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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zeb’s sex story part II in Pakistani sex stories

This is Zeb’s sex story part II in Pakistani sex stories. For reading part I of this Pakistani sex story click this link. She ranged the bell twice. I opened the wooden door and amazed to see her sexy figure again. She was looking gorgeous in Pink dress with deep neck. Her large breasts were popping out of her pink dress. I was stunned for a few seconds to see the hot girl again. Her visible enlarged breast was making her sexier. I guessed, she’s wearing full figured bras. Indeed, she was looking like a real Pakistani beauty amongst hot Pakistani women.

I asked her to come in. She entered our house and given a sexy smile. I was a bit nervous when she handed over the bowl to me. I thanked her for her co-operation but she laughed at my words of thanks. It was quite amazing. She said! What are thanks in it? We are your neighbors and it’s our pleasure to help you. I was talking to her but still looking at her large breasts which were natural but looking so big as if she used some breast enlargement cream. Her deep neck pink dress was enough to make me mad but I controlled my emotions to some extent.

She was sensible enough that she captured my mind and asked me, what are you looking so anxiously? I suddenly got out of my thoughts and felt ashamed of it. I tried to cover my shame by saying “I am looking at your nice pink dress” you are looking nice and attractive in this. She thanked me for the appreciation of her dress, and asked about my sister. I told her that she has gone to school for picking up children and not returned yet. At the same time, I was trying to sense the indications of any lust in the eyes of my Hot Pakistani women.

She realized my inner self and sat on the soft sofa. I gathered some courage and started the conversation again. I asked her” Hina if you don’t mind should I say something?” she nodded her head and said yes. I really like you very much right from the first day, I replied. She unexpectedly smiled and told me that she knows this already and when I called her mobile number, she was assured of the fact. It was a reply which was enough to make the next move. So I sat close to her to feel the Pakistani beauty from near. I made a couple of French kisses.

I straightway holed her breasts with my hands but she forbade me by saying no. I requested like a children which requests her teachers. She said! Ok only if you accept my terms. I was already willing to accept any terms and conditions to screw her. She said! The first thing is that this would be first and last time and you will not ask for it again. I agreed quickly to her terms. Then she said! You will not tell anybody about this. I again agreed her terms because I was not willing to miss the chance. After her agreement I started fondling her breasts sitting on the sofa.

Suddenly, I realized that the curtains of the exterior window are not closed enough. So I got up and adjusted the curtains. I also made sure that the wooden door is locked. I started undressing her pink dress. It was the greatest scene to look at large breasts in large cup bras. She was the real hot Pakistani women who are going to be the heroin of my Pakistani sex story. I lowered my jean’s pants. My erect tool was hanging in front of her. I asked her to suck but she declined. So I didn’t force her as I was also in a hurry due to my sister’s arrival time coming.

so I quickly lowered her sexy pink dress from her legs and made her in the doggy style. Her Black ladies underwear was also wet due to her juices. I guided my tool inside her with a jerk. After insertion of my hard tool, I guessed that she is neither a virgin nor she has done it a few times. It seemed like a hole of a mature Pakistani woman. I started screwing her fastly by holding her bouncing big breasts. It gave me a remarkable pleasure of screwing hot Pakistani women.

I given my sister’s sofa set, the honor of this Pakistani beauty. My mind was also thinking about my sister’s arrival time and I was also looking at the wall clock. After a nice screwing into her love hole, I pulled out my hard tool and blasted on her big ass. It was extremely hot session with her. She was also gone to climax during that session. I cleaned her body with a tissue paper. She grabbed her clothes quickly and smiled again. I again made a French kiss and thanked her for providing such a beautiful time. She left our house after wearing the pink dress and large cup bras again. This is all about my Pakistani sex story for Pakistani women and Pakistani sex stories blog.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pakistani sex stories, Hina's sex story

I am Zeb, sharing in Pakistani sex stories

first time on Pakistani sex stories blog. I belong to a village of Pakistan in Faisalabad district. This incident happened 4 years back when I was in my college for my third year classes. I was 20 y old at that time. Before going to my Pakistani sex story I would like to tell you that I am a permanent visitor of hot Pakistani women blog. This blog really produced good Pakistani sex stories based on reality. I don’t know those Pakistani women but I strongly agree that these things happen in Pakistan and increasing sex affairs. There are plenty of girls in Pakistani society which are now involved in sex due to internet, TV and mobile phones. I was also succeeded in making relation with a girl by using mobile phone which helped me a lot in making Pakistani sex stories a reality.

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During vacations, I used to stay in my sister’s house as my village was far away from her. She lived at least 120km from my village. During my vacations, I used to spend time with kids of my sister at her house. I forgot to tell you that I have average looks and average personality. So, I don’t expect women to get mad after seeing me but this incident proved me that women dam car about looks. In my sister’s neighbors, there was a family which consisted of 3 daughters and one son living with their parents. The elder daughter (name Hina) was almost 26y old and often comes to my sister’s house as they have family relations with my sister’s family.

I saw Hina for the first time in my sister’s house. I was habitual of watching porn movies and fantasizing about Pakistani women. When I saw her I went mad after watching her gorgeous figure. Hina was one of extremely hot Pakistani women. She must be having 36 size breasts, I guessed at that time which proved to be true later. The more attractive figure of her body was her slim waist and large size ass. She was habitual of wearing fashionable dresses which made me more hot. Her deep neck dresses were eye catching.I really loved her figure after watching her first time in my sister’s house. My sister told her about me in formal talks as she was a regular visitor of my sister’s house. She has shown no interest in me at that time but later I worked and got all.

Hina was making a place of liking in my mind’s corner within a few days, so I decided to make a relation with her. One day, I was able to get the mobile number of Hina from my sister’s cell phone. I was also in a fear that if she told my sister, I would be embarrassed. So I decided to talk to her in my sister’s absence from home. My sister was habitual of going to school to pick her kids at close-up. So, I decided to check my fortune during that time. I called Hina on her cell phone. After a few rings she attended the call. On saying hello from her side, my heart started beating fast. I made some courage and answered. She was amazed to hear my voice. I told her that I am Zeb ( Shaista’s brother). She asked me why you called me, Any problem?

