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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The best wife in Pakistani sex stories

sex meeting with Pakistani wife is my first story in Pakistani sex stories.My name is Rehab and I am 28 years old handsome guy from Islamabad.This story belonged to a hot Pakistani wife who accidentally met me for sex with no strings attached.I don't want to tell you the back ground histories so I would straightway like to tell you how this happened.A few months ago,I was looking for a rental apartment in Islamabad for myself.One day I seen an ad on and I called the contact number given with the ad.A gentle,educated man picked my call and told me the details after formal introduction.I got a reply in course voice. “Yes, it is available from this month end. Is this for a family? I do not give to bachelors. I replied. “Yes Sir. Me and my wife will be staying.”I convinced him that I will bring my family after one month and finally he told me the address and asked me to visit any time for having a look.That day was the start of my Pakistani sex stories.

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He continued. “Ok good. Presently we are using that but want to give it on rent to some family.. You can visit the apartment anytime. Generally the wife stays at home. She can show you the apartment. I took down the address.He said, he will confirm whether his wife is there in the apartment and call me back. I got his call within 10 minutes asking me to go to the apartment and have a look.From the conversation I got that the family is modern and educated enough.They were a sort of family different from conventional Pakistani families.His wife might be confident enough to talk to men and carry on their routine.I was in front of the apartment in next 25 minutes.After some tme I got the exact location.I parked my car and went inside. The apartment was quite old, at least 10 years. The entrance was very dingy and the stairs were getting almost no light even in bright day like this. The house concerned was in 2nd floor. I located the apartment and rang the bell. Never have imagined that such a casual day could become so memorable for me and my Pakistani sex.

The starting day for my Pakistani sex stories was on the go.I rang the bell and a lady voice came from inside inquiring about me.Sorry, if I disturbed you,Actually I have come to have a look at the house. Your Husband might have informed you.She opened the door and you could not believe that I went into stuck after having a look at her face.She was not more than 22 Years.An attractive lady dressed smartly like elite class hot Pakistani women.She had a lovely round face with large expressive eyes. She was very fair with a Wheaties complexion. She was wearing a large neck and one of the button of the was open. So quite a portion of her breast line was visible. She was not very tall but it seemed she had quite a voluminous figure with large breasts and good size ass. Typical good looking hot Pakistani housewife.

She was a beauty of Pakistani sex.Please come. Have a look”. She started showing me the rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. Lastly She called me to the bedroom to show it. I hesitated a little. “I hope it is OK to enter the bedroom”. I inquired her. She said, it is fine. “Please come in”. There was one laptop lying on the center of the bed and some clothes on the corner. I could see, one leopard print bra peeking through the heap of clothes. I came out of the room and thanked her.She told me that they are using this apartment and upper apartment is empty but they wanted to shift to the upper apartment and hence they wanted to rent this.At the same time, she also fixed her eye contact with me, which was making my interest in her grow every moment of my presence in that room.She was an ideal piece for my Pakistani sex stories and my tool started to rise but I have to behave like educated person.

I am a traditional Pakistani housewife,So generally stay at home only.” I could see the sadness in her eyes when she mentioned this. “It would be quite tough and boring on your part. Staying at home all day.”I asked her.“Yes, it becomes really boring. Nothing much to do. My husband generally comes late. So what is your wife doing? Is she working or a housewife?” “She is working. Actually that has its own problems. We don’t get much time together.” She smiled at this. “Sorry didn’t ask you before. Will you have some cold drink? Actually do you mind having some tea?”I was quite surprised being offered tea. “Ohh it would be unnecessary trouble for you. Just get me some water. That should be fine”. I retorted. “No its fine. I would be making for myself anyway. Please have a seat.” She smiled and went towards the kitchen in feline way. The apartment had a open kitchen, so I could see her.

