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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fucking My Best Friend's Wife Sara In Front Of Him

It all started when I was a 26-year-old guy hanging outside in my car with my best friend Kamal. We were waiting for more cars to show up before entering a party of couple and singles. We were very, very close past 5 years as we were childhood friends. He never ever kept anything hidden from me even we sometimes shared what happened in bed at night. So we were free to every extent. Even , sometimes we joked about each other's sister and her figure. Chatting about nothing in particular, he started telling me about a dream he had a month before. 
fucking my friends wife

Fucking My Friend's Wife
He narrated his dream. He said we were at his house watching football; his wife Sara was sitting between us. Let me describe her in one word HOT, shoulder length wavy black hear, hand sized boobs, tight abs, super ass, long legs. One thing led to another and the next thing he knew she was sucking his cock while I was fucking her. He said he woke up not feeling jealous but with a major hard on. He woke up his wife and proceeded to fuck her while telling her his dream explicitly.

He said they were more sensational and more wild when they talked about the dream. Actually his wife liked such talks very much. They both fantasized about this every time they have sex now, they talked it over and if I wanted to come join them it would be OK. I was a little surprised, but told him as long as it didn’t hurt their relationship I would do it. He said he would let his wife know. That was the last I heard about it. 
About 2 months later my new girlfriend lubna and I went to the food street accompanied by him and his wife. We had fun, It was a regular night dinning out ,nothing special. We headed back to my apartment for some drinks.Let me tell you about my new girlfriend. She was 25Y , Good looking, short hair, medium tits, nice legs and had the reputation of being a total slut. she promptly swooped in and inserted herself into that situation pussy first. I got to say her reputation might have been bad, she did have a boyfriend at the time, but I was amazed how tight her pussy was. To this day she had the tightest pussy I've ever experienced, so tight it felt ribbed. 

They decided not to drive home but to join us at my flat. Soon we reached back and quickly we made a cool atmosphere inside the flat. The television casting a dim light across the room as we all bedded down for the evening. 

About an hour my girlfriend lubna wanted some action, so being a little drunk I obliged, making out some wild friendly touches. Well, the making out turned us having quiet passionate in about 15 minutes. Not really caring about sara and my friend's presence inside the room. They were both busy in watching songs on TV. After some time, they both pretended a sleep. In about half an hour, me and my girlfriend couldn't stop ourself fucking, so i started drilling my girlfriend. We though, sara and her husband were in deep sleep.

Later the next day my friend came over to my flat and told me that his wife was awake the whole time and she observed us fucking my girlfriend. He proceeded to reminded me about our threesome conversation. He said his wife wanted to get another such time for the whole night. We both laughed and talked. While we were discussing things ,lubna walked into the room, as he asked if I wanted to join them, She caught the half of the conversation but fully inserted herself into the event by saying sure we will go. Me and my friend both were shocked by her answer. We looked at each other and smiled. After my friend left I told her about the threesome and that she probably didn’t want to go if she didn’t want it to be a foursome. Apparently she didn't believe me about him wanting me to fuck his wife and insisted on going. 

We waited 2 more days and again planned a similar kind of dinner outside and then doing it at a five star hotel. After dinner we got two rooms in that hotel as apparently, we never wanted to expose ourselves being there for fucking. Within 20 minutes of booking, We went to their luxury room which had a hot tub included in the bathroom, super cool. As lubna and I walked to their room; she asked me "your not really going to have sex with her are you?" I responded by saying I don’t know yet. 

I had no idea what and my attention was totally preoccupied on watching my friend’s wife. We greeted each other and sat on sofa. My friend's wife was wearing a half shirt and some really short shorts where just the smallest part of her ass was showing. You know in those videos on MTV, where they focus in on the girl’s ass while she is walking? It was just like that; everything went in slow motion her ass just looking gorgeous. I finally broke from my trance turned to my girlfriend and said “Yes.” “Yes” what she said, with a look of confusion, yes I am going to fuck bhabhi. Kamal and Sara smiled. You'r welcome to join us, Lubna responded with "right I'll believe it when I see it."

Soon, the thing were started. my friend started rubbing his wife's boobs while I started playing with lubna as per plan. Soon, The women were bras and panties and had really nice tans. The room was steaming up. We joked around and played casual for about an hour. Kamal asked his wife to remove everything and when she started to remove it, my girl friend whispered in my ear " It's enough for me. I'll be in the other room and got up to leave, looked at me and said are you coming? Nope I responded. She got up ,dressed up and left the room, closing the door behind her. 