I told her that sister has gone to bring kids from school and I want some salan(for eating with bread) from your house as there is nothing in our house and I am feeling extremely hungry, I have managed to bring a few breads but I forgot to bring Salan from hotel. She laughed at my innocence and said; Ok I arrange it and send you. I was expecting her to come as she talked to me in humble voice. After a few minutes she ranged our door bell. My heart started beating fast as I am again going to see the hot Pakistani beauty. Pakistani sex stories Continue.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pakistani Women Survey Results and Pakistani sex stories

Our blog successfully posted Real Pakistani sex stories which were very much appreciated by all of our worthy blog readers. As you all know that along hot Pakistani women the blog discussed a lot of habits of Pakistani singles e.g hot girls. To start the business, our blog writers have to make much more efforts for the improvement of the blog. Hence along with hot Pakistani sex stories of Pakistani married women, Pakistani hot girls, Pakistani Desi aunties and Elite class women of Pakistan, We started the blog polls or blog surveys.

Blog readers are invited every week to participate in blog surveys below the hot women posts. Men and women share their knowledge about hot Pakistani women and single girls to bring out the reality results at our blog about the question in general, related to Pakistani women. The passing week has three questions in polls or surveys. The fourth question is included for one month to get the best results, however the top three poll question are ended this week. New question would be available for this week. Internet users are invited to post comments and participate in blog polls or surveys to help us in bringing the good outcome.

The first survey/poll question was related to experience. The poll question was “what is the majority breast size for Pakistani women” .The People participated according to their own experience and given votes. 54% of the voters think that the breast size of Pakistani women is 36. I being a Pakistani woman strongly agree with this opinion as I have also seen majority of women with this breast size. Many of the Elite class Pakistani women try to use breast enhancement cream to enlarge their breasts. 36 breast sizes was the leading vote’s option.

The second survey/poll question was related to Pakistani hot girls. The poll question was “Why Pakistani hot girls are involved in sex affairs with men? This was also voted by people according to their own experiences and opinion. But two options got same percentage of votes. 30% people think that it’s because of body requirement. 30% think that it’s the mind satisfaction only. Rest of the options of this girl’s poll got lesser percentage of votes. According to my own opinion, the Pakistani girls are involved in sex affairs just for fun, nothing else, you may think else wise.

The third survey/poll question was about men and women combine. The question was “ To attract Pakistani hot women, the men must have the quality which is? The options for this poll were Attractive figure, Money, sense of humor, attractive dress. This blog poll got most votes in the week and first option got the maximum percentage of votes. This was attractive figure. It got 35% votes. Option 2nd got 33% votes and it was sense of humor. I strongly agree with the second option i:e sense of humor, Because a lot of Pakistani women have been found dating men who have good sense of humor but average looks. On the other hand good personality and attractive look also produces good results.

This was all about this week blog surveys and polls. New surveys and polls according to your likings will be started tomorrow. You are invited to participate in Pakistani women question and visit regular to this blog. There are lot of Pakistani sex stories for you.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tania's Sex story,Pakistani sex stories

Tania's Sex story,Pakistani sex stories

.I am posting my life story in Pakistani sex stories blog first time. My name is Tania. I live in Lahore, Pakistan, in an apartment with my husband. We have been married for the last 7 years. We have a satisfactory sexual life and fuck at least once in a day. Every day, we have tried many things including car sex, sex in the kitchen, bathroom sex, etc. Now this is about me” I am 29 years old, and I am of 5”8 in height. I have long raven black hair and a gorgeous figure, big breast and a creamy complexion. To get an entire picture of me, notice my attractive eyes, and full juicy lips to kiss. In short, my hubby’s friends call me real hot Pakistani women, and this is somehow true in fact. My husband’s name is Zain. He is 6” and has an average build, but he has got very handsome features and look of a Hero. He has his 7” tool always ready for me whenever I want it.

Once my husband and I were watching porn lying in our luxury bedroom and he asked me if I would like to try on something new and switch partners for example. I was so caught up in the idea that I actually turned off the TV and we discussed it for some more. We both were so turned on with the idea that we started thinking of having another partner while having sex that night. I could not sleep that night with excitement as I have been born up amongst elite class of Pakistan where sex with men other than husband is not considered wrong. Towards dawn I must have dropped to sleep and this idea just slipped my mind completely. Next morning I didn’t come back to the topic again. But as for my hubby, he didn’t He put up the subject again at breakfast, and we started deciding on which couple to choose for the plan. Finally, it was decided that we would discuss it again with one of my husband’s friends who lived in the other end of the city. We called them up and invited them for dinner that night at the restaurant where we usually got together. They were chosen because we were somehow closer to them than other friends. 

That evening they came in their latest model car, Toyota. When we met, we ordered first drinks for all and waited for the party to begin. We discussed our plan over and over again, and the couple was completely thrilled over our suggestion. I looked across the table at my husband’s friend and gave him a careful look for the first time. He was a perfect candidate. He was 5”10 and a handsome face. This guy is tanned, has an athletic build and his name is Sunni. I imagined myself being put on the bed by him and got wet instantly. He must have read my thoughts as I could feel his legs against my bare legs and one of his hands in my panties. I blushed and giggled at his touch. We had decided that the next day we would meet again in our house and bring our plan to reality.

Sunni’s wife is Maria and she has big breasts, nice figure and such a hot sluttish look of hot women. Next day I had prepared 2 bedrooms, when my hubby grabbed me from my back and nibbled on my ear. I asked him what had gotten into him. He said that I was looking sexier than ever that day. He suggested we prepare only one bedroom instead of two. One bedroom for 2 couples, I liked the idea very much: swapping partners in the very same room. I built up a romantic ambience in our house, light fragrance, candle lights, romantic music…

I wore a revealing black dress, which more revealed than shadowed. My husband wore a satin white shirt open at the collar and black jeans. Maria was wearing what I had thought, a red short dress which showed much of her skin in most intimate places of her body. Sunny was wearing the same as my husband. When the friends arrived in the evening, we had some drinks. I could see Sunni’s eyes pop out at seeing my cleavage and smooth legs. Then we danced with our swapped partners for a while and then sat to a dinner. Sunny was sitting beside me and holding my right hand while dining. After dinner we headed for the dance floor and dance some more. This time the dance was a bit hotter and naughtier because Sunny pulled me closer to him and I could feel his hands in between my legs. He was feeling my smooth legs. 

