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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pakistani repairman sex with hot wife

My name is Lubna and I’m a Pakistani housewife with my Pakistani sex stories here.This incidental sex changed my life entirely from a bore Pakistani housewife to a real hot Pakistani wife.I wanted to tell you about a truly memorable day that has started a new hobby of Refinancing for me. Finding things around the house that needed fixing. When I’ve been desperate I’ve even broken a few things just so they could be fixed. Let me tell you why this is so much fun for a pure Pakistani housewife needing sex when her husband is not willing to provide.I think all sex story readers would like my In web conference for Pakistani sex stories.

First I should tell you a brief introduction of our family before the sell of Pakistani sex stories.I’m almost 34Y old right now with my two years elder husband.He is mostly busy in his office work and hardly manages to give me full satisfaction when the matter of sex is concerned.I have two children of kids ages which are normally spending most of the time with their aunt’s children living a few yards away from our house.Most of the time I’m alone at home watching TV shows and movies etc.It all started when my husband was off early one morning on a business trip abroad for a week. I had been really horny the night before and had tried to interest him in giving me a good fuck before he left. But he had been too tired the poor baby. That really pissed me off with no credit check.

Pakistani sex stories

I had to spend twenty minutes with my favorite XXX movie that morning just to put myself in a good mood. As I was getting dressed I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good, my 5’5 length was still lean and trim. At 36 my large 42DD tits were still perky, and only need minimal support, my long naturally black hair fell in waves over my shoulders, and my shaved pussy looked awesome. I have worked a lot on my body through weight loss plans and my figure just became sexy,Well on with the day for Pakistani sex.

Besides all,I have been doing most of the housework by myself.We have no servants at all.All the household work was managed by me.I was washing clothes in my washing machine and my children were in their aunt’s house.Halfway into the second load of clothes the washing machine broke down, leaking water everywhere. Oh great the cap to a wonderful day. Little did I know what was coming. I found the contact numbers of electrical services and started calling repair places in our nearby areas.fortunately,I got a repair boy who was free to provide me the home repair services quickly.He just arrived in 15 minutes at our door.

There was a knock on the door and I opened the door to a twenty something young stud; he had on tight jeans, and since it was a hot humid August day, my thin Lawn dress covered a very sculpted body. He gave me a smile that lit up my day.He was young,healthy,muscular and good looking guy.I almost came right there in my panties. Then remembered that since it was my wash day I had been in wet clothes which shown my black bra clearly.He must have seen my bra straps through my wet dress. I had which were extremely tight and clung to every curve, they left nothing to the imagination.I asked him to come inside while I locked the door.You could not imagine how horny I was that day.My mind was just thinking about his young tool inside his pants as I have watched movies and my husband has not given me the satisfaction for Pakistani sex that night.

Then mumbling something about the washing machine I took him back to the bathroom where I have placed the machine. He took one look at the machine and said that he had to replace the inner sheet and it would take at least oine hour.I asked him to carry on where I went to make some drink for him.He started his work while my mind has just built up to get a nice fuck from him.I really liked him.I have never thought about my prestige and dignity that day which could lead me away from that nice young guy. Just looking at this hunk I was all shivery inside and promised myself a sex session as soon as possible.I given him the cold drink and came back to my bedroom.He remained busy in his work.It was hard to start things but after a lot of thinking I tried a trick which could help me for this Pakistani sex.

I played the XXX movie again on my DVD player and silently watched him through the door.I intentionally kept myself with no concerns about how he works.He done his work with entire proficiency and when he was just finishing I started myself to change my dress.It was a part of my game plan.Soon,I removed my dress and when I was in Bra and panty I heard his voice saying: Madam,Its done;please check.I bravely replied him OK and asked him to come inside.He obeyed my order and came to my bedroom.When he saw me in just a Bra and panty,he put his head down.I could see a shameful feeling on his face but then I tried to express as nothing has happened.I asked him to check my DVD player as well(which I had stopped myself by cutting its power cord meanwhile)He checked the DVD player and repaired the cable while I continued to carry on my makeup in-front of dressing table.  

