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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hot Pakistani Women incest stories

Our blog readers insisted us to bring some real Hot Pakistani Women Incest stories. Today’s Sex story is related to a Pakistani wife. She was involved in sex with her husband’s brother. There is lot of such cases happening in Pakistani society these days where women are involved with men other than their husband in their own family. Most of these stories remain hidden as majority in Pakistani society considers relations of Bhabis, very noble.

Shazia is a woman from Taxila( a famous city of Pakistan). She was married to Aslam three years ago. After their marriage, spending one month with shazia, Aslam left Pakistan for his foreign job to Saudi Arabia. During one month stay in Pakistan after his marriage, Aslam tried to make his early days of marriage, happiest. Shazia was a woman fond of fashion and wearing hot clothes. Most of her dresses were wide opened necked and one can easily see her breast when she bends.

Aslam’s younger brother, Kashif was college student and living with his parents and bhabi shazia due to joint family system. He was 17 years old. Most of the times Kashif un-intentionally looked at shazia’s opened neck clothes, where he got a glimpse of her boobs. These scenes every time made him hot but he was not been able to go farther due to the relation and fear in his mind.

College boys of Kashif’s age are normally thinking of hot girls and sex every time. Dating and girls are the most interesting topic for them at this stage. Kashif’s mind started thinking about his brother’s wife in the sense of sex. He always tried to catch the chances of watching his bhabi’s boobs. Time passed on and after six months, Kashif got a chance to see his bhabi nude as he opened the door of the room suddenly when his bhabi was changing clothes.

Kashif felt ashamed but his bhabi shown no reaction after that day about the incident. It is true that married women have increased sex desire than single girls. shazia’s husband was away from home from last six months. She was missing her sex quite bitterly. One day when she was alone with Kashif at home, she asked kashif to massage her neck due to pain.

Kashif agreed in no time as he had a chance to feel her hot body. During massage they talked about normal home matters. In the mean time Bhabi asked him about his girl friends. He felt shy but then he told a few stories to his bhabi. After that Bhabi asked him about sex with his girl friends. Kashif was wondered to hear this question. He soon realized the secret that his bhabi wants some hot chat. During massage Shazia was also getting hot

Kashif was feeling and trying to make his chatting more hot by including his girl figures and body shapes. In the meantime he admired shazia's body and said, Bhabi you have the most attractive body and figure. She smiled and asked , what is the most beautiful part in my body?. Kashif replied " Should i tell the truth?

Shazia smiled and said, Don't worry ...say whatever you like. He smiled and said, Bhabi i like your breast the most". Shazia was amazed but she said Kashif to feel shame. Kashif was worried but He made some courage and said. Bhabi i want to touch it please. Shazia shown some anger in the start but as she was missing sex from quite a long time, she smiled. This was an illusion of agreement from her. Kashif made no delay and started feeling her boobs by holding in his hands from back.

Hot Pakistani women was now feeling horny due to the simple touches of young hands. Married Pakistani women are more hot than single girls so Shazia also shown the same reactions. Soon Kashif removed her qameez and started sucking her left boob. Shazia ,The hot married woman was horny now, without considering her relation to the man who was going to sex with her. Soon kashif started removing her Shalwar.

Then the final sex came in and Kashif inserted his tool in her.Kashif fulfilled the desire of hot pakistani women in quite a decent manner. The Pakistani wife was missing sex and hot life. Kashif fulfilled all desires of his bhabi.The sex relation started between the hot wife and the young man.Hope you have liked this real story.we will bring more about hot Pakistani women incest stories

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hot Pakistani Women Survey Results for this week

This segment of the blog is based upon weekly surveys about Hot Pakistani women. Different questions are set up each week for our blog visitors. Visitors participate in Hot Pakistani women surveys and we announce the results purely upon votes done for each option. The surveys are also related to hot girls, Pakistani married women, Dating Pakistani women and aunties of Pakistan. It is therefore, requested to all blog readers to participate with your true vote.

