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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pakistani Aunty Having Sex at Islamabad Airport

It is one of my greatest sex experiences ever. This sex story is not fake as I was lucky to fuck a married women who was a mother of two kids. I love married women and aunties very much and I like to fuck them and I imagine fucking Pakistani aunties and married women’s in my dream. My name is Rehan and I am an average looking guy with an average sized manhood. I am wheatish brown in color. It is an incident that came true in my life. I work with an airline in Islamabad airport. I have to work in all kind of rotating shifts from morning to nights.
One day, I was doing a regular duty from 12:00 to 3:00 am, I got relieved from my shift and I was sitting in the airport for some reason at arrival lounge. Then I saw a women wandering around in some tention. Later, she was waiting in the chairs alone.first I hesitated to go and talk with her because I was little scared, then I thought I will take a chance with it, if I am able to talk with her then I can get her phone number that was my first intention that time. Somehow I managed to go near her and asked if she required any assistance with something. She said no as she was waiting for her next flight in the early morning 06:00am. I further inquired and she told me that she's travelling to Karachi. Like that we started our conversation and she started telling why she came to Islamabad.

She was missing her purse so she was in tention. She lost it somewhere at airport or the taxi cab. I told her not to worry about and if she needed some money I could help her. She thanked me a lot and got frank within a few minutes of chat. After 15 minutes of chat she forgot that she had lost something. I came to know that she was quite open type women, not scared of talking to men like the majority of Pakistani women. I had enough details about her after a decent chat. I will describe her now, she was married and mother of two kid.she was a nurse in an hospital (I don’t like to reveal her name and place where she was from because of her safety and security) she was very fair and an average looking girl in her shape…. I mean little chubby but maintained figure. Her boob size was very big (seemed a 36D size).I was very attracted to her boobs.

We just hardly talked around half an hour and I asked her why she is waiting in the airport itself till 06:00 am? (It was around 2.5 hours to flight). Then a news came that flight was 1 hour late. Why did she not taken any rooms? I never wanted to have sex at airport due to the fear of "Caught Having Sex". She said normally she does like this whenever she comes to Islamabad alone. Suddenly in my mind something strikes as I was staying in an apartment outside the airport, I asked her why don’t you come and take rest in my house as I am alone and it is very near(Walking distance) to airport and I will drop her to airport in 2 hours. I don’t know by miracle or something else she readily agreed after a couple of formal denies to come to my apartment.

You people can imagine what will happen when a men and women will be alone in one closed room. I don’t know pretty much what happened next because we were not talking anything like for half an hour and it was big silence in my room. Suddenly, she moaned in pain and when I inquired she told that it's due to journey from Lahore to Islamabad. She had a very busy day and she was feeling tired. I quickly offered her a massage. She smiled and said; strange, you know massage? I said ; YES. I got up and brought my olive oil bottle. She was smiling and appreciating my skills. I started massaging her feet, then legs and reached her arms. She was feeling my sensual touches and getting hotter. Later, I asked her to remove her Qameez if she is easier with it. To my surprise, she done it without hesitation. I massaged her back.
Suddenly I thought of taking some daring initiative and I started to touch her boobs, you may think unintentionally but no I was trying to press those very hard and she was not refusing it. I kept on trying to press her boobs and she kept on moaning. I was pressing them in a way that she was getting aroused also slowly she was quiet and started enjoying it and was allowing me to completely massaging her boobs.

I slowly removed her bra so that I can massage those big boobs very nicely,I slowly started fingertip massage on her boobs and she was giving very well respond to that by making lots of moaning and noises. I started rubbing her nipples and squeezing them and pulling them with my fingers and she was screaming with pleasure. I was doing this magic for long time, I felt that she came twice.

Her moaning made me so aroused and hard, and then I slowly started to suck her boobs and like a baby. With one hand I was playing with her boobs and nipple and with other I was sucking and playing with my tongue. I slowly started sucking them and slowly started licking her nipples and moving my tongue in round on her nipple making her scream and move upwards making her body like and arch and pulling my hairs so badly. I slowly licked it and bite on her nipples and pull them up with my teeth slowly not hurting her much, by her expression I know that she was in extreme pleasure and she was enjoying it in the fullest and she came damn twice for this time also. Slowly I went down and removed her Shalwar to touch her pussy, it was so wet and she was leaking very badly because of arousal and the 2 times cum that she had.

