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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Had Sex With My Hot Pakistani Aunty

Hello blog readers. I am a big fan of this sex story blog. I love the way Pakistani aunties are having fun here. Today, I am here to narrate my life story. It is a real story of my sex encounter with my aunt. I am 22 years old and I always get hard looking at married Pakistani aunties. I had never done sex with aunties but after reading a lot of stories on net, I started to try these experiences of people on different aunties in my family circle. Though , It didn't worked for everyone but proved great on my Mami ( Uncle's wife).


My uncle was not very rich. His job was an ordinary type with a low salary. Whenever, I visited their house, I tried to buy some fruits and other items to help them and my aunt liked me very much. It was a trick to seek her attention and special love. She was 28 years old with one child. I always shown much love to their child.

I became a good friend of my aunt in 2-3 years and I never shown her that I wanted to fuck her. She had a nice pair of big boobs and she was very carefree about her cleavage and clothes. Many times , I saw her shaking boobs through her cleavage when she was serving me something. My uncle had no doubts about me and my aunt so he never cared about us.

Luckily, my uncle had to go Lahore for some urgent work. He called my parents and asked them to send me for 2-3 days to take care of his wife and child and stay at their home. My parents asked me and I was ready to cash this chance in no time. I took an extra pair of clothes along-with me and drove my bike to their house. It was around 45 minutes drive. I reached and soon my uncle departed for Lahore.

Initially, for 2-3 hours we had a chit chat while I kept on playing with the child. He was very friendly with me and my aunt loved the way child behaved with me. At around 9pm , child slept and aunt served me dinner. After dinner, I played a movie on my laptop. It was an English movie with a lot of fucking scenes. As the movie kept on playing and scenes were coming, My manhood started to take life. It appeared as I can't live without a fuck tonight.

There came a scene in which a wife was fucking a teen. I watched it with full lust and I didn't even noticed about my aunt's presence in the room. She was working in the kitchen , and I didn't know when she came in. She didn't even speak a word and when I noticed her it was quite late. But surprisingly, she smiled and said; You watch such movies. (Sharm karo) Feel shame.

I noticed no anger in her words so i casually said; I didn't but today my friend given me a USB that had these movies. Aunt sat on the sofa and asked; why you guys like such movies. The conversation has started and that's what I wanted. I said; Aunty, (Maza Tu Ata He) Definetly, these movies feel good in our age. She smiled, and said; If your uncles saw you watching such stuff, what would you do. I begged, please don't tell uncle. please. She smiled; OK (Nahi Batai) I will not.
Let me see what was you watching. It was just a trick of my aunt otherwise she knew it what I was watching. I played it again, and the kissing scene started between that milf and the student teen. The scene was perfectly matching our situation. Soon, the boy started pulling off her clothes and aunt said, OMG, It's very dirty. I laughed and said; Dekhain Tu( watch, It's not bad). She looked into my eyes and said; you are gone bad. (Tum buht Kharab ho chuky ho). She watched it as the milf in the movie grabbed the teen's head and pushed him onto her naked boobs.

I whispered, Wish I have been this boy. (Kash Iski jaga mein hota). She looked again in my eyes and said; behave. I didn't delay more as I sensed the things so I started raising my dick inside my trouser. Suddenly, my aunt felt what was happening their inside my trousers. She said; Youuuuuu..are just crazy. I am going in my room. I grabbed her hand and kept her sitting by saying (Please Bethain Na). I begged and she sat again. I knew , she was ready to fuck. Soon the movie boy started licking the milf and my aunt moaned a little. I said; Aunt , you like this. She said, yes, but never tried. I said, wanna try? She said ; how ? I offered , I can do this.

She said, No No. It's bad. I can't. But I touched her boobs meanwhile. She was just displaying formal rejections and I knew she was not able to control now. I rubbed her boobs and kept on running my hands around her thighs. She started moaning. And soon, I pulled her pant(Shalwar) down. She had no underwear on, A freshly shaved fat pussy was waiting my lips. OMG, what a lovely pussy my aunt has. She kept her eyes locked on the screen as the teen boy was fucking the milf. I started licking her pussy. She moaned louder.

Then, she placed her left hand on my already erect cock. It felt fabulous.she started rubbing my cock as I licked her fat pussy lips. Then i got up and removed my trousers. Though she resisted a bit at the fucking point, but I knew it was just formal. I was lying behind her and touching my cock with her pussy. Then I pushed it slightly in. She moaned. I pushed it completely in with a big thrust. she felt it, she moaned and I started screwing her slowly.

I fucked her till the movie scene finished. She closed her eyes, I held her left boob and kept on fucking her. Then I pulled it out and went near her face. I just wanted to get sucked. I wanted to make her tasting her pussy juices. She started licking my cock tip. I moaned as she rolled her tongue on my cocktip. She sucked it greedily for a while.

Then I pulled her legs up my shoulders and started fucking her deep in missionary style. The fucking went on 10-12 minutes and I was about to release. I pulled it out as I never wanted to make a baby in uncle's property. I sprayed all my load on her pussy lips.

She got up quickly after this fuck and went into the washroom. Then she came out and straightaway gone into her bedroom. We didn't talked after the sex session. The next morning, for the first few hours we were not able to make an eye contact, but the things were settled till night as I started playing with the child again in the day. The next night , I had another sex session with my horny Pakistani aunty. It was better than the first one as we were more relaxed and more free with each other. I am still in relation with my aunt. Whenever I go to their house, I fuck her. My uncle never knew that we had such a hot relation.

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