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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

one of my real Pakistani sex stories

It is one of my real Pakistani sex stories. I belongs a middle class family of Pakistan where sex talk is taboo. I was 23 at that time and I have one cousin whose name was S,let's say sweaty.Her body is although a little bulky but her figure is very nice. She was having very large breasts, round ass and beautiful thighs. She has very fair skin and her lips look very juicy. She was very close to me since her childhood. It was not really a bad relationship initially;as the time passed on,I started getting knowledge about sex and the pleasure involved in that even I started masturbating while thinking about hot Pakistani women I know, including my Pakistani hot cousin. I used to do that in daily basis even by her actions and she seems to be very attracted towards me. She was staying with her parents in a different city which is approximately 300 km far from my place. She got consolidation loans of masturbation in my Pakistani sex stories regularly.

She was eighteen when our Pakistani sex stories were started. She came to attend a marriage ceremony of one of my family member with her parents. They stayed with us in our house for 3-4 days since we are very close relatives. Everything went as usual between us, laughing, fighting and teasing each other whenever we got chance. One day she was not feeling well and sleeping in the bed in noon time. When I did not found her in dining table, I went to bedroom to inquire about her health, she was alone there. I asked her about her heath, she told that she’s having headache. I sat close to her and started give hand massage on her fore head. She was wearing a hot dress at that time since she was having a habit of wearing that whenever when she is in home. I got instant hard on inside my trouser and my tool started the mortgages of Erection.

I felt she's trying to seduce like hot Pakistani women and she always try to pull my body close to her.Sometimes, while passing from side, she used to pass in such a way that my hands usually get touch of her body parts. I kept control on myself and 2-3 more days passed like the same. One day at night, we were sleeping. All elder sleep in the beds and we two were sleeping on the floor due to crowded atmosphere of home. We were not sleeping sideways but our heads were close to each other. It was all dark in the room .After half an hour of sleeping, I felt her head has come very close to me and I can feel her breath too. Now my bad intention also came forward to start Pakistani sex stories there. I started slowly taking my head very close to her face. We came in such a situation that we can feel each other breaths. We both were sure what we are going to do but who will initiate from here? Our breaths were very heavy and after being in the same condition for 10-15 minutes.
Pakistani sex stories of my cousin and me were starting now.I dared to pull my lips very close to her and it took around 5 minutes to touch those rosy lips although it was only inch away earlier. We started smooch each other. It was great feeling for me and our tongue stated exploring each other mouth after continuing same for 15 minute or so and I stated moving my hand toward her boob when touch those mounds the very first time a current went through my body. I started massaging it over her Dress.The next part of this story " One of my real Pakistani sex stories" will be updated tomorrow.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pakistani sex stories of being a lesbian

This is a lesbian’s article of Pakistani sex stories. A few months ago I received an email from a Pakistani woman who was upset, over a conversation that happened with a few of her friends. One of her acquaintance's thought that a Pakistani woman could not call herself a lesbian if she had not being sexually active with another woman in Pakistani sex stories. True, that the primary use for the word lesbian is to describe a Pakistani woman sexually attracted to another woman; however, there is no indication in that same definition that you must have been sexually active with another woman to be identified as a Pakistani lesbian. I would provide mortgages of understanding about lesbians on Pakistani sex stories today.

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I would hope that being a lesbian for Pakistani sex stories is like mortgages of sex for enjoyment and safety. Taking pleasure from being sexual with a Pakistani woman is much safer than being with a Pakistani guy. The majority, often identify us in the narrowest sense of the word. However, lesbianism is not only a sexual orientation, but also a complex system of loans supported by psychological responses, cultural values, societal expectations, and a woman's own formulation of identity. It is this narrow and limited understanding that prevents lesbians from getting respect and consideration from the Pakistani societies we belong too.

When I first come out, I was completely taken by the sexual experience and intimacy of being with another woman. I had never had sex with a Pakistani woman, but had relentlessly imagined it in my mind (where I am pretty sure I wore some parts of my brain out). It was only after a few years, and my first real heartbreak that I began to learn the lesbian culture in Pakistani society. I was exposed to music and literature, specifically written and sang in a way that meant something to me and my identity. I did not have to remove the "hims" and "his'" to make it familiar. I also enjoyed mortgages of lesbian movies, where I could visibly dissect the different aspects of a lesbian relationship in Pakistan- they were sadly my only role models.

It was also around that time I made friends in the lesbian community in Pakistan, women who I shared stories with. I enjoy all of my friendship reverse mortgages, but my lesbian friends have a special hold on me (and not because I slept with them, because I do not sleep with my friends); because they understand the passion and craziness of loving a woman. I discovered the familiar heartaches we experience, and that there is an intricate depth among lesbian women. Unfortunately, I was also exposed to how vulnerable and alone we are. The little support there is in our society to protect us, for example, If anybody knows about our lesbian relations in Pakistan, It’s an auto insurance of our murder may be.
Being a lesbian became more than just who I slept with, because even as a single celibate woman I was still a lesbian. My new identity challenged me to become stronger when faced with hurdles (discrimination and homophobia), but also pushed me to embrace the beautiful and unique differences. I learned the meaning of community and the reason that standing together is more powerful than standing alone. I have had the privilege of being part of a historic time in our community, and fighting for civil rights. None of which have to do with sex, but more so what I represent. you must have liked lesbians of Pakistani sex stories article.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Pakistani sex stories of job (part three)

The job sex story of Pakistani sex stories part three is here. You can read Part one here and part two here. Mari was getting closer to me day by day. We got lunch together at a luxury restaurant where I tried my best by providing her consolidation loans of love. She was impressed enough as I tried to fulfill the missing parts of her married life. I appreciated her looks and her style of life which she was missing from her husband. In this way she was being attracted by me. When I got enough confidence, I asked her to have a movie together during our job hours at some cinema. My plan was to go to a cinema near our company area where sometimes we get romantic English movies with xx sex scenes. According to the plan, we left the job place one by one and met in the street where I picked her in my Luxury car renta to drive to cinema. Our Pakistani sex stories were going to make me mad.