He was just looking at me by keen eyes.I knew that a young hunk can not resist when a women is in Bra and panty in-front of him.I have Grooming Pet with me.Then he played on the DVD player.Suddenly when the fucking scene came in-front of his eyes he just paused it quickly.I laughed and said; what happened.He was not a child that he can not understand what a hot Pakistani wife needs.Now he was also getting my intentions and he again played the movie.He reluctantly asked;Madam why are you watching these movies?I replied smiling that just for fun.He smiled and said;its better to do it practically rather than watching movies.I looked into his eyes and remarked;Really?He said yes.It was a point of start for my Pakistani sex stories. 

Then I said quickly,OK lets see what you can do.He got up and came near me and grabbed my boobs.I have already locked the door so I have no fears.My children were busy in their aunt’s house so I have enough time to get a good fuck.He removed my bra and started sucking my nipples.It continued for 5-10 minutes.I avoided kissing as I don’t like kissing much.Then he removed my panties and moved down to my shaven Napa Valley Lodge.He rubbed my pussy for a few strokes and then started licking it.I have never got such a feeling as my husband have never done this licking.I felt myself in heaven as i was being licked by a young hunk of almost half age to my husband.He licked me and then asked me to suck his tool.I was hurry enough to take out his bulge out.He was almost of the same size as my husband but a little fat in girth. 

I have been reached to extreme of Pakistani sex now.I sucked his entire shaft for my satisfaction and then he pulled my legs up.He just guided his tummy tuck to my vagina which felt like a hot rod in water.It dripped fully into my valley and soon he started stroking nicely.He hit all my corners inside which caused an immense pleasure for a hot Pakistani wife like me.I was thirsty for Pakistani sex and he was hard enough to satisfy me.He banged me nicely for 10-15 minutes.I had two orgasms in between but he released just after me.I was satisfied now.He thanked me and smiled.After finishing the fuck session,I asked him about the money for repair work.He smiled and said;for which repair work?I also smiled and thanked him.I given him 500 rupees as a tip and asked him to come again when I call.He given me his personal mobile number and went away.I enjoyed a few more sex session with him later on which I would share in my next Pakistani sex stories. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pakistani sex with friend's horny wife

I am Shan with my Pakistani sex stories.Dear Pakistani sex readers,I am sharing this story only for your enjoyment.This is a reality incident in which my friend helped me to have sex with his Pakistani wife.My writing style for Pakistani sex stories might not be very good but I hope you will like my story.So let’s go to the sex story without discussing more Dessert recipes.I am into my 26Y of age.This sex incident happened 6 months ago.I have always cared to take Healthy diet and maintain my body.I regularly go to GYM and ensure my La fitness.I have a muscular body which always attracts women.There are 4-5 Married Pakistani aunts in my affairs as well.Now  you could easily understand my refinance home for Pakistani sex stories.

Last year,My best college friend from Lahore called me and asked me to visit his house.He has been newly married to his cousin but I had unfortunately missed his marriage.I came to Lahore very often because my father has businesses and property investments in the city and we have to collect Mortgages quite often.After getting his calls I decided to plan a longer tour to Lahore.It was summer season.I packed my shipments and started my travel from Islamabad to Lahore.After 4 hours drive on my Lexus dealer I reached Lahore.I went straight to his address as I was tired due to long drive.I have not told him about my arrival as I wanted to keep it surprise for refinancing.

Pakistani sex stories

I reached my destination of Pakistani sex quite easily and after my introduction,the gate keeper went inside and told his wife about me( he was not home at that time)after a few minutes gate keeper arrived back and asked me to go inside. I was guided to the second mortgage the guest room by the gate keeper who was a man of mid age. I kept my luggage aside and sat on sofa.After a few seconds,His gorgeous wife arrived in the guest room.She exchanged smile and welcomed me warmly. You could not imagine how sexy she was.I straightway thought about my friend’s luck as he was a casual faced guy.He has married to a real hot Pakistani beauty.She was quite impressive and bold enough.she talked to me for a few minutes and then brought a glass of cold drink for me.

I asked about her husband and she replied;he has gone to market for some work and would arrive soon.I relaxed myself and taken bath after a few words with her.My devil mind was full of lust for Pakistani sex.When I saw her,I straightway thought of screwing her.I was not a guy who could take care of friend’s wives and think about some respect and etc.The other thing which made up my mind for fuck was her boldness and bold dress.She dam cared to wear a covering dress and came to me in a see-through dress.After almost one hour my friend returned.He was quite happy to see me inside his house and warmly discussed about his marriage and hot Pakistani wife.