We never cared for Lubna's departure as swapping was not a part of plan. the basic aim was threesome with sara bhabhi. So we kept on what was going on. Kamal helped her, removed her panties and bra. She had the perfect shape. We removed our shorts and he kissed her while she was standing and pushed her up onto an upper ledge about waist high. He kissed her again while spreading her legs and standing between them moved down to start eating her pussy. I just kinda relaxed standing against the wall watching stroking my hard cock while he ate her. 

She closed her eyes occasionally in pleasure but every time she opened them she was staring at my cock. She didn't take her eyes off it. I'm about 7.8 inches long, elbow thick, a nice hard cock. Just like in those stories you read online the stranger always has the biggest thickest cock that puts the husband to shame. I don't really believe all these stories It was definitely true this time, he was about 2.5 inches smaller to my size.

He ate her for about 5 minuets then stood up and put his cock on her wet pussy lips, slowly pushing it in her. I approached her and started licking her nipples. Meanwhile , she grabbed my cock and licked my balls like a cock thirsty bitch. Sara bhabhi got exceptionally amazing lips. She rolled her toung all over my cock tip and shaft. I felt like crazy feeling her blowjob skills. After drilling her 2-3 minutes, Kamal asked me, its your turn." Not hesitating for a second, I moved into his place. He watched as I rubbed my cock up and down her wet pussy slowing adjusting it to find the right spot before pushing it all the way up in her. She sounded so hot, hearing her gasp as she took it all, I picked her up in my arms as she was not that heavy, Kamal was stroking his cock standing aside. I pinned her to the wall with my cock deep inside her. She was looking directly into my eyes as I drilled it into her, her lips slowly parting, mouth opening as I fucked her faster, sure as shit this was all to much and This fucking was so intense that I couldn't last longer than 5-6 minutes. I stared blowing my load up inside her, I pulled out cum running down her leg. Surely, My initial blast of cum has been loaded into her vagina as I pulled it a little late.

When, I stopped moving, Kamal took her hand and they moved to the bed, he started fucking her in doggy style. I sat on the edge of the bed directly in front of them stroking my half hard cock. Again she focused her eyes on it, watching it slowly getting hard as he fucked her. She reached out and took it in her mouth leaning towards me sucking my cock as he fucked her, she would take it out occasionally to catch her breath. He was pumping her hard now watching her head bob up and down in my lap. Forcefully pushing up into her. She reached her hands around me hugging my waist for support, pressing her head into my lap my hard cock tangled in her hair. Finally he let out a groan and with some final strokes he came up filling cum inside her already cum soaked pussy.

I again quickly took his place behind her. I grabbed her by her waist and moved her back to the middle of the bed. Her body was glistening in the light as I mounted her. I found the spot and slowly entered her, my cock covered in his cum slid in so easily. At this angle I knew my cock would go in deeper than before so I eased it into her slowly letting her take only half of it before I pulled back. I started a steady rhytHydromax slowly building pace pumping halfway into her. Making sure to take my time before pushing slightly deeper. 

Her breath was synchronized with my strokes; we were as one. My cock was almost all the way up in her I could feel her legs trembling against me; I couldn't wait any longer and buried my cock all the way inside my friend's sexy wife. Pulling on her waist as I repeatedly slammed my cock into her. Continually pumping into her, I knew I would last long in 2nd time. Putting one hand on her shoulder, pushing her ass against me and fucking her for about 12-13 minutes in the same style. There were no signs of cum so I fucked her in 2 more positions and she was almost tired. I was trying hard to cum but it took more time than I expected. I came in about 30 minutes of fast fucking, blowing my load deep up in her, feeling her body shake as she collapsed into my lap. Pulling her back into a sitting position on my lap my arms around her wet body, my cock still spewing up inside her. 

We finally stopped and she fell forward onto her hands I fell backward pulling out of her, extending my legs, breathing hard, a silly stupid smile stretched across my face. Kamal smiled and looked at her. I never looked at him to see his face reaction or see his feeling but I was just telling him that i fucked his wife too good. He knew it already.I came back to my room where lubna was already into a deep sleep. I slept next to my girlfriend in our bed. We have no discussion about the fuck or something for 2 next days. Yes, I had to struggle hard to agree my girlfriend to accept our fucking. Two days later, Kamal called me again and told that his wife Sara loved my cock and style of fucking. He invited me at home asking to spend the whole night. "Sure" I responded we chatted and I smiled as hung up the phone. This is how I fucked my friend's horny Pakistani wife.

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