 The First survey question was “Which City of Pakistan has the most sexy and hot girls”? Blog readers participated in the said survey with their own experience. A total of 85 votes were caste. Almost 40% voted in favor of Karachi (The metropolitan city of Pakistan). Almost 35% voted in favor of City of Sex Lahore. 15 % voted for Islamabad and 10% voted for Peshawar. So the Karachi is the number one city for sex and hot girls population according to blog readers, which is true according to my own experiences.

The second survey question was “which factor is causing sex and dating habits in Pakistani women/girls and helping them to involve in sex affairs”?. Almost 100 votes were caste for this survey. 60% of voters think that personal mobile phone are the most aiding factor for women and girls to be involved in affairs, dating and sex. 25% think that desire for money is affecting girls. 15% voted in favor of Internet and 5% in favor of cable and TV.

The third survey question was “Does Penis size matters to Women?” This was the most interesting and concerned question for men. Evidences show that, craziness about penis size lies in men more than women. A lot of votes were caste for this survey. Almost 500 votes received to us via emails. 70% of people think that timing of sex matters more than penis size. Women needs satisfaction, a good duration of sex is more important.15% of voters think that hardness matters more than size. Only 10% think that size matters to women.

Different questions and surveys are setup each week. Readers are requested to participate in these Hot Pakistani women surveys. We need to collect the true information and our blog reader’s true opinion regarding the questions. We are receiving a lot of emails to start different question. You can Post a comment to the post to ask a question of your choice to be added in the surveys. Your questions must be regarded Hot Pakistani women, Aunties, Pakistani married women and girls. Thanks

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Pakistani women and Governments

During the decades of Pakistani history, the relation between hot Pakistani women and governments can never be ignored. If we take a look briefly on Pakistani history, we will see that ,only Zia-ul-haq ,the former president of Pakistan put a full stop on sex culture development and traditions of Hot fashions in Pakistan. all other Pakistani governments tried to enforce the sex ,trading and dating culture in Pakistan.

in Bhutto's period , there were lot of Prostitute women in Big cities, like Lahore,Islamabad and Karachi.Media was also promoting sexy fashion and Hot girls. Half-sleeve dresses were common amongst Pakistani women.After Bhutto's murder, Pakistani women were forced to remain in Islamic traditions. Nudity and sex culture was stopped by Zia-ul-haq (the president and military commander of those times.

However after the death of Zia-ul-haq, The era of Islamic culture in Pakistan again ended. Basically Pakistani people are crazy for sex. They like sex and hot Women. There are a lot of sex stories happening inside Pakistani society, but hidden. The sex affairs increased during the tenure of Pervez musharaf. The said president was a liberal minded man, who promoted women in Pakistan during his tenure.
Pervez musharaf's era is considered best for making women empowered in Pakistan. Women empowerment also brought a few liberal and Hot changes in Pakistan. in the name of Women development, sex trading was promoted in the said era. there were rumors around that, Pakistan is going to be declared a sex free country in musharaf's tenure. But he was not able to do that due to the pressure of Islamic societies.

Girls and boys were almost free to sex if they are willing with each other. Prostitution was increasing rapidly in Musharaf's tenure. Markets were full of sex video Cd's. Hot Pakistani women were free to sex anywhere in cities like Lahore and Islamabad. A memeber of national assembly was trying to bring a law for married Pakistani women about sex relations. She raised a point in national assembly that, if a married women is not willing to sex with husband, Husband cannot ask her or compel her.
Such stupid things were ongoing in Musharaf's tenure. The current government is also following the same policies and promoting sex culture in Pakistan. Television channels and other media is bringing Hot fashions as well as sex related dramas to the people. the dating affairs are widely being promoted on TV. these things which Pakistanis are trying to do, are just to show the world that they are very broad minded now. Hot Pakistani women and governments have close relation.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Does Penis size matters to Pakistani women?

Does Penis size matters to Pakistani women? It is probably the most important point of concern for men. Before going to the subject, I want to tell a few interesting secrets of Pakistani women. Pakistani women are considered to be slave when it’s a matter of sex. Majority of Pakistani women does not play a master role during sex. There may be only 5-10% women who are willing to explore their sex encounters wildly. Pakistani married women are more familiar to sex than single girls, but even these women are not acting as master during sex.

