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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Pakistani women Stories (10)

Our blog readers are continuously reading our Hot Pakistani women stories from last 2-3 months. Our team is regularly trying to gather real stories for our readers and for all those who are interested in Hot Pakistani women and dating. This section is most popular section of our Hot Pakistani blog. Today’s story is from Islamabad, collected by our team member seher. This is a story of a [Pakistani women] that is running a Sewing school of women and girls. No fiction material is used in this story, only the real life experience of Pakistani women is revealed here. Names and places are changed for privacy. More Stories

The madam is a 39y old lady from Elite class of Pakistan. She has almost 40-50 workers girls, working in his factory on sewing machines to make dresses for her boutique. Madam seems to be a very decent and educated woman from all her behaviors and manners. No one can guess the background activities of Madam if he has not seen her real life. Rich men are the client’s of Madam in the world of sex. But they are not sex freaks. Her circle of friends consists of Industrialists, Factory owners and landlords.Madam provides Women and girls to them.

Madam is running a boutique containing the largest variety of latest fashion cloths. Her dresses are very hot, popular amongst Elite class Pakistani women and girls. When our co-worker, seher, visited her boutique for the first time, she never gave a hint that she is a girl supplier. Within a few days of regular visiting our Co-worker made good friendship with Madam. She started visiting Madam’s house as well. During her visits she found that, Madam is a married woman, but her husband is never interested in her daily routines. She is always having two or three different girls at her bungalow. A few times our co-worker had seen Rich men coming out of Madam’s house.

Our co-worker used a trick with Madam and asked Madam to introduce her to Rich men. Madam smiled and told our co-worker that, can you go beyond limits in that friendship. Our co-worker replied in yes. This yes proved her hot girl in the eye’s of Madam. Madam thought, our co-worker is from middle class and wants to get money for sex by having affair with Rich men. Soon Madam introduced our co-worker seher with some of her customers. Seher is good looking and sexy. Soon she became popular in those friends of Madam.

Our co-worker joined a Dinner party at Madam’s house later on. During the party seher came to know that this party is going to be full of lust and sex after dinner. She saw three to four Pakistani girls and couple of women also wearing hot dresses. Seher managed to escape from the place by making some excuse to Madam. After this matter seher never tried to contact Madam for any meeting and changed her cell number.

Such hot Pakistani women like Madam, can be found in Elite class areas of Pakistan. Islamabad is full of sex nowadays. The Hot Pakistani women are trying to make relations with women like Madam and many rich men contact Madam to get hot girls. Such Madams are not interested in Married women as they get a lot of Pakistani girls which are willing to give sex for improving their status. Hot Pakistani women are involved in sex in Pakistan in major cities.

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