The hot Pakistani wife came with tea and biscuits in fifteen minutes.she sat near me on the other sofa.I picked up the tea cup.I was just thinking about her and her husband.Please have some biscuits.” She bend towards me offering me the biscuit from the tray. That made one side of her nighty move quite a bit giving a peek into her assets. “Those are quite lovely shaped.” I blurted out instinctively. “What?” She was little surprised. “I mean the biscuits. Looks beautiful. Must be tasting great as well. Would love to try one.” I picked up one of the heart shaped biscuit from the tray.She smiled and her naughty smile told me that she understood what I said.

Those are little heart biscuits. I love those cute heart shapes”. She smiled picking one from the tray. “You seems quite romantic at heart” “Girls are generally. Why your wife is not that romantic?”. “May be she is. At least in last 2 years of our marriage she has not shown me that side of hers. Ours is an arrange marriage. It seems your husband also do not do justice to the little romantic girl inside you.”It is always much easier to be frank with a total stranger. I was taking my chances. I do not have anything to lose. I do not know this family nor they know me. But my sentence had an impact on her. “Yes. He do not do justice to me.” She completed this sentence without any expression and kept on looking at me with a want in her eyes without battling her eyelids.

I quickly finished my tea as my mind was now thinking of Pakistani sex with her.I just wanted to start my Pakistani sex stories right on the first meeting.The matter of apartment went a side and we became good friends in no time.Actually she was bold enough to say anything.After a few moments,I just inquired her about her husband's arrival time.She told me that it might be still 3 hours to his arrival.I decided to make some move and asked her to once again take a look at bedroom.She might have understood my intentions and might be looking for a hot sex session.So got up and again we went to the bedroom.The outer door was already locked.I was fully hard inside my pants.She might have noticed my bulge inside.

After looking once again to her printed bra hidden behind the clothes,I smiled.She inquired about my strange smile and I told her that your private clothes are hanging there. She laughed and said;Oh,You are looking at that?I thought it is behind clothes.Now she was frank enough and I have to react.I made my next move of asking her about her undergarment liking.She told bravely that she like to use printed undergarments.Then I replied that I also advised my wife to use that as I feel it good but she is traditional shy wife.She smiled again and I asked her to show me some of them so that I could get an idea to tell my wife again.she opened the cloth wardrobe and I could see plenty of bras hanging inside. These scenes made me more hot for Pakistani sex stories.

I went near her and made the next move to touch my erect hard tool behind her.She could feel it when she was showing her bra.I grabbed her breasts from behind and started to fondle them.She smilingly tried to forbid me but I was not ready to leave her.I knew that most of the hot Pakistani women try this as formality.She was also doing that. Then I lifted her dress and inserted my hands inside her while my tool was touching her ass crack.She started to moan.I started to kiss her neck as well and this act made her more hot.She must be in heaven of Pakistani sex.

It was a day of Pakistani sex stories for me.I decided to finish it till end right at the first meeting.I lifted her up and brought her to the bed where she gets banged daily by her husband.I pulled her Shalwar down and now her pink printed panty was making me mad.I removed her panty.She was just closing her eyes.I licked her for a few minutes and she had her first orgasm.I could notice that her husband might be not a big size man.Her vagina was tight enough to tell me the truth.After licking for a few minutes i decided to give the last touch and removed my pants.My monsters popped out like a rod.I lifted her legs to my shoulders and kept my tip on her vagina.She was biting her lips and then i pushed my tool in.

She screamed as I pushed deeper for Pakistani sex stories.I inserted my entire shaft inside.I could sense the feeling of pain as my tool was a bit fatter than regular man and length was also 7 inches.I started to slowly bang her.Then i went fast in my strokes.Her vagina lips started to leak juices out.I tried to hit her deep with my tool.It was a scene which must be watched closely.Her vagina lips had nicely fleshed my shaft.I didn't tried to change the position as my testis were touching her vagina lips quite nicely.After almost fifteen minutes i deposited my hot juices right inside her.I didn't try to pull out as she was a housewife.She also felt a wild orgasm when my hot juices fell on her ovary.It was an awesome sex session.I got up after five minutes and went to washroom to wash my tool.She was still lying naked on the bed.Then she also got up and adjusted her clothes and thanked me giving her a nice time.I left their flat and the later stories I would share again.I hope you like my Pakistani sex stories.

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