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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Story Of A Horny Pakistani Wife

Dear readers! Today I am here to narrate my life story. This story of sex is very real and I am never going to write a fantasy. There may be some writing mistakes but I hope you can spare me for those.I am just changing the name of my friend's hot wife to keep her identity hidden. So let's move to the sex story. This incident happened when I was working in Islamabad Office.
Friend's Hot Pakistani Wife.
I have a very close friend working in my office and we were very frank to each other. His name was Jamal and he was in his mid thirties. By chance, or by luck, he was married to quite a younger lady!25Y old only. Sorry to forget, I am in my 29th year of age. His wife's name was Maira. They were recently shifted to Islamabad but my friend was working with me past 4-5 years.

One day, Jamal invited me home for dinner. This was my first chance to see his horny Pakistani wife and believe me, when I looked at her gorgeous boobs and the hip she has, I got mad. I twice looked at her while she was talking about my family and relatives etc. I straightway praised my friend's luck and they both smiled. During our conversation, They never felt like strangers(both of them) and we spent a good dinner time. She had a 1 year child but she never looked like a mom. She got nice curves, tight ass, big butts, and quite a firmer pair of boobs. Her boobs were so inviting that I can't stop looking into her cleavage.

My friend never minded anything and she was also quite friendly to ignore those lusty eyes. Though, she looked into my eye's later with a meaningful stare. That was really,really an invitation to fuck.
Days After Dinner Before The Sex Session.
The days passed on and I often felt some attraction towards her. Though, I never wanted to show the lust I had for her. In those 2-3 months, we were far closer than before and Then my friend never minded my visits even if he was not at home. A couple of times, I intentionally went there (I knew my friend was away) and inquired about him. She got used to this after a couple of face to face sittings. I developed a certain kinda relation with her. During those meetings , I praised her a lot. especially, her figure, her beauty and one day I asked her about the age difference between her and her husband. She was quite reluctant to tell that but then she asked me not to tell her words to her husband. I agreed, she told that she saved her future (My friend had a good status in society with a handsome bank balance).

The Sex Session With Friend's Wife
Finally, the day came when I got a chance to fuck her. By chance, my friend had to attend a meeting in Karachi for two nights. He asked me to arrange two air tickets and my devilish mind worked straight. He was looking to take his wife with him but I intentionally delayed the booking time and finally I booked only one seat. He was bit worried to travel alone, leaving his wife and the child alone but I helped him by offering my services in any situation. He smiled and left for Karachi.

At around 8Pm , I received a call from his horny Pakistani wife that If I am free? I quickly said;Yes.She needed me as the baby was crying due to some reason and she wanted to visit the doctor.I approached her home within 15 minutes and visited the nearby hospital. The doctor said, It is a minor belly pain and she given some syrup and some medicine to the child. Soon, we arrived back and the baby has gone to deep sleep during the travel.

We entered their house, I went into the drawing room and she left her baby in the bedroom. She thanked me very much and asked me to sit. I was eager to remain there so I got seated.I was wondered that she didn't tell her husband about the incident. It was intentional or UN-intentional, I have to cash the opportunity.

Soon, she arrived with some snacks and two cups of tea. I thanked her and I looked at her cleavage many time. Her boobs line was quite visible in those skin tight clothes. My dick was raising more and more along those sips of hot tea. I wanted to try my luck straight away. So , During conversation I started praising her figure again and she smiled. She was feeling the interest in her body talks. I made some courage to praise her upper parts..(Though not straight words but she got what I said)amazingly, she never minded me praising her boobs instead she liked that.

She was smiling and I could feel the lust appearing in her eyes with those red lines in her lusty eyes. After finishing tea, I made the final move and asked her, Bhabhi..I like you very much seriously..She was blushed now but she asked me; seriously? Any special liking? Yes..Bhabhi..I wished to touch you the day I met you. She laughed and said..Oh Noooo...I can't be like that..I got up (I knew some Pakistani women are habitual of formal excuses but they finally agree) , I went behind her and she closed her eyes. I grabbed her left boob. She whispered and tried to remove my hand from her boob but I was not willing to leave her.

