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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hot Pakistani Women incest stories

Our blog readers insisted us to bring some real Hot Pakistani Women Incest stories. Today’s Sex story is related to a Pakistani wife. She was involved in sex with her husband’s brother. There is lot of such cases happening in Pakistani society these days where women are involved with men other than their husband in their own family. Most of these stories remain hidden as majority in Pakistani society considers relations of Bhabis, very noble.

Shazia is a woman from Taxila( a famous city of Pakistan). She was married to Aslam three years ago. After their marriage, spending one month with shazia, Aslam left Pakistan for his foreign job to Saudi Arabia. During one month stay in Pakistan after his marriage, Aslam tried to make his early days of marriage, happiest. Shazia was a woman fond of fashion and wearing hot clothes. Most of her dresses were wide opened necked and one can easily see her breast when she bends.

Aslam’s younger brother, Kashif was college student and living with his parents and bhabi shazia due to joint family system. He was 17 years old. Most of the times Kashif un-intentionally looked at shazia’s opened neck clothes, where he got a glimpse of her boobs. These scenes every time made him hot but he was not been able to go farther due to the relation and fear in his mind.

College boys of Kashif’s age are normally thinking of hot girls and sex every time. Dating and girls are the most interesting topic for them at this stage. Kashif’s mind started thinking about his brother’s wife in the sense of sex. He always tried to catch the chances of watching his bhabi’s boobs. Time passed on and after six months, Kashif got a chance to see his bhabi nude as he opened the door of the room suddenly when his bhabi was changing clothes.

Kashif felt ashamed but his bhabi shown no reaction after that day about the incident. It is true that married women have increased sex desire than single girls. shazia’s husband was away from home from last six months. She was missing her sex quite bitterly. One day when she was alone with Kashif at home, she asked kashif to massage her neck due to pain.

Kashif agreed in no time as he had a chance to feel her hot body. During massage they talked about normal home matters. In the mean time Bhabi asked him about his girl friends. He felt shy but then he told a few stories to his bhabi. After that Bhabi asked him about sex with his girl friends. Kashif was wondered to hear this question. He soon realized the secret that his bhabi wants some hot chat. During massage Shazia was also getting hot

Kashif was feeling and trying to make his chatting more hot by including his girl figures and body shapes. In the meantime he admired shazia's body and said, Bhabi you have the most attractive body and figure. She smiled and asked , what is the most beautiful part in my body?. Kashif replied " Should i tell the truth?

Shazia smiled and said, Don't worry ...say whatever you like. He smiled and said, Bhabi i like your breast the most". Shazia was amazed but she said Kashif to feel shame. Kashif was worried but He made some courage and said. Bhabi i want to touch it please. Shazia shown some anger in the start but as she was missing sex from quite a long time, she smiled. This was an illusion of agreement from her. Kashif made no delay and started feeling her boobs by holding in his hands from back.

Hot Pakistani women was now feeling horny due to the simple touches of young hands. Married Pakistani women are more hot than single girls so Shazia also shown the same reactions. Soon Kashif removed her qameez and started sucking her left boob. Shazia ,The hot married woman was horny now, without considering her relation to the man who was going to sex with her. Soon kashif started removing her Shalwar.

Then the final sex came in and Kashif inserted his tool in her.Kashif fulfilled the desire of hot pakistani women in quite a decent manner. The Pakistani wife was missing sex and hot life. Kashif fulfilled all desires of his bhabi.The sex relation started between the hot wife and the young man.Hope you have liked this real story.we will bring more about hot Pakistani women incest stories

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