I pulled him and rested his head on my breasts. After some moments he was breathing down my cleavage. I saw Mu husband had already got his hand into Maria’s panties and began playing with her clit. They were enjoying a lot. We went towards the bedroom prepared for the act in a hurry, really excited.As soon as we were in the room my husband undid the clasp of Maria’s dress and her dress fell to the floor. She was standing in front of us, stark naked. I complimented Sunny on having a good luck to have such a sexy Pakistani beauty as wife. He laughed and kissed me for thanks. It was a long passionate kiss. My husband pulled Maria close to him, his shirt was undone. Maria grabbed my husband’s tool and was stroking it. She called across to me and asked:

“Honey, how do you handle him? He is so impatient and he is already prepared!” I answered: “Just as you handle Sunny when he is hung like that!” With that she knelt and sucked on my husband’s tool. I also had Sunni’s 6.5” fat monster in my hand and I was staring at his huge purple thick tool in my palm. I felt I needed that thing in my mouth and knelt to give him a blowjob. Both the men moaned with pleasure as we sucked them off. They both blew their loads in our mouths and we swallowed it all up.

I stood and Sunny kissed my hot lips and his hands fumbling with the zipper of my dress. Finally he undid it and off came my dress from my hot body. I could see the lust in Sunni’s eyes! He watched me greedily. He picked me up in his arms and took me to the bed. He laid me on top of the bed. My husband did the same with Maria. Both men undressed and my husband started screwing Maria, a great Pakistani beauty, immediately, looked like he had lost his control completely. Sunny on the other hand, kissed my thighs. Then he gave my cunt a long, passionate French kiss. I came in his mouth and he licked my juices. I purred in satisfaction and he proceeded to kiss my naked belly and navel. Then his hot breath caressed my breast. Next he moved kissing my neck. Then he kissed my navel again, tenderly at first, then furiously and hungrily. He licked my erect nipples and fondled my breasts. He kissed me on my lips passionately. I could not take it any longer and pleaded him: “Sunny! Oh, babe! Screw me…screw me hard…”

He rubbed his tool against the lips of my cunt and I guided his tool in with my hands. He gave his tool a powerful thrust and I gasped with pain and pleasure because his huge erection slipped into my soft and wet flesh. I was more turned on with Maria’s moans of lust. Sunny started screwing me and I came again when Maria screamed out a violent orgasm. The room was filled with the moans of all and it was a total turn on for all partners. The men’s desires were insatiable as they went on fucking us over and over again! I was in my fourth orgasm when my husband screamed he was gonna cum! With that he shot his entire load into Maria. Maria also shouted back asking him to cum more! When he was done, both of them collapsed in pleasure. But Sunny went on and on and he had his cock buried inside me to the balls! It felt good because his strong meat rubbed the walls of my cunt and I could feel another orgasm build up in me.

I screamed begging to Screw me faster. He obliged and fucked me harder and faster and I came again. I twitched and convulsed in pleasure, that made my inner muscles throb and it forced him to cum inside me! He collapsed on me, crushing me under him. All of us exchanged sweet kisses and had a break to get a drink. Then Sunny scooped me up in his arms and took me to the adjoining sofa. This time he fucked me roughly and hard. I was being a common whore and he gave me another load of his cum all over my face! Maria also got her second round with my husband’s cum, not on face, but in her mouth. That night was a something to remember. The experience was quite satisfying and memorable. This is all about for Pakistani sex stories.

Pakistani Singles and Elite class women

Pakistani singles is a term widely used on internet by dating websites to attract people. Often dating websites place a few attractive profiles of Pakistani singles and attract opposite gender to enhance the business. Plenty of websites have been designed and operated to keep in mind, the likings of Pakistani singles. Pakistanis are a lot more changed community now as compared to years of nineties. According to a research, The Pakistani girls are leading as facebook users in the early timings of the day. Between 2am to 6am.Facebook users from Pakistan are mostly girls of Pakistan during these morning times. In this article I would try to bring out the causes of this change over of minds of noble Muslim women into elite modern women who consider extramarital sex an essential part of life.

If we consider the status of the Pakistani society and the life of the elite class of Pakistan, we can easily judge the real face of Pakistani society and the reasons behind this mental change. In elite class women of Pakistan, sex with men other than husband is considered a fun, a change of taste in other words. Elite class hot Pakistani women sex stories can be found anywhere in the elite areas of Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. These elite class women are also holding key posts in Pakistani media, NGO’s, beauty parlors and other women organizations. Ultimately this class of women has an impact on other Pakistani women who come across these women.

These elite class hot Pakistani women visit girl schools, boutiques and Parlors in fashionable clothes. These hot dresses are half sleeve, see-through clothes which are made to make body parts prominent. The young Pakistani girls don’t have matured mind set and they try to adopt this fashion of elite class sexy women without considering their social etiquettes and traditions. Often, I have seen school girls wearing such hot dresses and saying that our Madam has introduced this fashion and we follow her. A few Pakistani girls have been seen wearing hot fashion dresses because they have seen the trend in beauty parlors.

The other key factor is the media operating in Pakistan in the form of Internet and TV. If you observe the television channels of Pakistan in the morning, you can see a clear difference between morning and evening transmissions. The hosts of morning shows try to wear hot clothes because Pakistani women are alone during morning times at homes and majority has no other work to do after 10am except watching TV. They watch these morning shows regularly and ultimately because men are not at homes, Women can watch these programs without any hesitation. With regular watching, the mind automatically starts thinking about adopting these hot fashions dresses worn by the program hosts and Pakistani women adopt these fashions.

