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Friday, September 21, 2012

My neighbor aunt looking for Pakistani sex

This story is based upon my real experience of Pakistani sex stories with my neighbor aunt.No fiction is involved in these Pakistani sex stories.Her name was Alia and she was 34Y old Pakistani housewife.Her husband was almost 5 years elder to her.Despite being 34Y old,She was an extremely Hot Pakistani wife.Every guy would be ready to desire her if he see's her.The incident happened after a long struggle of mine as its a tough ask to seduce Pakistani wives for sex.They are quite loyal to their husbands and majority of them won't try to cheat their husbands but if somebody is hardworking like me,He can find his way out for Pakistani sex.I struggled for almost one and half year for that day to happen and finally got my Pakistani sex stories going.

Pakistani sex

Before going to my Pakistani sex stories I will tell my family background first.Our family consists of five members.My Parents,two sisters and me.My father runs his own business and my mother is a teacher.We shifted our house after my mother's transfer to the new School and this shifting brought a new style into my sex life.Our house was just located in-front of that aunty who became my queen after a hard struggle.My mom has a good nature and same was the case with my sisters.They made a good relation with that Hot Pakistani aunt in just a few days and our family relations started.Believe me,I was eying her right from the first day when she came to meet my MOM.She was a gorgeous lady and can be categorized as one of the real Hot Pakistani women.

The neighbor uncle became a good friend of mine and soon he started to make a chit chat during evening hours with me.He shared his family problems and I given him good advices as per my capabilities.One day he told me that he has to leave for an official visit for one week to Karachi.A spark of happiness glows in my eyes as this could create an opportunity of Pakistani sex for me.He advised me to help his wife and also told my father that we should take care of their family during his absence.We agreed happily.The Hot Pakistani Aunt always called me by my nick name "Guddu" and I always felt a lust whenever she called me for something.

One habit of her which I forgot to tell you in my Pakistani sex stories,was that she was an open type lady.She has three children and the elder one was almost 8Years old.On third day she came to our house and asked my MOM about me.She has to buy a medicine for her younger baby and the medical store was almost 5 KM away from our house.She asked my MOM if I could take her on my bike for purchase.My MOM happily agreed and called me to do the job.I was happy enough that she would be sitting on my bike and I may find some of her body parts touching me.Frankly speaking I was hoping for her large breasts to touch my shoulders during that journey.I brought my bike outside and started to wait her.She came outside after 4-5 minutes and believe me,she looked hot more than girls.Her large breasts were visible through her thin dress and she was wearing a pink Bra.The rest incidents of my Pakistani sex stories will be shared tomorrow.

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