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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pakistani sex Survey results this week (4)

Before we start the business, I want to tell the new readers that this segment of the blog is based upon weekly surveys about Hot Pakistani women. Different questions are set up each week on our blog for the visitors. Visitors participate in Hot Pakistani women surveys and we announce the results purely upon votes. The surveys are also related to hot girls, Pakistani married women, Dating Pakistani women and aunties. It is therefore, requested to all blog readers to participate with your true vote so that we can bring the best outcome from these surveys to help in dating. Purchase Structured Settlements.

The First survey question was “How many Elite Pakistani couples are involved in wife swapping? Blog readers participated in the said survey according to their own experiences. In this Endowment Selling, a total of 130 votes were cast. Voting was done by blog poll and by email. Almost 25% think that three out of ten elite Pakistani couples involved in sex affairs like wife swapping. 25% think that five out of ten are involved in sex of wife swapping. Some of our blog readers told their own experiences with such people also. 19% think that seven out of ten elite Pakistani couples do wife swapping. They want to explore their hot Pakistani women to other and share wives. However 15% think that wife swapping is not possible in Pakistani society. Auto Insurance

The second survey question was “How many working Pakistani women are involved in sex? Almost 250 votes were cast for this survey. 40% of voters think that five out of ten (5/10) working Pakistani women are involved in sex affairs with men. They visit luxury hotel rooms and enjoy after working hours or in working hours.25% think that seven out of ten (7/10) are involved in sex affairs. So we can guess that majority of working Pakistani women are involved in dating and other sex affairs with men. 20% think that all working women cheat their husbands and families and make sex out of home. 15% think that none is involved in such affairs.

The third survey question was “Pakistani married Women sex with other men because? This was the most interesting and concerned question for men. 33% people think that their husbands are not attractive that’s why Pakistani married women sex with other men. 30% think that those hot Pakistani women had lost their virginity in early stages of maturity that’s why their lust cannot be fulfilled by single husband. 15% think that if husband is abroad, the Pakistani married women do get involved in sex affairs because there is no one to meet their sex requirements. 22% think that Pakistani wives having older husband also get involved with young men.

Different questions and surveys are setup each week. Readers are requested to participate in these Hot Pakistani women surveys. We need to collect the true information and our blog reader’s true opinion regarding the questions. We are receiving a lot of emails to start different question. You can Post a comment to the post to ask a question of your choice to be added in the surveys. Your questions must be regarded Hot Pakistani women, Aunties, Pakistani married women and girls. Thanks

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