I slowly removed her panties and started rubbing her wet pussy; she spreaded her leg so that I could do it comfortably. She was enjoying my foreplay into fullest. I was rubbing on the clit to make her hornier and for the next session of cum. I was sucking her nipple mean time and rubbing her pussy and mean while she got hold on my hard on cock and was rubbing it through my lowers. She put her hand inside my undies and started rubbing them in a very passionate way. I was rubbing her pussy so fast she was screaming and making different kinds of horny voices and she was lifting her hips and i understood she was in the end of her next cum. As I expected she came by screaming loudly and squeezing my pennies so hard and pulling my hairs giving me so pain. Then I moved my mouth towards her pussy and started licking her, she was so tired and was looking at me so innocently while was licking her pussy and looking at her face.

It went on for 20 minutes and then we were lying on my mattress and she was playing with my cock and balls, rubbing them gently and stroking them slowly. I was just playing with her boobs also. She started rubbing it with her fingers in a very magical way and she was also rubbing and massaging my balls also. I don’t know how to explain how she was going it but she was doing in a way that she read my mind and she was aware that she can take me to heavens if she does it in that way. She made me to make all the sound and I was hugging her with pleasure and kissing her deeply mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue due to uncontrollable pleasure that she was giving me. She started sucking my cock and playing with her tongue on the tip on my cock. She continued it for half an hour taking me to heavenly pleasures. She made me cum by doing like that within a few minutes.

We both were fully prepared for a wild fuck. I got aroused again and started kissing her on her mouth and pressing and massaging her boobs and it made her also aroused. Then I slowly moved on her top and started to insert my cock inside her wet pussy. Oohh my goodness You should have seen her expression on her face when I inserted my cock inside her pussy; she was like in the heavens watching something beautiful. I inserted my whole cock and started to move front and back, she was enjoying it very much. Sound started coming from her mouth of moaning and different kind of sounds, I fucked in that way for long time then she made to lie down and she came on my top and started to fuck me on my top, tell you guys it is my favorite position. I was pressing her boobs and she fucked me so hard and fast like an expert. I was about to come and I said her I will come she said it is ok and she has no danger. iIt was so good to cum inside her pussy and I felt very relieved and she also came at the same time.

Then after some time she went inside the bathroom to fresh herself up, I also went inside but she was resisting but I entered into the bathroom forcefully and we took shower together and had another quick fuck session inside the bathroom. Then we came outside, I prepared a breakfast for her and later dropped her back to the airport. we had 2 to 3 sessions and it was all fun and enjoying and was a great pleasure to fuck and unknown aunty.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Caught Having Sex On Birthday : The Real Story

Dear readers, I am going to narrate a true incident of my life. This sex story is slightly different because we were caught having sex. So, it was my 20th birthday. It was about 1:30am and everyone was giving me a good time except my family. It was strange that nobody greeted me on my birthday, and my cousin (Aneela) supposed to be my best friend in the family , had greeted me. She was also very surprised on this strange behavior of my parents and my sister. We were laying on the couch watching a movie. My family had gone to bed at 1200 hrs, and aneela was there to give me a good time. I forgot to tell that we had a good open style of life and nobody cares(Likewise in pakistani society) if family girls and boys are having chit chat.She turned her head and said to me “I’m going to give you your birthday present now”.

I was not expecting that kind of treat which she offered but I guessed that she was asking me to enjoy her juicy pussy. I had not screwed her in the past 2 years so I was eagerily waiting for an offer and time. We thought for a while and then I got up to switch off the lights. She looked lustfully in my eyes and then rubbed my manhood with her left hand. I lowered the Led TV volume but didin't power it off. We started going at it on the couch, and everything’s going well when she started sucking my tool.

She had given me a couple of mouth-jobs in past but no dam fucking. It was so good to have those lovely lips on my fat shaft. She was fully skilled in licking and sucking my balls. It went on a few minutes and then we went onto the final bang session. We’re in the spooning position, and there was a blanket covering us up from the waist down. Not too much motion at the time just some good deep grinding, but I was balls deep in her.She was not a virgin as I guessed but an extremely tight pussy.

I had made some deep pushes with wild strokes and she enjoyed a lot. The room suddenly got lighter, but a very natural non-electric light. My eyes look up to see my Mother, Father, and Sister with a birthday cake walking into the room. Singing happy birthday. While I am balls deep in my Cousin Aneela. My parents sang to me while I was having sex. We separated ourselves in hurry and thanks to my luck that we had not removed our clothes. It was only my pant's zip open and her trousers lowered, so we adjusted quickly but my sister got what we two were doing.

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