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Monday, December 26, 2011

Elite Pakistani Culture and Wife Swapping

This article of Pakistani sex stories contains eye opening information about Elite Pakistani Culture and Wife Swapping. Is it possible to combine desire for variety in sexual relations with the maintenance of a stable, happy marriage? Probably, it might be wrong for the majority of Pakistani people, but not for some Elite Pakistani couples. I’m removing these curtains on Pakistani sex stories. I have met two couple in Islamabad who shared their true life stories with me. Just recently, I met those two young Pakistani couples, Students at a large university in the past, who lived quite circumspectly, each living happily with his own wife. These two Pakistani wives were also in the same class of the co-education system. Later on, the four class fellows got married. The two couples spent vacations together in a snowfall area (Murree) of Pakistan. They rented jointly, where they got this viral disease to split up, each man spent the vacations in bed with the wife of the other.

This unconventional arrangement was brought into existence by the two Pakistani husbands after getting the approval of the two wives. The two hot Pakistani women, the wives, were modern enough to take part in this activity. These two couples did the act of wife swapping with mutual understanding of husband and wife. There were no curtains between them sexually. Such incidents are on rise in Pakistan. Hot Pakistani women are looking for change of taste with mutual understanding of husbands. We can see a lot of ads on Internet and dating websites where Pakistani couples are looking for couples. Some Pakistani husbands also go far beyond this and they start threesome sex encounters in which the couples tries to find out some good looking guy to share their sex sessions.These sick minded people may need to visit the center for disease control of sex.

Elite Pakistani Culture and Wife Swapping go along together. Every day, Elite Pakistani couples are doing dance parties at home where wife swapping is the end result. They don’t consider it wrong at all. They consider it a chill. They say that we are broad minded. If someone talks and have fun with their wives they think it as a part of life. Finally the wife swapping is named as change of taste by these Elite class couples. They have somewhat acceptance of the idea that desire for change is a natural desire among men perhaps. Behavior of the Human Male said they sometimes wished to have relations with women other than their wives. At least one-half of all Elite class married Pakistani men realize the  disease of that wish.

The above mentioned are not fantasies about Elite Pakistani couples. These are facts about hot Pakistani women and their husbands. Why this culture is being adopted by Pakistani women as it is not favorable at all from religious point of view? For one thing, it is more common than most people seem to think. Nor is it limited to men who seek a change of bedfellows. This viral disease of wife swapping has also infected elite class women.There are Elite class Pakistani women, too, who desire such “swaps” and who take the initiative in arranging them. The temporary exchange of mates is sometimes merely a device to provide variety in the sexual life.

The extra-marital relations are disruptive of marital harmony. A relation which may begin as a contact on a purely physical level may soon develop into a strong emotional attachment. Not many marriages can long withstand the strain of divided loyalties and attention. Of all the angles in a marriage, the triangle creates the most acute problems. These Extramarital relations would give a way of destruction of the marriage. This activity must be discouraged on Internet for preventing the spreading of this disease in relations of marriage. I hope you would like Elite Pakistani Culture and Wife Swapping article on Pakistani sex stories blog.   

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