I told him about my entire visiting plan and he insisted me to stay at his home during my all plan.I denied in the start but then after thinking about my luck about his hot wife,I agreed to his proposal.The next day,My friend went to his job in early morning.To my surprise,there were no servants other than the gate keeper at home.May be due to my friend’s less income he can’t afford to have more.His hot wife prepared breakfast for me and came to my bedroom to wake me up.When she came,I was already just awaken with a hard dick standing like a pole inside my trousers.She must have seen that as I was half-slept.She waken me up and left my breakfast on the guestroom table. 

The first day there happened nothing in Pakistani sex.I felt a strange thing during the entire day.In the evening hours when my friend came back from job,He left home intentionally for 2-3 times by making an excuse of some work.He went outside leaving his hot wife with me for more than an hour at least.During this time his wife intentionally tried to be frank with me.Once she asked me about my marriage,then she smiled and remarked about my La fitness,my girls and other fun stuff.She intentionally bent near me so that I could get a view of her naval.In short,she was showing her intentions about Pakistani sex quite nicely.

I knew that my friend was also providing me an opportunity to get the life insurance quote for Pakistani sex with his hot Pakistani wife.So after the first day,I decided to bang her.same thing happened when my friend left home in the evening by making an excuse of some work.It was a best time for fuck.She came to my room after a few minutes of her husband’s departure.She sat on my bed and asked me if I wanted to have tea or coffee.It was a formal invitation to start the chat.I replied;No thanks,but you just please remain sitting while we can have a chit chat.She smiled and then I made some courage to ask her about her married life.She was not satisfied sexually which I got from her words about her married life.I admired her beauty as I know the trick to please women’s mind.At the same time,I discussed about my friend’s casual figure.My trick for Pakistani sex worked. 

I have taken control of her mind for Pakistani sex.She had almost tears in her eyes when I discussed it more further.I got up and started to rub her right shoulder by giving her a consolidation loan of sympathy.I knew that she would pay the debt in shape of Pakistani sex session.She was keeping her face down and I intentionally touched my hard dick with her shoulder.I forgot to tell that I have a big one inside my underwear.almost 7 inches long and fat tool to please hot Pakistani wives.She didn’t even tried to avoid my dick touching.It was a sign that now she was ready for first fuck.I rubbed my tool nicely to her shoulder and then went to her back side.I remarked about her figure and then especially about breasts.

She forgot her tears and smiled after listening my remarks.I grabbed her Cupcakes with my left hand.This time she tried to forbid me casually like a typical Pakistani wife who resists in the start.But I didn’t cared her and started rubbing my cock to her shoulders and back with my left hand fondling her boobs.She started feeling the hotness of Pakistani sex and soon she was moaning.We continued to have a French kiss for a few minutes and then she grabbed my tool.She unbuttoned my trousers and took out my huge tool.I made her to suck my tool like a hot Pakistani woman.She sucked it nicely where I was fondling her breasts.Then after a sucking session of 10 minutes I removed her Shalwar.Her pink Napa Valley lodge was wet enough with juices.I licked her in 69 position where she sucked me like a lollypop.

After this Pakistani sex session I made her in doggy style and starting pumping her Napa valley with my fast strokes.She moaned like a pure Pakistani sex bitch.I banged her in almost every position for a few minutes.Then after almost 20 minutes I felt cumming.I warned her about that and she remarked;fuck deep and release deeper.These remarked generated more pressure inside as I deposited all my load right in her ovary openings.She can’t miss pregnancy by such a deeper semen deposit.We both were relaxed.Her face shown the reality about her thirst for sex.After that day,I remained at there house for  one week.My friend knew that I fuck his hot Pakistani wife as he provides us an opportunity by himself,but he never shown any thing to me.I satisfied her sexual desires for a week daily in the evening.I couldn’t forget my stay at my friend’s home.I am planning to visit once again this summer.Hope you have liked my Pakistani sex stories.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pakistani sex with neighbor wife second part

