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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pakistani sex story of working women

Pakistani sex stories

We got a lot of likes to our pages of Pakistani sex stories in the current week. Today I am writing this Pakistani sex story which relates to working Pakistani women, Saima. She is doing a job in a beauty parlor in the city area of Pakistani district Attock. However, I could not tell you the exact location of the beauty parlor and her details due to privacy matter. I might have written Urdu story in Urdu for easy understanding but blog policy does not allow me to do that. So I have to write this Pakistani sex story in real English only.

Saima is a woman of 29y. She belongs to middle class family. Her father is doing a job in some factory which pays him a reasonable amount of money to run his home. Saima is elder of her 2 sisters and one brother. According to Saima, when she was a college student, she wished a good career but due to the lack of money it was not possible for her father to get her good education. Saima did her FA qualification and then she has to sit at home as her father has to feed his other children. Saima did manage to convince her father about getting a job for her so that they can run the home in a good manner.

Saima cannot get a good job as per her qualifications. She could only wish for luxury hotels and may be sometimes about personal cars and other life luxuries. Single girls in such communities can only wish for those luxuries.She finally joined a beauty parlor through one of her friends. In the start of the business, she was not frank with all.But adopting to the situation she got frank with all women.When she passed a couple of months at the beauty parlor, She had seen a lot of Elite class women and heard the stories of Pakistani women. Saima’s mind was always wishing for luxury cars and jewelries and other ornaments just as a women should but she can’t buy these items. She got a salary of 5000Rs per month which was enough only to fulfill her family need.

Saima was having a good attractive sexy figure. Breast size was almost 34 and a nice shaped body. Often, while working at the parlor, she noticed a couple of aunties staring at her body. But as she was unaware of the fact, she dam cared about. One day she has to arrange makeup of two aunties at home (mean home services). She was instructed by the parlor aunty to visit the aunties’ home in the car sent by them. Saima hesitated but the parlor aunty insured him the safety so she gone with the driver after collecting her makeup bag.

When she reached the house of those aunties, her mouth remained open after watching the luxuries palace. It was not a house, rather a palace. It was just like the house which she wished in her dreams. She entered the house and sat on the sofa which was told by the servant. She was gazing at the decorated items and well furnished house when the aunties arrived collectively. Saima appreciated their house in the talks in between. The elder woman was wearing hot clothes. Both hot women were aged between 35-45 years only.

After watching the opened eyes of Saima, the elder hot aunty took saima inside her room for makeup. During makeup, the aunty interviewed Saima and got all details and her family background. After getting the weak point of Saima, the aunty offered her a free cell phone as a gift. Saima denied but in the end she accepted. After getting makeup, the hot women told Saima that she can enjoy such big houses and cars without any problem if she follows her. Saima was not getting her point but she was double minded. The aunty paid her 2000 rupees as beauty parlor makeup fees and 5000 additional as Saima’s pocket money. Saima was amazed to see an amount equivalent to her salary. Her sixth sense alarmed her but after thinking about her family and her income and the insistence made by the hot aunty she accepted the money but she was in ice and fire.

Soon after that day Saima was a good friend of the hot Pakistani women of 35 years (mean the aunty). During the time aunty paid her a lot of money just as friendship. One day aunty called Saima at her big house. Saima reached in quick time as aunty was her good friend and helper. When she reached auntie’s house, she saw a gentle middle aged man sitting with aunty. Aunty introduced her to the person as a friend of aunty. Keep reading the Pakistani sex story for more updates tomorrow.

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