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Monday, March 16, 2015

A Horny Pakistani Wife Hina

My husband follows this blog and I do sometimes read wife sharing stories here. It makes me understand my husband and many other men who are fascinated by this addiction to have their horny wives sleep with other men. Its more common than some people think and can enhance a healthy sexual marriage. This is my life story of my very delightful incident and it may help others as they explore.

We are both in our 30’s. We have always had good sex in fact I would call it great sex. Both of us had a relationship before we met each another and married and had a family. I believe we were very experienced and worldly to say the least. We both had sex partners before marriage, to be very honest.

Like many other couples we discussed and shared fantasies and likes. Over the years we developed a certain level of trust and kinky talks, we indulged oursleves in dirty talks while making sex.

My husband went out of his way to make things happen and often when I was not expecting it which made it the best. We have had sex in the washrooms, on balconies, near the windows of multi story hotels while expecting people watching from other buildings for examples. Sometimes he ties me and teases me. This ends with some fantastic orgasms.

His fantasies on the other hand mainly focused on me with another man. He liked the fantasy of wife swap. I tried to understand this but always thought it would give him reasons to have other women and many other variances in between.

Then a few months back when one of his friends got divorced, things started to happen in real. I always had a soft spot for him and felt sorry for how she had treated him in their marriage and divorce. I became friendly with him mainly to support him. We had coffee a few times when he came our home with my hubby.

This turned my husband on. He could not think any other thoughts other than I would sleep with this friend. But all this talk made our sex life unbelievable. My husband and I were doing it every night.This is where I admit that I started to have thoughts that maybe it would be ok to sleep with his friend and satisfy my husband’s fantasy.

I never rushed into it. It took 2-3 months. We had been meeting for coffee once a week, then twice and then 3 times. After a month, coffee we would sneak away and pet like teenagers and explore each other’s bodies. My husband knew all about these coffee meetings and what went on. His friend knew that my husband knew everything as well. Infact, my husband encouraged him to explore me.

One day, my husband and his friend arrived home on weekend. I made three cups of coffee as usual, while our kids were out to uncle. Meanwhile, my loving husband got up and said; I am going to bring some snacks, you two sit and have a nice time. He left and we started to chat. During our chit chat, he expressed his feelings about my figure. Believe me, I liked it. It was never a cheating because my husband allowed me to explore the dirty side of life. I was totally content on this issue.

That night, my husband asked me; how did i feel? I told my husband I was going to do it and he hugged and kissed me and told me I was the most wonderful wife a man could have. We then made passionate sex before going to sleep for a very restful night.

The next day I called his friend and told him to be here at our home.He arrived. I never got to make coffee until over 2 hours later. We had sex twice. The second time I took him in my mouth and brought him nearly to the point of ejaculation. I can do this thing where I can swallow a guy’s penis and use my tongue to tickle their balls. A girl friend taught me this years ago and we practiced on a banana.

After his friend left I tidied myself up and called my husband to tell him it had happened. He was excited and came home quickly. He dragged me to the bed room and made love exactly where our friend had had me a little over an hour before. The bed sheets were stained and still damp. I say made love because it’s what he did. He explored, rubbed, licked and sucked my nipples and whispered beautiful loving thoughts as he did it.  We made love again that night and again in the morning when we awoke.

All this left me so horny and I started thinking about what I had done. Two days later I invited his friend back and we did it again. This has been the pattern now for us.his friend visits usually on weekends. Rightly speaking, my husband's friend got a better cock size, Though his timing was almost same but size was quite bigger.

On weekend nights, we usually go out and talk about sex meetup, I come home really turned on and can orgasm easily and continually.

I enjoy sex with both men. One is not better than the other just different in size. In fact my husband could fuck better slowly and emotionally before ejaculating although our friend has got better size and he fucks faster. I’m not looking for very big size because i am not a size queen.

It’s different too from a relationship view. When our friend visits I know it’s purely for sex and once he arrives I will very soon be naked and in bed with him. One is sex with someone I am fond of and the other is sex with someone I love.

I would end it with him if my husband ever asked me to stop. I would not cheat with him. I totally enjoy my life and admit to myself and my husband that if the present arrangement ended then I would look for another lover as per my husband's likes.

That’s my story and I hope others understand that all of us enjoy it, Its amazing for me.


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