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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elite Pakistani Sex Girl Rahima Khan

Today I am going to narrate a Story of a Sexy Pakistani girl here.There are many Pakistani Sex Stories on this blog which are based upon sex encounters of Pakistani women but this story is slightly different.It narrates how a shy Pakistani girl became an elite class Pakistani call-girl.There are many secrets behind this story.The real name of this girl is "Rahima Khan" and a few years back she was a pure and traditional Pakistani woman.Check her Photo below for reference.
Before joining the life of Sexy Pakistani Girls she was very traditional.She has done masters in english literature but now she is the most wanted girl in karachi.
She had created her profile at a website where she had shared her phone number.She also works in a bank at karachi but her evenings are spent in satisfying her customers.Such Girls in Pakistan are very rare who share their numbers so openly and keep themselves in this society.
Rahima Khan belonged to NWFP.She had some affairs in college which finally lead her towards Pakistani Sex and she finally became an elite class Pakistani Call-girl.
This is her real photo.You can't find such photos of Pakistani girls on internet but she is brave enough to share her hot photos.
Recently she had shared her hottest videos to take the rank of the most Sexy Pakistani.Her videos are also available on facebook and her profile at another website.
The nature and habits of Hot Pakistani Girls are changing.The trend of sex in Pakistan have deep impact on bold Pakistani woman and they are ready to do anything now.
Her Latest photos at her profile show that she had been with some european guys in her room.Sum uncut tools were also found screwing her.She loves Hot Pakistani Sex and most of her customers love her wild acts.Pakistani society didn't had so many girls like that.
Many other Sex Stories of Pakistani girls can be found on internet but Rahima khan is leading on top.If anyone is interested in meeting with this Pakistani Girl,he can post comments about her.The Mobile number of Pakistani Girl can be shared here.Enjoy reading Pakistani Sex Stories here.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Incest Pakistani Aunty

I’m sharing a true Incest Pakistani Sex story here.After reading a lot of Pakistani Sex Stories I decided to share an encounter with my Aunty.My story writing may be slightly awkward as it is my first story but I hope you will enjoy this.My name is Arslan and I am 20 years old.It all began when I completed my 12th from our local suburb college and secured 90% marks in 12th.I was 18 at that time.I decided to join a better college in city but the problem was daily travelling.
It was almost 1.5-2 hours daily travel from my village to city. My mom suggested if we can ask her relative sister who lived in city about that problem. Because mom's relative sister,Shazia aunty and Talha uncle had a very nice flat in city,just a few yards away from my college.
Surprisingly,Talha uncle said;Arslan can surely stay with us as long as he wants.It’s our pleasure to help such a talented and our house has extra empty bedroom where he can easily stay and even me too due for my job visit outside city. This way Arslan can take care of family in my absence. It was a problem solving comment by uncle. My mom dad overwhelmed with his response. I shifted to Shazia aunt’s flat in city. Shazia aunty and Talha uncle were very pleasant and friendly. They had a recent 9 month old baby.

They were treating me just like their son. After just two-three days uncle went on his job tour and told us that he will now return after a week or two probably. It was June's second week and even my college started. My college timings were 8am-2pm.Shazia aunty was very religious and traditional Pakistani wife. Despite living in a modern city of Pakistan, I have never seen her wearing any modern cloths. She always used to wear descent clothes even though she was into her late 20's she looked like a 19Y old Sexy Pakistani Girl.

She had a decent body structure, naturally tall and her face was very beautiful and fair. Always polite and smiley I always felt like she looks like one the goddesses from mythological TV serials. Her overall personality was absolutely respectable. When I used to come home from college in the afternoon we used to have lunch together.Days were passing pretty quickly and now my schedule was just set perfectly. August started and monsoon started bursting heavily. On weekend climate remained wet and humid. On Monday early morning, I took bath and came out and started looking for my under wear.

