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Friday, December 19, 2014

Pakistani Aunty Shazia

Here is Zia 22 years old from Lahore. She is my uncle's wife. This is my first sex story and this incident happened three months ago between me and Shazia Aunty. I am doing my under graduation staying with my friends.I am an average looking guy with a slim body but having an 8 inch dick. Shazia is a fair lady with nice pair of boobs (36D) and a big, round ass. Let's come to the story.


I am very frank with them when it comes to family matters and I used to visit them often. The level of frankness is very deep. Even some times my uncle (who is not much older than me) jokes with me by talking and teasing my aunt. They both never cared about my presence and even some times my uncle touched her ass while I was looking. So they are quite open minded. Many a times my cock felt some life while my uncle touched shazia aunty in a naughty mood.

By chance, Shazia aunty has to travel back to her parents and uncle was very busy in his job. He applied for leave but his company didn't approve the leave. I had a few days off my university. Shazia aunt asked me to join her as she had never travelled alone. I agreed quickly and finally we left home. We took a train ticket and left for Karachi Meanwhile, our train got some problem near vihari (Sukkur) and nobody exactly knew how many hours it takes to get recovered. We thought a lot a then talked to uncle. He advised us to get some bus ticket or wait for train. We decided to get a bus but as it was around 2 am night. I went outside the station and then my devil mind started working. It was probably the best chance to fuck my aunt so I decided to avail that. 

I took a flat on rent in the nearby area of station and came back to pick my aunt. I told a self created story to shazia aunty about the availability of the bus ( I said, bus would be available after 8 am). We decided to have some rest before taking the bus. Soon, we reached the single bedroom flat. Shazia aunty was a bit tired but surprisingly she decided to take a bath before taking a few hours sleep. As I told you, she was quite an open minded lady, so she went straight into the bathroom while I kept our bag aside and changed my trousers. While I intentionally delayed my change over process (I wanted to show her some of my body parts). Suddenly, Shazia aunt came out, wrapped in a towel. Those melons were clearly visible and her cleavage was awesome immediately I got a bulge in my trouser which I was wearing. I stare at those huge melons for a while at that time she noticed me and gave a strange look. I was scared and trouser fell from my hands. Oh My Gosh. I went nude for a while and she had a good look at my cock.

She smiled, and said; Wear it slowly. After that I was so mad about her that I wanted her in my bed. my sexual desire about her has increased. I was not feeling well. I was so confused why she laughed? After that we became more friendly. 

We had only one bed to sleep. So, I asked aunt to take rest and I pretended to rest in chair. However, she said, this bed is big enough and we both can sleep. We set an alarm of 4 hours and kept the mobile aside. I went to sleep and aunt also slept on the same bed. However, who can sleep when such a horny pussy is lying nearby. My cock was fully erect of thinking her. 

I had a few sex clips in my mobile so after looking around (I got a feeling that she was sleeping) I started watching sex clips. With every second, my cock was getting harder and I was thinking none other than fucking my aunt shazia. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked towards me. She just saw that sex clip being played on my mobile and she asked; Why not you sleep? I said, I tried but I can't. She said, then you started watching dirty clips. I got stuck to reply but gathering my courage, I said; Yes, it is just a way to pass time. 

She looked into my eyes and said; you were never like that how you can do that. I blushed for a while but then she spoke again, Let me see what are you watching. She took my mobile and played the clip again. It was a clip in which an aged lady was fucking a stud. She watched the entire clip with great interest. 

Suddenly, she asked; You wanna try something? I looked at her and said; really? OMG, if it is, it's my luck Aunty. She smiled and just touched my cock. You are a naughty boy. What If your uncle mind that? I said; Never, I will never tell my uncle..Please Aunty. I promised her to keep it between us as a fun and she then touched my erect cock. She remarked; you are already prepared . She started rubbing my cock and then she just pulled my trouser down. 

My cock jumped up like a spring. She just caressed my cock and then started watching the clip again. I was getting out of control as she started a nice handjob. It went on untill the clip was over. I couldn't control myself more, As she played another clip. It was a mouthjob. She started giving me a nice blow with her horny lips. How lucky my uncle was, having a nice blowing lips to blow him.  Believe me, I was discharged within the first minute of her blow. 

She laughed, and said, you are over. No Aunty, It would be ready again. She didn't given me a time to re-establish and just cleaned my juices off my legs and started rubbing it again. Within 2-3 minutes, i was erect again.  The time has come to fuck that horny Pakistani pussy so I didn't wait more. I just got up, pulled her dress off, and then her remaining under garments. A huge pair of Pakistani boobs just jumped out. I rubbed her boobs and then used my saliva to lubricate my cock.

Within no time, I kept my cock onto her pussy and pushed it in with a jerk. I went almost half in the first push and then the next half in the second push. It went all inside. I started drilling my aunt. Aunty Shazia started moaning, biting her lips, grabbing my ass and pushing me towards her during those jerks. It looked like she wanted me to drill as deep as I can.

What a fuck it was. I fucked her for at least 5 minutes in the same style before changing the position. Then I asked her to sit on my cock and she took it in like an expert (Mostly married ladies do that). She started riding my cock and I grabbed her boobs tight while they were bouncing. 

Soon she orgasm-ed for the first time, her entire body shivered and I felt a huge orgasm of her. She kept on riding my dick then I wanted to make her doggy. I put her in doggy style and fucked her fast. Then , finally, I came. I just pulled it out and released my entire cum on her ass.

Wow. Awesome feeling, fucking my own aunt without any clear plans was such a great fun. I quickly went into the washroom, cleaned my cock and waited for 10 minutes. After fucking her, I was feeling a bit shy to face her. When, I came out, Surprisingly, I found her sleeping. She didn't even wear her clothes. 

It was just 2.5 hours remaining in the morning. I locked the room and went back to the station to check the train. I got a good news that the train was about to leave in next 30 minutes. So , I came back and quickly packed our bag again, awaking my aunt and getting her ready. The change of plan really worked and we caught the train again. 

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