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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pakistani sex with neighbor wife

This story of Pakistani sex is completely true.I have never liked the fantasy type Pakistani sex stories so I shared my own sex story here.Before going to my sex encounter,I would like to give you a brief detail about my living style and family background.I am a good looking guy of 21Y, studying in Business administration and living with my parents in a Luxury flat.I have a younger brother and sister as well.Both my youngsters are in High schools and my parents are also Doing their own business.My mother runs a beauty parlor where my father is running his own business of Garments.You can say me a girl hunter if you see my habits right from my boyhood.I am always looking to find women whenever I got chances around.I have always two-three affairs with different girls which I use to have even a phone sex.I am habitual of conference calls of sex for my Pakistani sex stories.

After a brief introduction of my family and my habits,I would now tell you about the incident of sex which happened with my beauty wife in neighbor hood.We are living in rental flats as I told you earlier.The construction of flats is in a way that it has 12 flats in one building and four flats in one floor.We are living in the center floor.The main doors of every two flats are facing each other.A few months ago, a recently married couple has shifted in-front of our flat.The husband works in some private college as lecturer while his wife is a housewife.One day I have an off day of my college.My mother has departed to her parlor and my father to his own business while my two youngsters were also to their schools.I was alone at home when our bell rang at around 11am.It was the starting point of my life insurance quote of Pakistani sex.

I was alone so I opened the door quickly.I have been shocked to see a beauty at refinance home.She asked me for some ICE from our refrigerator.My eyes were not willing to get away from her charming,sexy and busty figure.She must be around 36D size cups with big round ass,wearing a half-sleeve Pakistani dress.Her doppatta was wrapped around her neck but it was enough to blow my mind.I replied her in "YES" with a trembling voice.I opened the door of my refrigerator and brought some ice pieces for her.She thanked me and went back to her flat.I knew that they have shifted recently and facing short of cheap commodities.It was an unforgettable scene for me as she was able to me remembered for Pakistani sex beauty.

Right from that day,I was always eying her.Her husband has a job timing from 7am-4pm.I decided to prove my luck of Pakistani sex with her.Then I worked on my plan of getting closer to her but it was not successful for a few days.One day when I returned from my Business classes,I got her glimpse when I was parking my bike under stairs.I could judge that she must have heard my bike voice and came out intentionally.I looked into her eyes from downstairs.She looked at me casually and went inside.I knew what it means when a wife looks a young guy with these eyes.after parking my bike,I went to my flat and taken lunch.It was around 2.30pm when she came to our house to meet my MOM.She sat with my MOM in gallery and I was sitting on my personal Laptop working on web conference.

A few times My internal Pakistani sex feelings urged me to look outside which I obviously did.She seemed to be a hot Pakistani wife by her dressing.Then a couple of times our eyes also caught each other which clearly told her thirst for Pakistani sex.She got some tips for refinance home from my mother and then went to her flat after almost one hour as her husband's arrival time has came.After that day,I decided to find out her mobile number.My mother made my difficulties easier as one day she shared her number with my mother.My mother saved it in her mobile which was ultimately stolen by me later.I never tried to disturb her with fool sms services but i straightway sent her my introduction from my own number.I was brave enough,although I feared she might tell my mother.But I was hoping my luck and the signs which I got from her acts.The rest of the incident of my sex story are HERE in second part of Pakistani sex stories

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