The reason behind this fact is the customs and traditions of Pakistani society. Pakistani women are brought up in such a manner that they are not allowed to express their feelings and passions mostly. Readers must remember that I am talking about the majority, not about Elite class women of Pakistan where body massage and dating is a common habit.

So after the marriage, Pakistani married women are on the disposal of their husbands. Husbands do what they want. Another social difference between Pakistani women and men is that, husband may be searching for hot girls, hot women and sex other than his wife. He may be involved in sex affairs with other women and girls, but wives cannot do that equally. Women are just a thing to be used by husband in Pakistani society.

Now coming towards the subject that, Does penis size matters to Pakistani women?.I have taken an interview of almost hundred Pakistani married women to get the exact reply. Majority of them feel shy when talking about this subject. But 85% replied in NO. According to them, the size comes at last. Most of them think that timing of intercourse is what we need for satisfaction. Timing should be such that, both the partners should achieve the climax. Almost 10% wished for good timing with good hardness.5% of these women shown concern about penis size. 

The size concerned Pakistani women were belonging to elite class of Pakistan. Most of them were considered hot during their days before marriage. When I took a look upon their past, they were found not to be virgin before marriage. And all of them have done sex with at least 4-5 men before marriage. So it is ultimate that these hot Pakistani women feel thirsty with reasonable size of penis or smaller size. Their lust and desire is not fulfilling with regular size and they are looking for bigger and bigger. They were regularly doing sex in their past before marriage.

These types of women are very rare. As I discussed that only 5% in Pakistani women, men should not be worried about their penis size, but the way they approach women should be excellent. Please participate in the poll question at this blog about penis size so that we get your opinion as well. The conclusion for the question, Does penis size matters to Pakistani women? Is NO.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pakistani women are attracted towards men

Pakistani women are attracted towards men who have confidence. The men who can talk to them without shyness and confidence, is liked by all Pakistani women. Every Pakistani woman cannot be considered hot women. Mostly, Pakistani women are shy. It takes time to bring Pakistani women towards dating and sex. It might take a year to build up her confidence and trust upon you. When dating or trying to date Pakistani women, men should not go fast. First build confidence and trust, then she would be all yours. The matter may be slightly different when talking about elite class women of Pakistan. Elite class women of Pakistan are just like European women. They can cross the limits and express their lust at their own. But such women are only 5-10% in Pakistani society.

A few things must be considered when talking to Pakistani women. First of all, confidence is found not only in one’s demeanor but also in the way a man speaks. A man must never allow a pause of silence to get him down. The confident man is comfortable with a small amount of silence and uses those moments to collect his thoughts and process what the women is saying. Pakistani women can quickly judge the difference between a man who is truly listening to her and a man who is more interested in the way she looks than in what she says.

When you are talking to Pakistani women or dating them, you must account these things. Most of the Pakistani women do not find dirty or lewd jokes entertaining and they most certainly give a very poor impression. These tactics can be right with Hot Pakistani women but not with every Pakistani woman. Try to avoid talking dirty in the start of your conversations. In first few meetings no need to show your lust. Always try having a light gossip mainly related to her matters. This would make her thinking that you are really interested in her life. Keeping the conversation light is easy when the man injects some appropriate humor. The key here is to use only humor that is appropriate, clean and impersonal. Most Pakistani women do not appreciate dark humor especially when they talk a man. One should definitely keep the conversation clean.

A man should be careful to make his speaking clear and to leave out filler words such as “uh” and “um.” Avoiding this type of sloppy speech shows women that the man knows his opinions well and that he is not embarrassed or frightened to talk with her. Pakistani Women want to be with a man who not only is interesting to talk with but also is in charge of the conversation. Attracting Pakistani women with conversation is easy when one avoids these classic blunders.

If these things are kept in mind, you are not far away of turning Pakistani women into hot Pakistani women of your bed. Dating is an art. It doesn’t depend upon your looks, but upon your style and approach to women. Always keep in mind that Pakistani women are attracted towards a man who deserves attraction.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Pakistani women surveys

There were hot Pakistani women surveys running on this blog last week. These surveys were started to know the thinking of people about hot women, and to share the thoughts of men about dating Pakistani women. Each of the hot women survey was carrying a slightly different topic of interest. A number of men participated in these surveys and a reasonable voting was done regarding the women matters. The only reason behind these surveys was to bring true information according to men’s experience about married women as well as single hot girls. We gathered the information and results are now being placed on our women blog.