I found all my under wears are still wet. I just got bit confused as i had to attend practical exam that day. Shazia aunty had already freshened up by that time and was doing religious prayer that time.I always used to appreciate that no matter what she always used to wake up at 5 in the morning and used to spend 1 hour in prayers. Somehow aunty saw my confusion and she asked; What happened?

Why are you not getting ready for college? I replied Aunty problem is that my all inner wears are wet Aunty replied "Oh , this hell monsoon wait let me check if i can find your uncle's under wear and she broke her prayer in between and went to bedroom.After 5 minutes she came back with sad face saying "Oh dear and I guess your uncle took all his garments with him so couldn't find any. I replied no worries aunty for today I can just wear jeans and go to college and I went to my bedroom in a minute Shazia aunty knocked my door and came in.

I was combing my hair. She told me "Arslan beta,if you go out only on jeans it’s not good. Does one thing for today you wear this and go.She handed over a panty. It was jet black and all satin.But main problem was it was absolutely small. Aunty said further "Arslan, sorry beta, I know its little short for you. But this is the largest size. I was in surprise but in a hurry to go for I just wore that. Shit it was barely covering my crouch and very small. From backside most of the panty slide into my ass slit. Not covering my bums at all. But satin feeling was very nice. I just rushed to college after that.

I almost forgot that incident. It was strange but I thought she had offered me her panties out of care. Next day, due to holiday at college I was at home. Postman came with letter. I took it and went to aunt’s bedroom but I had to stop as she was feeding her baby.I mistakenly saw her one of the boob's shape. I just turned back myself but aunty said "Arslan, who was at the door? I told her about the letter. She said; give me this. Let me see it" I tuned up and started reading the letter. My Pakistani Aunty was not caring my presence and just kept on feeding her baby.

Again I saw that huge bubble covered by baby's head. Felt really weird but then as soon as letter reading was complete I ran out of the room. It was a mixed feeling. At one moment I was feeling embarrassed to think about aunt’s breast and other moment I was getting hard on aunt’s huge breast glimpses I saw. One next afternoon while coming back from college it started raining heavily and due to wind my umbrella broke. By the time I reached home I was totally wet and shivering with absolute cold. Aunty opened the door and got scared to see me in such bad shape.

She immediately took me to bathroom and asked to remove wet cloths and she ran to bring me warm cloths. She came back with towel and sweater and told me Arslan beta and I could not find your pant at all. I somehow replied with shiver yes because yesterday only I put them all in washing machine. So all must be wet; Aunty replied. I guess I felt dizzy and don’t remember after that. I guess i must have fallen unconscious. I remember I woke up and found myself on bed. Aunty was sitting beside me and was rubbing balm on my forehead.

I opened my eyes aunty took a sigh of relief and said thanks god Arslan, you woe up. I was very worried and she smiled." I now came to the world saw I was wearing very thick sweater. But a bottom I was feeling very open strange feeling. So I moved my head down and tried to check.I was absolutely naked at bottom. My penis was juicy hanging semi-hard at one side and balls are spread in between my legs. I screamed oh shit aunty sorry I am not wearing anything down. Aunty smiled and said don’t worry beta! I have seen you thousands of time naked when you were newborn! Don’t be shy.

You are just like my baby and she went to kitchen to prepare soup for me.It was extremely embarrassing for me to face such scenario. I never thought about this. But somehow I tried to forget this incident and moved on. The day passed and things were normal. Shazia aunty was absolutely immaculate in her behavior and I also concentrated myself in studies. Next day I felt that Aunty was pretty upset.The next day it was our neighbors’ daughter's wedding so they scheduled Mehndi ceremony and they invited Shazia aunty. Shazia aunty was already upset and was thinking of skipping ceremony but then I insisted her to attend it. Shazia aunty was not sure as her baby was still young. But then i convinced her that she should go at least for few hours and meanwhile I wil keep an eye on her baby. So finally, Shazia aunty made her baby sleep and came to my room.

