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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Paki Hot Wife With Three Guys : Real Story

This story had a series of long struggle that we faced as a Paki couple. My wife was never a hot kind of wife. She was a big conservative kind of woman and I worked a lot to make her mind ready for extra-marital sex. It took about 2 years before we could do it practically. And finally we done it with a friend of mine. My wife is 30 Years old with awesome figure measurements. She has a boobs pair of 36D, big round ass and a nice curvy figure. Any man could wish to fuck her. After my wife Sameena and I had our first threesome with my friend Aamir we could hardly wait for the next encounter. I have never thought to see my hot Pakistani wife with three guys at that time.

By then I was just thinking of our first threesome. The first one was nerve racking at first but very fulfilling seeing my wife in a light that I had never seen before.It was such a turn-on for the both of us now. It had started with Aamir and I giving her a massage while she laid there in just her panties. There was only oral sex that night due to it being new to us we didn’t know how far we wanted to take it.

After that night my wife and I had a talk about what we had done and I knew she wanted to make love to Aamir in the worst way. Aamir was very well endowed, he was about 1.5 inches bigger in size than me and that first night I could see in her eyes she was enjoying sucking him and watching his huge fat cock explode with the joy she was giving him.

Finally, The second time we got together for another threesome I got the sheer pleasure of watching Aamir and Sameena make love. We had made plans for the weekend coming up to have wine and then of course sex, even though we didn't ever really talk about it with Aamir. It was just an understanding I guess.

Sameena and I had made love on Monday and talked and anticipated the coming weekend. All week we had abstained from having sex so by the time the weekend came she would be ready to go all night with our guest.

Saturday finally came and Sameena was at the grocery store getting the food for the night while I finished cleaning the house and putting fresh sheets on the bed.

Aamir called me and told me his friend Shahid from work had called and was coming over to stay with him because they were tenting his house for termites (he was getting ready to sell). Aamir asked if we could still get together for dinner and he would bring Shahid with him.

I told him that would be fine, feeling disappointed thinking our night of sex and fun was gone. Suddenly an idea sparked in my mind. Jokingly I asked him if Shahid would mind the after dinner entertainment. He laughed and said he had mentioned to Shahid one night at work that he had a threesome with us. He said Shahid was cool and really liked the story Aamir had told him. I said, "I'm not sure if I could get Sameena to do anything with all three of us, thinking how much fun it would be watching her take on two other guys besides me.

Aamir said, "I'm not too sure either but, it could be lots of fun," then he laughed. He asked if I wanted him to bring some porno movies over just in case. I told him I thought that we should feel the situation out first, which he agreed. We lived in the same apartment complex anyway so we could get the movies fast enough if things worked out.

I hung up the phone and called Sameena on her cell phone at the store. Before she hung up I said, "Do you think you can handle all three of us?" She laughed and said, "Real funny," and hung up the phone.

When she got home I helped her in with the groceries and put them away. I asked her what she was going to wear tonight and she said I could pick it out for her. I could tell she was still bummed out thinking the night of sex was shot.

We went into the bedroom and I pulled out a denim mini skirt and tight tank-top that hugged her tits real nice. Usually, she won't wear such dresses in normal routine. I then went over to her underwear drawer and found her crotch-less panties and put them with the cloths I had picked out.

"How does that look?" I asked her hoping she would wear them. She said, "I will take a shower then get dressed. We kissed and I held her ass tight and squeezed firmly.

Aamir and Shahid showed up while Sameena was in the shower. I hadn't met Shahid before and he was different than I had imagined. He was about 5'8" tall and 150 pounds with black hair and attractive eyes. I was pleased that he was a good looking guy and knew Sameena would be attracted to him when she saw him.

I got the three of us a beer and we sat and talked while waiting for Sameena to finish getting ready. I told Shahid she was always slow getting ready, and Aamir said, "yes, but she is worth the wait."

When Sameena came into the living room she looked absolutely stunning. Her nipples were hard under the t-shirt I had picked out and knowing she might be wearing the crotch-less panties I had picked out drove me crazy.

Shahid stood and walked toward her with his hand stretched out. "It is so nice to get to meet you. Aamir tells me you guys have been friends a while and always says the nicest things about you. You are every bit as pretty as he told me." Sameena blushed and said, "thank you."

I thought, “this guy knows how to talk to a woman." He sounded sincere and she seemed impressed by his words. I felt that great jealousy feeling inside knowing this guy wanted to fuck my wife.

