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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zeb’s sex story part II in Pakistani sex stories

This is Zeb’s sex story part II in Pakistani sex stories. For reading part I of this Pakistani sex story click this link. She ranged the bell twice. I opened the wooden door and amazed to see her sexy figure again. She was looking gorgeous in Pink dress with deep neck. Her large breasts were popping out of her pink dress. I was stunned for a few seconds to see the hot girl again. Her visible enlarged breast was making her sexier. I guessed, she’s wearing full figured bras. Indeed, she was looking like a real Pakistani beauty amongst hot Pakistani women.

I asked her to come in. She entered our house and given a sexy smile. I was a bit nervous when she handed over the bowl to me. I thanked her for her co-operation but she laughed at my words of thanks. It was quite amazing. She said! What are thanks in it? We are your neighbors and it’s our pleasure to help you. I was talking to her but still looking at her large breasts which were natural but looking so big as if she used some breast enlargement cream. Her deep neck pink dress was enough to make me mad but I controlled my emotions to some extent.

She was sensible enough that she captured my mind and asked me, what are you looking so anxiously? I suddenly got out of my thoughts and felt ashamed of it. I tried to cover my shame by saying “I am looking at your nice pink dress” you are looking nice and attractive in this. She thanked me for the appreciation of her dress, and asked about my sister. I told her that she has gone to school for picking up children and not returned yet. At the same time, I was trying to sense the indications of any lust in the eyes of my Hot Pakistani women.

She realized my inner self and sat on the soft sofa. I gathered some courage and started the conversation again. I asked her” Hina if you don’t mind should I say something?” she nodded her head and said yes. I really like you very much right from the first day, I replied. She unexpectedly smiled and told me that she knows this already and when I called her mobile number, she was assured of the fact. It was a reply which was enough to make the next move. So I sat close to her to feel the Pakistani beauty from near. I made a couple of French kisses.

I straightway holed her breasts with my hands but she forbade me by saying no. I requested like a children which requests her teachers. She said! Ok only if you accept my terms. I was already willing to accept any terms and conditions to screw her. She said! The first thing is that this would be first and last time and you will not ask for it again. I agreed quickly to her terms. Then she said! You will not tell anybody about this. I again agreed her terms because I was not willing to miss the chance. After her agreement I started fondling her breasts sitting on the sofa.

Suddenly, I realized that the curtains of the exterior window are not closed enough. So I got up and adjusted the curtains. I also made sure that the wooden door is locked. I started undressing her pink dress. It was the greatest scene to look at large breasts in large cup bras. She was the real hot Pakistani women who are going to be the heroin of my Pakistani sex story. I lowered my jean’s pants. My erect tool was hanging in front of her. I asked her to suck but she declined. So I didn’t force her as I was also in a hurry due to my sister’s arrival time coming.

so I quickly lowered her sexy pink dress from her legs and made her in the doggy style. Her Black ladies underwear was also wet due to her juices. I guided my tool inside her with a jerk. After insertion of my hard tool, I guessed that she is neither a virgin nor she has done it a few times. It seemed like a hole of a mature Pakistani woman. I started screwing her fastly by holding her bouncing big breasts. It gave me a remarkable pleasure of screwing hot Pakistani women.

I given my sister’s sofa set, the honor of this Pakistani beauty. My mind was also thinking about my sister’s arrival time and I was also looking at the wall clock. After a nice screwing into her love hole, I pulled out my hard tool and blasted on her big ass. It was extremely hot session with her. She was also gone to climax during that session. I cleaned her body with a tissue paper. She grabbed her clothes quickly and smiled again. I again made a French kiss and thanked her for providing such a beautiful time. She left our house after wearing the pink dress and large cup bras again. This is all about my Pakistani sex story for Pakistani women and Pakistani sex stories blog.

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