She made a couple of lazy excuses that we should not be like this,what my friend would think, she can't do that..blah blah blah but I kept on rubbing her boobs now with both hands. She stopped making excuses when I said; It would remain a secret between me and her and my friend would never know this. I kissed her neck and went slowly down, listening her moans. I asked her, when he fucked you last time bhabhi? She said; about a week ago...OMG..It was a longer time for such a beauty to fuck.

I pulled her shirt (Qameez) up and got those heavy bosoms in-front of my eyes. I unhooked her bra..(she was 36 size..written on bra)..Her boobs bounced out after getting a release..and I licked them all around. Then I started sucking her nipples..Some milk drops I got (The best and most tasty milk of my life)...Then I went on licking her down to her belly..Keeping her boob in my hands..She was moaning loud..Finally , I licked her pubic area. I removed her Pants(Shalwar)..saw a black panty and my dick waved inside. She kept a hand on my dick while I licked her panty.

I started removing her panty as she rubbed my dick with passion and soon we went 69 sucking and licking each other. ( Don't forget, I removed my clothes meanwhile)..We licked and sucked each others love meat for 20-30 minutes and then It was a time to drill her.

She got a tight pussy..I was amazed as it looked like a virgin pussy. I asked her about that strange thing and she told..Your friend is average and the baby we got through operation. I can see the stitch marks around her belly. OMG..what a tight pussy she had..When I placed my meat-bone of around 7.5 inches ..It got stick around the lips until I pushed it with a wild jerk. I slipped inside like my cock was digging another hole. It was tight, warm like hell, and a real fuck.

I started fucking her keeping her legs up my shoulders..With every push, I increased my speed...I went as deep as I could..I made her moaning louder as my cock hit her deep inside. Her pussy lips were fully stretched due to the girth of my cock. I asked her meanwhile, am I fucking you good Bhabhi...? She moaned and said..fuck me..fuck me..fuck me like a whore. Her words made me crazy..I banged her deep like a bull...thinking of her husband..I wished, If my friend becomes a Pakistani cuckold and asks me to fuck his hot Pakistani wife in-front of him..WOW..

It was such a nice time when I pulled my cock out of her vagina and pushed it in her mouth..Yummy, saliva flown on her lips as she sucked my, licked my balls..After a few minutes of sucking, I made her doggy...I wanted to watch her shaking ass..I pushed in and fucked her again like a bull...It went on for a hard fucking session...It was around 20 minutes of fucking when I felt my semen was trying to come out..So I pulled it out and splashed my loads on her belly...She was closing her eyes later as she got the wild orgasm...

Later, for a short time, we both felt guilty of cheating..But, soon she smiled and said..You are really a great fucked..especially the package you have..I thanked her and remarked about future fucks..She said; why not..but keep it secret...I knew..she was only interested in NSA type no mutual love was possible...I agreed to keep on our fucking relation..nothing else..I took a bath and she served me with a hot coffee this time. After taking coffee, I left her home. It was the best day of my life, a party day because I have fucked someone's wife..We fucked many times later, and still we are running a good relation of sex. I want to read the comments of you people..Share your thought about my sex story. Thanks.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Islamabad Ki Aunty: Chudai Story