Pakistani sex with neighbor wife second part is here.I have started fantasizing about screwing her and making my plans.One day,once again I was alone at home making a presentation on Consolidate student loans when I heard a knock at the door.When I opened the door,A watchful screen capture was there to please my eyes.She was standing in-front of our flat without any Doppata around her neck.She was wearing a deep neck dress which was making her cleavage very clear.Her boobs line started conference calling with my tool in my pants.Since she had come directly after washing, her clothes were wet and clinging to her body at many places, leaving very little for imagination. I instantly got a hard on but hide it somehow.I was not willing to make my web conference prominent for Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani sex stories

She asked me for some help regarding the gas leakage in the bedroom heater as her husband was out for Job.I warmly accepted to help her and went to her flat following her and watching her big hips bouncing nicely.When I checked the gas leakage,I found a small part of pipe with a cut.I told her that we should cut this pipe from the portion of leakage.She given me a meaningful smile and said;you do as you want and I am going to make a tea for you.She went to her kitchen and I started to think about my sex refinance home.I was just thinking different plans on how to start a new business of Pakistani sex with that hot Pakistani wife.She came back with a cup of tea and sat on sofa.

She asked me what you do in your free hours.I told her about my activities of business administration and then my devil mind spotted me to highlight my x-movies habit as well.I smilingly told her that if  got time I watch the romantic movies.She smiled and asked;how much romantic?I could understand what she asked so I boldly replied;even XXX movies.She smiled and said good.I also told her that despite being married she is maintaining herself quite well and looking nice.The appreciation is probably every woman's weakness. She blushed on this comment. I told her that I am telling her the truth and she can indeed be a dream girl for any guy on this earth. She really got excited in hearing this.I got up and went closer to her and for the first time I touched her cheeks. It was a simple brush by my fingers first and then I placed my entire hand on her face and stroked it slowly.

She blushed red with my acts of Pakistani sex and said;don't be crazy,I'm married.She said this but her meaningful smile could tell me the truth of her heart.She was ready for a hot Pakistani sex session and I must not miss the chance.She closed her eyes. I moved my hands like a feather on her cheeks, chin, forehead, eyes, nose and lips. I brought my lips closer to her cheeks and kissed her softly. She came closer to me and hugged me tightly. Her firm breasts were squeezing against my broad chest. I was on cloud nine. The feeling that I am getting the girl of my dream in my arms today is so overwhelming that it can’t be described through any words. 

I was also on the verge of coming in my Pakistani sex stories so I took off her panties and saw that her Napa valley lodge was clean shaven and swollen with excitement. I laid her on the bed. And spread her legs real wide. This was the first time I was seeing a grown up girl’s pussy and I wanted to remember it by heart. I gave a long glance which made her blush again. She said what you are waiting for. I approached her pussy first with my tongue. She was fully wet with her love juices dripping out. I slurped on them and used my tongue the way a drilling machine does to the soft earth.

She went hysterical and let out a loud scream. I put my fingers in her mouth and shut her up. It was becoming too hard for both of us to contain ourselves. I spread her legs again and positioned myself in between them. She wasted no time in holding my dick and placing it at the entrance of her Napa valley lodge. One hard shove and it went in half way. She was real tight. I later asked her and found that her husband was gay and hence she was hardly being fucked by him.Another two or three hard strokes and my entire cock disappeared inside her depths. I now put both my hands under her hips to bring her more close to me. My lips were again locked against hers and I started pumping. My strokes were slow at first, but as I realized that I am finally making love to my dream girl, my intensity increased. 

On seeing her in such a state of Pakistani sex and realizing that its me who is responsible for bringing her to this stage, I also could not control myself. My balls became hard and squirted juices way up. I warned her that I am coming but she did not let me go. I finally started shooting my loads deep inside her. My super hot juices started adding further fire to her hot valley walls. A good quantity went inside but rest of it dripped out. We laid there in each other’s arms, exhausted with our Pakistani sex. Finally after five minutes of refinancing, we got up and I came back after wearing my clothes.I hope you have liked my Pakistani sex stories.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pakistani sex with neighbor wife

This story of Pakistani sex is completely true.I have never liked the fantasy type Pakistani sex stories so I shared my own sex story here.Before going to my sex encounter,I would like to give you a brief detail about my living style and family background.I am a good looking guy of 21Y, studying in Business administration and living with my parents in a Luxury flat.I have a younger brother and sister as well.Both my youngsters are in High schools and my parents are also Doing their own business.My mother runs a beauty parlor where my father is running his own business of Garments.You can say me a girl hunter if you see my habits right from my boyhood.I am always looking to find women whenever I got chances around.I have always two-three affairs with different girls which I use to have even a phone sex.I am habitual of conference calls of sex for my Pakistani sex stories.