We reached the cinema at 10AM where an English movie show was already started. I took the tickets of a cabin where couples could sit in loneliness. My plan was to through some consolidation loans of affection during the movie and getting some breast touches or French kissing if possible. During the movie, there was a scene where the girl started stripping herself off. It was almost dark with minimum light inside the cabin, so I made some courage to start my Pakistani sex stories there. The movie girl was being breast pressed by the hero, so I placed my hand in the area near Mari’s breast. Finally I touched my finger intentionally to her left breast. She was also getting hot like real hot Pakistani women do. She doesn’t bother my figure for a while so I rubbed it a few times more.

Mari was enjoying to my moves along the movie according to my thoughts. She once looked at me but didn’t say anything. She was enjoying our Pakistani sex stories as well. Soon, I made more courage to place my full palm on her left boob and grabbed it softly. This time she removed my hand away and said; don’t do this stupidity. I was aware of the nature of hot Pakistani women that they deny in the start but if you insist they would agree. So, I smiled and said; Mari please let me to do it. I love you really and I like you. She looked at me for an instance on my consolidation loan of love. Then she moved her eyes to front and started watching movie again. There were no signs of any anger in her eyes so I again placed my hands on her breasts. 

She was getting hot as well with the movie. So, I rubbed her breasts nicely, making her on extreme by my consolidation loan of love and sex tricks. Finally she asked me to leave the cinema and to move without finishing the movie. I was aware that now she wants to get banged. I got up and we left the cinema place in our luxury car. In the way, I asked her to visit my flat for a while. She agreed to my proposal which I knew already. We reached my flat and I took her to my luxury bedroom. My consolidation loans of love and sex has put hot Pakistani women on extreme. After reaching the bedroom, I started kissing her violently without saying any words. This time she didn’t forbid but responded nicely to my moves of French kissing.

I kissed every piece of her body making her on the edge of Pakistani sex. Finally, I started my Pakistani sex stories by pulling her dress off. She was really a sex master piece. Nice white breasts were looking gorgeous in black bras. I removed her bras and started screwing her with her panties on.  It was really a nice feeling to screw a Pakistani beauty from the side of a panty. I screwed her for at least 10-20 minutes on my luxury bed which was hungry for her body. Finally, I fired deep in her love valley. I didn’t try to pull out as she was married and no fear of pregnancy. It was nice Pakistani sex session for me. It was also the time now to pack up from job as well. So, I got up and took her to drop near company stop where she could get her conveyance to go home. We exchanged compliments of consolidation loans and left each other. After that day, we were nice sex friends as well. I screwed that hot Pakistani wife for at least four months of my stay at job. I still miss her sex sessions as I found her really hot in luxury bed. This was all about my Pakistani sex stories of job.   

Friday, January 27, 2012

How to instantly attract women for Pakistani sex

What if you could read any Pakistani woman's mind for Pakistani sex? Not in the side-show or carnival sense. This article would help you out to purchase structure settlements of dating and sex.Attracting a women can be as difficult as finding a Pakistani sex in hotels of London.Obviously, I'm not talking about walking up to a Pakistani woman and being able to actually hear her thoughts! But the thing is, you can read woman's minds. That's because when it comes to certain elements of the attraction and seduction game, women all think the same way! It's not that hard to know what women want when you know the secret. Pakistani women have been programmed to think in a certain way over hundreds and hundreds, possibly thousands of years. It's the combined effect of biological necessity and cultural pressures and expectations. And these thought patterns are programmed into every woman. They can't help but think that way, even if they try to fight it.

Pakistani Women want Men who understand them

Think about it... aren't we all programmed to seek food, safety, and shelter for survival? And then beyond that, once these needs have been satisfied, aren't we also all programmed to seek out other things like friendship, belonging to a group, status, etc. Basically, social things? We all want these things. Very few people can be truly happy for long periods of time on their own. We seek human companionship and friendship. We are social beings. And we are all sexual beings, men and women alike. Now, Pakistani women can be pretty complicated creatures in some ways, but almost everything they do other than basic human need is based on social needs. Women need to be social in a completely different way to men. They are programmed to seek out and maintain satisfying social environments and the relationships that this results in. That's what women are primarily all about.

Pakistani Women Want a Man Who Gets It

Now, if you can get your head around that concept, then you really can read any woman's mind. No need to try and be some bad boy if you're not. No gushing about your feelings and emotions or trying to show how sensitive you are ('cause you're not). No concerns about your age. Or hers. No need for stacks of money. When you take this different approach and stop trying to figure out what women want based on what they say they want, you'll have discovered the key. And it's no exaggeration to say that you'll have as much great sex with as many beautiful women as you like. And if you're looking for love, even better because you'll know how to be a real man, the type who laughs at life and has the confidence and attitude that women care about a great deal.

You'll know what drives her. You'll know what she thinks and why. You'll know exactly what she looks for in a man. You’ll know exactly what she finds attractive. And you'll know exactly how to attract her (regardless of your looks, body or current social standing). You'll know that when you compliment her, it lowers your value (unless you do it right). You'll know that if you buy her a drink when you first meet her... she will think you're a loser and you'll be treated as such. You'll know that if you take her to the movies or on a dinner date for your first date, it'll lower your chances with her. And... you'll know why.Pakistani women are looking for a certain type of guy. A rare kind of guy. 99.9% of men need not apply.

