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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pakistani Singles and Elite class women

Pakistani singles is a term widely used on internet by dating websites to attract people. Often dating websites place a few attractive profiles of Pakistani singles and attract opposite gender to enhance the business. Plenty of websites have been designed and operated to keep in mind, the likings of Pakistani singles. Pakistanis are a lot more changed community now as compared to years of nineties. According to a research, The Pakistani girls are leading as facebook users in the early timings of the day. Between 2am to 6am.Facebook users from Pakistan are mostly girls of Pakistan during these morning times. In this article I would try to bring out the causes of this change over of minds of noble Muslim women into elite modern women who consider extramarital sex an essential part of life.

If we consider the status of the Pakistani society and the life of the elite class of Pakistan, we can easily judge the real face of Pakistani society and the reasons behind this mental change. In elite class women of Pakistan, sex with men other than husband is considered a fun, a change of taste in other words. Elite class hot Pakistani women sex stories can be found anywhere in the elite areas of Pakistani cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. These elite class women are also holding key posts in Pakistani media, NGO’s, beauty parlors and other women organizations. Ultimately this class of women has an impact on other Pakistani women who come across these women.

These elite class hot Pakistani women visit girl schools, boutiques and Parlors in fashionable clothes. These hot dresses are half sleeve, see-through clothes which are made to make body parts prominent. The young Pakistani girls don’t have matured mind set and they try to adopt this fashion of elite class sexy women without considering their social etiquettes and traditions. Often, I have seen school girls wearing such hot dresses and saying that our Madam has introduced this fashion and we follow her. A few Pakistani girls have been seen wearing hot fashion dresses because they have seen the trend in beauty parlors.

The other key factor is the media operating in Pakistan in the form of Internet and TV. If you observe the television channels of Pakistan in the morning, you can see a clear difference between morning and evening transmissions. The hosts of morning shows try to wear hot clothes because Pakistani women are alone during morning times at homes and majority has no other work to do after 10am except watching TV. They watch these morning shows regularly and ultimately because men are not at homes, Women can watch these programs without any hesitation. With regular watching, the mind automatically starts thinking about adopting these hot fashions dresses worn by the program hosts and Pakistani women adopt these fashions.

Why facebook is being used by majority of Pakistani girls in the early morning timings? It’s a clear indication of the fact that during early morning times, the family men are sleeping and girls are free to do anything and watch anything in their rooms without any hesitation. In the past Muslims were considered to offer prayers of Fajar and then go for their routine jobs. Now the prayers are far away from Pakistanis and Internet has taken place of Prayers. Parents have provided free hand to their girls in Pakistan and Internet is available in their bedrooms. Facebook is the easiest way of watching XXX movies uploaded by users because facebook has not fair policy to restrict these evils. Pakistani singles are being spoiled by facebook as Pakistani community has more desire for watching sex than other communities.

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