I was studying.She knocked the door and came in. Oh she was looking very beautiful. Aunty was wearing beautiful pink dress with all ornaments and subtle make up. She told me "Arslan , baby is sleeping now. I hope she won’t wake up. I am little worried as she has not drank much milk today!

I told her don’t worry aunty I will take care of baby Aunty went. Fortunately next 2-3 hours baby did not wake up. Around 11-11:30 pm aunty came back home. She was looking very happy and relaxed. Her both hands were full of Mehndi. I admired her beautiful mehndiAunty was very pleased and said "she will keep this mehndi at least for 2 more hours to dry before washing it off and she was describing overall fun they had during ceremony suddenly we heard a cry from bedroom. Aunty realized that was a baby's cry.

Aunty screamed and ran to bedroom "Oh my god, baby must have woken up" I could hear aunty was trying to put baby on sleep every possible way. But baby's cry became louder and louder after 10-15 minutes aunty came to hall where I was watching TV and hurriedly said.Arslan,I think baby is hungry and wont sleep unless she feeds on milk. Unfortunately bottled milk is all wasted hence i have to feed the baby! I wondered why she is telling me all this. Aunty must have realized that.Arslan beta, problem is that my both hands are full with Mehndi, so i just cannot feed him.

I need your help in doing so! I was surprised to hear that. For a moment i was just standstill but I guess Aunty must have become impatient due to baby's louder cry. I quickly stood like a robot and said ok aunty tell me what to do??" aunty replied "Ok first make the baby lying in my lap. I placed the baby in her lap. Now lift my Qameez(Shirt) upside. When I lifted her Qameez upward, my tool just felt some vibrations. I was getting hard. Then she asked me to lift her bra from one breast. I was shy to do that but Aunty encouraged me by saying; don’t be shy beta.

All I can see now two big mounds packed in her black bra. I slowly started lifting her bra from left bob but it was tight. My fingers touched her breasts and I felt an extreme sensation throughout my body. My tool was semi-erect now. The baby was crying so aunty asked me to unhook the bra from behind. I can now see aunty in her black tight bra. Her boobs were so big that bra was absolutely tight and somehow fitted. As it was my first time to touch woman's breasts.

I went behind and after lifting her Qameez from behind; I unhooked her three hook bra. Then I came to front to have a look on aunts’ breast. She again asked me to put her nipple in baby’s mouth. It was just like giant watermelon and had dark brown nipple on it.

She sat beside me and thanked me for all my help. And said "Arslan, You are really helpful. The baby fell asleep during the feeding. She saw him sleeping and said; now he is satisfied. I took the baby from her lap and again placed him on bed. It was a time for aunts hanging bra. She smiled and said;I need your help again to make my things placed. I also smiled and grabbed her bra and placed it correctly onto her both bobs. Then I realized that my tool had gone out of control so all my loads just fell outside. It was smelly and a married Pakistani aunt can easily guess that smell. She didn’t say anything but looked on my trousers.

I corrected her clothes and hooked her bra and ran to my room to clean up myself. After that incident I realized that my aunty is so open to me so I must try further. She has opened up my sexual feeling about her. Maybe she did not deliberately done it but as a matter of fact it’s now clear in my mind that I now want my aunty at any cost. Later on,I got succeeded in screwing my aunt.How I managed those Pakistani Sex Stories I will share in next posts.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hot Pakistani Girls Pictures

Everybody would like to watch Hot Pakistani Girls pictures.The Girls of Pakistani community are very hot these days and this is clear from these Sexy Pakistani Girl photos.Some years ago these girls were very shy and Pakistani comuunity was considered to be a religious community but now a days Sex in Pakistan is on extreme.Pakistani women are trying to adopt the trends of sex and nudity.These women and girls are ready to wear any type of clothes and affairs are very common even in villages.Check Pakistani girl's Pictures below.
After watching these Pakistani girl's pictures one can say that hot Pakistani girls are into sex affairs.This type of pictures were very rare in past but now the mobile phones and internet is helping Pakistani community towards sex.
A debate is going on in recent years that Pakistan is a religious country and why Pakistani girls are trying to adopt european trends.Religious people are trying to pull this vulgarity life from Pakistan but the effects of American pressure are pulling it.
Pakistani Girls Kissing photos can be found every where on internet.Nobody knows that how Pakistani Sex crazy girls would handle the stories.
The deep necked clothes are being worn by Pakistani women to show off assets.Cleavage pictures are very hot.
Sexy Pakistani School Girls are hot enough these days.If you try to spy any girl's life,you will surely find some sex affair exitence.

