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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sex With Driver

This sex story belongs to an elite class Pakistani woman.Some Hot women of Pakistani Elite class love having adventures with Servants.This Pakistani Sex Story also reveals the same habits of a Pakistani Wife.Let's narrate this story in her own words.My name is asma and I am 29Y old.I got married 4 years ago and my husband is 35Y old.My figure is quite attractive with 36D-30-38 size.Every woman hunter likes me and wants me.I knew this thing very well so I love turning heads around.After giving my brief introduction I should now move towards my Pakistani Sex Stories.
After two successful years of happy marriage and every day sex,my husband was forced to leave me alone for a few months.The atmospher for business in Pakistan was not good so my husband decided to shift his entire business to Dubai.We were living alone at our luxury banglow and still without kids.We have planned to avoid pregnancy for first three years of marriage so it was all about rough sex without pregnancy.My husband went to Dubai and asked me to wait untill he settles his work.He arranged three servants for me including a driver,a cook and a maid for house cleaning etc.

I was used to every day sex when my husband was in Pakistan but after his departure I was missing this act badly.I tried to control my feelings but it was only for a month maximum.The cook was slightly aged but the driver(Ahmar)was quite young(In his mid 20's).He was pathan by cast,having a fair white color.He usually kept quite but his nice and well built body impressed me a lot.He was muscular and handsome.After thinking a lot about using that option to fulfill my needs,I finalized my plans.

I have to keep my self respect and dignity alive so I decided to do that with intense care.Whenever I went to the market,I tried to go alone with him.I brought snacks for him and he was much thankful for my kindness.He was also feeling the heat so within next few days he was quite easy with me.He usually called me madam but I insisted him to call me by name.He was shy in start but he saw that his Madam was very kind to him,He started getting on track.

After making him quite frank,I decided to try.One day,I sent him to the market to bring some under garments for me.I asked him to keep it secret from maid and cook.When he went outside,I called my maid and cook and sent them on one day leave.They were both excited when i declared the leave.So they departed immediately.Now I was alone at home and waiting eagerly for the driver.He came back after almost 2 hours and handed over the under garments which he brought from market.I intentionally started checking those bras and panties in-front of him.

I opened the packing and checked each and every bra and panty for at least 15-20 minutes.These under garments were only a trick to awake his emotions.He was standing aside but I can feel a bulge appearing in his Shalwar.After a few minutes he was almost fully hard.I have observed that with a stolen eye so I suddenly looked towards him asking a question about the shops from where he purchased that.He was stunned by this question and reacted as someone has given him an electric shock.

I quickly asked another question by pointing towards his shalwar that "What is this".I shown some anger in my voice so that he should not take me easy.He was blushed with shame and quickly made sorry.I started to press him upon that bulge so that he should feel guilty and become under pressure.Soon my trick worked and when I felt that he was much tense,I tricked him again.I said;OK,I can only forgive you if you show me this.He was shy to show but when I said that I will tell my husband and his job will be over,He agreed to do that.But he got my promise that I will not tell this to anybody.

I asked him to lock the main door first and then show me the thing.He went out while I started thinking about his manhood.I was getting wet as I was thinking about his tool.He came back and closed his eyes while opening the tie of his shalwar.Believe me,I was stunned to see his semi-hard tool.It was quite fat and even pinkish in color as compared to my husband's black.I got crazy after watching his nice and cute semi-hard tool.I got up and asked him to keep his eyes closed.

I went near him and touched his tool.He jumped like a monkey when i did that.He begged me to avoid that but I again threatened him by saying that his job is in danger.I grabbed his tool and started rubbing it.He was fully-hard in no time.He kept closing his eyes and I reached a point where I couldn't stop myself from suking.I took his tool in my mouth and licked his pre-drops.The smell of his pubic area was a bit fast so I grabbed his tool and took him to the washroom.I asked him to remove his entire clothes and take a shower.He used my husband's soap and body spray and then got ready in 5-10 minutes.I waited for him on the bathroom door.

My mind was fully lusty now,I thought to make it more adventurous so I started suking him on the bathroom door.He was moaning as I was performing a nice throat-job on his shaft.I took it fully in untill it reached my throat.I couldn't take it in throat as it was fat but there I stopped for a while when my lips were touching his balls.My saliva was flowing on his shaft and I was doing it like a call-girl.I tasted his salty drops and then it went on for 10 minutes.