The first survey’s question was that “which one of Pakistani women is easier to trap for sex? Either married Pakistani women or single Pakistani girls. The result of the survey shown that married Pakistani women are easier to trap for sex.The total percentage of this reply was 85%.according to the majority of men, married Pakistani women are hot than single girls. Their sex requirement is much more than single Pakistani girls. Another factor which causes married Pakistani women to go for sex is that, it is safe for them when considering the risk of pregnancy. A few participants of this survey also posted their sex stories to us.

The second survey’s question was that “which Bra color is favorite for hot Pakistani women and girls”? The participants voted by sharing their own experiences with us.45% told that pink color bra is favorite amongst hot Pakistani women and girls. 30% think that black bra color is liked by the majority of Pakistani women.25% think that red bra color is hot Pakistani women favorite color. No one voted for white bra color.

The third and final survey was regarding a dating issue. Pakistani as well as European men participated in this survey with devotion. The majority of European men like Pakistani wife. Many of them are interested in Pakistani women sex. Pakistani men like aunties more than girls. The survey’s question was that “How Pakistani married women easily come towards men” ?. Most of the men think that if someone solves her family problems, Pakistani women is attracted towards him. The percentage was almost 75% for this option. Only 25% think that Pakistani married women are attracted towards rich status of men.

These surveys are started time to time on our blog to know the thinking of men about Hot Pakistani women, aunties, dating Pakistani women and Pakistani married women and hot girls. Readers are requested to participate in these surveys so that best results can be shared with others to help men in dating Pakistani women. Also men are requested to share their personal experience, home stories, sex stories and other matters related to sex and Pakistani women with us. Hot Pakistani women Surveys are valuable for all.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Pakistani women Stories (10)

Our blog readers are continuously reading our Hot Pakistani women stories from last 2-3 months. Our team is regularly trying to gather real stories for our readers and for all those who are interested in Hot Pakistani women and dating. This section is most popular section of our Hot Pakistani blog. Today’s story is from Islamabad, collected by our team member seher. This is a story of a [Pakistani women] that is running a Sewing school of women and girls. No fiction material is used in this story, only the real life experience of Pakistani women is revealed here. Names and places are changed for privacy. More Stories

The madam is a 39y old lady from Elite class of Pakistan. She has almost 40-50 workers girls, working in his factory on sewing machines to make dresses for her boutique. Madam seems to be a very decent and educated woman from all her behaviors and manners. No one can guess the background activities of Madam if he has not seen her real life. Rich men are the client’s of Madam in the world of sex. But they are not sex freaks. Her circle of friends consists of Industrialists, Factory owners and landlords.Madam provides Women and girls to them.

Madam is running a boutique containing the largest variety of latest fashion cloths. Her dresses are very hot, popular amongst Elite class Pakistani women and girls. When our co-worker, seher, visited her boutique for the first time, she never gave a hint that she is a girl supplier. Within a few days of regular visiting our Co-worker made good friendship with Madam. She started visiting Madam’s house as well. During her visits she found that, Madam is a married woman, but her husband is never interested in her daily routines. She is always having two or three different girls at her bungalow. A few times our co-worker had seen Rich men coming out of Madam’s house.

Our co-worker used a trick with Madam and asked Madam to introduce her to Rich men. Madam smiled and told our co-worker that, can you go beyond limits in that friendship. Our co-worker replied in yes. This yes proved her hot girl in the eye’s of Madam. Madam thought, our co-worker is from middle class and wants to get money for sex by having affair with Rich men. Soon Madam introduced our co-worker seher with some of her customers. Seher is good looking and sexy. Soon she became popular in those friends of Madam.

Our co-worker joined a Dinner party at Madam’s house later on. During the party seher came to know that this party is going to be full of lust and sex after dinner. She saw three to four Pakistani girls and couple of women also wearing hot dresses. Seher managed to escape from the place by making some excuse to Madam. After this matter seher never tried to contact Madam for any meeting and changed her cell number.