Tight and hot dresses are very common choice of Pakistani girls.Tight dresses can reveal their figures and show their breasts to their lovers.It is ver necessary to gain attention and girls of Pakistan are trying to get attention.
We hope that readers are enjoying these Pakistani Sex Stories and Hot Pakistani girls.Check our other collection of Pakistani Sex and Hot Pakistani women on this blog.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pakistani Wife Sex Movie

I’m Zeeshan with my first sex story at Pakistani sex stories blog.This story belongs to a Sexy Pakistani Wife who allowed me to enjoy sex with her in husband’s absence. After working in the same company for a long time,Shahid and I became very good friends. We both are from Multan. His wife was a nurse and she was working in a hospital at her native place at the time of their marriage. After marriage she got appointed in a hospital in Multan which was near to her house. Her name was Aalia.She was well aware of our deep friendship as I often visited their house and sat there for hours. We often watched cricket matches and movies together.
A certain type of frankness was developed between me and Aalia.Initially,I had no intentions of sex or affair with her but as the time passed on my mind started to think about her.My friend Shahid had never cared about how I look towards his Hot Wife.He often allowed me to chat with her and sometimes went outside for some minor works when I was sitting in their house.She often teased me for not getting married and I frankly told her that I had no affairs.I asked her to arrange a pretty nurse for me and she always smiled in a meaningful style.
Actually,she had a nice pair of melons which boosted her upper part beauty.She often dressed to enhance her breasts and I observed her deep necked clothes.Her cleavage can be seen easily and anyone can guess her 36D size.My friend was never interested in her dressing style and he never tried to make her a scarf lady.

One day, I got a call from my friend’s landline number and I was surprised to hear Aalia on the other end. She told me that Shahid had gone to some friend and his car was out of order in the way. He may not come home tonight as it was a faraway village. I already knew that Shahid had gone to village to bring some lender money. She further told me that she was feeling un-easy as she had never spent a night alone and it was causing a fear for her. She was thinking to spend the night at hospital but it was too late. I got her point and after thinking for some time I told her to relax as I will do something shortly.

After a few minutes, I got a call from my friend and he told me the same problem.He asked me to arrange some old lady who can spend a night at their home with Aalia.I relaxed him and ensured him to solve the problem. After thinking for a tricky idea, I called Aalia and during our talk I said;If I come to her? She laughed and said; its ok for me but if you have time. I asked her not to tell this to shahid and keep it a surprise.I called shahid and told him that I had arranged my neighbor aunt and she will spend night with his wife. He was very happy when his problem was solved.

I quickly prepared myself for the upcoming sex adventure. I was expecting something to happen but I was not sure. I got there within 30 minutes and soon me and Aalia was sitting in drawing room. She asked me why I told a lie to her husband. I smiled and said;actually,I was failed to arrange a lady and I didn’t want to make my friend worried. I got a promise from her that she will also tell her husband that my neighbor aunt was there with her for the night.She prepared tea for us and it was almost 10PM.She was wearing a body tight dress with a deep neck.

All her assets were quite visible through her dress. I admired her many times during our chit chat. She liked my admiration and this trick worked. Admiration trick works on most of the Pakistani women. She asked me about sleep and I told her that I had no sleep feelings yet. She suggested watching a movie. We came to their Sex bedroom where my friend had surely banged his Hot Pakistani Wife many times. There were a few spots on bed sheet which revealed their Pakistani sex stories quite well.

