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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pakistani Women Survey Results and Pakistani sex stories

Our blog successfully posted Real Pakistani sex stories which were very much appreciated by all of our worthy blog readers. As you all know that along hot Pakistani women the blog discussed a lot of habits of Pakistani singles e.g hot girls. To start the business, our blog writers have to make much more efforts for the improvement of the blog. Hence along with hot Pakistani sex stories of Pakistani married women, Pakistani hot girls, Pakistani Desi aunties and Elite class women of Pakistan, We started the blog polls or blog surveys.

Blog readers are invited every week to participate in blog surveys below the hot women posts. Men and women share their knowledge about hot Pakistani women and single girls to bring out the reality results at our blog about the question in general, related to Pakistani women. The passing week has three questions in polls or surveys. The fourth question is included for one month to get the best results, however the top three poll question are ended this week. New question would be available for this week. Internet users are invited to post comments and participate in blog polls or surveys to help us in bringing the good outcome.

The first survey/poll question was related to experience. The poll question was “what is the majority breast size for Pakistani women” .The People participated according to their own experience and given votes. 54% of the voters think that the breast size of Pakistani women is 36. I being a Pakistani woman strongly agree with this opinion as I have also seen majority of women with this breast size. Many of the Elite class Pakistani women try to use breast enhancement cream to enlarge their breasts. 36 breast sizes was the leading vote’s option.

The second survey/poll question was related to Pakistani hot girls. The poll question was “Why Pakistani hot girls are involved in sex affairs with men? This was also voted by people according to their own experiences and opinion. But two options got same percentage of votes. 30% people think that it’s because of body requirement. 30% think that it’s the mind satisfaction only. Rest of the options of this girl’s poll got lesser percentage of votes. According to my own opinion, the Pakistani girls are involved in sex affairs just for fun, nothing else, you may think else wise.

The third survey/poll question was about men and women combine. The question was “ To attract Pakistani hot women, the men must have the quality which is? The options for this poll were Attractive figure, Money, sense of humor, attractive dress. This blog poll got most votes in the week and first option got the maximum percentage of votes. This was attractive figure. It got 35% votes. Option 2nd got 33% votes and it was sense of humor. I strongly agree with the second option i:e sense of humor, Because a lot of Pakistani women have been found dating men who have good sense of humor but average looks. On the other hand good personality and attractive look also produces good results.

This was all about this week blog surveys and polls. New surveys and polls according to your likings will be started tomorrow. You are invited to participate in Pakistani women question and visit regular to this blog. There are lot of Pakistani sex stories for you.

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