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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pakistani sex with neighbor aunty (Part II)

I Picked her and the journey of my Pakistani sex stories just started.She was holding her younger baby in her lap while I was trying to sit back as closer as I can.She was hesitant in the start but later I guessed that she got closer to me.Once near the speed breaker,I intentionally pushed brakes quickly so that she must get pressed with me.My idea came true and her right breast just touched my shoulder back.Believe me,I felt the soft tissues of her breasts like a cotton.She laughed and said:I was just to fall (Girny Lagi the).I replied;Aunty you should sit a bit forward to avoid this.She was a matured Hot Pakistani wife and quickly got my intentions but didn’t remarked anything.I have to start my Pakistani sex stories with care.

Hot Pakistani

After collecting the medicine we got back to our Pakistani sex destination.Since it was getting late, I tried to move a bit fast.She forbid me like a hot Aunt from driving fast.When we got back,My MOM was not present at home and our house was locked.she offered to come in her place and when my mom comes I could go home. I was not comfortable and a bit affraid as well but finally I agreed.I went to their drawing room but she called me to sit in the bedroom.Her large breasts were still creating a scene of lust for me.Her baby was sleeping now.She kept her baby in the baby pot and asked me if I needed tea?It was a great chance for me to spend few minutes of luck why should I deny.I quickly agreed to her and she went in the kitchen to make a tea for me.

When she came back with a cup of tea,She seemed to be the heroin of Pakistani sex stories to me.I asked aunty about the sleeping baby.After finishing my tea,I couldn’t control myself of being praising her figure.This is a killer medicine for a Hot Pakistani aunt to get praised by a younger guy like me.She smiled and said;Thanks GOD,there is someone who can praise me.I smiled and moved to my next trick.At that point i have got enough idea about the aunt that if I even praised her breasts,she won’t mind that.I hesitated a bit but then asked her how you manage your beauty aunty?She looked at me in a meaningful style and said;I do nothing,Its all natural.I unintentionally thrown my lip by saying”So big size naturally(Itnay bary kesy).She made a naughty smile and said;GUDU...behave.I made a quick sorry and thrown a two sorry words again.I was just getting my Pakistani sex stories going now.

I was just thinking about Pakistani sex stories when she suddenly asked me about my girl friends.I replied;YES,I have two.She laughed and said,Done something or just Chit chat?(Kuch kia bhi hai ya just Gup shup?).I replied in a bit shy tone that they don’t allow me to do anything,(Dil tu bohat chahta hai)I always wish that they allow me because my younger don’t allow me to wait more.She asked me what younger?I made an illusion to my pants bravely telling her about my penis.She laughed loudly and said;Is it so hard?I thought quickly and unzipped my pants.I was not wearing any underwear so my tool jumped out.It was hard and almost fully grown in length of 6.5 inches.She kept a hand on her mouth like a pure Pakistan woman and remarked again to feel shame.I was a bit afraid as well that if she told my MOM,It could go worst for me.But to prove your luck you have to take risk for Pakistani sex.

Believe me,I begged like a child for Pakistani sex stories.I begged her,Aunty please...........?She agreed after 4-5 minutes struggle and my appreciation of her beauty and finally got up and came near me.She slapped in a naughty style on my cheeks and said;You are a bad boy,asking your aunt to make you cool.Her baby was sleeping tight and she grabbed my tool in her hand.After giving a hand roll-over for few minutes,she started to lick it.My pee-juices just went in drops on her lips.She sucked me for almost 5 minutes and then finally I pulled her Shalwar down.Then made her to sit in my lap.She was facing me while sitting in my lap on my tool.I quickly made her underwear a side and guided my tool just through her underwear.She was wet and also with a slightly loose vagina.This could be due to babies.she started jumping over my tool and I just released in 5-6 minutes depositing all my loads in her love hole.I quickly got up and after adjusting my clothes came to my home as My MOM has arrived as well.I enjoyed many sessions of Pakistani sex with her afterwards which I will share in my next Pakistani sex stories.

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