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Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Paki Aunty Story

This story a nice Paki story. I was habitual of chatting in Yahoo chat rooms those days. Chatting a few strangers was my routine. I do had chats with a lot of people, some of them were real and some were fakes. One day, I was chatting in a Paki chat room and I was contacted by a lady who asked me to be added to gmail for a chat. It didn't happened in a day but after a week we came to know each other. Whilst we chatted for a few times, just casually, I wanted to break the ice and asked her if she wants to get steamy in the chats for which she replied no. I was surprised and asked again and her reply was a no again. I asked her then why did she contact me then she said she is too old for sex and typed ummmmmm.


I said ok then what Do you want me to do. She said cant we talk like friends. I said why no but I am not here to make friends but to find some one to have hot romance. For which she said if I find you some one can we be friends. I said are you serious and she replied yes. During our chats, she revealed that she had a niece. She said that she and her niece are very close to each other. The nieces name is Saira.

Saira is an IT professional from Pakistan. She got married and was treated badly in her house. She put up with it for 3 years but it was getting too much for her. She then spoke to her aunty here in the UK and she advised here to divorce him and come to the UK. She then divorced him and is now living with her aunt for about 2 years.

So the aunty said that she can’t see her niece struggle. Our chats were getting serious but I was finding my luck to reach her niece through her. I used to discuss Aunt's family problems and provide a humble consolation and sometimes a good solution as a friend. Slowly she was getting free with me. One day, during chat, she told me some secrets of her niece. She often notices her fingering herself in the bathroom. I was amazed to read her chat and for a while I thought that someone else was making me fool from her ID. but when she opened her CAM, I noticed that it was her. She told more about her niece. She is working in a call centre for one of the leading banks. So the aunty said if you wold like to play along I have an idea and we can get her to sleep with you. I got excited and quickly agreed.

As planned I became aunts friend whom she knew a long time ago when we were working together. She invited me for dinner and I arrived at their house with some flowers and chocolates. We sat in the lounge for an hour but still could not see Saira. I was getting restless. I asked aunty to call her she said she is very shy to come down. So she decided to take me to her room and introduced her. We went to her room and I was stunned the sight of her, you won’t believe it she is absolutely georgeous. We introduced each other. You know how beautiful Pakistani women are. But she was fully covered in he dress and hence I could not see her structure. She did not seem to take any notice of me. She just said yellow, gave a smile and then turned her face else where as to say I am not interested. I was very disappointed and so was the aun.

Aunty and me spoke about what can be done next as she did not seem interested. She said keep coming in regularly and hopefully she will talk to you when you are more familiar. Luckily enough my work place was 12 miles from their house so every day I use do go to their house for half hour or so say hi to the auny and if Saira was there then greet as well. I acted as if I was not paying any attention to her and it seem to have worked as one day she herself came and greeted me when we were sitting in the garden and having taa. She also and a smile in her face which was refreshing to see.

Now my visits got more regular and longer. I could not go on the weeks needs as I had to stay home. We started chatting more frequently but most of it was gulag stuff. One day I could not got and when I went the next day she asked me why I did not come the last day for which I told nothing just had some work to do why did you miss me or what? To which she made a funny face and said why would I miss you. I said because you asked the question I thought you miss me. She said don’t be silly I just asked like that.

Pone fine day I was invited for lunch. I went there around 11 and when I was greeted I lost my voice. For the 1st time I saw her in a chudidhar and she was looking out of this world. Her boobs were so big that the tight dress couldn’t hide them. I was literally drooling. We had a little conversation and then resided t have lunch. I asked aunty if there was anything special for the invitation she said that Saira wanted to coo all food herself and invite you to lunch. I said oh thanks Saira but why me there should be other people who are more important to you. Saira became sad and aunt quickly changed the topic and said look at the food it’s yummy lets have it quickly. We all laughed and ate and the food. She i went to wash my hands Saira came over to hand me the towel and I seizing the chance asked her why me, do you like me? She just threw the towel on my face and went away.

I was very sad and told the incident to aunt and she said let’s wait and see what she does. Next day aunty rang me and said that Saira has not spoken to her about the incident so may be she is thinking about because she usually shares everything with her. Auny said she is Aldo been very quiet since the last day. Few days later I called her and asked her to meet me in a supermarket. When she arrived I apologised to her and said I will not repeat it again. She said why sorry what have you done I should be sorry for behaving so and not you. I said ok then we are fiends again, she smiled and said yes. I asked her can we go for movie and she said but aunt will be home and it won’t look good on me if I go late. I told her tell aunt that you have gone to a movie with some of your work colleagues and will late.