I am going to narrate a true incident of my life.My name is Ali and I am 21Y old. Islamabad Ki Aunty, story is my own life story. She is really very beautiful and sexy. Especially i love her big boobs, she is fair in color.she was my fantasy lady. Let's proceed this chudai story in Urdu.
ye aik real incident hai jo mere sath hoa. Mera name ali hai.i m 5.9 in height. I am 21 years old. I am from islamabad. Ye story meri aur aik aunty ki hia,,, un ka name seema (Changed) aunty hai. Wo bohot baray baray mamoon ki malik hian and un ki gand ki to kia hi baat hai,,, un ki age 34 hai and un ki figure 36"27"36" hia, un ki gand her time idhar udhar hilti hi rehti hia and main us ko dekh kar bus dewana sa ho jata hon,, but uncle ki figure itni achi nahi hai as compare to aunty,,, aunty ki figure bohot piyari hia. Kaye dafa un ka sooch kar muth mari hai maine, I fucked her every night in my dreams. 
Aik din main un ke ghar gia,,, wo ghar ki safaye kar rahi thi,, wo ghar per akaili thi aur uncle office gaye hoay thay,,wo mujhe dekh kar bohot khush hoi, wo off-red sleeveless nighty main thi,, pehli dafa maine un ke doodh bharay hath dekhay. Unhoon ne apni nighty ke nichlay button khool rakhay thay jis ki waja se wo araam se chal sakti thi,, is waja se main un ki thighs aur lower part dekh sakta tha,, maine un se poocha "kia main aap ki help karon ? Unhoon ne kaha, " nahi main kar lon gi " maine kaha main bilkul free hon abhi, mujhe khushi ho gi agar main aap ki help karon,, she said " ok ". Unhoon ne mujh se kaha ke jaooo sath walay room se table le kar aoo,,, main janay laga to aunty peechay hoi and un ki nighty kahin atak gaye aur un ki nighty ke oper ka aik button toot gia per aunty ne notice nahi liya is baat ka, khair jab main table le kar wapis aya and aunty table uthanay ke liye bend hoi to un ki nighty main se mammay saaf nazar anay lagay aur meri nazrain to jaise tik gaye hon wahan per. 
Suddenly aunty ki leg table ke sath takrayee aur wo cheekh uthi pain se,,, unhoon ne jhuk kar apni leg ko masalna shuru kar dia,, main aunty ke pass gia aur kaha "zaida pain ho raha hai kia ?" wo abhi bhi bend hoi hoi thi and un ke mammay kareeb se aur saaf nazar aa rahay thay aur unhoon ne bra bhi nahi pehna hoa tha. Ye dekh kar mera lund aik dam khara ho gia. Kuch dair baad aunty theek feel karnay lagi and hum dono ne table uthaya aur jab aunty jhuki to un ki valley dekh kar main to pagal hi ho gia. Table rakhnay ke baad unhoon ne mere se aik stool lanay ko bola, wo stool per khari ho gaye aur mujhe bola ke tum meri aik leg pakar ke rakhna kahin main gir na jaon,,, jaise hi maine aunty ki milky leg ko pakra mujhe current sa laga, aunty ka jism bohot hi chickna tha and mera lund aik dam khara hoa hoa tha,, aik dam halka sa stool hila to aunty ne mujhe muskuratay hoay kaha ke dekh kar zara, thori dair baad achanak aunty stool se slip kar gaye aur mere oper aa giri, isi girnay ke beech aunty ke mammay kafi dafa mujh se touch hoa aur isi beech mera hath un ki gand ke aik cup per aa gia,,, waoooo kia shape thi, amazing,, jab hum giray to thori dair hi baad hum dono hansnay lag gaye, aunty boli thek se pakarna tha na pagal, ab mujhe uthaoo, aunty ko uthatay hoay mera hath un ke mammon per laga per unhoon ne notice nahi liya is baat ka aur hansti rahi, aur sexy si awaaz main boli " ooo farhan ab utha bhi loo na mujhe ".

