women on job go to toilets together on job places? It is an interesting question which can be in the minds of all men,who had observed this fact. .....And most of the men/co-workers are concerned about this factor and they observe this keenly...Pakistani women have this habit commonly.


Q. What is Hymen?
A. The hymen is a thin, fleshy membrane that in some girls and young women is found at the openingto the vagina. It has a central perforation, which can be round or elongated, through whichmenstrual blood will flow. It is also called "maidenhead". 

Q. Is hymen an evidence of virginity?
A. For a long time, it was believed that an intact hymen was evidence of a girl's virginity, as

the hymen posed a barrier to sexual intercourse. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011


PAKISTANI MARRIED women are involved in extra marital relations here is a true story of Rubina,who has a great affair with a shop keeper.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Pakistani women are greatly affected by internet & mobiles.. If we see the usage of internet in Pakistan ,we come to know that its users are increasing rapidly , ultimately the female users of Pakistan are getting huge in number. Internet can be used for positive purposes ,study,research,knowledge and many more things but as Islam forbids Muslims to do zinah(sex) therefore the greed for sex is very much in Muslim minds....Pakistani women mostly try to fulfill their lust in any way which can please their mind.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Majority of Pakistani women do not care about the look and figure of the male partner. Often the cases have been seen where the Pakistani girls/women were having normal look man as their fuck friend. Not entirely the all do have this habit but i am talking about majority who are involved in sex with other men. I could say that only 5% are curious about men's attractive face, 5% may be about Physique, 5% may be about education level.

The most demanding factor for Pakistani women/girls is that ,the male whom they share their body must be rich,having good status in society, and surely having good sexual health....If we talk about sexual health of their boy friend ,i doesn't mean to say that He must be having a bigger penis ....but the Pakistani women need a man having a good sexual stamina and also a hardness of the penis..The size of the penis doesn't matter to the majority of the Pakistani ladies but stamina and hardness matters.The size factor is only a concerned thing for the boys who want to date Pakistani women.....but its the reality that only 5% of Pakistani Muslim ladies may prefer a man with bigger size..

So the Pakistani women do not care about men's looks or his attractive body...Often the women have been see dating the person who is having normal ugly looks....having dark color.........but when studied these cases in detail ,a factor which was important ,The male having good habits. The Pakistani women get impressed if the guy is talkative (but in humorous mood) but not over talkative,Caring and having good manners.

If a man remains in his own good nature and do not over show himself ,the Pakistani women are easily attracted towards him..If he is having money also ,then it makes his qualities more attractant...because whenever a single Pakistani women in Pakistan selects a male for friendship,she starts thinking him as her husband of future....And his rich status makes the dreams of the girls coming true,so the girls get easily attracted to him.

So i advice the guys who are looking for Pakistani women ,do not think over to your penis size but look towards your habits....and your way of talking because Pakistani women do not care about men's looks.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


There is no surprise if non Muslim countries ban hijab or niqab since they are non-Muslim, they don't care what Islamic values are, real surprise is that majority of Muslims women don't practice niqab or even hijab, and majority of Muslim men don't care if their wives practice this important order of Allah or not. There are hundreds of Muslim families where we won't find any single home or person, who cares about niqab or hijab.

Not only that but Muslim women now have taken a further step, which is nakedness, women wearing half sleeves which is very common, many women wear semi-naked saarhi (especially in India/Pakistan), many women now don't put the cloth sheet on their body so part of their chest stays naked.Surprise is, Muslim men even don't realize or don't care that when their wives go out in this condition then unlimited men get aroused by watching their naked body parts, especially in non-Muslim countries, there are Christian, Jews, Hindus, Sikh, rapists, alcoholic, gangsters, street bums, homo sexual and all kind of people see them and get aroused and enjoy the view then day dream while thinking about these Muslim women and girls.