I looked at spots and asked Aalia about them in a funny mood. She smiled and said;If you had been married, you had known these spots. I laughed at her remarks. When she searched for movie CD’s,she got a CD which had no marks or labels on i.e. got it from her and said;let’s check. I was sure that it may be a XXX movie. I inserted it in CD player and soon the movie name came. The movie was named “No Strings Attached”I got that it was a Sex Movie which will surely help me in making my dreams true.I would be enjoying the Sex Movie of Pakistani Wife along with that.After a few minutes, the sex scenes started to build up. I looked towards Aalia.She was just watching the screen as she is alone in the room and she was playing with her night gowns button.

She had a cunning smile on her lips and with a swift movement she took her hair to one side to show her almost bare shoulders and beautiful neck to me.I have seen her a hundred times before but never looked her with any bad intentions. But today it is really different she was more than willing and shown her intentions to me. I know it is very bad to do such a thing but it is even bad as she might think I am good for nothing.I saw that she was also feeling the heat on and she started pinching her breasts over her gown itself.She didn’t knew that I was noticing her.After a few minutes she suddenly got up by saying that she had to watch it from the front as the view from sofa is not good.I was lying on bed and she came and sat just a few inches away from my hand.

Movie was progressing and she was getting closer to me.Finally her back touched my hands and she said;sorry.I smiled and said; It’s no problem. Then after the long kissing scene of the movie, I placed my hands on her thighs and she leaned to my shoulders so I can keep my hands around her shoulders.The movie scene changed into the sex scene.It was the best time for me to move further so I placed my hand on her inner thighs.We forgot to talk more as it could bring some hesitation for both of us.I rubbed her thighs and soon French kissing was there.

I slid my hand further towards her inner thighs and she was willing to open her legs more. She stopped kissing me and turned towards the TV. I also turned to see what is going on in the movie.The young guy was on a couch and he was licking the beautiful girl with so much passion and with one hand he was finger sex as well.I started removing her clothes and she went on without any hesitation.I started doing the same with her as it was going in the movie.
I could feel the aroma of her pubes and I touched her love hole with my nose tip and felt the stickiness of her pre-drops.I slid my hands further up and got hold of her panty's elastic and slowly started rolling down her panty still keeping my face buried there in her laps as I don’t want to miss the chance of watching the treasure while revealing it for the first time.I was about to enjoy the most beautiful Pakistani Wife of my life. We went into 69 along the movie.

I could feel the orgasm as her body started shivering and the sucking become more long strokes and she arched her hip to keep her valley to my mouth and then with a heavy shiver she had an orgasm and I felt it is never going to end and the sucking got little slow.I removed my tool from her mouth she was still holding it in her hand and she was very happy smiling at me.I got up and stood in front of her.She sat on the edge of the sofa and started the tongue-job on my shaft.This time I was also ready to give her a treat.I turned to such an angle so that both of us can watch the TV also. The seen going on was similar.

Finally,After a 30 minutes mouth session,I entered her from rear as the movie guy also done i.e.I started hitting her deep with my 7 inches tool.I banged her like a whore as she enjoyed it more whenever I made a deeper stroke. She opened her legs like a mare as some horse was screwing her.I stroked her every corner deep as my entire shaft went deep inside. I touched her ovary openings with every stroke.Then the movie guy changed his position by holding his girl in hands and placing her along the wall.I did the same and started a lip kissing along-with deep hitting from front in standing position. It went on for almost 15 minutes when I felt my juices coming out. I took it out and asked her to sit in front of my tool.She started rubbing my balls as I fired all my loads on her face and breasts.

