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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pakistani sex stories, Hina's sex story

I am Zeb, sharing in Pakistani sex stories

first time on Pakistani sex stories blog. I belong to a village of Pakistan in Faisalabad district. This incident happened 4 years back when I was in my college for my third year classes. I was 20 y old at that time. Before going to my Pakistani sex story I would like to tell you that I am a permanent visitor of hot Pakistani women blog. This blog really produced good Pakistani sex stories based on reality. I don’t know those Pakistani women but I strongly agree that these things happen in Pakistan and increasing sex affairs. There are plenty of girls in Pakistani society which are now involved in sex due to internet, TV and mobile phones. I was also succeeded in making relation with a girl by using mobile phone which helped me a lot in making Pakistani sex stories a reality.

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During vacations, I used to stay in my sister’s house as my village was far away from her. She lived at least 120km from my village. During my vacations, I used to spend time with kids of my sister at her house. I forgot to tell you that I have average looks and average personality. So, I don’t expect women to get mad after seeing me but this incident proved me that women dam car about looks. In my sister’s neighbors, there was a family which consisted of 3 daughters and one son living with their parents. The elder daughter (name Hina) was almost 26y old and often comes to my sister’s house as they have family relations with my sister’s family.

I saw Hina for the first time in my sister’s house. I was habitual of watching porn movies and fantasizing about Pakistani women. When I saw her I went mad after watching her gorgeous figure. Hina was one of extremely hot Pakistani women. She must be having 36 size breasts, I guessed at that time which proved to be true later. The more attractive figure of her body was her slim waist and large size ass. She was habitual of wearing fashionable dresses which made me more hot. Her deep neck dresses were eye catching.I really loved her figure after watching her first time in my sister’s house. My sister told her about me in formal talks as she was a regular visitor of my sister’s house. She has shown no interest in me at that time but later I worked and got all.

Hina was making a place of liking in my mind’s corner within a few days, so I decided to make a relation with her. One day, I was able to get the mobile number of Hina from my sister’s cell phone. I was also in a fear that if she told my sister, I would be embarrassed. So I decided to talk to her in my sister’s absence from home. My sister was habitual of going to school to pick her kids at close-up. So, I decided to check my fortune during that time. I called Hina on her cell phone. After a few rings she attended the call. On saying hello from her side, my heart started beating fast. I made some courage and answered. She was amazed to hear my voice. I told her that I am Zeb ( Shaista’s brother). She asked me why you called me, Any problem?

I told her that sister has gone to bring kids from school and I want some salan(for eating with bread) from your house as there is nothing in our house and I am feeling extremely hungry, I have managed to bring a few breads but I forgot to bring Salan from hotel. She laughed at my innocence and said; Ok I arrange it and send you. I was expecting her to come as she talked to me in humble voice. After a few minutes she ranged our door bell. My heart started beating fast as I am again going to see the hot Pakistani beauty. Pakistani sex stories Continue.

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