Mera bohot dil kar raha tha ke main un ko sex ke liye purpose karon per himmat nahi ho rahi thi,, kuch dair baad aunty ne mujhe tea bana kar di and tea pe kar aunty ne mujhe bye bye kaha aur main wapis aa gia. Wapis aa kar main aunty ke baray main soochta raha. Aik din meri mother ne kaha ke ghar main worship hai to tum ja kar aunty ko keh aooo. Main gia aur door knock kia but koi answer nahi mila andar se, phir kuch dair baad main door ko open kia aur andar ja kar poocha ke ghar main koi hai,, aunty bathroom main naha rahi thi,, meri awaaz sun kar boli farhan baithoo main ati hon. Main sofay per baith gia aur magazine parhnay lag gia. Kuch dair baad aunty bathroom se nikli white nighty pehnay hoay,, nighty sleeveless thi aur silki thi aur nighty main se aunty ka inner part sab dikhaye de raha tha. Main thora jaldi main tha to maine aunty ko bola ke "aunty kal ghar main worship hai to ammi ne aap ko bulaya ha" ye keh kar main janay laga to aunty kehti ke ruku kuch kha kar jaoo koi tea ya juice.,,, unhoon ne mujhe aise sweet style main kaha ke main un ki baat taal na saka. 
Aunty ne mujhe apnay room main bulaya jahan wo apnay hairs main brush kar rahi thi,, back se aunty ki night geeli thi jis ki waja se aunty ka white bra aur nazar aa rahi thi, aur mai hairaan tha keh aunty nai pant nahe pehni hue thi. Aunty k pubic hair saaf nazar aa rahay thay. Ye dekh kar mera lund ahista ahista khara honay laga, aunty mere se batain kar rahi thi per mujhe un ki bheega jism daikhnay se hi fursat nahi thi, unhoon ne peechay mur kar dekha aur hansnay lag gaye aur mere se poochay" hey farhan kia hoa tumhain? " main to aik dam sharminda sa ho gia. Phir aunty ne mere se poocha " farhan kia main achi lag rahi hon ?" maine kaha gee bohot achi lag rahi hain. Phir unhoon ne poocha " farhan kia main sexy lag rahi hon " ye sun kar to main aik dam shocked ho gia. Aunty boli " arey farhan bataoo naa sharmaoo nahi batao mujhe " maine kaha " gee aunty aap kafi sexy lag rahi ho ". Aunty gaye aur door close kar dia aur atay hi mujhe galay laga liya aur kiss karnay lag gaye, main kuch dair ke liye to aik dam heraan hi ho gia ke ye kia ho raha hai mere sath per phir kuch dair baad main bhi aunty ko kiss karnay lag gia,, kiss kartay hoay main apna right hand aunty ke boobs per le gia jis ko main dreams main kafi dafa touch kar chukka tha. Aunty kiss kartay hoay boli " farhan nighty utaar doo na meri agar ye tum ko tang kar rahi hai " main bohot soft soft kiss kiye ja raha tha and then main sath sath aunty ki nighty bhi utaar di.