Pakistani Women Want to Be Special

And to achieve that, she's looking for someone special. Someone unique and someone who makes her feel a particular way, like she's the only person in the room, somebody that's not like all the other guys. These are the things that every girl is looking for (even if she doesn't know it yet) and you can demonstrate those qualities to her. Once you start to understand how simple the game is and the importance of how you understand all of this makes her feel, you'll be able to read her mind every step of the way. When you know what a Pakistani woman wants and you can give it to her, your Pakistani sex stories are starting straight way. 
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sex on job stories part two at Pakistani sex stories

This is the second part of Pakistani sex stories of office sex. For reading part one of this real sex story click here. Mari taken my USB with her and went to her office cabinet. She plugged in my USB there to copy the date recovery software which I have to give her. I was quite sure about her nature that she would definitely open my personal folder where I have placed a few Structured settlements of sex. I was looking at her keenly with hidden eyes from a corner where I could observe er face. After a few minutes, her face expressions changed and he looked at me for instance. I quickly removed my eyes before she could observe my intentions. She was unaware of the fact that I knew already what she's doing with my USB. Getting her viewing my Structured settlement sex videos has been my aim for Pakistani sex stories with her.

I remained busy in my work for next one hour. She came back after one hour to me and returned my USB with a meaningful smile on her face. While returning me the USB, she intentionally rubbed her fingures on my fingers which was an illusion by her. I can understand the change inside her thoughts where she never touched my hands in the past even.During our tea break, she came to my office and asked me to call for tea inside office frankly. It was also unusual for me as per routines but I was expecting things to happen straightway. During our tea session, she told me with a sorry about watching my personal folder inside USB. I looked at her for instance which was my trick. She smiled and said; I have not seen any of your personal videos. I was a confident guy, so I didn't shown any regret for those videos. This was my style to adopt for Pakistani sex stories of Purchase Structured Settlements sex.

I Asked her shamelessly that she liked it or not. She was not expecting this answer from me, So she gone shameful for a while but soon she replied ; I don't know. After that she left my office. Now I started to bring new screen shots of Structured Settlements sex daily and put it in my USB. She watched them daily as I was sure about her but didn't told me anything. Soon, I was able to talk about her sexual life. She was not having good Pakistani sex stories with her husband. She was missing sex which I got from her talks. When, I asked her in details, I got to know that her husband dam care her feelings about Pakistani sex.

This was the best thing for me to get closer to her for Auto insurance of sex. I started my moves soon to bring her closer and asked her for lunch after job hours. She denied that day but promised me to do it on some weekend. The nest task was to get a weekend when her husband is not arrived. I was lucky enough to get the day quickly as she told me about her availability on next Saturday. This was a time for making my Endowment selling sex a reality. My Pakistani sex stories were going to occur soon. Pakistani sex stories of office sex is continuing.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The job sex stories at Pakistani sex stories blog

The job sex stories at Pakistani sex stories blog are gaining popularity amongst story readers. This Pakistani sex story is sent by one of our blog readers who shared his job experience with us. Name and place is changed as per blog policy but rest of the events of this Pakistani sex incident is real. You would enjoy this office sex story of Pakistan as you have liked other job sex stories in the past.We hope that you would like these luxury secured loans of sex on job.

My name is Sam. Recently, I have been working as a technical adviser with a private company. I’m 28y old guy from Islamabad. Last year, our Company got an agreement with a private university for launching their website of learning management system . I have to remain attached with the University until the network goes fine and gets a good going. I joined the work center of the university to complete my job. On the first day of my joining, the university dean introduced me to his teaching and management staff. There was a girl, almost in her mid twenties, who attracted me right on the first day. Suppose her name was Mari. When I looked at her for the first time, she attracted me with her big eyes and sexy figures. She was one of the best hot Pakistani women who can be the heroines of Pakistani sex stories on SEM services.

I started working with the university and Mari was made my helper fortunately. It was my luck to get her secured loan of sex and getting my dreams fulfilled for screwing her. I have a decent personality which never discloses my internal feelings about Pakistani women. It was the best hidden quality of my character and approach to Pakistani women. In starting days, she never allowed me to talk anything except the job routine and I never tried to do such for the sake of my job. As the time passed on she got frank with me. I made my stay with the institution longer to get legal services of sex at job and start new Pakistani sex stories.

During our days together, I got to know that she’s married and her husband visits her every weekend. This was a bad news for me as it’s difficult to get a Pakistani wife under you. But, I never left my courage to slip down and continued with my job. In a few days, I got the idea that she likes my personality and my way of working. This was helpful for me in getting closer to her. Soon, she shared some of her family problems with me as well where she expressed her feelings about marriage and her husband as well. Her husband was doing a job only 50km away from her house but visited her only once a week. This indicated that he may not be sincere with her or he was having someone else in his job city. This was a key factor which I considered for fulfilling my Pakistani sex stories

I tried to get closer by asking her about sexual life in hidden words. Our friendship was now strong enough that it made me to ask for that. She was slightly different than other Pakistani women and broad minded as well. So, she shared the facts with me in hidden words but not openly. One day, I got a few screen shots of sex movies in my USB and brought it with me to my job center. She often used my USB in her office computer for handing/taking of files from me. I put the screen shots in my personal folder which I was expecting her to open. She was having curiosities in her nature and I was expecting that she would definitely check my personal folder.job sex stories at Pakistani sex stories blog is continuing.   

Friday, January 20, 2012

facts about homosexuality in Pakistan and Pakistani sex stories

Here are some eyes opening facts about homosexuality in Pakistan and Pakistani sex stories. Homo sexuality is a complex phenomenon in Pakistani society, and not so neatly categorized by the labels 'heterosexual' and 'homosexual' as society could wish. Between the strong and exclusive attraction of man to woman, and that of man to man, or woman to woman, lies a whole spectrum of sexual and emotional affinities: the ardor, or warmth, or coolness of any human relationship depends on the individuals within it, and not on any of the arbitrary specifications which might be imposed by society. Pakistanis are involved in homosexual encounters more than any other country of the world. The homosexual Pakistani sex stories are increasing with the increased use of internet and DUI attorney of sex.