Such hot Pakistani women like Madam, can be found in Elite class areas of Pakistan. Islamabad is full of sex nowadays. The Hot Pakistani women are trying to make relations with women like Madam and many rich men contact Madam to get hot girls. Such Madams are not interested in Married women as they get a lot of Pakistani girls which are willing to give sex for improving their status. Hot Pakistani women are involved in sex in Pakistan in major cities.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beauty parlors [Hot Pakistani women]

Beauty Parlors and saloons are ideal places for hot Pakistani women to explore the world of sex in Pakistan.Although a few parlors are running their business in quite a decent manner but, Majority of those Parlors are supplying hot girls to Elite class men.The parlor is a place where women of all kinds visit often. The girls are available for selection to parlor aunties ,who are the owners of these beauty parlors.These aunties can easily guess the girls, who can easily be trapped into the world of sex.These parlor aunties, after judging the nature of their customer girls, become frank with them and then try to make a healthy friendship with the girls so that the girls start trusting them.Elite class sex is highly related to beauty parlors and salons.

Some cases were reported in the recent past where, the parlors trapped innocent Pakistani girls and forced them to sex.Mostly,the parlor aunties have links with rich men and elite class people and they serve them with young, hot girls to fulfill their lust.These Pakistani aunties also have links with women TV stars and actresses which can be hired for sex. “You can get film star women for 50,000 to 100,000 rupees but you need good contacts for that.” 

Beauty parlors and salon owner aunties sometimes, use other tactics to trap the rich girls also. They provide meeting places to rich girls and their lover men, and in the background they capture the videos by hidden cameras, and start blackmailing rich girls for money. The rich girls can’t afford to deny because they are dating men with the help of these aunties, so ultimately they pay money to these aunties.Some of Pakistani married women have been seen involved in affairs via such places.

There are many such places which provide body massage to women.The Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi sex stories are totally changing now,it’s easier and easier to get a hot girl for sex. Most of the hotels provide young girls with the help of these beauty parlors upon request. Sometimes, it is easy to find hot women prowling the streets after 6 pm, and foreigners can find Pakistani women hanging out near Western franchises like McDonald’s and KFC. Such women can lead the customer to a nearby short-time accommodation. Such women also have links with beauty parlor aunties.

As in many societies, access to technology, the Internet and mobile phones has only facilitated the sex in Pakistan. “Matchmaking” websites serve the male clientele, while providing marketing for Pakistani women. The Majority of beauty parlors and saloons are selling hot Pakistani women and their services and marketing themselves via internet marketing.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hot Pakistani women stories

Hot Pakistani women stories are the most popular articles of our dating blog. Most of the men, who are interested in dating Pakistani women, are looking for these sex stories and updates. These stories are not fictions; these are based on true experiences of Pakistani women and their life. It is a fact that all Pakistani women are not involved in such affairs, but a few are there. This blog is entirely based on bringing those Pakistani women secrets to the world of dating. Pakistani married women are mostly loyal to their husbands, but 30% of these Pakistani women are involved in affairs and dating other men.

Friday, September 9, 2011

tips to make better sex with Pakistani women

Here are a few tips to make better sex with Pakistani women. Pakistani women do not turn on quickly. The Dating men need extra efforts to turn on Pakistani women and girls. If you fail to turn her on really, your first date will become the last. By following these tips you can make these hot Pakistani women yours, forever.

Always try to make love in a new place. Add a bit of excitement and newness to your sex life by making love in a new place! Rent a hotel room, try a different room, and make love in a safe place, because secrecy is the most important factor for Paki women. If you do sex by keeping this in mind, the possibilities are endless. 

Without speaking, take your women and make love to them. Silence can be an exhilarating turn-on for Pakistani girls. They don’t like to talk about sex, mostly because they are shy. This idea is especially effective when you do this as soon as your hot women come home. Don't hold back your emotions. Be free to express yourself and your feelings when you make love. Voice how you're feeling and don't be too shy to do whatever you feel like doing. Pakistani women always like confidence.