It was a time to reach the extremes of Pakistani Sex.I asked him to remove my clothes while keeping his eyes closed.He obeyed my orders and I placed his hands on my 36D bobs.His removed my shirt and then unhooked my bra straps.I asked him to fondle my breasts.He done it quite bravely and his rough hands went all over my body.Then he removed my pants and panty.I asked him to lick me.He was unaware of the licking act.So I placed his head between my legs while resting on the wash-bason.He started licking my thighs while I was moaning loud.His tongue freely moved inside my flesh and I discharged my juices.It was my first orgasm in past 1 months or so.

After getting licked for 10 minutes,I asked him to insert his tool inside me.He lifted my legs with trembling hands and then pointed his manhood on my fleshy door.He pushed it in and I screamed with pleasure.He pushed it more and I went into the heaven.I was missing it badly.My dreams were fulfilling now.He started screwing me slowly and then increased his pace to full.He hit me deep.I really loved his deep hitting.I couldn't control more and observed my second orgasm.He was doing it nicely when I asked him to change the position.

I got bent along the wash-bason while he entered in doggy style.He pushed it deep and banged me like a mare.I loved the way his balls were touching my legs and fleshy areas and the pace which he got.My husband has never banged me so fast.He was near to the end.I recognized that so I asked him to pull it out when he was about to unload his guns.He sprinkled all his load on my butts.I smiled and then appreciated him for having a nice tool.He was still in worried but I smiled and said;I will not complain about you to my husband and you should keep it between me and you otherwise your job will be in danger.He thanked and said;Ok Madam G.

It was the best day of sex after my marriage.I loved it a lot.He was a perfect man for that task.The day onward I used him every week and this went on until my husband settled his business and home in Dubai.Later,I asked my husband to bring that driver to Dubai by appreciating his driving skills but my husband said that it is not easy for me.So,I have to keep my wishes in heart but I can't forget those days.I hope readers have enjoyed my Pakistani Sex Story.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pakistani Aunty Having Sex

Today I'm going to write a real Pakistani Sex Story here.My name is Kamran and I'm almost in my early twenties.This story of Pakistani Aunty is completely a real story.I belong to a middle class family of Pakistan.I have one friend whose name is Zebi.His mother’s name was shaila(fake) and at that time she must be around 38 or40 years of age after death of Zebi’s father,we used to go to his home so often just in case,Shaila aunty needed any help.
So,one day,after coming from my college,I had my lunch and went to Zebi’s home.Zebi opened the door and took me in.We then went to his room and were talking to each other.All of a sudden,Zebi’s mobile rang up and it was his girl friend on the other line.Zebi talked to her and after finishing up the call,told me that he will have to go urgently to his girl friend’s house as her mother is not there and he has fortunately got a time to meet her.Shaila aunty was well aware of Zebi’s affair and she was keeping an eye on zebi.So he asked me to remain sitting there so if aunty comes I can say her that zebi is gone to market to bring something.I told him that I will stay back,since I do not have any work.
Zebi then after talking to Shaila aunty,left home after some time,I needed to go to the toilet and I opened the door and was literally dumb shocked.Shaila aunty was seating on the commode and with the closed eyes.She was shocked by this sudden door open and meanwhile I have got a glimpse of her hairy pussy.I immediately left from there and went to Zebi’s room.I was so hot by looking at the scene a few moments ago that it was very difficult for me to control my emotions.My rookie was hard and tall standing in my pants.

After some time,I regained my senses and I was totally shocked with what I saw a few minutes back.However,I could do nothing about it as I even can’t think of advancing further since she was mother of my best friend.Still my body was shaking with the scene after some time,Shaila aunty was calling me by my name and I thought that she must bullshit me on entering the toilet without confirmation.I went to her room but Shaila aunty was not there.

I then went to kitchen to check her up but she was not there as well again I heard a voice of Shaila aunty and she was again calling me.This time,I took the direction of voice and she was calling me from bathroom.I then went near the bathroom and asked her;Yes Aunty.She told me to open the door of bathroom.My heart was beating vibrantly.
She called me inside.My heart was by now beating so fast that I felt that it will come out of my chest.I went inside the washroom and Shaila aunty told me to close the door and I close the door and stood in front of her.She immediately took hold of my pant and removed it in a flash.She also removed my underwear as well and both fell at my feet and I was now naked below with my rookie standing tall.I was just looking at her without saying a single word.

