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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pakistani sex story [Sex at work place]

Pakistani sex stories

Pakistani sex story [Sex at work place] is received through email from our female blog reader. These sex stories are very popular amongst hot Pakistani women and men. We are trying for the secrecy of Pakistani sex story writers and hot Pakistani women who like to publish their sex stories by change of names and places. Let’s start today’s Pakistani sex story  by the quotes of her own words. I am working in the leading life Insurance Company of Pakistan. My native place is Lahore. I am a loner and do not try to make much friends. In my work center also, I do like to keep myself confined to my cubicle which is auto insurance of my safety at job. My Boss is a good man, he understands me but often advise me to be an active team player for a successful insurance career.

I am a pretty woman. Pakistani Men really try to impress me wherever I go. My Pakistani sex story [Sex at work place] also belongs to my work center for Disease control of sex.Just joking,Its rather my work place.Pakistani men are mostly crazy about women. They play all kinds of tricks to grab the attention of women. It is just that I do not get impressed by their monkey acts. I was impressed by one person in my early 20’s and then by the hero of this sex story. The hero of this sex story was my Boss, The area manager of My Insurance Company. He is a handsome guy; when I joined the job, and he looked to be at his early 30s. Since, I was an average Pakistani woman to Motivate people in getting Life Insurance from my company; He helped me a lot by his useful tips about the job. I did not grab much attention of him. But I have noticed that he used to give me a look which was different on several ways.

During the Office hours, we talked to each other for so many times. These formal talks brought us closer enough to share our lives with each other. One day, he invited me to have a dinner with him. I, like a traditional Pakistani woman, tried to make some excuses. Finally, I have promised him to meet in evening as my internal likings for him could not avoid his invitation. I was preparing myself for a meeting and dinner. I have been cool and composed and dressed in a pink Suit without any makeup. It was Saturday evening; the traffic was heavy from Rawalpindi to Islamabad. So I was late by half an hour and reached the decided Luxury hotel by 7.30 pm to meet my insurance boss.

There he was sitting around the dining table with a beaming smile. I was a bit hesitant and shy as it was my first dinner with a man alone. In fact, he looks smarter and fit. I felt, in his presence, I am being lost in thoughts, trying to get into his mind. He was in his formals and he was evaluating me too. During the dinner, I caught him staring at my breasts and cleavage. Some sort of a burning desire was building up in his body. I felt weak and tired. He wanted to be alone with me in a resort room. It was my guess. A night stay with him at some Luxury hotel was not a problem for me as I have told my aunt that I would go to my friend for some work. Pakistani women have problem in staying overnight out of home but it was not a case for me. I have already been feeling a certain liking inside me for him as he was kind, Soft and nice man.

He asked me about availability of time to have some chit chat and alone moments. So, I agreed to stay for a couple of hours with him. He has already booked a room in the same luxury hotel which I got to know later. He took me upstairs with him. The room was very cool and curtains made the room bright. It was a big double room which emanated great smell and class. I loved the room. He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. He looked fresh and tidy. He gave me a long stare after reaching the room. I felt warmth in my stomach as I was expecting a hot session from him. I have made up my mind for that encounter and not to forbid him from anything from heart but just verbally.

It is the first time I am being stared and studied at close quarters by a male. ‘You look like a hot Pakistani woman. He told. I thanked him and looked at his eyes then I diverted it to the ceilings. Then he took the phone and ordered two fresh juices. He asked me about my family and I asked him to show the photos of his wife and kid. He showed me the photos in his laptop; by that time, the juice had arrived. When the waiter went out, he bolted the doors. Though I was not afraid of the surroundings, this new experience really made me anxious and at the same time kept me in anticipation. I went near the windows, removed the curtains and looked at the city.Pakistani sex story [Sex at work place] is continue.

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