I asked if we should go to the living room to be more comfortable and everyone agreed. I purposely let everyone go ahead of me so I could see if where Sameena was sitting was wet. When she gets sexually excited her pussy gets real wet and the juices start to flow.

I ran my hand over the seat where she had been sitting and to my delight there was a small slick puddle of pussy cum. I knew now I didn't even have to ask her if it was ok with her.

When we got into the living room I asked Aamir if he had brought some movies with him, knowing he hadn't. He said, "I left them at my apartment and I will go get them. Do you want to watch some movies?" he said looking straight at Sameena. She smiled at him and said, "sure, if you guys want to." Aamir invited Shahid to walk over to his apartment with him to get the movies and they both left.

I didn't say a word to Sameena because I wanted her to be the first to speak about what was going on. She said, "Shahid seems like a real neat guy, doesn't he?" "Yeah, he seems real nice to me," I told her. "Are you guys plotting against me?" she said, smiling at me devilishly. "We wouldn't even think about plotting against you."

I walked over and asked her if she had worn her crotch-less panties, knowing she must have because of the chair being wet with pussy cum.

She lifted her mini skirt and there they were. I dropped to my knees and could see her swollen pussy sticking out through the slit in them. Pussy cum was running out and onto them. I took my finger and slid it across the wet satin and then placed the finger in my mouth.

“How come you are so wet?" I asked her acting surprised. “Have you been having nasty thoughts about our guests?" “Maybe one or two," she admitted, in a sexy voice while pulling her skirt down quickly. “Do you think Aamir has said anything to Shahid about what we’ve done in the past?" she asked, smiling at me. “He said he had mentioned it to him. Shahid did tell Aamir that he thinks you are gorgeous though." “He told Aamir that?" she asked, smiling an even bigger smile.

Just then there was a knock on the door. I started walking toward the door and turned to Sameena and asked if she would sit next to Shahid for the movie. She told me that she would think about it then winked at me.

I opened the door and Aamir and Shahid came in. Aamir had two video’s in hand. Shahid walked in and handed Sameena a flower he had picked out of the garden along the walkway. She smiled and said, “thank you," and put it in a glass of water.

Aamir took on the duty of getting the movie in the VCR then took his normal place at the end of our long sofa. Shahid said, “where do you want me to sit?" I told him he could sit at the other end of the sofa if he wanted to.

Sameena walked over and sat down between Aamir and Shahid on the sofa and I sat in the loveseat next to the couch. The furniture was situated in an “L" shape so I had a nice view of Sameena and our guests.

The movie began and was a group sex video with one woman taking on four guys. One thing about Aamir is he really knew how to pick a movie for the right occasion.

After about ten minutes Sameena pulled her feet on the couch and rested her arms on her knees. I could see the light from the TV flickering in the wetness between her legs.

She leaned toward Aamir and he said, “Do you want to lay on my lap?" She laid her head in his lap and put her ass toward Shahid. I felt a jealous streak go through my body watching her between Aamir and Shahid. My heart started pounding knowing what she would soon be doing to these guys.

She put her hand under her face and I saw her take hold of Aamir’s hard-on through his short pants. He tensed for a second then spread his legs so she could get a better hold of his cock.

Shahid was staring at the TV even though Sameena’s cute little ass and pussy was visible the way she was laying. Shahid finally looked down and I saw the bulge growing in his short pants. Her pussy cum was starting to run down her leg toward the couch.

Shahid looked over at me I guess to see what my expression was. I smiled at him looked at her pussy and nodded my head at him.

He reached down and slid his fingers over her wet pussy through the slit in her panties and I heard that wet sloshing sound. Sameena lifted her head off Aamir’s lap and looked at Shahid. “What are you doing?" she said, smiling at him. “I couldn’t help myself," he explained. I said, “I think we would all be more comfortable in the bedroom."

All of us got up and headed for the bedroom. When we got to the bedroom Sameena slid her shirt off and let her mini skirt drop to the floor. I sat in the rocking chair in the corner so I could just watch a while. My heart was pounding so hard I felt dizzy.

Aamir slid his shorts off and his huge cock was fully erect. Shahid took his shirt off but didn’t take his shorts off and sat on the edge of the bed. Sameena laid down on the bed on her back and Aamir slid next to her and started by giving her a deep kiss while feeling her tits with his hand.

I walked toward the bed and took hold of Sameena’s panties by the waist band. She didn’t even look up from her kiss with Aamir and raised her ass off the bed so I could slid them off. She had no way of know if it was Shahid or me taking them off, which was a great turn-on for me.

