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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hot Pakistani women stories

Hot Pakistani women stories are the most popular articles of our dating blog. Most of the men, who are interested in dating Pakistani women, are looking for these sex stories and updates. These stories are not fictions; these are based on true experiences of Pakistani women and their life. It is a fact that all Pakistani women are not involved in such affairs, but a few are there. This blog is entirely based on bringing those Pakistani women secrets to the world of dating. Pakistani married women are mostly loyal to their husbands, but 30% of these Pakistani women are involved in affairs and dating other men.

We are just bringing true information about Pakistani women who are dating men. So, it is requested to our readers that do not think that all paki women are dating. Just take this blog as informative. Today we are sharing a new story which is told by one of our blog followers. He is also a Pakistani and experienced in dating hot Pakistani women.

Names and place are changed to keep the matter of secrecy. Vicky was 29 y old when he encountered married women in his neighborhood. She (Maria) was almost 35y old, mother of 4 kids. Her husband was a school teacher. Vicky was a handsome, charming and attractive boy. He was very popular amongst girls and women of his area, as he was a man of good nature. In the beginning, Maria was just looking at Vicky whenever he passed from their street. Her eyes were full of lust every time whenever she stared Vicky. He felt this thing but not cared about as she was married and elder to him.

One day Vicky was alone at his house. His family was out of town when Maria unexpectedly visited his house. He was wondered to see her at his door, but his sixth sense told him the upcoming adventure. She asked him to come to her house to check the television problem. He was amazed, but after some thinking he told her to go by saying that “I am coming”. She went back and after a few minutes Vicky was at their door with his tool.

When he entered the house, Maria locked the door. Maria’s house was in such a way that nobody can observe that someone has entered her house. During the repair work he found a wire broken. So he repaired the wire and television was ok. Maria asked him to sit for a while so that she can bring tea for him. She insisted, so he sat down. Maria was also alone at that time in the house. When she came back after making tea Vicky was astonished to see Maria’s dress. She was almost half naked in her sleeveless and sees through clothes. 

Vicky understood the matter quickly and realized that he is going to get a chance of sex with this hot Pakistani married woman. He asked her about her husband and kids. She told him that husband and kids are in school and they will be back after 3 hours. During tea she sat close to Vicky and asked him about his girl friends. He smiled and told her about all girls. Then she came towards the topic of sex, and soon Vicky and Maria was frank with each other and laughing.

Meanwhile Vicky started looking at her opened hot breast. She smiled and asked him, do you like it? Vicky smiled and grabbed her nipple suddenly. She smiled at this move but remained quite. Vicky then made further moves to make her hot. The married woman was now in full mood. She was hot and enjoying every move by Vicky. Soon there session turned into cloth removing and then final work. Vicky was young, hot and attractive. Pakistani Married women are hot, everybody knows. Vicky enjoyed this hot session more than a hot girl.

After 15-20 minutes of continues sex, both fired to cool down. Vicky smiled and thanked her for this chance. She told him to carry on these hot meetings in future. The details in this Pakistani Married woman story are omitted due to policy of not using slang words. Hope You has enjoyed this story as you have enjoyed all of our Hot women sex stories.
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