Can you imagine what is the level of dignity of these Muslim men? Majority of Muslims men unknowingly are making it easy for unlimited and all kind of men to enjoy and get aroused and pleasure with their wives by allowing them to live without hijab or with nakedness cloths.Women don’t really understand the nature of men so they wear naked kind of cloths without knowing that unlimited and all kind of men are enjoying with them.I know some of them purposely not practicing hijab to attract men, but the fact is, women listen to their husbands, if husbands help and encourage their wives then I believe 90% of married women will start practicing hijab.

Those Muslim women who are not practicing proper hijab, they are not living respectful life, they choose disrespectful life just to please their husbands, why won’t they choose respectful life if their husbands pleased with that?
The thing that really surprises me is that how Muslim men tolerate such a disturbing condition of their wives?
With this all around the Muslim world, Muslim's act surprised and complain “Why non-Muslim countries are not treating us nicely and fairly.”
Why would they? Do we give any importance to Islamic values?


Last week, all friends of mine were talking about what percentage of people in Pakistan abstain from sex before marriage. We asked this question to 100 boys from different regions of Pakistan in our university. Frank with us, only four students said, they abstained from sexual acts of any type completely. Amongst Muslims in Pakistan, only 7% can fight their lust and don’t commit "zinah". Every honest Pakistani can not but agree with these statistics.

Being a boy, I can not ask girls about this in fear of being honor-killed.Honor-killing is very common and an act of pride in Pakistan. Every day I read in local newspaper about the honor-killings. But the interesting thing is that those, who honor-kill girls, themselves indulge in premarital sex—a tragic double standard.It is man's monopoly in Pakistan. Men want to have all kinds of relations with other girls. But when they discover or doubt that a girl from their own family is doing such act of "sin"—then there is only one cure for her, honor-killing.

Despite having such high rate of premarital sex taking place behind the scene—Pakistanis, myself included, used to boast that Western people are shameless and without any moral values for having open premarital relationship. But, now, I think it is everywhere in one way or another. Muslims living in western countries—who think that Islamic lands are pure and such kind of acts, which they perceive as "evils", don’t exist here—should get rid of their vain disillusion. They should never think that Islamic societies are morally good than other societies.

So, if you are looking for a son-in-law or daughter-in-law from Pakistan, there is no guarantee that he/she (particularly he) will be chaste.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This is a critical fact that ,In most of the cases Pakistani women are involved in urging other women friends to get involved in sex. Pakistan is not a very rich country.most of its families led a life below average. Money is the need of every human being to fulfill his/her commodities. This factor is very prominent in Pakistani society that every Paki women wants a rich husband,she desires for Own Car,nice clothes,a Well furnished house,jewels,but 85% can not fulfill their desires due to poverty or the status of their family.

this creates a desire for wealth in those 85% To get wealth .They do not see what they are doing for it. Not the entire 85% are doing sex for money but almost 50% involved in the game are for this. The Paki Women which bring other women towards sex are mostly Nurses, Private School teachers,Ladies Hostel Wardens, Beauty Parlor Staff or Job doing ladies.

I have observed many beauty parlor staff girls making dates with rich men for money,and they also invite their friends to the luxuries of money as they get many thousands in just few hours time. So often innocent girls who have friendship with such kind of ladies become prostitutes for money and the parents are unaware of that. The friend circle of such ladies in the field of sex is Very large. This circle helps them in finding such girls who curse for money. So often these Paki Ladies do not reflect in the society that they are doing sex work management but they try to prove their character worthy and noble which helps them to build parents confidence on them.

Nurses are also involved in this profession .They daily interact with all kinds of female in the hospital .so they easily get good stuff of their need. They judge the ladies visiting them and finally they make friendship with them. when this friendship becomes strong then these nurses start their original task.

Private school teachers are also joining sex profession largely. The salary in private schools is low in Pakistan so these private lady teachers try to search for more money. they have freedom of coming out of house for the sake of their school so no body can ask them wherever they go.his makes their dates easy.

Ladies hostel wardens have plenty of girls on their disposal. They know each girl living in the ladies hostel so they get all kinds of girl.they monitor the girls who have more desire for money and finally they run these girls in the job of sex.

The entire society is full of such ladies and mobile phone have made their work easy and fast. They can easily sms to such girls to reach any point for allotted date.

