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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seducing a wife for Pakistani sex stories

This is the remaining part of seducing a wife for Pakistani sex stories.I used to be back in the afternoon and would wish I can knock at her door and self-invite myself for tea or something so that I can have a closer encounter with her, but never gathered the courage. One weekend my parents invited them home for dinner.They came and she was looking stunning in her blue Suit.We all started chatting and I got to know my neighbor was setting up his business I tried to get closer to her as she was sitting with my MOM where my father and her husband were sitting in there chit chat.She was helping my MOM in kitchen and went many times to the kitchen.Once I intentionally touched her back when entering the kitchen and she didn’t even mind that.This reaction made my further moves easier.The dinner was over and all were happy She and her husband wished us good-night and left.I though about my upcoming Pakistani sex stories the whole night.

Next day onwards I started leaving for college a little later than usual timing so that I can just miss my neighbor uncle and just in time before she closes the door after biding goodbye to hubby the timing was perfect and now I could only say bye to her and once in a while stand and try to talk to her, we apparently became close and while talking to her I would glance though her whole body.

She used to wear lovely dresses, a little transparent, she would tease me with her talk and ask what am I looking at and if I have never seen a hot Pakistani women and I would just blush.This was a turn on for me and wanted to pounce on her but didn’t know how. That afternoon I came back early from college and as I entered our building compound.I saw her getting out from a auto rickshaw with loads of shopping bag of grocery vegetable and fruits etc and as she entered the building she tripped a bit, losing her balance and there I was like a hero to hold her items. She was surprised to see me, I picked up her items and as she bent down I could see her sexy breasts through her deep neck dress.My manhood was getting a life inside my pants in a second and was pressed against my underwear.I was sure she figured that out.I helped her with all the baggage till her doorstep and finally she asked me come in.

She directed to a stool kept near the loft and said I have to shift some boxes down and to mind as it was heavy. I quickly offered her help and she smiled.We started to shift a few boxes and It was almost 3-4 hours before her husbands arrival.Well I went up the stool which was a bit wobbly to which she said.When I saw her Dopatta falling,believe me,a huge breast could been seen in the deep necked dress.Current waves went through my entire body.I couldn’t control myself of praising her figure.She smiled and her smile was an agreement that she liked to show her off.I got down and asked in a naughty mood;Can I see them.As I told you earlier that she was a brave hot Pakistani wife with bold life.She smiled and said nothing.I grabbed her left breasts and started fondling it.She forbid me slightly like a pure Pakistani women.I didn’t stop as I knew these tricks. 

Soon I removed her dress and she was looking gorgeous in bra and panty.My fully lofted tool was ready for a nice Pakistani wife.I bent her on knees and guided her face to my tool.After a bit of hesitation she started sucking it. my whole shaft was in her mouth and she was licking and sucking it like a lollypop in kids mouth. It was my first time and my dream was coming true and I could not handle it anymore and shot a whole load of cum into her beautiful mouth. 

She felt a little vomiting act but soon she managed to get easy in Pakistani sex stories.The whole load was in her mouth and she spit it on floor.. Now without uttering a word she held my hand and took me to her bedroom.She asked me if I ever banged any one before? and I said ‘No” She moved her hands up and down moving the upper skin of my tool back and forth. I leaned back and enjoyed. She kissed my tool’s red tip and placed her tongue rotating on it and took my whole shaft in her mouth and started tasting it again. She was doing it with a moan after a while I again got ready for a nice bang.

I went down her neck kissing with my tongue and took one breast in my hand and another in my mouth and started sucking it hard. She started moaning and her pink nipples were erect and I pushed her down on to bed and kissed her stomach and she pushed my head down to her vagina.I started licking her vagina separating her flesh and licked it with my tongue .She was moving her waist up and down and she begged me to bang her I finally entered my meat bone inside her.I started banging her faster and she raised her hips cooperating with me.. 

It was an unforgettable session of Pakistani sex stories for me.I banged her for 10-15 minutes for a fast screw action.She pressed her legs around my waist and finally I deposited my semen inside her.I didn’t tried to pull out as it has no problem when banging a hot Pakistani wife.The day proved to be a life changing day.I enjoyed many times with her later on the same bed of sex which her husband used.I hope you like my Pakistani sex stories and share your comments.

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