After a brief introduction of my family and my habits,I would now tell you about the incident of sex which happened with my beauty wife in neighbor hood.We are living in rental flats as I told you earlier.The construction of flats is in a way that it has 12 flats in one building and four flats in one floor.We are living in the center floor.The main doors of every two flats are facing each other.A few months ago, a recently married couple has shifted in-front of our flat.The husband works in some private college as lecturer while his wife is a housewife.One day I have an off day of my college.My mother has departed to her parlor and my father to his own business while my two youngsters were also to their schools.I was alone at home when our bell rang at around 11am.It was the starting point of my life insurance quote of Pakistani sex.

I was alone so I opened the door quickly.I have been shocked to see a beauty at refinance home.She asked me for some ICE from our refrigerator.My eyes were not willing to get away from her charming,sexy and busty figure.She must be around 36D size cups with big round ass,wearing a half-sleeve Pakistani dress.Her doppatta was wrapped around her neck but it was enough to blow my mind.I replied her in "YES" with a trembling voice.I opened the door of my refrigerator and brought some ice pieces for her.She thanked me and went back to her flat.I knew that they have shifted recently and facing short of cheap commodities.It was an unforgettable scene for me as she was able to me remembered for Pakistani sex beauty.

Right from that day,I was always eying her.Her husband has a job timing from 7am-4pm.I decided to prove my luck of Pakistani sex with her.Then I worked on my plan of getting closer to her but it was not successful for a few days.One day when I returned from my Business classes,I got her glimpse when I was parking my bike under stairs.I could judge that she must have heard my bike voice and came out intentionally.I looked into her eyes from downstairs.She looked at me casually and went inside.I knew what it means when a wife looks a young guy with these eyes.after parking my bike,I went to my flat and taken lunch.It was around 2.30pm when she came to our house to meet my MOM.She sat with my MOM in gallery and I was sitting on my personal Laptop working on web conference.

A few times My internal Pakistani sex feelings urged me to look outside which I obviously did.She seemed to be a hot Pakistani wife by her dressing.Then a couple of times our eyes also caught each other which clearly told her thirst for Pakistani sex.She got some tips for refinance home from my mother and then went to her flat after almost one hour as her husband's arrival time has came.After that day,I decided to find out her mobile number.My mother made my difficulties easier as one day she shared her number with my mother.My mother saved it in her mobile which was ultimately stolen by me later.I never tried to disturb her with fool sms services but i straightway sent her my introduction from my own number.I was brave enough,although I feared she might tell my mother.But I was hoping my luck and the signs which I got from her acts.The rest of the incident of my sex story are HERE in second part of Pakistani sex stories

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My wife and Pakistani sex session with her Boss and friend

This story of Pakistani sex belongs to my hot wife.Before going to my Pakistani sex stories I would like to give a brief detail of my wife.My wife Sehrish works as a Manager of credit cards in a Bank and is quite sexy looking with 36-30-34 statistics. She is 30 years old and we have one male child.She keeps traveling to Head Office of her Bank in Karachi. She is quite good in bed and we have a good sexual life, although she used to tell me that she did not like sucking.I hope my story will help your refinance home of Pakistani sex stories.

Once she was in the wash room for taking bath after our Pakistani sex session and her phone rang.I picked it up but when I said hello the phone got dis-connected. I was not a husband who would keep an eye on his wife and her conference calls.But this time,I was slightly suspicious and started to see her sms messages.There were no messages which I could doubt but when I searched in old dates,One message from a number saved by the name of “SIR” read like “want to drink the milk. I got suspicious and started observing her acts and long conference calls which she often attended late night standing in the balcony of our flat.During this time of observation,I could guess that she talks to some male when I was sleeping in the room.It created some more doubts in my mind but I was never a husband who will divorce her for enjoying with other men.I was very open minded in this regard of Pakistani sex.

once she was preparing to go on some meeting(which she told me)and was in the wash room for quite some time when I tried looking through the key hole.I observed that she was shaving her sex areas and I was quite shocked and amazed.she was going on a business meeting and was she getting ready for something nasty. I could not have gone with her on meeting as she always stayed in her Bank Guest House so could not do much. However when I asked her casually about the meeting,she told me that a company owner wants to apply for a credit card and he is her Bank manager’s friend.our team is going to solve his company problems.He has given many Financial aid applications to our bank as well.This was a story created by her which I knew already being in doubt.