The conclusion of the article is that women make women to do sex.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Wives living in armed forces colonies have no fear of their husbands arrival as they know his routine. Often the husband's on duty are not allowed to leave the duty place before end timing,so these horny Muslim wives have pet 5-7 hours before their children and husband's arrival. This situation is in every Flat almost the same. And if a wive calls some guy to her flat in that time,no body can guess what's going on inside and who is inside the Flat. these flats are not monitored so keenly by the agencies.

My friend told me that he made friendship with a young worker who was a christian ,name kashi.......He was almost 21 years old but having good built and nice sexy body. The said guy told my friend that he has affair with 4 women in the colony where he do cleanliness work in the day. Those women were between 30-35 y old whom they could easily call aunties. but these women were almost of the same habits....they were having following prominent habits.

1. they wear skin tight clothes which can make prominent their body shapes so that looker can be attracted easily towards their sex. and having wide throat qameez which can show their breast if they bent.
2. they put on make up when they come out of house to attract young guys.
3. they can talk easily to every stranger man regarding some matter freely.

Kashi was narrating these wives to my friend but my friend was not agreeing him without proof. so when kashi became a good friend and so much free with my friend ,He invited my friend to see all live....My friend and kashi went to a flat......where my friend waited on the stairs and kashi made a slow knock at the door. my friend was waiting in such a way that the door opener can not see him but he can see the person....after two knocks a lady aged 35y came out and without asking anything made an illusion to come in to kashi...he went inside and i came down and waited in the nearby lawn...where from i can observe the flat....but the movement inside the flat was not visible....

kashi came out after almost 30 minutes...and we left the place....he told me that he made her on bed and enjoyed with her and no body was at home..watching this all i concluded that a 22y young guys visit and locking of the door can not result in any thing good. so i believed in all what kashi said to me.The woman was muslim and having two kids ,the elder in 8th i thought a Muslim women must think that she is going to be fucked by a non-muslim but who cares when she is hot. Kashi banged her nicely in her flat for months continuously.

Monday, August 1, 2011


SOME OF ARMED FORCES HOT PAKISTANI WOMEN WIVES are involved in sex affairs as well.This fact was narrated by one of my colleagues who lived for 5 years in the armed forces colony.He told that ,Almost 70% of the forces married people live in armed forces colonies. These colonies are made in such a style that each block consists of three stories or four stories having 12-16 flats. The activities inside the flats can not be monitored from outside. majority of the Men go for daily duties between 7am to 3pm to their job place ,leaving their women alone at flats. In the mean time the Majority of these Hot Pakistani women wives, after sending children to school ,are mostly free and alone as there is not plenty of work at home..So they try to visit other Women or wives or something like market and parks etc.

As these colonies are neat and clean so there is not enough work for the wives at home. most of the works are kept pending till Sunday. During his five years stay he observed keenly to these forces wives .amongst these there is a very common habit that they gaze young men whenever they see a man of young age passing near to them or from the road. almost every third women is doing this thing. Most probably due to cable & internet usage these Hot wives feel horny when alone. and they try to fulfill their lust by gazing at the boys passing on the road. every 3rd woman has been seen doing such things in these colonies.

Certain cases have also been reported of these wives where they were being caught red handed with the cleaning staff visiting the colonies for roads cleaning and etc. in those staff there are few young men who gaze at such women whenever they get a glimpse. If there they see some women watching from the window outside they try to gaze her at every possibility. A few of these wives make illusions to those staff boys to come to the flat door.where they bring him inside and then fulfill their lust at the time and no body can check them.

A few Of these hot Pakistani women have also been reported ,visiting markets to bring household items when their husband goes for duty ,but the real matter is something else. they have been found involved with shop keepers who lessen rates of the items for such women and they fulfill his lust behind the shop compartment. While the husband on duty thinks that his wife is very noble and she goes for only bringing house hold items. These types of wives are rare but due to cable & internet in these colonies ,the number is increasing heavily day by day.

Incest sex stories


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