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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pakistani Girl and Brother-In-Law

I am Farida with my First Sex Story on This Pakistani Sex Blog.My story is slightly different from other Sex Stories.I belong to a conservative Pakistani Family where Girls are not allowed to have affairs or Sex with guys whom they like.However,I do manage to have a love affair with my Cousin and soon going to marry him with our parents approval.I am 23Y now with 34D size and very often guys would turn heads when I pass by.My elder Sister got married a few years back with my Muscular Brother-In-Law.He is very handsome,Fit and decent man.After a short introduction,Now I should narrate my Pakistani Sex stories here.
Believe me,My Sex Stories started right after my sister's marriage when I liked her Handsome Pakistani Husband due to his fit personality and body.He was tall,Rich,Educated and Funny man.I always loved to talk to him whenever I got chance.You can say that if my sister had not married him I surely had done that.I always considered my sister very lucky women.

By chance,when my sister delivered her first child,my mother sent me there for help.I was very happy and quite anxious to spend a few hours with my Brother-In-Law.My sister had to remain at Gyne ward for one weak at least so my Brother-In-Law asked me to attend my sister at hospital.Luckily,the hospital management forbade all attendants with patients and I have to stay at my sister's house.I visited hospital twice a day with Brother-In-Law to see my sister while enjoying his funny company.He was very friendly in nature and very gentle towards women.That's why I liked him very much.

One day,we were getting ready to visit the hospital in morning when my Brother-In-Law called be to be fast.I was just wearing my favorite black bra and the hook was creating problems.He again shouted from outside and I replied that I am coming just after putting the lock(I called my bra-hook a lock).He couldn't hear clearly what I had said so he came surprisingly to my room.He casually opened the door just speaking to me when I was trying to hook my Black Bra.When he realized that he has just opened the door at a wrong time,he made a quick sorry by saying;Oh-Sorry,I thought you have got ready and he closed the door again.

When I was sitting in car,I looked at his face and felt that he was feeling shame on what he had done casually today.So,I started the chat by saying;Why are you too quite today?He said;No,I'm Not.He added that he is quite sorry on what he did today.I laughed and replied;No problem,Its OK'.He looked at me in amazement and again said that he is Sorry.I was eying this moment from years I think so I decided to cash that.I replied;Its OK, and I don't mind this from the people whom I like.He was surprised by my reply so he asked;Really?I replied;YES.

We reached hospital and after attending my sister for at least half an hour,My brother-in-law came to drop me home.When we were on the way,I felt a change in my brother-in-law's mood.He was looking at me in a different style.He asked me,Why I liked him?I said;Just because of your personality,style and body.We reached home and surprisingly he asked for a cup of tea before going to office.He called his office and told them that he may be 1-2 hours late from routine.I was in kitchen when he was calling his office but I could listen him and understand that my Pakistani sex Stories were about to start.I was happy because I have almost loved him from the core of my heart.

After giving him tea and taking my cup,I sat near him on the sofa.I asked him that why he has taken 2 hours rest from office.He smiled and said;To spend some time with you.Till now everything was going in a funny style.We laughed and talked untill we finished tea.I made up courage to ask him about the time till he has not done Sex with my sister due to pregnancy.I asked in a double meaning style but he responded quite straight by saying;I am missing sex badly from last 3-4 months as your sister's health due to pregnancy was quite week.

I laughed and said;then you should be very anxious.He bravely said;Why not you help me?I can understand what he meant but I kept it casual by saying;How I can?He said;because you like me.After saying this he came near me and said;Farida you are really very sexy.He held my hand but I acted as I didn't like it.I said;It is not good.I said this but I smiled.This act given him courage and he was quite a decent man to understand the hotness in my eyes for his muscular body.He said;Farida,its no problem,Your sister is not here why are you worried?It would be between you and me.Let's enjoy.Reader,Believe me,I couldn't control more so I closed my eyes and let him to decide what to do.