Why facebook is being used by majority of Pakistani girls in the early morning timings? It’s a clear indication of the fact that during early morning times, the family men are sleeping and girls are free to do anything and watch anything in their rooms without any hesitation. In the past Muslims were considered to offer prayers of Fajar and then go for their routine jobs. Now the prayers are far away from Pakistanis and Internet has taken place of Prayers. Parents have provided free hand to their girls in Pakistan and Internet is available in their bedrooms. Facebook is the easiest way of watching XXX movies uploaded by users because facebook has not fair policy to restrict these evils. Pakistani singles are being spoiled by facebook as Pakistani community has more desire for watching sex than other communities.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pakistani sex stories of working women(Part II)

Pakistani sex stories of working women(Part II)

This is the second part of Pakistani sex stories of working women.To read part one click here.Saima was also introduced to the men sitting right besides hot aunt. Aunty told that man about Saima as her friend. The man was wearing a high class three piece suit and looking gorgeous in this dress. Saima guessed his age about 30 y. She also sat on the sofa with aunt. Soon after formal introduction, Aunt took Saima to her luxury bedroom. There in the luxury bedroom, aunt told her about the man that he is a nice guy and he likes Saima very much. Saima was amazed to hear the words. Aunt convinced her by her sharp tricks that the man has seen her at beauty parlor and he wants to spend some time with her alone. Saima got the point of aunty  because she has filled money in Saima's bank accounts.soon but she was not familiar with these backlinks
Aunt convinced her by showing the luxuries of wealth. After a short time,Saima was sitting with the man in his car. They left for an unknown destiny. After a few minutes’ drive in the latest model car, Saima and the man (whose name was Jibran, told by the aunty) was present in a lonely area which seemed to be a farm house. The farm house was having excellent atmosphere which pleased Saima as she has not seen such Farm house in her life. She was taken to the Drawing room. A well organized, furnished drawing room with a nice bed was waiting for backlinks

Saima was clear in her mind that she is going to lose her virginity but she was not mentally ready for that instantly. She was afraid of few fears in mind but wealth put curtains on her mind. Saima sat on the luxury bed where the man served her with cold drinks already present in the farm house freezer. The large size freezer was also astonishing Saima because all these luxuries were new to Saima. She was from lower middle class family who can only dream for such life luxuries.backlinks free
After the cold drinks and formal talks the man played a XXX movie on the large TV screen placed in the corner of the bedroom. Saima has seen these movies a couple of times before. But this was the first incident when she was watching with a male, and a male who is only with her to take her virginity. The rich man started playing with her breasts. Soon she pulled off her clothes after formal talks. Saima could not resist as she has been paid a lot of money by the aunt.Pakistani singles

Men started his business, and soon she was in pain by the first entrance of a male tool into her hot body. Her sexy under garments were placed on the side of the bed on table. The man was screwing her nicely and it created a lot of pain in the start but Saima managed to control that, as man seemed to be an experienced person. He screwed her for at least 15-20 minutes and then came to climax. Saima was enjoying that encounter now. She was admired by the man as she was one of the beauties of hot Pakistani women. The beautiful girl has been made women now.

They took a rest of 10 minutes in between and the man was ready again for the second session. But Saima’s was not ready now as it was painful for her now. Pain was feeling in between her legs. She requested the man to keep it to the next meeting. The man behaved like educated person and he accepted her excuse due to her pain. They left the luxury farm house and Saima was dropped at hot women house where she was 2 hours before. Aunt paid her 10000 rupees that day.

Saima is working as a high class hot girl now.  The money has changed her life and her family status in the society. Now she has her own car and she runs a saloon of her own. Hope you would like this Pakistani sex story as you liked our all Pakistani sex stories. We will be waiting for feedback about hot Pakistani women sex stories.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pakistani sex story of working women

Pakistani sex stories

We got a lot of likes to our pages of Pakistani sex stories in the current week. Today I am writing this Pakistani sex story which relates to working Pakistani women, Saima. She is doing a job in a beauty parlor in the city area of Pakistani district Attock. However, I could not tell you the exact location of the beauty parlor and her details due to privacy matter. I might have written Urdu story in Urdu for easy understanding but blog policy does not allow me to do that. So I have to write this Pakistani sex story in real English only.

Saima is a woman of 29y. She belongs to middle class family. Her father is doing a job in some factory which pays him a reasonable amount of money to run his home. Saima is elder of her 2 sisters and one brother. According to Saima, when she was a college student, she wished a good career but due to the lack of money it was not possible for her father to get her good education. Saima did her FA qualification and then she has to sit at home as her father has to feed his other children. Saima did manage to convince her father about getting a job for her so that they can run the home in a good manner.

Saima cannot get a good job as per her qualifications. She could only wish for luxury hotels and may be sometimes about personal cars and other life luxuries. Single girls in such communities can only wish for those luxuries.She finally joined a beauty parlor through one of her friends. In the start of the business, she was not frank with all.But adopting to the situation she got frank with all women.When she passed a couple of months at the beauty parlor, She had seen a lot of Elite class women and heard the stories of Pakistani women. Saima’s mind was always wishing for luxury cars and jewelries and other ornaments just as a women should but she can’t buy these items. She got a salary of 5000Rs per month which was enough only to fulfill her family need.

Saima was having a good attractive sexy figure. Breast size was almost 34 and a nice shaped body. Often, while working at the parlor, she noticed a couple of aunties staring at her body. But as she was unaware of the fact, she dam cared about. One day she has to arrange makeup of two aunties at home (mean home services). She was instructed by the parlor aunty to visit the aunties’ home in the car sent by them. Saima hesitated but the parlor aunty insured him the safety so she gone with the driver after collecting her makeup bag.

When she reached the house of those aunties, her mouth remained open after watching the luxuries palace. It was not a house, rather a palace. It was just like the house which she wished in her dreams. She entered the house and sat on the sofa which was told by the servant. She was gazing at the decorated items and well furnished house when the aunties arrived collectively. Saima appreciated their house in the talks in between. The elder woman was wearing hot clothes. Both hot women were aged between 35-45 years only.

After watching the opened eyes of Saima, the elder hot aunty took saima inside her room for makeup. During makeup, the aunty interviewed Saima and got all details and her family background. After getting the weak point of Saima, the aunty offered her a free cell phone as a gift. Saima denied but in the end she accepted. After getting makeup, the hot women told Saima that she can enjoy such big houses and cars without any problem if she follows her. Saima was not getting her point but she was double minded. The aunty paid her 2000 rupees as beauty parlor makeup fees and 5000 additional as Saima’s pocket money. Saima was amazed to see an amount equivalent to her salary. Her sixth sense alarmed her but after thinking about her family and her income and the insistence made by the hot aunty she accepted the money but she was in ice and fire.

