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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Pakistani women secret ,Story of naseem is here for you.Pakistani women carry many stories which are not unknown for the society,their family and their relations. Some Pakistani women have done such crazy things which you would laugh to read. They are only a few ,may be 3% ,but this is a true fact that these stories have happened.

Pakistani women stories are quite an interesting topic for the readers. Today i am going to share a true life story of a Pakistani women which you will never forget. Naseem ,a lady of 38y now.This is her real life story which happened in front of me when i was only 15Y old.

Naseem was only 16Y old when she got in touch with a guy whose name was Imran. Naseem was very pretty, sexi figured girl.Almost evry guy in that village wished to get Naseem.Imran was 20Y old then. He liked her very much and often followed her whenever she gone to school or came back. Naseem ,after a few days of ignorance got well aware of the fact that this guy comes for her. In the start she abused him a lot whenever she passed near him. Imran was consistent with his efforts , so he didn't let his patience to fall and continued to chase her.

After almost 2 months chasing one day he finally got a response from Naseem. It was the day of his lift. Pakistani women of such class is ready to be in an affair. Soon their chatting started .Naseem made friendship with Imran's sister so that she could easily visit Imran's house. Imran was not a guy who can control his manhood after meeting such a gorgeous girl. One day when Naseem visited their house,he was alone at home.

That day Imran's whole family was gone to city for some buying, When naseem came Imran got happy that his wishes have come true about meeting Naseem alone. He kissed her licked her and finally broken her hymen. Naseem resisted in the start but after a few hot tricks played by Imran she forgot to resist.

Naseem was no more virgin now. The curtain of shame have been lifted. from the day onward whenever Naseem went to meet Imarn,Their meeting ended up in a fuck session. After 4 years when Naseem was 20,a certain revolution in the story happend.

Imran's Elder brother named Tahir was also a lover of Naseem, Tahir was unaware of the fact that Naseem is involved in sex with Imran. He just liked naseem for his beauty .In pakistani society often brothers dont discuss their love affairs with brothers. so Imran was also quite.

Tahir asked his parents to go for a marriage proposal to Naseem's parents. Naseem has already told her mother that she likes someone in Tahir's family but she has not told that the person is Imarn. So when Tahir's parents came for asking Naseem's mother for marriage,she agreed and marriage decided. But Naseem was shocked to hear that the purposal which her mother agreed is not for her lover but its for his elder brother.

in Pakistani society it is considered worst to break proposals of marriage. Imran was out of city when all things finallised. He remained quite after getting known that his Girl friend is going to be married with his brother.

soon the marriage done and Naseem arrived at Imran's home as a wife of his brothers. A few days after their love affair again started. Now this relation was Bhabi fucking. Naseem got her first baby which was most probably of Imran. as the pregnancy occurred when Her husband was out of the village for a few days.

Naseem given birth to 5 children in her 15 years of life so Far. 3 of her children look exactly like Imran, but two are like Tahir. so it is true that the father of 3 babies is Imran but of two babies its her real husband Tahir.

During this life story Imran got married to a girl when he was 28Y old. But he continued to fuck his bhabi and also his wife.

Such Pakistani single women like Naseem often go in this kind of affairs in villages.

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