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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pakistani Aunty [Sex Stories]

Sex life in Pakistani community seems very tough sometimes.There are many stories behind this struggle.Today,I am going to narrate my Sex Stories of that struggle which changed my life totally.My name is Ishrat and I am 39Y old housewife.I am living with my 45Y old husband and 4 children.I was a satisfied housewife for almost 15 years of marriage but suddenly things started to decline when my husband failed to continue the same sex routines.For past two years,We had only a monthly sex session and that one also very poor.I started feeling as my husband didn't had any interests in sex now and his manhood didn't get ready even after a one hour struggle.I was still feeling the needs of sex but he would never fulfill my needs.This decline of his sexual health guided me to these Pakistani Sex Stories later on.
I had good relations with my neighbor family.Nauman was the only child in that family and he was 21 y old.He was very attractive and hansome.He was very frank with my elder son as they were good cricket friends and often came to our house with my son.We had developed a good family relation with them.He called me aunty whenever he came to our house.After my husband's sexual failure,I started to look around with thirsty eyes but it was very hard to find a suitable man who can screw me without destroying my family life.Being in a conservative family,I was very reluctant to have such relations with strangers so I decided to try for Nauman.

I started getting frank with Nauman to make a path for my Pakistani Sex stories and soon he was sharing all his secrets with me.I often called him home when all of my family members were out.I created situations where it was mandatory to take his help.sometimes,I broke my electric points and ask him to repair,sometimes I disturb the TV tuning and called him to adjust the channels.Nobody can think about my intentions as there was a huge age difference between us. Luckily,My husband and my children had to attend some marriage ceremony and all of them were gone.I was alone that day when I decided to make things happen.

I went to Nauman's house and his mother opened the door.I asked her if Nauman can bring me some chicken from the market.She called Nauman and he was quickly ready to serve his aunty.I got back home and after 15m he was back with chicken.He knocked at our door and I greeted him with smiling face.I asked him to come inside.He handed over the chicken packet and I thanked him for the help.He smiled and said;Aunty,no problem.I asked him to sit and have a cup of tea.He reacted to deny but I persisted on so he got agreed.Believe me,I was too much thirsty for sex that day.My fleshy love hole was demanding a hard screw to be inside.I can't bear more.

I prepared tea for him and then we took tea together.I was just thinking on how to start.although he was calling me aunty but I had seen his eyes.He had been keenly watching my saggy breasts sometimes.I can understand that a young guy feels attraction for boobs.When I saw him staring at my breasts during tea session,I intentionally lowered my dopatta(Cloth to cover my head) so that he can see my cleavage.I was wearing a thin dress and my black bra was quite visible through my Qameez(shirt).I asked him about his studies and his game.He was replying but trying to look through my cleavage.

When I felt that the guy is getting ready for Sex Stories,I decided to bring him to wards the sex topic.I asked him about his girl-friends.He was shy by this question but then he told that he didn't had any meeting with his girl-friend in recent days.I asked him if he had done anything with her or just having a casual time.He was surprised by my question but then he told me that nothing such had happened yet.suddenly,he changed the topic and started praising my looks.He said;aunty you are too  young and uncle is getting old.I smiled and liked his remarks.

I asked him further and he told me;Aunty you seem just like a girl.I asked him how?He committed that my body figures are attractive.Soon he praised my breasts in hidden words and I laughed at his remarks.I asked him,say it openly,don't be shy of your aunt.So he got bold and said,Aunty I always liked your breasts,these are more beautiful than my girl-friend.I encouraged him by saying;Do you want to see these.He was surprised by my offer and went thinking.Then he nodded his head.

I got up and said;wait my son,I should lock the outer door.I went out and locked the main door.When I came back,I went near him and sat just infront of him.I grabbed his hand and he was almost shivering.I gathered his courage and placed his hand on my breasts.He started fondling my boobs with shyness but I asked him;Don't be shy.I am your aunt and I would not tell this to anyone.I also got a promise that he should also not share this with anyone.He agreed to me and started working on my breasts.I was feeling wetness in my pubic area now.

After that,He asked me to remove my clothes but I was keen to ask him to do the said job.He pulled my qameez(Shirt) and removed my shalwar(Pants).Then he simply unhooked my bra and I kept hands on my breasts,hiding them just like virgin girls.He smiled and started sucking my nipples.Soon his left hand was on my love hole as he slided his finger inside,I went into heaven.He increased his finger pace and i felt screaming.

I couldn't wait more so i started sucking his tool.I lubricated it with my hot sliva as the peak of our Pakistani sex session was reaching.After lubricating his shaft for 10 minutes like a lollypop,I asked him to put that inside.I felt the thirst of months as my husband had not done it for months.When he went inside,I can't help myself feeling my first orgasm.He banged me deep and hard for almost 20 minutes before unloading his loads inside me.I was more than happier ever.The day onward,he became a good screwier of my love-hole.I have enjoyed many session of Sex with him and i hope you have also enjoyed my Pakistani Sex Stories.

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