Soon after that day Saima was a good friend of the hot Pakistani women of 35 years (mean the aunty). During the time aunty paid her a lot of money just as friendship. One day aunty called Saima at her big house. Saima reached in quick time as aunty was her good friend and helper. When she reached auntie’s house, she saw a gentle middle aged man sitting with aunty. Aunty introduced her to the person as a friend of aunty. Keep reading the Pakistani sex story for more updates tomorrow.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Publishing Pakistani sex stories

Publishing Pakistani sex stories and hot Pakistani women articles all in one was a tough task as it needs a lot of research about hot Pakistani women and their sex stories.However after getting a lot of appreciation for the sex story blog, I have decided to include tips for better sex and guide to turn simple women into hot women.These tips provide auto insurance of better sex. You need not to search for coupons to get cheap things.Just follow these guidelines to have luxury in your sexual life.a lot has changed in the bedroom in recent years, and not just the shag rug. The Joy of Pakistani Sex stories was a seminal instructor when it came out in early nineties, but it lacked insight into how both partners could please each other.
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Before your start the business, you must consider these key factors as you are going to make money.Modernize your approach with these tips to have a better sex and a better relation with Pakistani married women and single women. If women like It, Keep Doing It. Her body's sensitivity changes as her arousal level rises. "Experiment and retrace your steps, so that instead of becoming fixated on one point, you visit a series of sensitive points regularly," says relationship expert Susan Quilliam, who revised the book. Set up simple codes she can use: "up" or "down" for where to move your hand, for example. Or ask her, "How's this feel, one to 10?" then vary the pressure. women needs good sex more than luxury rooms and villas.
Luxury hotel rooms
Fantasy is for the Lonely. During sex, men focus on the oncoming climax (or baseball stats). Hot Pakistani women minds wander, often into fantasy. To reach orgasm, she needs to clear her head and turn off her brain's fear center. "Fantasy is a way for her to disconnect her mind, and it becomes an important part of deactivating her fear center," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First. Encourage her release by constructing an erotic fantasy before things heat up. Then, Quilliam says, you can whisper provocative sentences to each other in turn, building a story she can get lost in.
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Control the Pace of your movements to get better almost every culture's history, the man takes the lead in sex. But that's a patriarchal hang-up, says Quilliam. Let her control the pace and intensity (either initially or totally, depending on the mood), so that you both know what's best for her. The more fun she has, the better for you. Encourage her to be on top: It allows her to take advantage of a full range of positions—facing you, facing away, and even sitting cross-legged on you. "There's a lot of value in just being a still object of resistance," Kerner says.

Erotic Spots are Predictable. Her clitoris, vagina is interconnected, and researchers believe that stimulating any one of them may contribute to overall arousal. Quilliam suggests branching out and teasing what some call the U-spot—an area between her clitoris and vagina, located near the entrance to her urethra. Use soft, circular motions with your finger. "Urethral nerves are very sensitive, so stimulation here creates a particular kind of arousal—a soft, melting form of climax," Quilliam says. Make sure your hands are clean, though—the area is infection-prone.

Speed Thrills. Pulling back when she's near climax and then resuming can enhance her orgasm. "Suspense raises the psychological arousal level," Quilliam says. Ask her to tell you when she's near the top, and then pull back for a few minutes to kiss and concentrate on other parts of her body. Repeat several times—build up, back off—until you take her over the edge. Don't fear ruining a moment. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for arousal to really subside, so even if she thinks she's "lost it," you're probably equipped to bring women back. I hope this article about making a better sex would help you a lot in having good sex with you women. These tips are helpful for all; either it’s a matter of Pakistani married women, Aunties, Elite class women or hot Pakistani girls. These tips will make your Pakistani sex stories better and passionate. I will be publishing Pakistani sex stories in the near future

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pakistani sex stories of Party girl

Pakistani sex stories

of Party girl is narrated by my friend neelam.Pakistani sex stories of real sex are appreciated by majority of our blog readers. Some people who are not familiar with hot Pakistani women and Pakistani Elite class couples often ask for the reality behind these stories. I would like to say that all these sex stories are based upon true experiences, if you have not come across such Pakistani women it’s the matter of luck and your search. We do not publish the sex stories if they seem to be false. Pakistani sex is increasing day by day in society. Mobile phones, cable and internet is affecting the minds of people, especially of Elite class.Power of attorney is now in the hands of children.
Today I want to share an experience of my friend Neelam. She is running a beauty parlor in the Elite area of Islamabad. She is a woman of 28y. When she was going to start the business, she faced a lot of difficulties. But after setting up the business, she increased her customers by the virtue of her good dealing. She told me that, there are majority of families in Islamabad who are only Muslims because they are born in Pakistan and belong to Pakistani parents. Islam never touched them and they lead their life in European style and their own living will.

Majority of Islamabad families have given free hands to their women. Women don't need to give applications to their parents to go outside as they are free for their will.She told me that almost 70% of the Pakistani women living in Islamabad are involved in sex affairs  and trips with men either they are Pakistani married women or they are single. She personally knew many customers who come along with their boyfriends to the beauty parlors. These hot women are mostly the daughters of the businessmen, Politicians, Army officers, and bureaucrats. Neelam shared her own experience of sex with me where she attended a trip party with one of her customers in the green light area of Islamabad.

Neelam got this customer girl six months ago. Due to the regular visiting of her beauty parlor, Neelam got frank with that girl and observed that every time when she visits her beauty parlor, she comes with a different guy. After six months or so, Neelam was so frank with that girl. She invited Neelam on her birthday party, which was arranged at a luxury hotel. Neelam reached well in time to the place. She was amazed to see that a well furnished luxury room was booked for the party.

All of the guests were off course young men with their girl friends. At least 5-8 couples were sitting in the large luxury room enjoying music. It was 10’O clock by PST. After a few minutes of introduction Neelam sat on the sofa. Soon there was a music played on in the room. The hotel room was such that noise inside the room cannot pop out of the room largely. During dance, couples danced like European clubs dance by having their girls in their arms. Neelam was amazed to see the situation but he was expecting this as she knew the realities of Elite class.

