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Friday, January 23, 2015

Pakistani Wife Having Sex With Young Stud

This story belongs to my hot Pakistani wife who loved making my fantasies a reality. It is a story of having sex with a stud on a holiday. Basically, I had strange cravings when it comes to my sexual life. I love watching young guys having sex with my wife. However, being in a conservative society, I never opted for it until I had it under my belt. I never wanted to expose my lifestyle to our society. So, I planned to do it somewhere at hotel room during our holiday trip. We had just moved into our hotel room somewhere in Murree. It was on the second floor of a very quiet secluded resort and had a big balcony, which over looked only a few mangroves and trees.

The only place directly opposite us was another similar in the next adjoining building. Anyway it was about 8 in the evening. With Running heaters, Our room was hot enough to sleep naked. Nadia had just slipped on her red nighty, which was just enough to cover her ass and she didn’t bother to wear any bra or panties either.A little time ago, we were just gonna have a few drinks change and went for a dinner. We fixed our drinks and sat out in the balcony enjoying the fresh air and coolest breeze.Then we moved back into the room.

Just then the door bell rang which was strange because we didn’t really know anyone in Murree. I opened the door and found a very young looking, well built and well groomed stud standing at the door. He said his name as Usama and he had the flat across us and just came to confirm the sim he lost last night when he was staying at our room.It was quite strange. Suddenly, My devil mind sparked the other way. He was such a nice choice to fulfill my fantasies I always talked about during the streamy sex session with my wife. Say Hi and see it inside if you find! We havn't opened anything yet. My wife was lying in her red nighty that left absolutely nothing to the imagination and came to get a better look. He could clearly see her full boobs in that revealing nighty.

Oh Sorry, he just ashamed by the gesture and said; please if you find it, return it to me, I am staying in the hotel next to you. But, I was never in a mood to say him bye before he fucks my gorgeous wife. Nadia smiled and just pulled up the blanket a bit to hide herself. knew I liked it when she wore bold clothes or sometimes flashed or teased guys, it turned me on to see the look on their face when they starred at her breasts or cleavage or nice ass. We looked at each other, leaving the poor boy wide eyed and speechless for a few seconds. She also knew I like watching her fuck another guy or hearing about her fucking other guys and it usually ended up with good sex for her. So well we winked each other and she decided to flirt with Usama a bit and see where this would lead.

He looked a few drawers and the cupboard but he couldn't find anything in that tense situation. He was nervous surely, So I just put a hand on his shoulders and asked him to sit for a while an think. Nadia was still smiling and winking me and enjoying the sitaution.He sat opposite, Nadia got up suddenly and started pretending as she was trying to find his sim. Now, he has seen a full view of her sexy body. She tried for 2-3 minutes and then came near him. I was sitting there on the other sofa and she sat occasionally crossing and uncrossing her legs to give him a view of her nice wet shaven pussy. I could see him looking into her legs. After a while I got up and went to the counter to bring a hot drink. As soon as I went off, she told him “my hubby likes watching me get fun from guys like you and I know u can do it. He thought for a while and probably, the situation didn't allow him to deny. He may have already decided to enjoy a sexy couple like us. He asked her, If her hubby won't mind it and she said; don't worry just drop your pants and get over here”.

He did not waste another second his clothes were off and he was on the sofa at the side of her in a wink. I watched as she kissed him and let his hands explore her body lifting her nighty clean over her head. She ran her fingers thru his hair while he kissed her on her neck slowly towards her boobs then took each nipple one by one into his mouth, while kneading the other boob with his hands. He reached down between her legs and slipped one finger into her pussy slowly moving it around giving her immense pleasure.

As she neared her first orgasm he pushed another finger deep into her wet pussy picking up the pace, finger fucking her vigorously. She moaned loudly and bit down on his nipples making him moan in pleasure. While one hand dug into his back the other hand jerked wildly at his now erect cock. It was a huge clean shaved cock at least 7.5” long and pretty thick. Nadia bent down and took the cock in her mouth sucking at the head and rolling it around her tongue. I watched as I saw the thick cock disappear into her warm mouth. My own cock was sporting an erection by now but I decided to let her fuck him first.

It was an awesome site sitting behind her watching her suck his cock while he fondled her breasts, her ass sticking up in the air and her pussy glistening with juice. Off and on she left his cock to lick his nipples or kiss his neck. She then took his balls one at a time into her mouth sucking them and releasing them from her mouth with a pop. His dick was really hard by now and the head of his cock well lubricated with her saliva. He was longing for her pussy. She was also really wet from the finger fucking and wanted her in him. He sat upright on the sofa while she straddled him letting his cock slide deep into her till she could feel all 7.5” of him inside. Nadia loved to ride a cock, slowly at first then she picked up pace. He grabbed at her boobs with both hands sucking hard at her nipples making her scream with ecstasy.

As he thrust into her she could feel his balls bang on her ass as his massive cock slammed into her pussy. I knew she was cumming again as I saw her butt clench and squeeze his cock. He pulled out of her and turned her over and started fucking her doggie style. She was screaming for him to bang her and he did just that. The cheeks of her ass rippled as he banged her tender pussy. I could see his body slapping against her ass making it red while she squealed and thrashed about the sofa having orgasm after orgasm. When he was finally ready to cum he pulled out of her turned her around and sprayed his cum all over her tits massaging it into her boobs. As he got up to wash up I was really turned on, I moved over to Nadia and with one swift move slid my hard cock into her wet pussy.

I fucked her slowly savoring every moment of it as I felt the velvet walls of her wet pussy slide down my shaft. Usama washed himself by now and was back to the sofa. His dick semi hard again from watching us fuck. Nadia asked him to come over to her and took his cock into her mouth cupping his balls in her hands. I was getting painfully hard in her pussy as I watched her suck him off while I fucked her. I picked up my pace and rammed into her with hard thrusts. She let out a muffled moan as she gagged on the huge cock in her mouth. I could not hold back much longer and shot streams of cum deep into her pussy.

By now Usama was ready to fuck again and his long hard dick waved in the air glistening with saliva dripping down from his balls. She had deep throat him and he fucked her mouth balls deep. This made him super hard and ready to fuck again. He turned her on her back and slipped his dick into her, holding her waist and bum up to meet his cock while she wrapped her legs around him. He fucked her slowly at first and then fast varying the pace to give her maximum pleasure. Her boobs heaved and bounced with each thrust. I knelt down behind her head and massaged her boobs with both hands.

She closed her eyes and moaned as she got a boob massage and fuck at the same time. He fucked her hard till her tender pussy lips were red and swollen from her second fuck of the evening with this huge cock. She moaned begging him to bang her harder as she loved being banged. She told him not to pull out but to shoot his load deep into her. As he came I could feel her body quiver as she had yet another orgasm for the evening. Nadia was so exhausted she closed her eyes and soon fell asleep on the bed, legs still spread pussy dripping with cum and tits with cum massaged into them all exposed.

I decided to order room service as we were hungry with all the fucking. I decided it would be really interesting if we did not cover her up when the room service came just to see the look on the boys face. But Usama felt a little shy doing that. He took permission to leave and thanked me for giving him such a nice time. I thought for a while and then dropped him outside.

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