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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sexy Pakistani Girls In Bikini

Sexy Pakistani girls in Bikini
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mature Pakistani Aunty Hot Photos

Hot self shot photos of a mature Pakistani Aunty showing big breasts in front of the mirror. Pakistani Aunties are very Hot and they love young boys. These Photos are proving that Pakistani Aunty is looking for Boys. Click to view enlarged photos.









Monday, August 19, 2013

Pakistani Bhabhi Having Incest

I am a Lahore boy with 22 years of age. This Sex Story belongs to my brother’s wife, Shehneela bhabi. It happened about two years ago. After five years of marriage, my brother got transferred to Karachi. It was not possible for him to go at once with family so he decided to go alone for a month. Since he could not leave his current job immediately so he decided to leave Shehneela Bhabi until he found a suitable flat there.


I was very frank to Bhabi. She liked me a lot. I often joked with her. She often used to visit market with me. Whenever we went outside, I purposefully drove the bike over pits and she screamed. Her nails often pierced in my shirt. She then said sorry, I enjoyed those naughty moves every time. As the time passed on, I started to tease bhabhi. She was taking it as fun but I was trying to touch her milky white pair of melons touch my back.

One day my parents left for some relative meeting leaving me and Bhabhi at home. I arranged my things in the room. She was feeding the daughter. She was wearing the churidar with no dupatta. Her 34D sized cups were visible through the cleavage. I had an erection. I just could not control. She did not notice I was watching her move. Then she and I sat to have lunch. We sat on the dinning table and she asked me about my studies. I said I’m doing well. I asked how she feels alone without brother here for a month. She said she can manage and also added that now you are here. I did not know what she meant. I have developed a certain attraction and feeling about my bhabhi.


Then I went to my room and fantasized kissing the sweets of my bhabi’s melons, removing the bra, suddenly I ejaculated. At evening I had to leave for tuition. My parents had not returned yet so I decided to miss the tuition to avail my luck. She started laughing at me for being such a lazy guy. I smiled and went back to my room. Then load shedding forced me to get out in a hot evening. She was again feeding the kid before she could sleep. She bent down, OH MY GOD, what a wonderful sight. Her large and milky melons played like a pendulum. She was not knowing that I watched her.

I wanted to have an opportunity to touch it because it was out of control for me. I decided to enter her room quickly. When I entered the room, she didn’t even bother to cover her breasts. She kept on feeding her baby after my entrance. She asked me If I needed something. I said; Nothing Bhabhi, I came to sit here. She just stood up and put the girl to sleep. She covered her breasts later. I was wondered to see her response about the situation. She was not shy to expose her melons after my entry. I had a good look at her nipples and white melons and I think she knew that.

She offered to take tea and I agreed. I again went to the hall, standing gasping for breath. She brought tea and we sat in front of each other. I started talking about her house without my brother. She took a long breath over this lonely situation. Then she looked into my eyes and said; When you are here, I am not alone. I intentionally talked about her bed time. First she didn’t arrive to the point but then she surprised me. What can you do about that? She asked me. I bravely replied; What you say?

She said; doing something today, I have been waiting for that long. Your brother is not going to come for two weeks at least. I didn’t want to miss the moment so I got up and went near here. I slowly kissed her eyes and came down to her lips. I was erotic. I then grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She Locked her legs behind me. We then silently closed the curtains, and laid on the bed.

It was an unforgettable experience. I slowly removed her Qameez (shirt), and again kissed her lips, and then dragged my mouth to her neck, her navel and then onto her large saggy melons. Her navel was so soft I have to bite it, I licked her belly button. She removed my shirt and pant. She rubbed my balls, with her gentle touches I had a hard on. She wanted to perform a mouth-job. She sucked my tool for 15 minutes with violent style. She was more than a professional call-girl. She took it in full and then rolled her tongue all over the shaft. I felt as I am going to blast in her mouth.

Soon she told me the 69 position. I placed my mouth on her panty. I had to rub my face; she started jumping up and down. I licked her fleshy parts , she was screaming. I am your Wife now.. , For today. Do whatever you wanted to do with your wife. Just make me feel like your wife. Her dirty remarks made me mad. I made a tornado twist; her fluids came to my face. I took it all.

Then I made her laying on the bed. I had to masturbate for a while with oil application on her back and her ass. She was applying it all over her soft cute ass cheeks. I then softly kissed her ass and started sucking everything. Then I started screwing her. I inserted my tool into her hole, the scream she gave as if she was delivering a baby. Her nails were scratching my back. I made a 20 minute round, she started to talk rubbish, bang me like a whore. Yeah. Screw me like your wife. I changed the style to opt for doggy. I banged her like a mare. I screamed and soon I had to come inside her . Her ass started moving and also her body grinding my tool. We had a 1 hour session.

I hope everybody have like my Pakistani Sex Story. And since then I have had a sex session with my bhabi whenever we got a chance. I thank my brother for staying at work and my parent’s trip. Friends comment on my story if  you liked it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pakistani Aunty having Sex with boy

Any Pakistani Aunty would like having Sex with boy.Pakistani Aunty Pics are included here with a video clip of Pakistani Aunty Having Sex.She is extremely hot and spicy.



Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pakistani Aunty Photos

It is a proven fact that Pakistani Aunties are Sexiest in the world.Most Aunties will have the occasional moan about the length of their legs,the size of their waist or the shape of their bottom.But it seems Hot Pakistani Aunties and their peers might find less to grumble about than most – this year,at least.Pakistani Women feel their sexiest at the age of 28, according to a research.There are many affairs found recently where Pakistani Aunties having Sex with younger guys.Thousands of internet searches prove that men are often looking for Paki Aunties.Here is a collection of Pakistani Aunty Photos.










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