Immediately,Shaila aunty took hold of my semi hard tool and started caressing it.I couldn't speak a word in a feeling of fear and enjoyment.She put it in her mouth.She started giving me a very nice mouth job.I could not last long as I have never done it before.So with pressure and I jetted my sperms inside her mouth just within 2-3 minutes.she told me to come to bedroom.I took out my pant and undi and followed her in semi naked condition.We went in her bedroom.She was now stark naked immediately she came near me and removed my t-shirt.Now both of us were completely in our birth suit and Shaila aunty guided me to the bed and lay on her back.Shaila aunty parted her legs and asked me to lick her.

After licking her hairy and fleshy dry pussy,I started getting a hard on again.I told her that it will take some time for my dick to get to its full size since I just ejaculated in her mouth.Listening to this,Shaila aunty got up and came above me in 69 position.She got hold of my tool and immediately took my entire shaft in her mouth and once again started giving me a nice job.I was in seventh heaven and I then pulled her by her waist and took her pussy near my mouth.

Aunty gave away a moan and started pushing her pussy over my face more rapidly at the same time and she was constantly giving me the mouth job.I also started licking her juices and entire pussy hole at the age of around 38-40,Shaila aunty was bit bulky and she was quite fleshy at her waist.Also she had a very big ass and equally big melons they must be around 42 D.After continuous job for 15 minutes,my rookie started regaining its full size.Shaila aunty realised that and she got up from me and again lay on her back.

I then immediately went between her legs and put the tip of my tool on her well lubricated pussy hole.She was weaving her head in anticipation of the pleasure she was going to get,Once I put the tip on her pussy.I inserted it in one jerk and without a much fuss,it buried completely inside her pussy.She moaned once again and told me to fuck her harder and harder.

By now,I was nicely warmed up and started stroking her pussy with medium speed.She was lifting her butts to match my strokes and to accommodate my entire shaft inside her and slowly,my speed started increasing and with it Shaila aunty’s moans as well.We both were now in full flow and complete horny state. We were fucking each other with quite a brisk speed.Her body was shaking with my each and every stroke and she seems to enjoy it and her moans were also increasing.I fucked her for nearly 10 minutes and she had her first orgasm.

Her entire juices were flowing out and which made her pussy passage nicely lubricated.I was also by now giving her fast and furious strokes and within next few minutes,I also reached my pick and with a loud moan.I pulled it out as aunty pushed me away to avoid pregnancy.I started shooting my seeds on Shaila aunty’s lovely pussy.I emptied all my seeds on her pussy and then rested my head on her big melons.Shaila aunty was very happy the way I fucked her and she was caressing my hair with her hand after some time,we parted and started kissing each other passionately.

I hope readers have enjoyed my Pakistani Sex stories.Aunty got a promise from me that I should never give any hint to zebi about this day or I should never say it to anybody.She will please me whenever possible.I promised her that I will never leak our secrets.Till day,I am screwing Shaila aunty and zebi is unaware of that.His sexy Pakistani Mom is screwed by his friend.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sex Toys In Pakistan

My name is Furqan.I have been selling Sex Toys In Pakistan for past three years.This sales job provided me an opportunity to interact with a lot of Elite Class Pakistani girls and Women.Some of them were quite lusty in nature and loving sex more than normal.It is my conclusion from past three years of sex toys sale that almost every 2nd women of Pakistani Elite Class loves having sex beyond marriage.Today,I'm going to narrate my Pakistani Sex Stories here that happened through sex toys sale.
It is a tough job selling such toys in Pakistan.So,after struggling a lot,I launched my website to boost my sale.I have only given my cell number and email at my website and prices of those sex toys.Initially,I have to wait a long to get public response but later I got enough.Most of the sugar patients were looking to buy these toys to fulfill their wife's sex needs.
One day,I got a miscal from a number and later an sms from the same number.The person was inquiring about the real look rubber penis toy with 9.25 inches length.On further inquiry,I was told that she is a girl from Islamabad.She was my first girl client.She asked everything in detail about that particular rubber penis and then called me at night for more details.

From our conversation,I concluded that she was enjoying our chat about sex toy,but my sales limitations didn't allow me to go rubbish.So,I remained focused to the sale.She used open style of talking like using open words about pussy and penis etc.Even she asked me that "Does this big rubber penis hurts the pussy?"I laughed and said;I have not experienced it but my customers say that it feels really good when it gets in.

She asked me about payment and delivery.I have already rented a flat to manage these sales so I given her my flat address.She got next day's appointment at around 1PM.It was my first sale to single girl so I awaited eagerly for her.She came right in time on the said address and after parking her car,she came to my flat.My flat was in a safe plaza where no body will disturb and keep eyes on the visitors.
She knocked at the door and I welcomed her in.Believe me,she was almost 25Y old and a sex bomb by her figure.A huge pair of boobs were hiding all her front assets as she was wearing a tight Shalwar Qameez.Her dress was almost semi transparent and her inner garments were quite visible through her dress.I felt sensation in my penis and couldn't control my mind for a while.She was quite decent and brave with a super confidence to talk about sex toy.