During the dance break, Drinks were served which ultimately seemed to be mixed with bear. The sensation of bear showed its affects soon after 30 minutes when dance started again. Neelam was also invited to dance by a hot guy. She agreed the invitation and took part in the dance. Soon the couples swapped their partners and now nobody knows whose girl is with whom. The touching of breasts was going on. Neelam enjoyed the dance because she was used to it. She was a broad minded woman, who dam care of partner designation.

Suddenly a guy started stripping during the dance. All were laughing widely. The guy was soon without clothes, with an erect tool popping. A girl started sucking his tool without considering that she is seen by at least 15 people or so. Within a few minutes almost 4-5 guys were stripped and girls were enjoying their tools. Neelam also enjoyed with the guy who invited her to dance. This session turned into group sex. Nobody can imagine that Pakistanis are so hot and this is the party of Muslims. At 1am midnight, 4-5 hot Pakistani girls were having their legs middle part lubricated. Neelam enjoyed two tools at that night and her customer {the Party girl} was greeted by all the men at the party. She was given coupons of tools enjoyment by all. Every guy once inserted his tool inside her and stroked for a few jerks.

Nobody can believe that Elite class women of Pakistan can be so wild. But this is the true happening of Elite class which is experienced by my own friend. There are lots of Pakistani sex stories all round in Pakistani Elite class which start from the well furnished apartments and end up at the bed. Sex Endowment Selling is possible in Pakistani society. Stay tuned for more real Pakistani sex stories.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elite Married women sex story From lahore

Pakistani sex stories

Pakistani sex stories are the most popular part of our blog. This Pakistani sex story is sent to us our blog reader who shared her own experience with us. Names are changed as per secrecy and our blog policy. Our sex story blog is based upon true experiences and no fiction story or fake stories are included here. Let’s start the story in hot Pakistani women own word.
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I’m a well-educated Pakistani married woman. At 35 years of age, I’m happily married and mother of 2 kids. By profession, I’m running my own business. I belong to a suburb town of Lahore. My parents found a match for me in the shape of a businessman. Very loving person, my husband Shahid is running his business very well and we can consider ourselves in the Elite class of Pakistan. I was a complete housewife in the early months of my marriage but Shahid insisted me to run a business. So finally I made my decision and started a business of ladies garments after watching the popularity of the business from internet and calculator
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Shahid helped me to open a couple of boutiques in the main city and I started my business. As you all know, business community ultimately have an impact on their family life due to business commitments. I have less time to spend with my family and my husband which also disturbed my sexual life. I rarely made sex with my husband during last two years or so. Children were taken care of by maid. I could remember that, I have made sex with my husband two months ago. Sometimes he is on business visits and sometimes I can’t find time for him. So my sex requirements were not fulfilling at my home and sex with other men is not considered wrong in Elite class women. I have to find someone at my work place who can be with my in all my business hours.

I got plenty of opportunities to meet hot men in my business, but having known my limitations I never opted for a full sexual intercourse. Although there were couple of hot men who fingered me or sucked my breasts as well as got a blow-job/hand job from me, but mostly I was content with a boutique owner Jawad, a guy of 28y with handsome looks and body. The elite class sex is liked in Pakistan; sex and dating with Elite class women is considered luck. The elite women sex is considered amazing in elite class. Wife sex is enjoyed by majority of men of young ages.
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Jawad was in touch with me to get garments collectively for his boutique and mine. So I got enough time to spend with him. Sometimes we booked luxury hotel rooms together to spend hours during our business trips. This relation soon turned into sex relation as Jawad was having a good sense of humor and an attractive personality. Soon I was attracted towards him, But only for sexual relations, not more than that. First time we watched a XX movie together at a luxury hotel room during our visit to Islamabad for a contract. During the movie we discussed the scenes and ultimately as I told you that Elite class women are broad minded so I could discuss all without any hesitation.

After that day we watched XXX movies together and you can imagine that after watching a movie hot women like me could not avoid sex if they are with such an attractive guy. So Jawad fucked me in a hotel room first time. Our relation started which can fulfill my sex needs quite well. Jawad was having a nice tool and good way to sex. I enjoyed a lot during those sex sessions. My husband was unaware of that as I have opted this relation just for fun with Jawad. I was not going to end up my marriage and never Jawad insisted me to leave my husband. Our relation is still going well and I make sex with Jawad almost every week as we have enough time at boutiques as well. He visits often to my office where I have a room also for such encounters. I could not use slang words in this story because I just tried to share my own experience. Hope you have like this Pakistani sex story.Pakistani sex stories are available at free website.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pakistani sex stories {10}

Pakistani sex story

stories {10},this story because I feel it might be helpful in telling you the truth of hot Pakistani women. This has been posted by one of our blog readers who enjoyed Pakistani sex, so I must narrate it in his words. I am 5.11” smart lahori and have an athletic body fell in love with this babe her name was nida. She was my 1st girl and she taught me how to love. This is her birthday gift...18 may. But one day I was told, she’s was engaged, I lost my senses for few hours and kept on thinking about her. I still love her. I needed someone to console me. So I wrote this story.

Pakistan women are hot and Nida was one of hot Pakistani ladies. She met me when there was a traffic jam, on mall road.I was in it. Suddenly I saw a beautiful girl. As I don’t see here and there for babes and I hate rich girls. But then I noticed that we are stuck why not let’s play. Nida has made a killer look. I threw my phone no in her car quickly. She gave me a killer look. I was hoping that she would call me as I have great body figure and looks.She called me late night. We talked often and I won her... trust. We met soon and she told me that she has all the night. She has told her parents that she has to study all night with her friends . But instead of going to her friend she came to my flat. I asked her to close her eyes and I planted a kiss on her cheek. flirt now.
She didn’t open her eyes. It gave me courage and I went for her lips we were French kissing in PC parking for the last 15 min. now both of us were hot I said to her let’s check in. Now we were in room. Man she went to bathroom and she came out naked I grabbed her from her buttocks and we were kissing again. It was my 2nd ever kiss to a girl. I broke up the kiss and carried her to bed. I didn’t touch her boobs and went straight for her cunt. it was shaved, I put my mouth on i.e. sucked, licked and tongue fucked her for quite some time, she had an orgasm and I tasted it. Now I took of my clothes and our eyes met she got afraid after seeing my tool but she gave me the signal soon. She took the tool in her mouth and started sucking my tool like a hot Pakistani women.