Try using something new like ice or toys. While sex is great without any enhancements, it can definitely be worthwhile to try a few new things. When it’s a matter of Pakistani women, they really like new ideas of sex, which are missing in their routine life. A few ideas range from blindfolds, ice, toys, movies, etc. 10. Torment your women with at least an hour of foreplay. Better yet, drag it out throughout the entire day. Suspense is a wonderful aphrodisiac and can greatly enhance your love making. 

Pakistani Women, concentrate on only what you want. Believe it or not, one of a man's biggest turn on is a woman turning on herself. The next time you make love to your woman, only do things that pleasure her. Just like in the above tip, the key is in letting her know that is what you are doing. All tips apply to married women as well as hot girls of Pakistan. Sometimes these tricks are missing in Pakistani married women’s life. Husbands do not care for that, so they search for this in someone else. If you do these with the Pakistani women, you are dating; she will remain always in your hands and will wish to meet you again. These tips to make better sex with Pakistani women will really help you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Attracting married Pakistani women

The key to being successful in dating and attracting married Pakistani women is not to show off, but a way to tell someone you like them. Dating is natural. It is a universal secret, married woman want to date but they don’t necessarily want a relationship. For others, which are dating with a purpose, are choosy and want to meet someone for a possible serious relationship.

Hitting on married Pakistani women takes a lot of guts. Married and dating do not go well together. However, many people do not regard this as immoral as far as it is just for the fun of it. Dating is like a pastime but returning the favor can do otherwise. Often dating is impulsive, it characteristic of human relations. Reasons why guys flirt would either be because dating is something enjoyable just happens as a usual reaction to somebody you find attractive, even to married women.

Married Pakistani women are typically looking for someone to talk to about their troubles in life, or maybe they do not get the kind of attention they crave from their husbands. Oftentimes, these women are lonely and need a reassurance that they are still loved. She wants to be noticed, adored, and understood. She wants to get much attention, time and affection as possible without having to give up anything, and it’s important that you both make things clear in the very beginning that you will give her all your attention if she would give you what you want from her.

Generally, married Pakistani woman can twirl you around their fingers to the point of using you as a play thing, without the meaning of taking it further. They are longing for drama, excitement and thrill to keep them away from boredom or whatever it is that’s bothering them. Now it may sound harmless and downright fun but you must know how to handle yourself. Being too involved may be a downside and you would lose the purpose of your flirting. Keep your wits together and remember: dating is all about fun.

Pakistani married women are hot. Men are always looking for free sex. One can date elite class, working women and hot girl; no one is secret if you know the ways to free sex in Pakistan. If you want to get a wife to your bed, you need to learn the tips. These tips are not applicable when we talk about hot girls of Pakistan. If you would like to discover AMAZING strategies on how to seduce attracting married women, then read other posts of this blog which has helped thousands of men get married Pakistani women they thought they never had a chance with!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ideal Bras for girls on Pakistani sex stories blog

Frankly speaking, it’s amazing when we talk about Hot Pakistani women and Bra colors. one  can easily judge the nature of Pakistani women by her choice of bra color. The single girls of Pakistan who want to attract boys usually select dark colors of bra. Hot girl colors are Red, Black, Pink and yellow. These Girls aim displaying bra lining and straps clearly to improve their personality and shape. The use of transparent dresses makes it more prominent.
The Bra straps provide charm to their bodies. Often Pakistani men stare these girls with wide open eyes these dark colors are also very popular amongst few married women of Pakistan. Such married women like to use dark colored bra in order to provide a sexy look to those who are watching them for dating. When a married woman of such type does not have any other attraction, she wants to attract men using such tricks.

There are few other tricks used along dark bra. Most often, these married women wear tight clothes to make their bodies more prominent and sexy. These clothes are especially made tight from the breast portion. A few women use wide open neck style dresses as well to show their cleavage. These trends are more common in elite class women. callgirls also like to use such dark color bras. Working women use this dark bra as well. Many Hot women use padded Bra to enhance their beauty.

Why Paki women adopt these hot styles? The reply to this question is that, a few adopt by seeing their friends, some follow media designs, and others satisfy their inner lust of sex by adopting these styles. In Pakistan, we can see large communities which are following these trends of bra regularly. Bra plays an important part in lahori sex as well. In Lahore dark bra is visible in majority of women. If we visit parks, sopping places, dating areas, hotels and other public places in Lahore we would be able to see such girls.

