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Friday, May 10, 2013

Pakistani Park Sex

My Name is Rehan and I belong to a spiritual,traditional and conservative Pakistani family.Parents were strict and we could never think of sex and affairs.We just had to follow their set of rules.My parents had decided that I should get married to my cousin sister.We didn’t know anything about their commitments.We used to get on well with each other during childhood and few days later,for some reason,their family got shifted to my grandmother’s house which was in my native,not very far from the place we lived.I was very close to her.Her name was Sidra.We grew up at different places and the bonding we had during childhood slowly reduced.I used to visit my grandmother’s house during my holidays.
Now coming to my Pakistani sex Stories,As we grew into teenage,I was getting more attracted to sidra.She had some feelings for me.But then,just like the old dramatic movies,our family and theirs,had a fight and we were not supposed to talk to each other.We were so attached that we can't forget each other.I used to go to her college or some dating places,where I can talk to her,or at least see her.She had the same feelings for me.She would become upset if I didn’t meet her once in 2-3 days.We both were in love.I could have married her according to the relationships.But technically,we both were brother and sister.How could such a feeling come between us?But our distancing really made an impact.It made us to desire for each other more.
Our simple touches were getting sensual now.We liked each other’s touches.We used to roam around holding hands together,across shoulders etc.Everything in disguise,of course.If anybody saw us,our families would kill us.We enjoyed each other’s company.We bunked college and we passed time together in parks,cinemas,malls etc.On one fine evening,we were at the park.And suddenly it got cloudy.Everyone in the park left for home but we didn’t want to leave so soon.We didn’t want to go home before 4 o clock in the evening every day.We used to be together till then.We wouldn’t leave a minute earlier.

At the same time,we could not afford to stay together a minute after.So we stayed back in the park.It got really dark and started raining heavily.There was no shelter,only trees.By the time,we ran across the park to find shelter,we were wet.We decided to stand under a big tree.Water was still falling over us.There was no body around so my mind started to build devilish thoughts for her.Her wet dress was exposing her assets and her black bra was quite visible now.She rested her head on my shoulder and I covered her face with my hand.I could feel her breathe on my chest.She loved my gesture.I got an intention that she was feeling the same hotness.She kissed my chest over my shirt.I removed my hand from her face to see what she was doing.She was planting kisses on my chest continuously.I let her kiss me and started looking around so that i can keep an eye on some-body coming un-intentionally.She was looking so cute.

When she stopped,she looked at me.I was staring at her eyes.She blushed and looked away.It was so romantic.I lifted her face holding her chin,which was like a rasagulla.We exchanged a deep lustful eye-contact.She put her arms around my neck,lifted herself up by standing on her front foot,to match my height,and then there was no stopping.We locked lips and closed our eyes.It was magical.We kissed for minutes together.We sucked our upper and lower lips one by one.

We sucked each other’s tongue while it was raining continuously.Water splashes on our face was making it more sexier.We kept smooching hard.It was our first kiss.We had no prior experience nor we had any plans of kissing.It just happened and it happened in the best possible manner.We were ready to do anything for the kiss.Gradually kissing led us to bobs-touching,dick-touching,fingering,shagging etc.We enjoyed in every possible manner.It was all done in that park.To enjoy this,I started looking around to find a more hidden place.

We did everything except penetration.I was eager to penetrate her there in the park.It could be dangerous but the dark weather can help us to keep our act hidden.I grabbed her hand and took her to a nearby tree bundle.It was hidden from three sides.Then after enjoying the oral sex in a hesitating manner,I made up my mind to get inside her.It was the ultimate pleasure giving exercise we were doing.We always wanted to have sex,but our consciousness didn’t allow us to.We knew we couldn’t get married since both the families hated each other.But the power of lust was such that it overcame our consciousness.We couldn’t bear it anymore.We decided to have sex.She was looking extra cute that day.We started making out.She gave me a nice mouth-job while lying in my lap.

We were already hot and horny.I asked her to sit in my lap by removing her shalwar(Pants).She was a bit hesitant and a bit nervous,afraid of people.But when I insisted a lot,she looked around and no-body was there in sight.She just took my dick and pushed it inside her pussy.She was failed as it was creating a lot of pain.She refused to sit again as her legs started shivering.Then,I asked her to bend along a tree.She thought for a while and then agreed.I placed my tool over her fleshy brown vagina.I didn’t wear the condom as I don't have an.My dick pierced her pussy after a struggle.Only the tip was inside and her tears came out of her eyes.I broke her virginity.She screamed a bit at that moment.Luckily nobody was around.I cross checked if anyone was around.Then I pushed inside my sister darling and fucked her in that half doggy position until her pussy got adjusted to the size of my dick.I ejaculated on her ass after fucking her for five minutes.

It was the first Pakistani sex session for me and best sex for both of us.Although we had sex many times later,this was more memorable.Most memorable because I didn’t make her pregnant.Lucky she was in her safe days.I would be waiting for your comments about Pakistani sex stories.I will share the later incidents also after reading your comments.

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