It was the best moment of my life.I have done Sex with Pakistani Wife and the sexiest Pakistani Woman of my life. My friend shahid was a lucky man to screw that hole for months. After that we both smiled and she went to washroom to clean her face.Then she prepared coffee for me and we both enjoyed talking later on.She expressed her feelings about that wonderful hour of Pakistani Sex.Later that night,we had another session in mid-night.I left her house in early morning and told her to tell the same story of aunt as I told her husband.I never wanted to reveal my Pakistani sex Stories.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sexy Pakistani Girls and Village Sex Life

Recently,I have a chance to observe the village sex life of Sexy Pakistani girls.I have been their to attend a marriage ceremony.My stay in that Pakistani village was almost 7-10 days long.During this stay,I got a chance to deeply observe the Sex activities in Pakistani Villages.Today,I am going to narrate the entire story of Pakistani Sex in which I got the clear idea that villages are not far away from cities.The Hot Pakistani girls from villages are also deep into affairs.
Sexy Pakistani Girls in villages are habitual to this type of fashion.I have not seen such fashion in villages so far but Pakistani Sex trends have been found in villages as well.Before the marriage ceremony,there was a mehndi function.Plenty of young guys came dancing and singing for the ceremony.While they were dancing,I noticed a few girls having eye contacts with some of those guys.After the dance,When I tried to spy on one of those girls,I found her having a chit chat with a guy on the roof.It was more than a love talk.when she saw me,she was very upset.The guy went immediately and the girl begged me not to tell anyone about this meeting.
Another thing which I noticed,was the dressing and fashion of those girls.Most of them were wearing deep necked dresses through-which their cleavage can be seen easily.Probably,I was under-estimating Pakistani village fashion and Sexy Pakistani girls.It was more than an asset revealing dressing trend.I was shocked to see those Pakistani women in such style.
Later on,I got a chance to have a talk with those girls.I tried to act more friendly so that I can have a deep look into their daily life.After talking to three or four girls,I came to know that everyone of those had a boy-friend.frankness also revealed that majority was not virgin.All of them were having mobile phones full of their boyfriend messages.When I further interviewed,they told me that village life is also very exciting.Some of them had done sex in fields.Amazing for me but it was true.

No more further inquiries were needed to prove the realities of these Pakistani Sex Stories.After getting that much information about Pakistani Girls I can say that Pakistani villages are full of sex activities now.I came to know that in recent times,4-5 girls from that village have done the court marriage and ran from their homes.finally,we can write this conclusion that Cable,Internet and mobile phones are spreading some sex trends in Pakistani society.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hot Pakistani Aunty [Sex Stories]

I am Adnan from Karachi working in a multi national company.This Pakistani sex story is my first story on sex stories blog.i will not waste your time and coming directly to the story.I am personally interested in elder Pakistani woman above 30.This habit of liking is right in my personality.Well this is my experience with my Aunt,my neighbor and my relative.Her name is Shaista.Her age is 38 and Her figure is 38-28-36.I love her ass and always dreamt of fucking her hard.Well,I finally got my chance.One time when my mom and dad had to go out of town and i had to stay at home for my I was staying alone near my Pakistani aunty.
Before going in details of my Pakistani sex stories I must tell my aunt's family background.In my aunt’s house,they were just my aunt and her husband as their son was staying in hostel.My uncle was a civil engineer so he used to travel a lot.Since my parents were out,My aunt used to take a real good care of me.She normally wears saree in her house.She would be wearing low cut blouses that used to reveal her ample cleavage.She used to act as if she was trying to seduce me.She would sometimes try out fashionable clothes and roam around the house without hiding her assets.She rarely cares to hide her cleavage from me.I often had a good chance to look through her breasts for long times.
My aunt while serving me food used to bend so much that her cleavage was seen completely.The day my uncle left my aunt used to spend more time at my house while serving me food and I used to catch a glimpse of her super-hot body.The night my uncle left my aunt came the guest room where I used to sleep and sat beside me and started having a general talk.She was in a deep neck night dress.Her nipples were poking through her top.I was sitting in bed with half blanket on in track pants only and didn’t have a t shirt or any boxers on.It was strange that she had given me food already and she came back again.She sat right near my legs on the footside of bed,just touching her back to my legs.She asked me about breakfast as it was saturday night and next was sunday breakfast.She was asking about the timing to wake up.While talking she started moving her finger on my thighs.This aroused me and my dick became erect.