Homosexual encounters between Pakistani men start with internet profiles and then chatting and finally meetings in some hotel room. Thousands of profiles of Pakistani gays and lesbians are present on facebook and other gay websites. Usually begin in foreplay and end in orgasm, but the pattern of lovemaking is much less rigid than the pattern of lovemaking between men and women tends to be, and both partners almost always reach orgasm. Many homosexual men consider sex with other men to be liberating because there are no rules: it does not involve pressure to perform or pressure to satisfy the other person and mutual satisfaction is effortless because men understand each others bodies so well for Home owner loans of sex.

Some hot Pakistani women rebel against the narrowness of the status quo and become lesbians for political reasons, feeling dissatisfied with a male dominated society, others do so because they find men unsatisfactory as lovers or as partners on an emotional level, and others because they are intensely emotionally involved with a member of their own sex and wish to express their feelings through their sexuality. In this way, these hot Pakistani women get satisfaction of sex with insurance of privacy.check Home owner loans.

Some Pakistani men want sex with other men as a permanent part of their lives; some are curious about male bodies, and may experiment at some time in their lives; some feel equally attracted to men and to women; some men enjoy looking at other men's bodies without desiring sexual contact; some prefer the company of other men for leisure; some work in an all male environment. Women also feel and do all these things with other women. These infinite permutations and the confusion that results from them cannot be accommodated by society, which needs order in which to function. Order means ignoring varying shades of grey and distinguishing only between black and white; it means putting labels on things. And since society is never stronger than when it is united against a common evil, labeling things also means defining society's outcasts.I hope you have liked eyes opening facts about homosexuality in Pakistan and Pakistani sex stories.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How can I last longer in bed for Pakistani sex stories

"How can I last longer in bed?". It is probably the most important matter for men who like Pakistani sex stories.Premature ejaculation is a problem most men will experience at least once in their lives. Failing to satisfy your partner's desires can be one of the most embarrassing situations one can go through during sexual intercourse. However, to avoid such an unfulfilled experience, we have compiled a few simple tips that will hopefully get you out of these sticky situations during Pakistani sex can get auto insurance of better sex.

What is premature ejaculation anyways? Premature ejaculation is the unwelcome occurrence of the male orgasm before the woman is ready. There is no real time limit. For some couples, the male orgasm will be considered premature if it happens in less than 20 minutes after initiating sexual intercourse. On the other hand, if the man ejaculates in 1 minute, it may be okay if the woman had time to reach her peak as well.
What can I do to elongate my sex drive? The most sought out method is to imagine something totally different during the act. For example, think of your weekend baseball game or the old lady next door. This technique might delay the male orgasm slightly, but it can also really affect its intensity. Some men have also seen this technique lead to impotence.

A more practical way of lasting longer in bed is to use better and thicker protection. Next time you are faced with an intimate situation, suit up a thicker condom to reduce the sensation at the tip of your penis. Heavier coated condoms will both reduce the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases and the sensitivity of the male organ. These condoms are usually used for anal penetration because of their durability and sturdiness.
Yet another way to de-sensitize your penis head is to use special creams. The role these creams have is to freeze up the tip of your penis and allow you to perform for longer periods of time. These creams can be found in both nationwide sex shops and online. The negative aspect of this technique is how to subtly merge the cream into the sexual situation. The problem might not arise if you have been with a partner for a long time, but when you are having sex for the first time, it might be touchy. Therefore, this technique is recommended for men in established relationships.
The most common method men use is pulling out before they reach the orgasm. This method stipulates that men must anticipate the sensation of an impending orgasm. All men can anticipate when they reach orgasm, and at that point, they must stop the stimulation immediately. Obviously the women will need to be cooperative and understand when that point arrives. After a few minutes, the erection should soften a little and lovemaking can resume.

This technique has obvious benefits. First, women will have plenty of time to reach their orgasm. Second, your orgasm will be delayed with a higher intensity than usual. Remember it is all about timing; just make sure to pull out when the time is right .

An alternative technique to increase your stamina is to practice often. Most men will try masturbation throughout their lives and this is totally natural. We can write a whole article on masturbation, but the idea here is to discuss what masturbation will do for your stamina. Let's put it this way, if a man masturbates and reaches orgasm within only a few minutes, then, chances are, he will reach a quicker orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Obviously, there isn't the same level of excitement when masturbating as when one is intimate with another person, but the practice will surely help. The idea is that if a man masturbates, he should stop right before ejaculating and start back when the sensation is gone. It is basically training the male organ to last longer when orgasm approaches. Remember that only practice makes perfect!

These techniques are straight to the point and graphic in nature, because this is the way it had to be done and there is no subtle way of saying it. Hopefully, these techniques will help many men achieve greater stamina for future sexual encounters.hope you have enjoyed men's health article of Pakistani sex stories.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

courage to write my own Pakistani sex stories stuff

I never had courage to write my own Pakistani sex stories stuff over on the public internet where everyone can see……well this is a story that happened six months ago here in Islamabad……First I should introduce myself…I m 20years of age having long prick……..I belong to a elite Pakistani family…..