I planed to follow her that day.She went to bank and I gone to rent a car so that she can’t observe me in a rent car.After getting a car,I stayed outside the bank waiting for her departure.She spent only 15 minutes in the bank and then came out. To my surprise,she didn’t got her car from parking but went straight to a Luxury latest model car waiting outside already.My doubts about her gone more stronger.The person driving the car was well suited in a three piece dress and looked quite educated.When I tried to recognize him,I judged who was he.He was the bank manager of her branch.Now all the screen capture of this web conference was in-front of my eyes.They went to a near by luxury hotel and straight way went inside after parking the car.When they gone inside,I parked my car and went to hotel reception.

I inquired the person standing at the reception counter by telling their dresses.He told me that they are Mr&Mrs Mahmood.Oh my God, it was really a shocking scene to hear this.My wife has registered herself as his wife just to enjoy a Pakistani sex session.I paid some money to the reception person by saying this is for your personal financial needs.He was reluctant but then took it when I handed it as gift.

I asked their room number and the manager told me that they are in room number 48.I went upstairs.My mind was not angry like a typical Pakistani husband who could divorce her straight away but I just wanted to see her with another man in the hotel room.Fortunately,room number 48 was in the corner with stairs.When I thoroughly looked around I got a position where I could peep through the window.It was risky enough for a man like me being caught there so I decided to get aid of some waiter.After a little search,I got a waiter passing nearby.I told him a fake story that I want to see who is inside the room.He was hesitant but when I given him 5000 rupees,He smiled and agreed.He told me to do whatever I want and he would keep an eye around.I peeked into a room through a very small area where the curtain was slightly aside.I kept my self hidden so that they could not observe me in the outside.

The lights were on for this Pakistani sex session.I could see that my wife was lying naked on the bed and the person was standing with his cock in her mouth and she was sucking hard and in the mean time another person came from the washroom and went to my wife..My wife was smiling to see two cocks at the same time where I was amazed.The second person was unknown for me.The second person immediately bent and started licking her pussy while her manager was getting hot and he started pumping hard and then came in her mouth.

She tried to take her mouth away but he insisted that she suck and lick it and she drank it whole in the mean time the second person had also taken off his clothes and his monster tool of big size was looking too big to get into her pussy.Seeing the big tool,she got even more excited.They both were bigger in size than me.This may be the reason for Pakistani sex.He soon emptied his pot in her and her pussy was dripping of his juices.

I had a erection as well after watching this Pakistani sex.She spoke like a prostitute and said fuck me you mother fuckers but I want that promotion.I could hear these words in a very low voice coming out of window pane.Now I got the point for which she was getting a nice fuck.They said,first prove that you are a better slut than Sheeba(her co-worker)then he climbed upon her like a starving horse and started humping her without any break and started calling her abusing words which she seemed to like.He started pumping in and out of her already red pussy which now had started dripping heavily due to the hard fuck.This session continued and then I decided to leave the place.what change we made in our life insurance quote after watching my wife getting banged by two guys will be discussed in next Pakistani sex stories. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Office sex stories of Pakistani women,Fucking my hot colleague

After reading a lot of Pakistani sex stories I decided to share my own story.My name is rameez. I am 27 years old and am working in a large Multinational company at a management position in Finance section. It happened when I was in a conference organized by Atlas group. The conference was held in Islamabad ( I live in Karachi )The booking of the participants was in a Luxury hotel in Islamabad and the conference was also held there. It was for three days.During the second day I met this real beauty by the name of samina.She was my colleague last year for Lahore visit.During the conference,I noticed that she was eying me in a very different way.She was a representative of Cash advance section for the conference but looking for Pakistani sex stories. 