I returned to the chair in the corner holding the pussy cum soaked panties in my hand. Shahid leaned down and kissed the front part of her pussy which caused her to spread her legs wide. She was so wet and swollen I couldn’t believe my eyes. In all of our years of marriage I had never seen her so wet and ready.

Shahid began licking and sucking her swollen pussy lips. Sameena was moving her hips in a circular motion and moaning while still locked in her kiss with Aamir. I saw her whole body tense up while she came with Shahid’s mouth on her pussy.

Aamir whispered something in Sameena’s ear and she smiled at him. She grabbed Shahid by the shoulders and pulled him up toward her and began licking the pussy cum off of his lips. She then pushed him on his back and slid his short pants off along with his underwear.

He was about as long as I am but it looked bigger do to him not being as tall as me. Aamir situated himself so he could eat her pussy while she sucked on Shahid’s cock.

I took off my shorts and started jacking off slowly watching them going wild on my wife and I enjoying every minute of it.

Shahid started moaning loud and stiffening up. He told Sameena that he was ready to cum. She just made a Mmmmm sound when he told her that. He started bucking and she jacked him off faster and faster until he exploded in her mouth.

She couldn’t swallow it all and some was running down the sides of her mouth. Shahid laid there on his back in exhaustion and I could see his cock still pulsating as she milked ever drop she could out off it.

Sameena was ready to cum again with Aamir licking her pussy. She started moaning loudly and bucking as he tried keeping up with her movements. She grabbed the blankets in her fists as she came real hard. Aamir rolled her onto her stomach and motioned for Shahid to push his cock into her.

Shahid was still hard from the blow job she had just finished giving him and climbed on top of her and slid his cock deep inside her wet pussy from behind, and she let out a load moan of ecstasy.

He started pumping real hard meeting her backward thrusts. Both her and Shahid were moaning loudly and after only a few moments Shahid erupted inside of her. He kept pumping for about another minute until she came. Shahid rolled off of her and Aamir took his place. He slid into her easily even though he was at least 3 inches longer than Shahid or me.

It was making such a sloshing sound and cum was dripping all over the bed with each thrust they made together. I had taken about all the watching I could and stood and walked toward the bed.

Aamir saw me standing there and turned Sameena toward me so she could take my hard cock into her mouth, which she did. When Aamir would thrust into her pussy my cock would go deeper in her mouth. She moaned every time Aamir rammed his cock into her. I looked down at her face and her eyebrows were scrunched together and she was having a hard time concentrating on sucking my cock.

Aamir started pulling that familiar face and I knew he was ready to cum deep inside my wife. She was moaning around my cock and I felt my ball sack tighten up as the cum started running out of me into her mouth. Her moaning felt so great around my cock, especially knowing that it was Aamir pounding her that was making her moan!

I think we all three came at the same time. After I shot about what seemed like a quart of cum in her mouth I pulled away because it tickled so bad. The last squirt went in her hair and on her shoulders.

She reached behind her with both hands and grabbed Aamir by the ass and pulled him as deep into her as she could. Aamir squeezed both of her tits in his hands as he came with a vengeance.

Aamir collapsed on her back with his cock still deep inside of her. I laid down on one side of them because Shahid was on the other. Shahid moved closer to Sameena and started stroking her hair with his fingers. She laid there and smiled with her eyes closed. He moved closer and was giving her small kisses on her lips and forehead.

Aamir rolled onto his back and his cock slipped out of her wet pussy. I saw a bunch of cum start running out of her pussy down her leg and onto the bed.

About a half hour later I woke to the sound of sloshing and Shahid was making love to Sameena while Aamir and I were resting. I laid and watched and listened until they both climaxed again. Then I dozed off again. The next time I woke, Aamir had taken Shahid’s place and was pounding away at her pussy. After he climaxed and rolled off her I got to make love to her for the first time of the evening.

She got on top of me and I slid into her drenched pussy. With each stroke gobs of cum would run out of he pussy and down my cock and was getting my balls completely soaked. My cock was so numb from being so hard and excited it was almost hard to cum again.

Somewhere around 4:30 AM Aamir and Shahid left our apartment. Shahid gave Sameena a big kiss and told he that was the best evening he had ever had and would remember it the rest of his life.

“I hope we can get together again," she told him, giving him another kiss and a hug. As Aamir kissed her goodbye he asked if we were going to have another soon.

Sameena laughed and said it would take her about a week to recover from this one but then she would be ready. Aamir said, “That works for me," and kissed her a final time.

We went to bed without saying too much because we were both tired. I laid there watching her as she slept and thinking how lucky I am to have such a sexy wife that will do anything to fulfill my fantasies.

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