This all happened when I met an accident near Karsaz…a Pakistani woman named sana( which I came to know latter)crashed into my car while saving a child who ran into the road….she hit my car and then went crashing into a tree…..I was thankful to GOD who saved both lives. Many people ran to her car and me as well….I was fine but she wasn’t able to move… The hot Pakistani woman met some bruises on her legs and her arms….she had a severe pain in her right hip….People over there helped her to get out of the broken door which was stuck……she had some cuts on her right thigh….I asked people to get her into my car so we can rush to the hospital first and then to handle the cars…I drove my vehicle towards alshifa international hospital…while going there she was all in pain and was breathing fast…I got worried as she’s ok…I started talking to her for giving some consolidation to her…

We reached the hospital and then after the treatment I came to know that she is living in our nearby area. I asked her what to do about the vehicle so she said that her husband has gone to Karachi for some office work and she’s alone at home and asked me if I can help her get the vehicle to her place…I said ok…we went to her house to get the vehicle there…It took almost three hours for the entire work…During formal talks, She became much frank with me. She expressed her feelings about the pain and suggested that she should get a massage for that from some woman to get quick relief from pain. She was one of the real hot Pakistani women. I was being attracted to her in quick time. The most important thing was that she’s alone at home. I offered her that I could arrange someone easily to massage her at home. She was reluctant but then she agreed to me.

she asked me to find her a massage women to give her a body massage as her legs hips and shoulders have a lot of pain in them…I was certain with her behavior that she is broad minded and not like other Pakistani women. I said to her that if she don’t mind I can give her a massage as its very difficult to find someone at around 10 in the night plus at bahria town… she first looked at me in wonder but then smiled. I got the signal of approval. She said it’s ok but I started insisting on which she said ok but from above the cloths… …I have got the entire idea about her mind. She was missing sex in her life as I guessed.

but she didn’t knew the devil of my mind…I started insurance massage on her shoulders as she laid on the couch in the hall……slowly, I started pressing near to her hips and moving on the back and then to her bra straps……after a while she was full high and I took the chance and slowly started moving my hand inside the shade on which she suddenly shouted that Only above this point. I didn’t care for what she said as I knew that she would not mind anything now. I gave her Pressing massage and after that i started to my hands on her thighs.

She started pleading to hotness now….then I removed her Shirt slightly upward and started rubbing my naked hands behind her back. She started moaning in low voices by giving remarks that she’s getting better. Soon, I asked her if I could remove her clothes for better massage. She amazingly agreed and I removed her entire clothes.This story is continue.... courage to write my own Pakistani sex stories stuff will be updated tomorrow on Pakistani sex.   

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pakistani sex stories of penis enlargement

Penis enlargement procedures for better Pakistani sex stories are great. Penis enlargement procedures (sometimes euphemistically referred to as male enhancement procedures in spam email and television advertisements) are techniques alleged to make the human penis increase in girth, length, or hardness. Often, in the course of advertising fraudulent products, the distinction between temporary enlargement, i.e. erection, and permanent enlargement, is deliberately muddied. Procedures range from manual exercises to stretching devices and surgical procedures, with reports of successes and failures around the world. While some of these are known to be outright hoaxes, other techniques have some measure of success. Guys must know that “hot Pakistani women cannot be satisfied without a better approach to Pakistani sex.

In Pakistani society, Very little legitimate scientific research has been done specifically on penile enlargement, so any claims of significant and permanent enlargement can be biased or anecdotal. General research has been done regarding the efficacy (or rather the lack of) of the contents of the pills; otherwise, one assumes that main-stream medicine would have made use of them if they indeed worked in any setting. There is also an element of risk with some of the more invasive procedures, with negative outcomes ranging from the tearing of skin and scarring, to permanent loss of sexual function. Due to the speculative nature of any hope for "improvement" and the many known cases of permanent injury involved in this endeavor, many medical professionals are sceptical of the subject. Pakistani guys are often looking for such products to make better Pakistani sex stories.

At present there is no proof in the scientific community of any non-surgical technique that permanently increases either the thickness or length of the erect penis that already falls into the normal range (4 to 6 inches).Much of the marketing of pills and potions appears based on the unproven (perhaps false) premise that women require men to have large penises for any kind of sexual relationship. It may be concluded that a worry about the size of one’s penis may be (in extreme cases) a psychological/psychiatric condition best dealt with by qualified medical practitioners. Hot Pakistani women are not as curious for bigger penis as Pakistani guys think. 

Increasing the size of the "normal size" penis must be distinguished from the seeking of a remedy for the recognized medical condition known as micropenis where surgery to increase the organ's size is sometimes needed for urinary or sexual purposes. I would advice to all Pakistani guys that, hot Pakistani women can be satisfied with normal penis and you can enjoy better Pakistani sex stories with your normal size.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remaining part of Muslim wife's Pakistani sex stories

Pakistani sex stories of Threesome

This is the Remaining part of Muslim wife's Pakistani sex stories.She was a Muslim wife who joined threesome for the first time on husband’s will. For reading part one of Pakistani sex stories (39) click here. One day we watched a movie together while our children were sleeping in the other room. It was a nice screen capture of a hot woman being screwed by two black guys at a time. After inserting my tool inside my wife, I asked her about the movie and two tools scene. She expressed her sex feelings in a moaning voice. I was stroking her deep during her expressions. She liked the scene. I further asked her; do you want to get two at a time? She replied yes in a begging style.
I got fired at the same time inside her with her remarks. I have gained the idea that my hot Pakistani women will now agree to get a second tool if I call someone to my home at night. It was a difficult thing to do as of privacy issues but I decided to do it in a strange fashion. I searched for few local guys from Lahore for selection and selected one guy. He was 21 years old and good looking guy for our threesome job. I was searching for such guy to do the job for me and my hot Pakistani women. After a formal chat with the guy online, I sent him my wife’s body pictures without face and introduced her as my girl friend. [Pakistani sex stories] are hot.

He agreed to join us for the threesome session of sex. I didn’t give him my address but I asked him to come to the shopping mall in my area. He arrived at 9pm at night. I went to pick him in my luxury car to fulfill my fantasies of threesome sex and soon he was sitting in my home. We decided the plan and terms to go forward for the job and he waited in the drawing room till my children slept. After 10pm, I joined my wife in my bedroom and played a threesome movie. Soon I and my hot Pakistani wife were in the position. She was licking my tool being in doggy style. I sent a ring on hot Pakistani young guy’s mobile, which was a signal for him to come in our bedroom.