But let me tell you that I am a very shy sort of a person in the company network, and I did not make the first move.Last time when we were in Lahore, I didn’t thought of having sex with her.Although she was very open type of girl who dam care about nudity in dressing or feeling shy in talking to men as most of the Pakistani women do.We were well known to each other.After the meeting there was a dinner at nine and the meeting ended around six. We all went to our rooms to get freshen up.I went into my room and took my jacket and tie of and was about to get rid of my shirt that I heard a knock on the door and I just went in that open shirted attire to open a door.I was really shocked to see samina standing outside. She just smiled and said that may I come in I said of course. She came in and sat down on the bed and said that its so hot and the meeting was really boring wasn’t it ?

I said yes you are right.we discussed about debt settlement advice for sometime.Then we talked about company Investments.During our talk,I could feel the lust in her eyes.This time, I made up my mind to fuck her.I just got a feeling that this is much more than just a casual visit to my room. I told her that I am going to change and will take a minute, she said ok. I went into the wash room but intentionally I left the door open.As I was about to get inot the shower ( I was already naked ) I felt a soft hand on my back which ran a chill in me, turning around I saw her behind me she just moved her fingers on my muscular chest and shoulders and said that u sure r very tempting, I said for what and she just pulled me towards her and forced her lips on mine,her lips were so juicy and hungry for hot Pakistani sex.

She thrust her tongue in my mouth and started exploring my insides. My dick suddenly came to live and was pushing on her stomach, she moved her hands all over my back and kissed me on my ears neck shoulders and ran straight down to my tool and engulfed it in her hot and wet mouth and started very slowly licking it and moving her tongue on it. I moaned and said what are you doing she said plz keep quite the fun is only beginning.Let me enjoy my work in home dear. 

She took me out of the bathroom for Pakistani sex stories and got onto the bed. She said do you like female domination I said yes and she jumped on me and took my lips in her mouth and started sucking and biting it. She than got off the bed and told me to service her with my tongue I slowly removed her cloths first the shirt and then her shalwar ( trousers ). She was not wearing any panty or bra and her beautiful boobs were out in the opening she held my face and pushed her nipples in my mouth and commanded me to suck them and started licking them and biting them she moaned loudly and yelled ooh yeah suck harder you bastard suck harder after ten minutes of sucking she pushed my head down forcefully over her pussy.

Her pussy was well shaved and was very soft and pink . I licked her very lightly and she moaned and said rameez please suck me dry.I began my chore very willfully and started giving her the lips service she was bucking like anything and was grinding her hip and pussy in my mouth then she told me to hold and said let me come on top. She pushed me down on my back and sitting on top of me she started moving and her juices started flowing like a river. She tasted like peach and I told her so she smiled and said,do u like water sport ( peeing action ) and before I could reply she pushed her pussy lips in my mouth and started peeing in my mouth and moaning.I opened her pussy lips again and pushed my tongue in deep and started stroking her after five minutes of stroking she splashed the cum.

After being satisfied for Pakistani sex stories,she took me in her mouth and started giving me a nice job with mouth.she slurped my entire tool and bite me on my tip and I told her that let me take it out as I am about to cum.She said I want it all and started sucking me more wildly until I gave her all my cum.she took all my load on her lips.We had the same sort of fun the other day as well but it was a threesome this time which is a another story all together.hope you have liked my accidental Pakistani sex stories.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My journey and joys of Pakistani sex

I am Bilal with my sex story here.Before going to my sex stories,I would like to introduce myself to my readers.I am almost 25Y old,working as a software Programmer in Lahore.I am basically from Wah Cantt and doing job in Lahore.I am good looking,tall,clean shaved and well mannered.The most prominent figure of my personality is my sense of humor,which usually attracts every women who listens me for some time.Most of the time,I remain quite interested in my work and Don't try to bother people.This incident of my life happened one year ago when I was traveling to my native city for weekends.I took a ticket of Luxury travel coach from Daewoo bus stand and just went to wait for my coach in waiting room.This waiting room was the point of start for my traveling sex stories.

It was my auto insurance quote to have a complete look at passengers sitting inside the waiting room.There I found a family sitting in the corner,a Wife and husband may be ( I was not aware of their relation at that time)The girl seemed to be in her mid twenties and husband may be in his mid forties.The girl was quite young.If we compare their ages,they might look father and daughter but they were not such.After a wait of hour an hour,Our Luxury coach arrived on bus stand at about 6PM.We all got up and went to take our seats.By chance, The family was having a seat right in front of me.They both sat on their seats but I could not forget the eyes of that girl when she looked at me when taking her seat.

