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Friday, October 21, 2011

Pakistani sex stories {10}

Pakistani sex story

stories {10},this story because I feel it might be helpful in telling you the truth of hot Pakistani women. This has been posted by one of our blog readers who enjoyed Pakistani sex, so I must narrate it in his words. I am 5.11” smart lahori and have an athletic body fell in love with this babe her name was nida. She was my 1st girl and she taught me how to love. This is her birthday gift...18 may. But one day I was told, she’s was engaged, I lost my senses for few hours and kept on thinking about her. I still love her. I needed someone to console me. So I wrote this story.

Pakistan women are hot and Nida was one of hot Pakistani ladies. She met me when there was a traffic jam, on mall road.I was in it. Suddenly I saw a beautiful girl. As I don’t see here and there for babes and I hate rich girls. But then I noticed that we are stuck why not let’s play. Nida has made a killer look. I threw my phone no in her car quickly. She gave me a killer look. I was hoping that she would call me as I have great body figure and looks.She called me late night. We talked often and I won her... trust. We met soon and she told me that she has all the night. She has told her parents that she has to study all night with her friends . But instead of going to her friend she came to my flat. I asked her to close her eyes and I planted a kiss on her cheek. flirt now.
She didn’t open her eyes. It gave me courage and I went for her lips we were French kissing in PC parking for the last 15 min. now both of us were hot I said to her let’s check in. Now we were in room. Man she went to bathroom and she came out naked I grabbed her from her buttocks and we were kissing again. It was my 2nd ever kiss to a girl. I broke up the kiss and carried her to bed. I didn’t touch her boobs and went straight for her cunt. it was shaved, I put my mouth on i.e. sucked, licked and tongue fucked her for quite some time, she had an orgasm and I tasted it. Now I took of my clothes and our eyes met she got afraid after seeing my tool but she gave me the signal soon. She took the tool in her mouth and started sucking my tool like a hot Pakistani women.

Man i was on seventh haven. She was licking it like a yummy ice cream and she actually gulped my balls, my tool was rock hard. I spread her legs and put my tool on the entrance. it was my first time she guided me to the hole soon i was half in she was crying at her peak of her voice, actually my tool was too big for her, she was in pain i rammed my cock in. Then she put pillow under her hips. It helped me. I start stroking my tool in and out. Soon we were in a rhythm and we were replying to each other beautifully and soon i came. It was my first time that I came inside her cunt. Gradually we got better. I fucked her cunt thrice. Every time we had sex we went to sleep. Once I got her up by tit fucking her and then she took me by surprise by sucking.

In the morning it took half an hour for me to reach an orgasm and she came thrice. She was fully satisfied with sex. We took a bath. We checked out. I dropped her to her friend’s house. She could hardly walk. I asked her lets go to a doc, I know someone but she was confused and said its ok. She told me her parents suspected her and now she can’t go outside alone. It was fun having sex with some1 u don’t love. But perhaps all i want in my life now is a cute, intelligent, sincere babe. That’s all I pray for. hope you have liked my Pakistani sex stories {10}.

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