She was a mature lady and she guessed it quickly that she was successful in arousing me.I was feeling sorry as I was double-minded and she just winked at me and said;No problem,I can guess the feelings of a young man.she further added;We know how to treat it.I was quite surprised by her remarks.I got the idea tha she was missing a sex session.she wanted it since the day she came.She started rubbing my tool so I went out of control and then leaps onto me and started kissing me wildly.I moved aside the pillows and pulled her completely over me and started massaging her ass.It was smooth and round.She was moaning a bit.I then removed her Shalwar and shirt and started massaging her breasts.

They were soft and fair with light pink nipples.I started pinching her nipples and chewing them.They were nice a bit hard as they were erect.I sucked on her nipples and they were a bit red and also had my teeth marks around them.She was moaning softly as I was sucking on her nipples.I tried to take the whole of her bob inside my mouth but was obviously not successful.Then I made her lay on her back and climbed on her and was rubbing my tool over her pussy (cock still in tracks).

Then she removed my dress and started giving me a hand job.I asked her to lick it but she refused it saying that she had never done it before.I said ok and started sucking her pussy.She was creaming loud saying that she was never licked there.I was fingering her pussy also.She came within 15 minutes and came all over my finger which was inside her.All her juices started dripping on my hand.I licked it all and also made her taste it.Then I put my tool in front of her cunt and started rubbing it over her pussy lips.She begged me to insert it as she hadn’t had sex since long.

I inserted half of my tool inside her and then took it out.I did this for some time and then with full force rammed my tool inside her.She let out a shriek and was completely enjoying it.She was moving her hips in the same rhythm as my tool.Then I started sucking on her breasts.She was moaning loudly.I loved the feeling.As she had not been fucked since long her cunt was very tight.I came inside her pussy in 10 minutes.Then I asked her to get in doggy style and was licking her cunt from back and was also stroking my cock.My dick was hard in 2 minutes and then I fucked her doggy style.I loved it as it was my favourite pose. I was spanking her ass while fucking her and her ass had all red marks of my hand.

I was just loving the sex mostly because it was with my relative that too my mother sister.Her pussy was warm and tight. I then inserted a finger in her ass and she let out a mild cry.I then inserted another finger and was finger fucking her ass. I was soon going to cum but dint want to so withdraw my cock back.She was a bit perplexed. I then placed my cock on her asshole and before she would say anything I started slowly inserting my cock inside her.She was almost about to cry but controlled herself.I slowly started moving my dick in and out of her she asked me to take it easy as it was her first time in the ass.

I took it slowly and she soon was enjoying it and asked me to go faster. The moment I went fast due to the tight grip of her asshole I came within two minutes in her ass.She told me that it was the best sex she has ever had.She told that she really enjoyed the ass fucking.She told me that your uncle do it regularly and I smiled.In the morning when I woke up,she came with breakfast.Then she went in the kitchen for making coffee.I went behind her and started rubbing her breast by holding it from behind.She smiled and said;I think your heart is still hungry.I said;Yes.I turned her around and sucked on them.I jokingly told her I don’t need that milk in the coffee.

She dropped me on the floor and removed her apron and started riding me.I was squeezing her ass and sucking on her boobs.I picked her up and made her stand against the fridge and thrust my cock in her ass I was fucking her vigorously.She was almost crying but was also moaning in pleasure.Soon we came and again for sometime rested on the kitchen floor.Then we were talking generally.She said that she needed a fuck like this since a long time but her husband would just come in 5 minutes and then go off to sleep.I told her that now whenever she needed me she could just come to me.