Man i was on seventh haven. She was licking it like a yummy ice cream and she actually gulped my balls, my tool was rock hard. I spread her legs and put my tool on the entrance. it was my first time she guided me to the hole soon i was half in she was crying at her peak of her voice, actually my tool was too big for her, she was in pain i rammed my cock in. Then she put pillow under her hips. It helped me. I start stroking my tool in and out. Soon we were in a rhythm and we were replying to each other beautifully and soon i came. It was my first time that I came inside her cunt. Gradually we got better. I fucked her cunt thrice. Every time we had sex we went to sleep. Once I got her up by tit fucking her and then she took me by surprise by sucking.

In the morning it took half an hour for me to reach an orgasm and she came thrice. She was fully satisfied with sex. We took a bath. We checked out. I dropped her to her friend’s house. She could hardly walk. I asked her lets go to a doc, I know someone but she was confused and said its ok. She told me her parents suspected her and now she can’t go outside alone. It was fun having sex with some1 u don’t love. But perhaps all i want in my life now is a cute, intelligent, sincere babe. That’s all I pray for. hope you have liked my Pakistani sex stories {10}.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pakistani sex Survey results this week (4)

Before we start the business, I want to tell the new readers that this segment of the blog is based upon weekly surveys about Hot Pakistani women. Different questions are set up each week on our blog for the visitors. Visitors participate in Hot Pakistani women surveys and we announce the results purely upon votes. The surveys are also related to hot girls, Pakistani married women, Dating Pakistani women and aunties. It is therefore, requested to all blog readers to participate with your true vote so that we can bring the best outcome from these surveys to help in dating. Purchase Structured Settlements.

The First survey question was “How many Elite Pakistani couples are involved in wife swapping? Blog readers participated in the said survey according to their own experiences. In this Endowment Selling, a total of 130 votes were cast. Voting was done by blog poll and by email. Almost 25% think that three out of ten elite Pakistani couples involved in sex affairs like wife swapping. 25% think that five out of ten are involved in sex of wife swapping. Some of our blog readers told their own experiences with such people also. 19% think that seven out of ten elite Pakistani couples do wife swapping. They want to explore their hot Pakistani women to other and share wives. However 15% think that wife swapping is not possible in Pakistani society. Auto Insurance

The second survey question was “How many working Pakistani women are involved in sex? Almost 250 votes were cast for this survey. 40% of voters think that five out of ten (5/10) working Pakistani women are involved in sex affairs with men. They visit luxury hotel rooms and enjoy after working hours or in working hours.25% think that seven out of ten (7/10) are involved in sex affairs. So we can guess that majority of working Pakistani women are involved in dating and other sex affairs with men. 20% think that all working women cheat their husbands and families and make sex out of home. 15% think that none is involved in such affairs.

The third survey question was “Pakistani married Women sex with other men because? This was the most interesting and concerned question for men. 33% people think that their husbands are not attractive that’s why Pakistani married women sex with other men. 30% think that those hot Pakistani women had lost their virginity in early stages of maturity that’s why their lust cannot be fulfilled by single husband. 15% think that if husband is abroad, the Pakistani married women do get involved in sex affairs because there is no one to meet their sex requirements. 22% think that Pakistani wives having older husband also get involved with young men.

Different questions and surveys are setup each week. Readers are requested to participate in these Hot Pakistani women surveys. We need to collect the true information and our blog reader’s true opinion regarding the questions. We are receiving a lot of emails to start different question. You can Post a comment to the post to ask a question of your choice to be added in the surveys. Your questions must be regarded Hot Pakistani women, Aunties, Pakistani married women and girls. Thanks

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Pakistani Nurses

Nursing was a noble profession years ago in Pakistan but nowadays Hot Pakistani Nurses are leading the sex market in terms of involvement. It is a profession where every type of person, men, women, old people and young guys, visit the hospitals every day. Pakistani women Nurses have to deal all people in hospitals. In the past usually Nursing staff was matured women who know their profession and keep them involved in nursing only. Nowadays the trends are changed with the modernization of Pakistani society. Private hospitals of Pakistan try to hire and enroll young and beautiful Nursing staff which ultimately helps them in attracting patients towards their hospital. Hospitals were considered to be the centers of care have now become business.

I have visited a few hospitals for the subject to find the truth. I came to know that majority of Pakistani hospitals are now annoyed of matured women as nurses. They want to get hot girls as nurses. The hospital management produces a good excuse for that. The excuse is that young blood works efficiently than mature and old blood. So it’s ultimate for them to hire young Pakistani women as nursing staff. The majority of nurses in Pakistani hospitals are in the age range of 20-30, may be a few between 30-35y. A head nurse may be old but 95% are young hot girls.Purchase Structured Settlements

Hot Pakistani Women working in the nursing profession often do not get high salaries. They try to show themselves as modern and well dressed but their salaries are not so much that they can manage their luxury life as well as home. Their needs to meet daily expanses are much higher than their income. As a result, they try to find some other ways to get more and more money to meet their expanses. As sex is the best way to get make more money in short time, these nurses start selling sex. I have found that majority of Pakistani nurses belong to lower class families and a few to middle class.

Hot Pakistani nurses can be found easily if someone has links with any of the hospital’s staff. Often these nurses are easily judged by the hospital visiting men. The nurses get variety of customers as they interact with a lot of men during their job. The medical profession also gives the protection to Hot Pakistani women nurses as they can visit any house in the name of medical treatment or routine medical visit for the delivery of medicine. Luxury hotel rooms are made pleasant by these nurses. Customers satisfy their lust by getting some nurse who is young and hot girl. Endowment Selling is on top. Almost 95% of nurses in Pakistan are involved in sex stories. Every day we hear about these hot Pakistani women. Aunties selling sex and working as managers have links with these hot Pakistani nurses.