So we went to the local cinema. She said should we watch a cartoon movie. I was like what but said ok. We went to watch Madagascar. It was not very busy. We picked the top most seats to have a good view. While watching the movie she was hit me with her arm for a comedy scene. That was the 1st time she touched me. I felt like something special. She kept hitting me on my arm, thighs, shoulder. Once I grabbed her arm when she hit me, she looked at me for second and then again started watching the movie. I was still holding her arm in my arm. My heart rate was getting faster. I kept looking at her gorgeous face, she just turned towards me and said will you stop,staring at me please I am unable to concentrate on the movie. Then I realised that she is thinking about me. I said you watch the movie and don’t concentrate on me the you will be fine. Hearing this she just pulled her hand from mine and gave me hard hit on the shoulder. I said hey you you hitting me so hard. Stop behaving like this or else I will leave you here itself? She said. Then I decided not to disturb her or else I may loose her for ever.

Suddenly after a while she turned towards me and asked me are you upset? I said no. Then she said you buddhi (fool) I know you are upset, ok you can hold my hand if it will make you feel better and she just put her hand on my thigh and pinched me. It pained a bit but it was very romantic I said you silly and pinched her back in the same place. She jumped in the seat and said ullu-ke-phatte (fool) do you behave like this to a lady be gentle. I said sorry and placed my arm in her thigh and rubbed it slowly and asked her how you feeling now. She said thoda khujli ho rahi hai (itching a bit). I said oh is and and rubbed it a bit more. She said vaha chod khujli vaha nahi neeche ho rahi hay ( not there its itching down below). I was shocked to hear that then she said are you surprised to hear that. I said I did not expect to hear that from you. She said I am not an angle I am a bitch and I am dying get fucked for three years. Now can you stop taking and do something.

I was jumping for joy. She said make sure no one sees it. I said I will take care. I slowly kept my palm on her boob by folding the hands and taking the hand underneath the other. She put her dupatta on the arm to cover it. The touch was magical, her boos was so big and so soft I could not stop pressing it. She said bohat dabaliya Baha’i dusri vali dabavo (enough pressing this one now start on the other). I did as she said but she was not satisfied with it and she wanted me to suck on them. I said its too dangerous. She was so excited that she would not listen to me. She brought the left boob out with very difficulty and placed the churidhar over my face and her boob. I started sucking and it was my god heavenly. Now she wanted me to suck the other boob but it was very difficult to do it. She we decide to stop it.

Now she asked me ungli karoge (will you finger me). I said I will die for it. She said just fingure it now some other time you can put your dick in here. She now lifted one of her legs and put her knee on top of the other seat , the left leg so that people can’t see the right leg. I opened her pallu and slowly put my hand in her panty. The whole area was very wet. She asked me geela hai kya (is it wet) ? I said yes, then she said ungli uspe ragad ke phir andar dalna (rub your finger on the wet and put it in). It went in so easily but the pussy was still tight. She let out a moan and said dheere se karo (do it slowly). I obliged and then slowly increase the pace. She then stopped me and said abhi mer nikalne vala hai, pure gila ho jayega (I am gang to cum it is all going to get wet) get me a tissue. I went to the men’s and got a tissue she put it under the panty and told me when I say hold it close to my pussy so that the cum won’t come out.

I now again started the fingering and with in 2 minutes she was about reach orgasm and asked me to increase the pace. I did so and she asked me to hold the tissue higher as well. Then she cum with a bang, pressed my hand very hard and relaxed aft few seconds. She was happy and said ek ladki ko aaz tumne kush kardiya. She then with out a warning pulled my zipped down caught hold of my tool brought it out and started a hand job. Because I was very hot and tensed for a long time it did not take long for me to cum. I used the same tissue as hers to clean up. It was all like a dream that was too real to describe. We were both very happy.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hot Paki Student Teacher Chudai Story In Urdu

I am Farhan from Islamabad. I am writing my hot story about real incident with my student. This Urdu story of sex will really please your mind. All reader are requested to share their opinion about my sex story. I will not write any kind of fiction here. But I'm not a professional story writer so please forgive my mistakes. So let's proceed to this hot paki student and teacher sex story in Urdu.


Iram was a nice and hot paki student who made my life wonderful. Having sex with such a Paki beauty is such a pleasure indeed.

I hope readers have enjoyed my Urdu sex story here. Please share your worthy comments below so that I write another hot Paki story for all of you.

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