These were the best days of my sex life in Pakistan.They day onward,I screwd my Pakistani aunty many times whenever we got chance.She became a regular sex buddy of mine.Whenever,my uncle went outside town,I screwed her right on her marriage bed.My writing style may not be very good but I hope that readers have enjoyed my Pakistani sex stories.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sex With Pakistani Girl

It is one of my real Sex Stories.My name is Khalid and I am living in Pakistani capital city.We are living in a colony where all houses are in shape of ground floors only.A good family relationships exit in our residential area.In our neighborhood,there lives a family consisting of three daughters,one son and parents.My mom has very good relations with them and often Aunt and her daughters visit my house.They are an upper middle class family.Sometimes,I can feel that daughters are very much bold and they behave like upper class girls.They try to feel like Pakistani Elite women and many of their habits are just a shadow copy of upper class.But lack of money restricts them to follow the upper class fashion trends.
The elder of those three sisters was Nazia.She is 21Y old and the main character of my Pakistani Sex Stories here.In a couple of years,a trust relation had been developed between our families and their mom didn't ever bothered to send her daughters to our home for any kind of work.During these years,the younger girls always called me brother but the elder one never tried to talk me in that style.We have talked a few times when she came to our house and my mom was not there.I felt a difference in her and her younger sisters.

I do had a good friendship with their brother so I often visited their house and found a chance to sit between them.By that time,I have started feeling a strange attraction for Nazia as she often stared me with meaningful eyes.It was an eye relation in start and we have never expressed our feelings to each other.One day,I went to their house to meet my friend.Nazia came to the door and inquired about.When I recognized her,I told that its me.She opened the door and told me that all family members have gone to market.I further inquired and she told me that next week she's getting engaged and they are shopping for that event.

i smiled and greeted her.She thanked me and I got back.I have no other options for her other than fucking her if I got chance.I can't marry her,I can't get anything.So,I started to think for my plans.I suddenly asked her about mobile number.She smiled and asked;Why you need that?I begged her like a beggar and soon she had given me her number.I started sending her messages later on.She responded with messages but very few times.A few times I sent her double meaning messages and she enjoyed that.When I was sure that now its a time to go for something,I decided to do it.It was her engagement day when I made my plans for sex with her.

One day,I was alone at home.I called her and asked if she can come our house.I must not quote the events happened for struggle to bring her home but finally she came to my house.I locked the door and told her that I had a surprise for her.I asked her to close the eyes.She done that and I kissed her suddenly when she was closing her eyes.She reacted like an angry Pakistani woman and pushed me away.

I begged hard and tried to show an immense love for her.She hesitated and forbade me from that but I knew that its only a formality.After a few minutes I was successful in making her agreed.I took off her top and then removed her bra.Her 34D sized breasts were very sexy and her nipples were almost darkish in color.I started rubbing her breasts.She is enjoying a lot and sounds like aaahhhhh…..ummmmm..which made me more wild.

Then I sucked her nipples which erected in a few minutes.Now she was breathing heavily and pushing my head more towards her breasts so that I can suck them more as she was getting pleasure and satisfaction in that game.I then removed all my clothes and her trouser(Shalwar).Now we were ready for the final session of Pakistani Sex Stories.Then I took her in my arms and laid her on the carpeted floor and came over her.I started Kissing her juicy lips and my rock hard penny was touching her tight pussy lips.She was not virgin.

Then I moved down and again started sucking her breasts and then moving towards her navel,licked all her body and then started rubbing her pussy from the outside,She is now moving like a fish out of water and making sounds which also seduced me to the extreme limits.Then I started inserting my finger inside her tight pussy.I realized that she was not an untouched and virgin girl.Then I slowly insered a finger in and out which made her wet in few minutes.She was moaning and breathing very heavily and sounded like aaaahhhhh….ummm.I started pushing my hard peny inside her love hole.She moaned loudly as i started pushing it deeper.I banged her for almost 10-15 minutes.

After a wild session of sex,she released her juices and I also exploded all my load over her body.We then clean the bodies of each other and dressed up as my family may come and knock he door.Then she went to her house after giving me a deep French kiss and with a promise that I will not disturb her again.Lator on,I had a few sessions with her uptill marriage.I hope for comments about my Pakistani sex stories.

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