Our journey started and soon we left Lahore and entered the motorway.After the insurance quote at motorway toll plaza,I tried to have a look of her through seats.You could not imagine what was my state when her large right boob came in-front of my eyes.Her large boob was a perfect Affiliate of her sexy body assets.I was just thinking about her husband that why she married a double aged person but soon my mind answered my questions that his financial attributes should be quite high.Our half journey was over when I felt that she also tried to look at me by peeping through seats when she was making seat adjustment.Her husband was almost sleeping now but she was awake.It was almost 9PM when the driver took a turn for 15 minutes break at Malibu Hotels.I was thinking to have a nice Pakistani sex session with her.

All the passengers got up and went down to take a resort while I waited for her.When all the passenger went down,her husband also went down leaving only me and her inside bus.I got up and went to the front area of the bus so that I can have her deep expressions in back.When I was returning back to my seat,I looked at her quite widely.She smiled unexpectedly.Her smile was enough for me to start some conversation as her husband was outside.I greeted her and exchanged smiles.When I sat on my seat,she took a turn and asked me if I had some Nimko or any other thing because she is feeling a little dizzy.I opened my bag and given her a few chips to take.Within 5-10 minutes I was able to ask her details.She told me about her,her husband and their purpose of travel.They were going to Wah Cant for some official visit of her husband.She told me that they have already booked a room in some Hotel.

She was not hesitant like the majority of Pakistani women.She was quite aggressive in relations with men which I understood from her talks.In short,I should tell you that I was able to ask her mobile number and hotel address in a quick time.The Luxury coach again started and soon after 2 hours,It reached Wah Cantt.We again exchanged smiles when They were leaving the bus.I also followed them and took my luggage and left the coach.The next day I called on her number at 11 AM.She picked up the phone and soon we started chit chat after formal talks.During our chit chat she invited me to the their Staying Hotel and told me her room number.She asked me to visit during 10AM-2PM as her husband would leave the hotel for official meetings and she would be alone.

I could easily get her intentions which were quite clear that she wants to have a Pakistani sex session with me.I went to the Hotel at 11AM next morning and just went to their room after a few Hotel Reviews.I miscalled her and she opened the door.I entered the room and quite stunned to see her style.She was wearing a semi transparent address which shown her large breasts and figure quite clearly.She was a woman with big ass which everybody would like to see bouncing on his cock.She offered me a cold drink and then we sat together on Sofa.She started to rub my thigh while talking to me.I was neither a fool nor an impotence patient who can leave her without fuck.I placed my hands on her boobs and started fondling her.Soon after French Kissing,I started to remove her semi-transparent dress.She was quite sure that her husband would not arrive before 2PM.

Our Pakistani sex stories were on the Cruise Line now.She grabbed my cock of around 7 Inches in length and started giving it a nice hand-job.She was different from shy Pakistani wives.Soon, she started sucking my cock.You can not believe how good she was in sucking.she nicely rolled her lips and tongue on my cock then taking the entire 7 inches inside her mouth through throat and touching my balls. she sucked my cock as she was having a lolly pop.Then after a 10 minute sucking session,I made her sitting on my cock.She was jumping on my cock,facing my side ,where I could see her bouncing boobs Reverse Directory.Her vagina was not much wider which could easily give an idea about her husband's cock size.I grabbed her boobs and fucked her for almost 5-6 minutes.Then I made her in doggy style and fucked her for more than five minutes in doggy style.

She was enjoying our Pakistani sex session and moaning like a bitch.I could feel the hotness of her ovaries inside.She seemed to be sex thirsty. I was filling her vagina nicely by pressure Apply.Then I felt my sperms coming to the tip of my cock.I pulled out my cock and grabbed her head.All of my sperms were on her lips and cheeks in one minute.I have fucked many girls so far but I could not have such a wast orgasm of sperms which she brought through her hot lips and vagina.We both were released ,So I quickly put up my clothes and asked her for leaving.She smiled and thanked me for giving a nice fuck.I also smiled.She told me that they are here for almost one week and I have to visit her every other day.I agreed and visited her for two times more in the coming days.This was my sex story which started from travel and ended in fuck of a hot Pakistani wife.I hope you like my sex story

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