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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Hot Pakistani model and Her Pakistani sex stories of carrier

I’m Rida and this is my first story in Pakistani sex stories.Rather than explaining you all my details I would like to tell you a brief.I belonged to a middle class family of Pakistan.Our home was not full of joys but my mother allowed us to enjoy the free life without imposing any restrictions.My father died when me and my sister were in our teenage.My sister was only 12 where I was 15 Y.After our father’s death,My mother and my uncle took our responsibility.Right from my childhood,I wanted to be a model.The zeal to become model increased with my age and I used to make poses and shoot my photos with my mobile and these acts made  me more enthusiastic towards achieving my goal of becoming a model.My Pakistani sex stories are also linked with that enthusiasm.

This is how my sex story started.It is about four years ago.After completing 12th class,I was about 18 years old.I was fair 5.6"inch in height and body stats 32-26-36. So I totally decided to become and model.I convinced my mother after a hard struggle of months to allow me to become a model girl.She tried to resist but when I urged a lot,she was convinced.I started doing some local Garment Factory ads of Lady’s clothing.When I have given a few photoshoots for latest dresses,Some people knew me through factory advertisements and soon people of our area started to disturb me and my family by teasing us and throwing remarks when passing by.I convinced my mother to shift our accommodation to city where we can live in a rental house and live our happy life.We shifted to a good upper middle class colony.I got enough from modeling to live our happy life.After getting a little famous,I meet Kamran who was male model of these shots.We became very good friends very soon.

We use to talk a lot and enjoy spending time with each other.One day he told me that why are you wasting time in these small local ads where nobody notice;you have good figure so try some serious modelling.I told him that I also wanted to do that but I don't know where to go and from where to start my bright carrier.He said first make your portfolio. I said,I will do it but how much money is required in this?He said around 50-60 thousand.I do not have that much money.I told him about that and he said that he will arrange as his friend Imran is a photographer and he will fix my photo shoot tomorrow. I was very happy with his gesture so readily accepted it.It was nothing like Pakistani sex stories right now.

Next Day: I went to Imran’s studio it was not very big but decent one so I felt comfortable as Kamran was already there.Imran asked about me and said,you really have a great figure.You should have done these before.Before photo shoots he asked;I want to know what type of ads do you want to do.I said I have not decided but can do anything to achieve my goals.He said ok lets starts with saree as there is so much demand of these models these days. I said ok and he said go and change yourself in saree in makeup room and I will set up lighting in the meantime.

In Make up Room,There were five six sarees lying there with pink green yellow white so I decided to wear white as I like that. I get matching blouse and petticoats with it and wear then I realize it was so see through and my bra and panty lines are easily visible in it so decided to change but suddenly Imran knocked at the door.He called me and said hurry up Rida.I finally decided to continue with it and the whole room was totally changed with lights and camera.He asked ready ,I said yes then he said ok lets start.

I given him poses according to his guidelines and he started capturing them.Then he came and said;bent a little in this style (which show cleavage line of my breasts which i guessed) and have some hot photos as well.I did that then he asked me to change the dress. I could sense his searching eyes which were nicely peeping into my body but I have to bear that to become a leading model. I was feeling very much confident with him as he was taking nice photos.I changed into top and shorts and we had some shoots again in different revealing poses.These were almost the poses of Pakistani sex rather than a photoshoot.

He asked me to open top button of my top so that he can have clear view of neck and so that I can do jewellery modelling.I can do anything as I told you earlier so I opened it.He took some pictures and then he asked to open another one as my neck is not totally visible.I did that and he took some pictures.Then he came near me and held my shorts and said;open it as now a day’s waist jewellery is in demand you can easily became jewellery model.I was bit hesitant but after sensing his professional attitude I obeyed him.

I did that and untied my buttons which could show me like the real hot Pakistani women.These snaps show my navel clearly.I forgot to tell you that it was only Imran inside the room and door was locked.He took my pictures and then he came up with a powder and asked me to apply some powder around my neck and cleavage.I asked why to do this and he replied;some areas are looking dark in pictures and its necessary to lighten them up.I tried to put some powder on that areas but he was not satisfied with the way I applied.He was annoyed so I unwanted requested him to adjust me according to his wish.He came near and started to apply on my navel and slowly inserted his finger in my navel and played with it.It was awesome feeling for a girl like me but keeping my dignity in eyes,I asked him to finish. 

I enjoyed it but I thought it was accidental.Then he applied some powder on my cleavage as well.Believe me I started to arouse with his hands just touching to my areas of breasts.He also applied some powder on my back as he has to capture my back too.I could feel my breasts tendering with his hot touches and as it was my first time with a stranger guy,I forgot that I am here to get a portfolio.Finally,I could feel some wetness in my panties as his moves were unbearable.I was just to shiver in Pakistani sex stories. 
I went in heaven and he was feeling my feelings as well.So he continued to move his hands on my back as I was enjoying.Then he told me that I was bit shy in photoshoot and its not acceptable in modeling.I turned my head around and said;No.Then he asked me to have a bra and panty photoshoot as well.He convinced me with his logic and I finally agreed when he assured me that these pictures would only be in mine custody and I can get thousands of money by selling these to foreign companies.I was wearing bra and panty and he shoot some pictures then like a good photographer he made me in different styles and sometimes he touched my breasts and thighs and he did not done anything wrong with me till now.

He came near me and lowered my panty line which was giving him clear view of my butts line I was feeling shy but it was good for my modeling carrier so I didn’t resisted anymore.Now I was also aroused from inside so I did not do anything and let it go as it was happening.He told me that my bra is not matching with my skin so I should remove its back strap.I thought for a while and then asked him to unhook the back strap.I held my breasts with my hands and given some nice photos.Now my inner-self was urging me that I should go without bra and panty for some hot pics.So I asked Imran to take some pictures without clothes.I knew that he was Kamran’s friend and my bold acts can help me in getting a bright future of modeling.My pictures could be safe as he was a professional photographer.So I ultimately went for a cloth-less photo-shoot and Imran was pleased to know that.

The photo session was changed into Pakistani sex stories more precisely.I was very hot now and Imran told me to turn as he wants some front pictures and I turned around.I was totally naked in front of him trying to hiding my vagina but then he came near me and removed my hand and put my two finger in my Vagina. This how my first shoot out from saree model to cloth-less model.If you liked my story,do comment so that I can tell what happened next in my Pakistani sex stories.

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