Oohhhhhhh kia sexy body thi aunty ki waoooooo,,, ab wo sirf bra aur panty main mere samnay thi aur mujhe kafi sexy nigahoon se dekh rahi thi,,, maine un koo pooray jism per kiss karna shuru kar dia, aunty ke mun se aahh ahhh ahh ki awazain nikalnay lag gaye. Unhoon ne jaldi se meri shirt aur pant utaar di aur phir maine aunty ke bra utaar dia. Aunty ke gool matool mammay meri ankhoon ke samnay thay to maine aunty se un ke boobs ka size poocha to unhoon ne bataya 36 hain, uffff bohot cute mammay thay aunty ke,, main aunty ke mammay dabaye ja raha tha aur un ke pink pink se nipple masal raha tha aur kheench raha tha,, wo siskiyaan le rahi thi aahhh aahhhh farhanmmm plzzzzz araaaam se dabaoooo aahhhh mere nippleeeeeee plzzzz kheenchoo mat aaahhhh ccccccc ohhhh farhan in ko choosoo gay bhi ya bus dabatay hi rahoo gay plzzzz in ko chooso naa. Maine aunty ke aik mamma pakar kar us ko choosnay lag gia pagaloon ki tarah aur doosray mammay ko sath sath dabanay lag gia,,,, aunty ne ankhain band kar li aur siskiyaan lenay lag gaye, aaahhh farhan aur chooosooo aahhhh dandi nahi katooo plzzzz ahhhh meri jaan bohot maza aa raha hai,,,, aaahhhh chooos loooo ummmmm ummmm oohhhhhh. 
Mammy choostay choostay main apna aik hath neechay aunty ki panty main le gia and andar ghusa kar aunty ke cute hole ko masalnay lag gia jo bohot hi geela ho raha tha aur kafi garam tha,,, mere aisa karnay se aunty pagal ho gaye aur mujhe hair se pakar kar apnay mammon se daba liya farhanmmmmmm ahhhhhh bohot maza aa raha hai,, finger dal loo mere hole main,,, main sath sath aunty ke mammay ko choos raha tha and sath sath aunty ki phuddi main fingering kar raha tha ufffffffffff farhanmmmm araam se finger andar bahir karoo ahhhhhh oooooohhhhh uffffffffffff. Phir maine aunty ko bed per laita liya aur aunty ki panty utaar di,,, aunty ki phuddi dekh kar lagta hi nahi tha ke ye zaida chuddi ho,,, aunty ki phuddi bohot saaf aur pink pink si thi, aunty ne kaha " farhan plzzz meri phuddi choso, tumharay uncle nahi choostay plzzz tum chooso naa", aunty ki cute phuddi ko dekh kar main pagal ho gia and dono legs khool kar aunty ki phuddi per zubaan phairnay lag gia, aahhhhh farhanmmmmmm bohot maza aa raha hai plzzzz thora ahista zubaan phairooo bohot gudgodi ho rahi hia aahhhh farhanmmm,, aunty ne mujhe sir se pakra hoa tha and main bohot mazay se aunty ki phuddi choos raha tha,,, maine phuddi choostay hoay apni zubaan aunty ki phuddi main daal di to aunty pagal hi ho gaye,,, ahhhhh farhanmm ufffffff ahhhhhhh oooooohhh cccccccccc bohot maza aa raha hai,, main aag tak is mazay se mehroom thi,, ahhh choso farhan aur chosooo,,,,, kuch dair main aunty ki phuddi zubaan se choodta raha phir aunty ka pani nikal aya. 
Phir main bed per lait gia and aunty baith gaye aur mere lund ko pakar liya aur us ko dabanay lag gaye aur us per kis kia aur mere tattay chernay lag gaye aur phir mera toppa apna muun main le liya uffffffff ye wo ageeb maza tha jo main lafzoon main nahi likh sakta,,, ahita ahista aunty ne mera poora lund apnay muun main le liya aur choosnay lag gaye,,, mujhe bohot maza aa aa raha tha aur main siskiyan le raha tha ahhhhh oohhhhh ccccccc aunty bohot tight lips se mera lund choos rahi thi aunty ne phir mera lund nikaal kar us per zubaan phairna shuru ki jis se itni gudgodi hoi aur itna maza aya ke buss,,, maine aunty ko kaha aunty aap bohot acha lund choosti hain to unhoon ne kaha ke kab se tumharay uncle ka choos rahi hon to kafi experience ho gia hai,,, khair thori dair aunty mere lund ko choosti rahi aur sath sath mere tattay bhi cherti rahi aur phir maine aunty se kaha ke main farig honay wala hon to aunty ne lund muun se nikala aur hath se meri muth mari aur mera sara pani aunty ke mamoon per nikal gaya.