He arrived within a few seconds and joined me and my wife (who was a girl friend of me according to boy). He reached her from behind and started licking her love hole. She was moaning like a real hot Pakistani women which shown her liking about our new Pakistani sex stories. The guy was experienced enough and soon he removed his clothes to screw her from behind. It was a low light inside our room but I can still see his tool. He was with a fat and longer tool than me. It made me mad and I pushed my wife’s head fully on my tool. He guided his monster tool inside her inch by inch. My hot Pakistani women feelings were just like a woman in heaven.

He banged her nicely for at least 10-15 minutes in the same style when I fired my hot juices on my hot Pakistani wife’s face. He was still screwing her nicely and she was enjoying. After that I asked the boy to change the style and let her sit on his tool. He obeyed my instructions and rested on the bed facing upward. She sat on his fat tool and started jumping. The scene made me hard again and I inserted my tool in her mouth again. Our Pakistani sex story was on its hottest moments. Then I came from behind and inserted my tool in her second hole. My hot Pakistani wife was already known to second love hole insertion so she was not hesitant. It was the best scene of my life and our married life. This session continued for 10 minutes and we both fired inside her. The boy thanked me and became my privacy friend. This was all about a Muslim wife who joined threesome for the first time in Pakistani sex stories.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

story of a Muslim wife who joined wife swapping

Pakistani sex stories

This is a story of a Muslim wife who joined wife swapping experience in reality. Pakistani sex stories part (39) is a real life story. Most of the people feel strange when they come to know about wife swapping in Pakistani society. This life story of structured settlements of sex is purely based upon a husband’s experience of making his Muslim wife a swapping partner. Name and city is changed as per Pakistani sex stories blog rules, but rest of the events of this Pakistani sex story is real. Blog readers are requested to read this Pakistani sex story of reality with keen interest and also to leave comments below the Pakistani sex story post. We hope that you would enjoy Pakistani sex stories part (39) as a sex story of structured settlements of hot Pakistani wife.

My name is Zeeshan. I’m 36y old now with my hot Pakistani wife of 32y. We are married for last 10 years and have two children. I and my wife are quite happy with our married life. Right from the day of our marriage, we are just like friends and we shared all our structured settlements sex affairs with each other. She told me on our first night that she had affair with her cousin but not sex. I told her about my structured settlements sex affairs with all girls. I also told her that I have screwed three hot Pakistani women before marriage. She accepted all my deeds of past and asked me to forget those and start our new life. She is educated and good looking till now with her large breasts, well shaped bumps and nicely structured settlements of figures for Pakistani sex.

I was habitual of watching group movies as those movies make me hotter. Many times, I did screw my wife just after watching the movie without any plans. These movies were my fantasies in the past till present. It created a liking inside my mind to have a group fun involving my wife with some other handsome and cute guy. After the birth of my second child, I decided to make my fantasies of structured settlements of sex a reality. This was a task just like to dig a canal of milk as my wife was innocent Pakistani wife. She would never agree for this type of sex session, it was in my mind. I decided to plan things for Pakistani sex stories to start with my wife and some other good looking guy who can screw her in-front of me to make my fantasies a reality.

Nothing was coming into my mind to tell her about group fun. Then I decided to show her group movies of threesome to check her mind. Every time I shown her a group fun movie and then started her screwing along with the movie. During our Structured settlements sex session I talked about two tools at a time inside a women and her enjoyment. In first few days she didn’t shown any good response but soon she started expressing feelings and giving remarks about the movie scenes. I was getting things the right way of structured settlements sex. Soon I was able to go for more. Pakistani sex stories part (39) is continue.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Make A Female Orgasm:[Pakistani sex stories]

The fact is, Pakistani women enjoy sex as much as Pakistani men do. In the same manner, hot Pakistani women also want to reach climax and orgasm as much as men do. This is basically because sexual desire and pleasure are primary needs of mankind. Whether you are a man or a Pakistani woman, there is a need for you to achieve sexual pleasure and have your sexual desire fulfilled. More so, sex is even necessary for for disease control of sex.

In this regard, one of the primary concerns of Pakistani men when in bed is how to give the best performance they can to make their partner achieve climax or orgasm. For one, having a Pakistani woman achieve orgasm is one affirmation of a man's prowess in bed. On the other hand, of course it feels right and good for your partner to be satisfied as well. [Best SEO Company].

So how do you make your partner achieve orgasm and satisfaction in bed? Here are some information and tips that you will definitely find for disease control of sex

One effective means on how to make a female orgasm is through finding the most sensitive parts of her body. As is often said and reiterated, it really pays to know the body of your partner well. Find out which parts of her body are most sensitive and responsive. It can actually be easy to tell. When you touch or get to those parts, you will notice changes in her movements or reactions. She may moan or make noises of pleasure when you go to those areas, or her body may twitch. These are just some of her pleasure reactions you may notice among others.[Pakistani sex stories]

In this regard, while it is true that the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman's body and you should give particular attention to it, you must also bear in mind that the bodies of women also differ per individual. For instance, there are women who love to have their neck kissed. There are also those who are turned on and just love feeling that tingling sensation at the back of their ears. So in essence, focusing and playing with these areas is one effective way on how to make a female orgasm.

Similarly, perhaps you have already heard about the G spot. The fact is, it has already been scientifically proven that some women really have a G spot. And for these women who have found the elusive G spot, experts recommend to use it to achieve sexual pleasure and for disease control of sex

Also in this regard, as you may have read in various books, magazines and even articles in the internet, there are the so-called erogenous zones. These are actually various parts of a woman's body where women are turned on or get sexually excited. For instance, one erogenous zone that women have is the back to the right of the spine. Play with this area and other erogenous zones and that will surely be one effective means on how to make a female orgasm.