This profession is an Auto insurance of Hot Pakistani women as sex workers. If someone amongst these nurses wants to remain noble, she can’t do this. Because,her duties and nursing staff won’t let her to do that easily. She Start the business of sex. Mobile phones have made the sex selling easier in Pakistan. Now nurses easily go for dating with men. Hot Pakistani nurses can be found easily if you are good searcher. Los Angeles criminal attorneys

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hot Pakistani callgirls and sex

Nowadays, hot Pakistani callgirls and sex have put a great impact on Pakistani society. Selling sex for money has increased enormously inside Pakistani society. One can see plenty of call girls roaming on the roads of big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore especially in the evenings. Many hot Pakistani women are waiting for customers on bus stops in the evenings. These call girls mostly belong to middle class families. A very few belong to lower class of Pakistan. Elite class women are also found in this business, but we cannot find them on roads. VIP call girls are mostly hidden and only available in Luxury hotel rooms and may be in big bungalows. Aunties have links with all types of call girls; Elite class, middle class or lower class call girls, all are in the hands of aunties.
Usually this business produces large amount of money for hot Pakistani women in small time. Hot women have links with aunties so that men can easily get hot girls for sex. Many of Pakistani married women are also having sex for money, however Pakistani married women sex may be on the lower side if we discuss from call girl’s point of view. Pakistani call girls like to start the business in those areas where there are plenty of single men on job or in the areas where there is a majority of rich men. In big cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, I have seen luxury hotel rooms where girls are supplied to their customers. All girls have different rates as per their class and figure.  Businessmen, Elite class men visiting these luxury hotels make their nights pleasurable and erotic by these hot Pakistani girls.

Why these sex trading is on rise in Pakistan? We must discuss the facts to analyze the Hot Pakistani call girls and their sex life. The most prominent factor is the escalation of commodities prices. Paki people are suffering everywhere to get their life going whether its Elite class, Middle class or lower class, everybody is striving in his life to maintain a life cycle. The second thing which has made call girls life easy to get customers is the mobile phone. Mobile phones have provided great ease to hot women to remain in touch with their customers or other men for sex. Another thing which is contributing to produce call girls and adding to the rise in sex trading is, the evening classes’ trend for student girls.  Mostly during the evenings the girls are out of their home for study but who knows where she has gone after academy.

A plenty of videos of such girls are now available on internet that came out of house for study in Burqa and hijaab and found dating with men. Some girls are just selling sex to continue their studies as student home loans are not provided by governments to all in Pakistan. If Consolidating Students Loan would be granted to students this trend may be minimized. Women traffic to the areas containing majority of on job people is increasing day by day as men are out for job from their cities and they mostly search for call girls in the evenings.
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Internet and free dating sites have also made the business of call girls easy and fast. One can easily get sexy girl, hot girls and hot Pakistani women from internet. Dating Pakistani women is not a difficult task now. Videos are also available on internet to select a girl for sex in Pakistan.  Plenty of websites offering services of girl escorts in Pakistan and making money.The answer to the question “ is this allowed in religion ISLAM”?. May be pending if we see the Hot Pakistani callgirls and sex in Pakistan.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Real Scandals of Hot Pakistani women

Today’s topic “Real scandals of hot Pakistani women” is entirely based upon true incidents of Pakistani society. my web.These sex stories of hot women are all around Pakistani society but most of the times these remain hidden. Considering the effects of Mobile phone, Internet and cable, one can easily judge why these sex scandals are on rise in Pakistani society. A few years back paki people were not so much involved in sex affairs. After President Musharaf’s Era, sex in Pakistan became much popular and almost every third Pakistani married women was involved in extramarital sex affairs with men other than her husband. He was so liberal that he tried to declare “Murree”, a famous vocational city of Pakistani, a sex free zone. His relaxations violated the Islamic rules and Pakistan produced plenty of sexy girls, hot girls and women doing sex with men even in their cars.[Purchase Structured Settlements]

Dating was on the edge of its popularity during his tenure. Aunties were selling sex widely in the major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. He recommended sex for his society which is totally against country’s religion “The Islam”. His 8 years Rule left such an impact that nowadays women of Pakistan, who were considered to be noble, are now taking sex relations as a part of life. Muslims are not allowed to have extramarital sex affairs, but now sex is on its top popularity in Pakistan.

The first Scandal which I am going to tell you is about a woman from Sialkot. Her name was nasreen. She was 36y old. She was habitual of going out to the markets and taking her children from their schools. Her youngest child was 3 years old. She made daily visit to the Montessori of her child. The Montessori Principal, Rehan, a 30y old person, made a chit chat with her in his office when she came to discuss about her child. In a few meetings, Rehan judged that nasreen can be dating with him if he tries a bit hard. So he worked on her and within six months he was able to start kissing with nasreen in his office. Nasreen only visited his office once a week so that school teachers should not keep an eye on her activities. Nasreen was habitual of wearing burqa and hijaab. Nobody can guess about her secrets if he just looks at her visible modesty.

The second, amongst Real Scandals of Hot Pakistani women were told by one of my friends. He was working as a seller of cosmetics and running a cosmetics shop. Plenty of women visited his shop during the entire days. A Pakistani married woman, named Bushra, visited his shop quite regularly. Within a few visits she got much frank to the shop keeper while bargaining about cosmetics and other products. One day she asked for Bra of 34 size. After getting Bra she asked him about the test room. He was amazed by the question because most of the Pakistani women demand for Bra’s from the shop by writing on some paper and then they test it at home. Bushra was different. During Bra testing she called him in to see either it fits or not. This was the start of their affair.[Secured Loan Calculator] my web.

The third Real story of sex is about Lubna. Lubna was almost 40y old women. No one can guess that this aunty can be so hot. She visited a doctor’s clinic for almost 10 weeks regularly. She was having four children. All of them were school going, so she has enough time to visit the doctor or somebody else during school timing as husband is also on job. During her checkups, one day doctor accidently touched her breasts while examining her teeth. She smiled and given no response. The doctor made much courage in the next visits and touched her breasts intentionally. Their relation turned to be a sex relation soon and Doctor made sex with her many times inside the web

There are plenty of sex stories of Elite class women which are hidden. Pakistani women are becoming hot Pakistani women due to the effects of cable tv, Internet and mobile. Now a days time fixing is not difficult with someone if the women want dating. Sex is on top nowadays in Pakistan and mostly married women are involved in these sex stories. Pakistani wife sex is not allowed with other men, But Mushraf gave this to Paki people as a gift. We will bring you more Real scandals of hot Pakistani women in future.
all in one my web

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