Thori dair main aur aunty bed per lait gaye,,, aur ab waqat tha final round ka aur thori dair baad aunty ne mere lund ko pakra aur phir thora sa choosa aur mera lund khara ho gia and phir maine aunty ko kaha ke mere lund per baithain aur mera lund apni phuddi main le lain,, main bed per hi laita raha aur aunty uthi aur dono legs khool kar mere oper aye aur mera lund pakar kar apni phuddi ke lips per thora sa masla then ahista ahista mere lund per baithnay lagi, aur mera lund aunty ki phuddi main ahista ahista ghus raha tha uffff bohot maza bhi aa raha tha aur thora sa pain bhi ho raha tha bcz aunty ki phuddi bohot tight thi, aunty sath sath baith rahi thi mere lund per aur sath sath siskiyan le rahi thi aahhh khurrrammmmm ooohhhhhh uffffffffff, ahista ahista kartay wo poori baith gaye aur mera poora lund aunty ki phuddi main ghus gia tha, phir aunty ahista ahista oper neechay honay lag gaye uffffff ahhhhhh ohhhhhhhh cccccccc ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh meri aur aunty ki siskiyan nikalnay shuru ho gaye ahhhhhh aunty ki tight phuddi mujhe pain bhi de rahi thi per mazay ke agay pain kuch bhi nahi tha oohhhhhh aunty jab oper neechay ho rahi thi to un ke mammay hil rahay thay,, mujhe bohot maza aa raha tha aunty oper neechay ho rahi thi and main bhi ahista ahista apna lund oper neechay kar raha tha,, aur itni great sounds produce ho rahi thi jab aunty ki gand meri thighs ke sath touch hoti thi,,, maine phir aunty ke mammay sath sath dabana shuru kar dia aur wo siskiyan le rahi thi aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooo oooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhh, ,, hum dono siskiyan le rahay thay and blap blap ki awazain produce ho rahi thi,, ab aunty ne thori speed pakri aur wo taiz taiz oper neechay honay lagi uffff un ke 36 size ke mammay uchaltay hoay itnay sexy lag rahay thay ke busss main dekh dekh kar pagal ho raha tha aur maine apna lund bahir nikala aur aunty ke mammay pakar kar un per kiss kia to aunty ne mujhe pagaloon ki tarah galay laga liya aur mujhe kiss karnay lag gaye then maine aunty ke mammy pakray aur un ko dabaya, aunty ke nipple kafi baray thay normal size se. 
Phir aunty ne kaha ke ab main neechay laitti hon and tum chodo meri phuddi ko, aur aunty lait gaye aur unhoon ne apni legs khool li ufffffffff aunty ki phuddi kafi geeli ho gaye hoi thi aur bohot hi piyari lag rahi thi,,,, main apna lund pakra aur apna toppa aunty ki phuddi per rakh kar masalnay lag gia aahhhhhh khurrrammmmmm nahi karooo aise,,, bussss andar ghusa doo, ab nahi ho raha bardasht mere se ahhhhhhh uffffff daal do is ko andar,,, then maine ahista ahisat apna lund aunty ki phuddi main dala jo araam se chala gia aur phir main andar bahir karnay lag gia aunty ki siskiyan mujhe pagal kar rahi thi aahhhhhhhhhhh ooohhhhhh khurrram thora taiz karooo plzzzz thora taiz karooo bhot maza aa raha hia,,,, maine thora taiz karna shuru kia to aunty zoor zoor se cheekhnay lag gaye aaahhhhh farhanmmmm thora ahista plzzzzz ahhhhhh main mar jaoon gi thora ahista plzzzzz ohhhhhhh ufffffffff farhanmmmm. Thori hi dair main hum dono ki sansain bohot taiz chalna shuru ho gaye aur isi beech aunty farig ho gaye, main bhi farig honay laga to maine apna lund bahir nikaal liya aur auny ki phuddi ke oper hi choot gia aahhhhhhhhhhhhh, ,,, bohot pani nikla mera aur main aik dam nidhaal ho kar lait gia,,, Thori dair main aur aunty laitay rahay phir maine aunty se kaha ke aunty mujhe gand bhi chodni hai to aunty ne kaha ke nahi abhi nahi,,, abhi tumharay uncle ke anay ka time hai to next time tum apna ye shooq bhi poora kar lena,,, per promise karoo tum ye baat kisi ko bhi nahi bataoo gay, maine aunty ko promise kia aur phir wapis ghar ko aa gia

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