So when you are already making love, bear these in mind and make sure that you make the most out of these sensitive and responsive parts. Once you do, you will surely make your woman reach climax or orgasm from sexual excitement or pleasure.

Finally, you also have to make sure that your woman is comfortable when you are having sex. As studies have shown, a woman cannot achieve orgasm when she is not comfortable or when she has fear or anxiety. So you have to make sure that your partner is comfortable the whole time that you are making love. Take away her worries and constantly reassure her that she is hot and attractive. [Pakistani sex stories] are helpful for you, so keep reading.       

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pakistani Aunt goes for young guy [Pakistani sex stories]

I am posting for the first time in Pakistani sex stories. Pakistani Aunt goes for young guy [Pakistani sex stories] is my life's real incident.I am staying with my parents in Lahore. We have a joint family system and my Uncle’s wife also stays with us. My uncle was looking for job abroad and soon after marriage he has filled vacancies in Australia for job.He has not visited Pakistani past one year after marriage. I am the only son of my parents and popular in all relatives. My hot Pakistani aunt used to sleep in the same room as we don’t have separate rooms for each member of the family. With the passage of time, as I got up, my sex feelings started to rise. I have been provided and internet connection by my parents and almost free in my actions. My aunt was one of the real hot Pakistani women who can attract anybody’s attentions with her hot figures. She has large breasts which were an auto insurance of her sex beauty.

She often used to wear hot clothes inside and outside home. Her activities were an auto insurance of her lust for sex. She didn’t care for me sitting inside house if she gives some sex show like visible cleavage and dark bras. Her hot clothes made up my mind to try for new things with her and start my Pakistani sex stories. I was habitual of watching sex movies on my Internet. It happened in the month of September. It was raining heavily from the evening, and we all had dinner and went to sleep. I was sleeping facing the ceiling next to my Aunt at night in the same room as I told you earlier. My father was not at home that night and my mother was sleeping in the Kitchen room. I intentionally used to sleep there for watching my aunt’s hot movements for insurance of my satisfaction.

I woke up but did not have much courage to start Pakistani sex stories with my aunt. The hot scenes that I have seen in the movie soon guided my tool to rise up. I gone out of control and almost mad for sex. I got up of my bed and sat along my aunt’s bed. My hand was now out and soon my hand was on her breasts. My heart was beating along fast due to fear. I touched her left breast and started to rub my forefinger on its tip. After sometime my Aunt widened her legs in her sleep. I got the courage the started to move my left hand towards inner thighs. I rested it for some time, now I could feel that her thigh was turning hot so I pressed my Middle finger hard then my aunt was startled by this act and woke up. I shut my eyes immediately but my hand was placed still on her thighs.injury lawyers sex.

She has not made any voice. It was evident from her act that she was already awake but just acting to see my movements. She had been aroused by my finger movements, so she did not remove my hand.It was just like European work permit for me to go forward.After some time of quietness, she slowly pulled my hand and placed on her love hole (She was not wearing panty) now I was in heaven, her love hole was fully wet. My hand was shivering and because of this pressure which was being created on her spot. It was very wet and warm inside giving an auto insurance of her hotness. Pakistani sex stories (16) continue.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pakistani sex stories start with body massage sessions

Pakistani sex stories

start with body massage sessions in Elite class women of Pakistan. Massage has been practiced as a therapeutic and healing modality for several years in numerous cultures all over the world. It is an expensive luxury service. When you say massage, the image that most people conjure up is a scene at a luxury destination spa where people are waiting at your beck and call. This sort of imagery can make most people feel that massage is not within their reach financially. There is a massage for every price range but remember, you get a job for what you are paying. Pakistani sex stories revolve around the sex debit management services mostly.

Governmental bodies of Pakistani society were trying to regulate massage sessions in 2001-2007, when Musharaf was the president of Pakistan. With departure of Musharaf, all things seized again to almost hidden. This has caused therapists in those areas to be taken less seriously than other areas where massage has been a regulated wellness practice for years. In the United States you'll find a large gap in the hours of training and license requirements. This is unfortunate for massage therapists when trying to move their license to another state.[Pakistani sex stories]

There are plenty of ads on internet where Pakistani singles are offering massage services for hot Pakistani women and married Pakistani couples. The only point of concern in these massage sessions is the privacy and secrecy.Pakistani women are not free to disclose their massage likings openly. They have to keep the secrets of getting a job of massage. One of my friend told me that he visited a married couple for giving hot massage in Islamabad.The hot massage session was soon changed into the full sex session along-with the husband. My friend and husband satisfied the hot Pakistani women in threesome after the massage.SEM services.

So there you have it folks, a few of the misconceptions about massage therapy as a profession and Pakistani massage therapists in general. I'm sure you've heard others. It's important to show the world the professionals that we are so we can spread the positive messages about massage therapy as a positive addition to a healthy lifestyle.Hot Pakistani women prefer home services of massage to get a job of privacy and secrecy. It's a proven fact about Pakistani women of elite class.[Pakistani sex stories]

Saturday, January 7, 2012

[Pakistani sex stories]of incest family (Part II)

[Pakistani sex stories]

of incest family (Part II) are the remaining part of rehab's sex story.Rehab's first part is here.I was watching the Old and young movie scene for satisfaction of my sex feelings. I have forgotten to lock the door.I was getting hot along the movie scenes as the young twink was licking the old woman.My love hole was wetting and looking like hot structured settlements of sex.Soon I was rubbing my love hole with my hands to control the disease of lust. I don't know when my nephew entered the room quietly. I was unaware of the world,busy in my movie and my internal feelings.He remained quite after entering the room and watched me and the TV screen. It was enough proof  for him about my sex disease and my hot feelings of thirst for sex.[Pakistani sex stories]

