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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cheating wife enjoys a man for Pakistani sex stories

I am Natasha from Islamabad with my real Pakistani sex stories here.I am 25 years old hot Muslim wife.I am going to share my extra-marital sex affair which changed my entire life after marriage.The things started when My husband failed to fulfill my desires as per my requirements.I will only narrate my story here without telling my identity.I was married 4 years back to my conservative husband.Our marriage was an arrange marriage and I have not met my husband before that.His family was religious and devoted Muslims living in Lahore, Pakistan. Before marriage I was an open type hot Pakistani girl and never cared to keep my so called “IZZAT” in bounds.My MOM had never forbade me from doing fun stuff and wearing fashion clothes.After marriage,My husband forced me to wear a hijab.The bounds and my husband’s formal sex style forced me to search for new things in my Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani sex

I was thirsty for Pakistani sex after marriage.Even looking upon other men for more than a glance is frowned up for women of my husband’s family. My husband is about 5 foot 8 and me, quite tall  at 5 foot 10. My husband is of wheatish complexion whilst me,like a true Hot Pakistani girl,fair and beautiful, large eyes, red lips and gorgeous hot Pakistani woman.After marriage My husband did not let me work and was regularly having sex with me like a Drum with small tab.I didn’t enjoy the sex with him and found his penis small and uncomfortable and also routine type Pakistani sex.

Before marriage I was totally addicted to internet sex movies.My mind had been influenced by watching huge well hung black and white men having sex and giving their partners on screen orgasmic climaxes. I found sex with my husband quite boring.He would only do the missionary position and his penis never really hit my spots.I would often rub my vagina to get orgasm when he was at work to keep myself going and remembered the porn films I watched on the internet to keep myself sexually satisfied.

After watching his capabilities for Pakistani sex stories I decided to try another man.I can’t take divorce as he was my cousin and it could ruin our family.But at the same time…decided to make it very kinky.One day when my husband had gone to work I took permission from my mother-in-law and went to meet my friend who lived nearby.She allowed me after hesitating a lot but insisted me to wear BURQA(I never liked that).I left from home and went to a local internet cafĂ© and searched for profiles of guys around our area in Lahore.

I have made up my mind to enjoy my Pakistani sex stories.I have called my friend and told her to act if somebody asks about me.She said;don't worry.I found a young local name by the name of Sunny, looking to meet up near the back end of Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore,a famous local market.The back end was quiet and rumors in the college days were that girls who wanted to lose their virginity before marriage would go there to meet boys who wanted to more than masturbate.Finally i got his number and decided to meet him right that day for Pakistani sex stories.For reading the next part of Pakistani sex stories visit HERE.

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