He started feeling my hands and then rolling his hands on my Breast.When he touched my Breast,I shivered.It was not my first time when some male has touched my breasts,I have done it with my boyfriend two-three times but he was my brother-in-law.He started rubbing my nipples and kissing my face like a hot Pakistani husband.I kept closing my eyes and feeling his hot body fragrances near me.After kissing me for 10-15 minutes and continuously fondling my bobs,he started pulling my Qameez up.Then he unhooked my bra after rolling his hands a few times over my bra.

I was moaning with closed eyes just like a Hot Pakistani Girl performing an Incest Sex Story on bed.He lifted me in his arms and took me into bedroom just like movies.I was in heaven.He laid me on bed and started pulling my Shalwar(Pants) down.i was completely wet by this time.My pussi was full of water outside.He removed my panties and started kissing my legs.He further moved up and blew his hot mouth air near my shaved pussi.By this time,I caught his head and pressed it on my pubic area.I have seen this in movies but never experienced this.He started playing with my clito and then touched his tongue right on upper muscle.

I felt my first orgasm.I shivered and he started licking me,inserting his tongue inside and providing me the best fun of my life.These happy moments are very rare in a Pakistani Woman's Life.Even,the majority of Pakistani husband's won't like to lick pussi.He licked me nicely and after doing it for 10-15 minutes he went into 69.He remarked;Farida,you are too hot.I smiled but didn't open my eyes yet.I have not yet touched his tool but when he went into 69 and his tool came just over my lips,I couldn't control more.His tool touched my face and I grabbed it.

It was too hard and seemed a bit bigger to that of my fiance.My fiance's size was a bit smaller and thinner as well.I really went into those thoughts when I have done it for the first time with my fiance.I just felt embarrassed when I compared myself to my sister.How lucky she was that she got this muscular husband. I started sucking him wildly without thinking that he was my brother-in-law.I licked his tip then his shaft and then his balls.Another difference which I felt there between him and my fiance was that he didn't had any fowl smell.My fiance has a strange smell in that area.I kept it eating like a lollypop.

My brother-in-law must have shaved his pubic area in recent times as there were no hairs around.I rimmed all his area as I was eating a stick bar ice-cream.He was also licking me like a honey place.Then we gone to the ending session when he lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders.He started pushing inside slowly,watching my face.First time,I felt as a few inches were inside that he would tear my flesh with that fat tool.But,when he got fully inside and stayed there for some time,my pain went pleasure.

He started pounding me deep while grabbing my breasts and kissing my lips like my husband.He was also remarking that you are much sexier than your sister and much hotter as well.I liked his remarks.He pounded me deep and all my pussi muscles were gripping his shaft.I was moaning loud when he placed his hand on my lips.I realized that i was too loud.Then he changed his position by lifting my one leg up and one leg straight on bed.He was experienced and stylish in Sex.He should be,because he must have screwed my sister a hundred times after marriage or even more.

After hitting my all spots inside he made me doggy.This was one of my favorite positions.He again started pounding me deep with his fat tool.I was in seven heavens now.I was enjoying each and every hit by his gorgeous tool and his muscular body.The best feeling was when his body was touching my butts during push pull process.I felt my second orgasm during the cutest Pakistani sex session of my life.

My brother-in-law was just reaching towards the end of these Pakistani sex stories so he pulled his tool out and fired all his load on my large butts.When his hot juices fell on my body,I spread that all over my butts.We were finished and then he laid near me and started praising my hot and tight pussi.He thanked me for providing him an opportunity to enjoy such a hot sex session.After cooling ourselves down,he went into wash-room and took a shower while I made coffee for him.He left for office and I started reminding those moments again.I could feel now that how much deep and hard he had pounded me.My pussi was a little swollen now.I checked it while sitting in toilets and smiled.A smile with pain just came out of my face.My dream of Sex With Brother-In-Law had came true.I was more than happy now.

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