He sat down quietly behind me watching the movie scenes. Soon I got climax in my structured settlements of sex,along-with movie.When I got out of my lust disease, I was stunned to see him in my room. Waves of shame were running on my face which I could not hide. I tried to hide my internal shame by asking him in anger;What are you doing here. He was a confident Pakistani young guy who has seen my lustful sex disease,so he didn't even bother my anger. He replied; aunt,I have to ask something from you about starting the new hotel jobs.I realized the situation that it's of no use to condemn him as he can disclose the secrets of my lust disease to his uncle(my husband) ,The center for disease control of my sex,or to some other family member.[Pakistani sex stories]

I tried to make myself cool and calm by asking him about the movie. He replied, aunt It seems good.I want to watch it more. I shamefully smiled and asked him to lock the door so that my children should not come in accidentally.I played the movie again. The hot scenes started again and soon I could see his bulge inside his loose baggy trousers. His tool was getting erect. The curtains have already been lifted between him and me so I decided to make use of him to satisfy my sexual disease and start new Pakistani sex stories of old and young.It was best of all options available for me to overcome the lustful disease of sex.I asked him smilingly about his tool situation. I remarked; It's getting hard I think.He smiled and said yes.His all natural male enhancements were looking very hard.I was ready to purchase structured settlements for my sexual satisfaction.

I should check it, I asked him. He was already thinking of the situation so he smiled. I got up like a real hot Pakistani and loosed his trousers.When I saw his tool popping out of his baggy trousers, you could not believe my wonder; he was a real monster with a fat and long tool. He was almost 2-3 inches bigger than his uncle(my Pakistani husband). I grabbed his tool in my right hand and started stroking it with the movie. The movie lady was now rolling her tongue on young twinks hard tool. My Pakistani nephew smiled and expressed his liking about the sucking scene. I was used to suck as I have done it many times with my husband. So I started rolling my tongue over his shaft.My lustful disease was now getting better with his male enhancements.

Our[Pakistani sex stories]sessions have been started after the removal of all curtains. I sucked him till he came right on my lips. He was hot, his juices were hot as he was young. I was begging inside for a bang by him now. So I removed his entire clothes. Soon he was erect again. He was lying on the bed straight. I stroked him for a few moments for insurance of erection. When he got fully erect again, I sat on his tool. He was fully inside me inch by inch,opening the walls of my valley. I have not been able to get any tool inside my valley for a long time. It was close but now it started widening with his fat tool. He grabbed my large breasts and I started jumping over his tool. My jumps was an auto insurance of my pleasure. 

I was enjoying the session like a real hot Pakistani wife. Soon I reached climax. After a long session of riding,he made me in doggy style and screwed his Endowment inside me from behind. He stroked nicely inside my walls and reached all corners of my valley which were left unreached by my Pakistani husband. I again reached climax when he fired deep inside my walls. I quickly sat on my feet so that his love juices should spill out giving an auto insurance of avoidance of pregnancy. I have enjoyed a hard and cute session of getting banged by a young Pakistani twink. Our incest stories have been started now. He left my room after a nice smile. Our relation is in progress as he has banged me many times now.He still lives with me in my house and Satisfies his Pakistani aunt quite nicely and helps me to control the disease.hope you have liked [Pakistani sex stories]of incest family (Part II).

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pakistani sex stories of incest family

My name is Rehab. I am sending my Pakistani sex stories of incest family for the first time on this Pakistani story blog. The incest Pakistani family’s adventure in Pakistani sex stories is a 100% real incident of me and my incest family. Most of the people don’t believe that incest relations are possible in Pakistani society but I do believe as I have practiced this relation. Before going to the real incidents of sex craze inside me, I would like to introduce myself. I am a married Pakistani woman from Lahore. We are well to do family with our unique earnings. Money is not a problem for us. My husband lives abroad and runs his own business of import export. I have three children; all are students of matriculation classes. I was 36 years old when I decided to run the business of Luxury hotels.

After running my business of Luxury hotels quite successfully with the help of my husband from abroad, I decided to expand my business. It is not easy for Pakistani women to run large businesses alone. They need some man to help them. I talked to my husband about the subject and he finally selected his nephew to help me. He was quite young, only 24y at that time, but have done MBA. He was living in Islamabad but soon he shifted to Lahore to help me in successfully running the business of Luxury hotels. He was having a good personality with good sense of humor. I decided to keep him at my home rather than taking a separate accommodation for him as he was my husband’s real nephew.

I was not thinking of starting any Pakistani sex stories with him at that time as I was his aunt. He often called me aunt. My children were very frank with him already. Soon he became a good member of our family and helped me a lot with his business skills to improve my Luxury hotel business. Within a few months, I decided to hand over the household matters to him as he was a good manager. He impressed me a lot with his wise skills in every field. His impression on my mind was very good which soon turned into liking. As you all know it is much difficult for married Pakistani women to control their sexual desires when the husband’s are abroad for years. My husband visited Pakistan once every year but my sexual desire was not fulfilling.

I was a conserved Pakistani woman regarding the relations with men. I can start affairs for my satisfaction but I decided to stay away from this cheap airfare of sex. It could ruin my business if I involve myself with someone, so I decided to control my feelings. I just fulfilled my fantasies of Pakistani sex stories by watching movies on internet and CD. One day I was alone in my luxury bedroom and watching a sex movie. My children were sleeping in their own bedrooms. I usually did this after locking the door of my bedroom and pulling curtains in front of windows. That night, I forgot to lock the door and just pulled window curtains before starting the movie.

I daily searched for new sex movies for auto insurance of sexual satisfaction. I was going through the movie search when I got an old vs. young movie. The old women were going to have a session with young guy in that sex image file. It was nice sex image editing and the screen capture inspired me a lot.I decided to watch to movie. The sex movie started and a young guy of almost 15-20 years old was sitting in the table. He was watching pics on some sex magazine. The Pakistani sex stories of incest family is continuing.   

Incest sex stories


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