I explained my product like a professional and she asked if she can open the packing and see the product in detail.I obliged her by saying that "Mam its no problem,you can check in detail and if you don't mind you can have a try in the try room.She was quite surprised and after thinking for a while,she asked me to guide her to the try room.I guided her to my bedroom and after getting her in I came back to the other room.

I was quite amazed to see such a Hot Pakistani Women.She was brave and bold enough.I started thinking a different way.My professionalism was put aside and my mind was just thinking to screw her in reality.After a few minutes,She called me from the bedroom to address a problem.When I got in,I was shocked to see her sitting without clothes.She looked into my eyes and said,Would you please guide me that how to mount this toy on the wall?

 I have forgotten the sex toy sale and now my own tool was getting a life to see her in such a brave mood.I took the rubber penis from her hand and then placed its suction cup to the wall for mounting.I pressed it and it was placed along the wall like a perfect manhood.She thanked me and smiled.I started to leave the room but she asked me to wait untill she takes a try.I was surprised but my inner-self was too eager to watch her having a rubber penis in her fleshy pussy.

She aligned her self to that rubber penis and then looked at me.My manhood was fully prepared now.I was not 9.25 inches long like that rubber penis but never lesser than 7 inches.A huge bulge was visible through my pants.She noticed that bulge and smiled.She remarked,Mr Furqan;are you OK?I didn't want to show that to her as it could effect my professionalism but it was UN-controllable.

So,I gathered my courage and said;yes no problem.Its natural as I'm a man,you please carry on and try.She asked me for help to place that rubber penis on her fleshy pussy by getting her panties aside.I went near her and touched her panty with trembling hands.She laughed and said,please don't hesitate.So,I touched her large buttocks and removed her panties aside with my fingers.I aligned the rubber penis to her pussy lips and asked her to get back slowly.She took it in by pushing herself back and almost 2-3 inches went inside.It was a fat rubber penis so she felt some trouble taking it in.She asked me if I can apply the lubricant.

I took out the lubricant which was already provided in that packet.I put a few drops of lubricant on that rubber penis and then again pushed it in.She started feeling it and soon she took 5-6 inches in.Her pussy was wet and leaking juices.She started fast moves and her face turned red.She she went out of control and placed her hand on my tool.I was shocked to see her brave act.

She looked at my face and I produced no hesitation.She UN-zipped my pant and grabbed my tool.Now a rubber tool was inside her pussy and my real penis was in her hand.She grabbed my tool and pulled me in that standing position.I was standing near the bed.She started licking my penis all around my balls and tip.I moaned like a film boy and started caressing her hairs.She licked my balls and then took my penis in her mouth.She sucked it like a professional while enjoying that rubber penis in her fleshy vagina.

After a few minutes of this wild act,I removed her bra.I grabbed her boobs and started fondling them.She was really a big natural girl.Large pair of boobs were just shaking under her arms.I grabbed her head and started fucking her throat.She was enjoying it very much.She was moaning like a bitch.I forgot that She is a buyer.Then she asked to to remove that rubber penis and put my real penis in her pussy.

I was excited.I went behind and removed the suction cup from the wall.she took it from my hand and started licking her pussy juices from that rubber penis.I placed my fully built manhood at her opening and pushed it in.She screamed and within seconds my manhood was fleshed inside her pussy lips.The grip of her pussy was very tight.Her large butts were shaking with my strokes.I went on hard and hit her deep for almost 10 minutes.While she continued to roll her tongue on that rubber penis.

Finally,It was the end of this Pakistani Sex session.I have approached to the peak so I pulled it out.She has reached the orgasm.I polished her buttocks with my white juices in 4-5 seconds.It was hot and smelly.She enjoyed it and thanked me for providing her a nice try.I smiled and thanked her for purchasing that rubber penis.I again packed it while she got up and went to the attached bath.She washed her assets and cleaned her up.When she came out,she again thanked me for that wonderful session.She paid me the price but I had to accommodate her with concession.So,I took 2K less from the prescribed price of the rubber penis.She left my flat with her Sex Toy.This was all about my Pakistani Sex Stories.I hope you have liked my first meeting with a Sexy Pakistani Girl.      

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