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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Men love their penis

Pakistani Men love their penises. From the time he is born, a man's penis becomes his best friend and makes him lovable amongst hot women. Often men think that, its hot girl, hot Pakistani women, aunties, married Pakistani women or elite class women, all like big penis. They will love it, fondle it, get mad at it (especially when it stops working), respect it, listen to its opinion, and get in trouble for it.

Pakistani Men are obsessed with their penises, even if they don't realize it. Most men live in constant fear that their manhood is not big enough. What they don't realize is that a recent study, involving 800 men of all shapes, races, and sizes, concluded that the average
penis size is 5.5 inches. The real thing of concern for women is, it’s what you do with it. How many times men were made fun of because penis looked "shrunk"? Were you one of those guys who wouldn't shower after gym class because of embarrassment? You don't have to worry. Women don't care.

Who says penis size counts? A few months ago I was speaking with a friend who told me about one of her encounters with this wonderful lover. She described what they did in detail, and all this time I was wondering how big this horse is? Well guess what? He wasn't hung like a horse. As a matter of fact, he was more like a pony. This guy may not have had a big penis, but he certainly knew how to use his magic wand to please her and make her want him.

Women who feel that they aren't pretty or sexy enough because they have small breasts are like men who think that having big penises make them more manly and better lovers. The truth is that these men lack self-esteem and their self-worth is placed into their penises. Sure any woman would like to have a big thick bar to play with and suck on.
Paki women are shy. I have heard a lot of sex stories from my women friends. No one from those concerned about penis and its size. Only they desired fro good time and good approach. Almost 95% of Pakistani women get satisfied of every sized penis. I would advise men and all those who are dating women for sex, please take a look upon your approach rather than size. Women like body massage, so provide them that pleasure. Always try to turn your women into the real hot women with your unique styled sex. You would never be failed.

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