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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pakistani sex stories of Party girl

Pakistani sex stories

of Party girl is narrated by my friend neelam.Pakistani sex stories of real sex are appreciated by majority of our blog readers. Some people who are not familiar with hot Pakistani women and Pakistani Elite class couples often ask for the reality behind these stories. I would like to say that all these sex stories are based upon true experiences, if you have not come across such Pakistani women it’s the matter of luck and your search. We do not publish the sex stories if they seem to be false. Pakistani sex is increasing day by day in society. Mobile phones, cable and internet is affecting the minds of people, especially of Elite class.Power of attorney is now in the hands of children.
Today I want to share an experience of my friend Neelam. She is running a beauty parlor in the Elite area of Islamabad. She is a woman of 28y. When she was going to start the business, she faced a lot of difficulties. But after setting up the business, she increased her customers by the virtue of her good dealing. She told me that, there are majority of families in Islamabad who are only Muslims because they are born in Pakistan and belong to Pakistani parents. Islam never touched them and they lead their life in European style and their own living will.

Majority of Islamabad families have given free hands to their women. Women don't need to give applications to their parents to go outside as they are free for their will.She told me that almost 70% of the Pakistani women living in Islamabad are involved in sex affairs  and trips with men either they are Pakistani married women or they are single. She personally knew many customers who come along with their boyfriends to the beauty parlors. These hot women are mostly the daughters of the businessmen, Politicians, Army officers, and bureaucrats. Neelam shared her own experience of sex with me where she attended a trip party with one of her customers in the green light area of Islamabad.

Neelam got this customer girl six months ago. Due to the regular visiting of her beauty parlor, Neelam got frank with that girl and observed that every time when she visits her beauty parlor, she comes with a different guy. After six months or so, Neelam was so frank with that girl. She invited Neelam on her birthday party, which was arranged at a luxury hotel. Neelam reached well in time to the place. She was amazed to see that a well furnished luxury room was booked for the party.

All of the guests were off course young men with their girl friends. At least 5-8 couples were sitting in the large luxury room enjoying music. It was 10’O clock by PST. After a few minutes of introduction Neelam sat on the sofa. Soon there was a music played on in the room. The hotel room was such that noise inside the room cannot pop out of the room largely. During dance, couples danced like European clubs dance by having their girls in their arms. Neelam was amazed to see the situation but he was expecting this as she knew the realities of Elite class.

During the dance break, Drinks were served which ultimately seemed to be mixed with bear. The sensation of bear showed its affects soon after 30 minutes when dance started again. Neelam was also invited to dance by a hot guy. She agreed the invitation and took part in the dance. Soon the couples swapped their partners and now nobody knows whose girl is with whom. The touching of breasts was going on. Neelam enjoyed the dance because she was used to it. She was a broad minded woman, who dam care of partner designation.

Suddenly a guy started stripping during the dance. All were laughing widely. The guy was soon without clothes, with an erect tool popping. A girl started sucking his tool without considering that she is seen by at least 15 people or so. Within a few minutes almost 4-5 guys were stripped and girls were enjoying their tools. Neelam also enjoyed with the guy who invited her to dance. This session turned into group sex. Nobody can imagine that Pakistanis are so hot and this is the party of Muslims. At 1am midnight, 4-5 hot Pakistani girls were having their legs middle part lubricated. Neelam enjoyed two tools at that night and her customer {the Party girl} was greeted by all the men at the party. She was given coupons of tools enjoyment by all. Every guy once inserted his tool inside her and stroked for a few jerks.

Nobody can believe that Elite class women of Pakistan can be so wild. But this is the true happening of Elite class which is experienced by my own friend. There are lots of Pakistani sex stories all round in Pakistani Elite class which start from the well furnished apartments and end up at the bed. Sex Endowment Selling is possible in Pakistani society. Stay tuned for more real Pakistani sex stories.

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