The lust to watch nude girls is automatically increased in men when they see dark bra. Hot Girls offer a sense of nudity or being naked girls by using these bras. You will not see noble women or girls of Pakistan using dark colored bra. They select skin color bra which is not prominent from their dresses. The idea behind using a dark colored bra is only to attract more men for dating. Hot Pakistani women and bra colors are related to each other and made for each other

Monday, September 5, 2011

Married Women Story

Hot Pakistani married women stories,Girl stories from Pakistan,Secrets and dating guide about Pakistan

Saima(Sam) is a 33y old women from Karachi. Her story is present now in our married women stories. This story was told by one of my co-workers to me. Today, I am going to share this interesting sex story to my audience. Hope you will enjoy this story as well like other married women stories. Remember, the purpose to share this dating story is just to share the ongoing Dating Knowledge of Pakistan and to help you in understanding Pakistani women. You can get a better experience of Dating and making an affair with Pakistani women by reading this story.

Sam is nowadays working in a Private School as a teacher. She was married five years ago. She was a very beautiful girl when she got married, still she is. Her husband runs a Utility store and most of the time he is not available at home. His working hours are 8am to 8pm. Sam did her graduation before marriage and became a good housewife after marriage. After her first child (when baby was 3 years old), She felt alone during her husband's working hours. She insisted on her husband to get her a suitable job.

Her husband Searched for job listing here and there. He Tried Job’s consultants and finally managed to get her a job at a private school after giving away a routine interview. She got the job. She started her job as a good teacher. The school owner was a male of 30 years (name Zahoor). He was quite a humorous person who often liked to chat with his school teachers. His habit of joking was quite popular in lady teachers. After almost 1 year of job, Sam became a good friend of the owner. He let his School and babies. Care taking was now the responsibility of Sam, as she was general manager now.

He made her salary twice the other women teachers. Sam was quite happy in her achievements, but she was unaware of Owner's desires. The School Owner was doing this just to get her to his bed. Sam started visiting his house during working hours to discuss the school matters. Owner was living alone at his Flat. He enjoyed Sam coming to his Flat to discuss school matters. He enjoyed whenever she talked to him. He always admired her style and beauty between talks; just to make her feel better. This married women story is continuing.........

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hot Pakistani Women Clothes

Hot Pakistani Women clothes is an important topic for Pakistanis. most of the Pakistanis are slave when talking about clothes. Pakistani women want stylish clothes. They try to follow the European trends. Elite class of Pakistan want western dresses and one can easily judge the level of mentality of Pakistanis when they tell everybody about their liking of western dresses more than their country dresses.

fashion is a thing which is followed in Pakistan without considering the customs of the religion. Most of the Pakistani women from Elite class try to wear such clothes which show off their bodies and figures prominently so that they can be eye cached wherever they go.The religion Islam restricts Muslim women and men to wear such dress which can hide their bodies and every part.But Pakistanis are crazy after western dresses.

These days ,you can see on Pakistani TV channels , Where most of the Pakistani women anchors wearing sleeveless shirts, transparent clothes and many more, which are strictly against their religion. The same clothing trends and fashions are followed by the other Pakistani women who are habitual of watching TV and adopting fashion from these TV anchors. Nudity in their clothes is the key feature.

The Women clothes in Pakistan are now adopting the trends like, wide open collar( Gala)to show the cleavage clearly,tight from the breast to enhance the figure, and tight from the hips. When you see a women in such clothes you can easily judge the size of her figures easily and you can say what size of Bra she would be wearing.

This trend of transparent clothes is not only adopted by Pakistani users, It is now the trend in Pakistani cloth markets to display a wide variety of such clothes.when you visit the cloth markets you would not easily get good women clothes which are according to your Pakistani customs and religion. Most of the clothes are see through ,following western trends.The variety of clothes and fashion trends in Pakistan show that Pakistanis are slave of western world.The Hot Pakistani women clothes are really getting hotter and hotter.

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