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Monday, January 28, 2013

Sex Stories Of Pakistani Mom

Dear reader,I am going to narrate the Real Sex Stories of Pakistani Mom here.My name is Nadia and I am 22Y old Pakistani Girl.This Sex Story belongs to my neighbor Mom.She is almost 38Y old.Her name is Sajida.She had four children and the elder one is 16Y old,doing matriculation.Her husband is doing a job as clerk in an institute and all other kid are school going.The family's social status is almost mediocre.They don't have any car and usually they seems to be a middle class family.My aunt's family lives near them.
last year,I went to stay at my Aunt's house.My cousin,Jibran is very frank with me and we are good friends.He often shares his flirt stories and love affairs with me and often takes expert's advice from me (LOL).I am 3 years elder to him.One second day of my stay at aunt's house,Jibran shared a secret while talking to me in loneliness.My aunt was in kitchen.I started laughing after listening his latest affair story.He asked me to laugh slowly.

Jibran told me that his neighbor Mom keeps an eye on his activities and shows signs of interest in him.I was quite surprised as there was a huge difference of age between them.Her elder child was almost of Jibran's age group.I told Jibran to take it easy as it could be his misconception.He said;Really,her intentions in me are not like an affection.She eyes me in other way.When he further explained what activities she did in the recent past,I was also convinced that Neighbor Mom was interested in fun with Jibran.It was strange,so I asked Jibran to show me a proof.

Jibran told me to keep spying when he will be leaving for college and returning back,she would be waiting outside near door.He also told me that she tries to talk to him whenever possible.I got near window when Jibran was leaving for college.When i tried to peep through window,I saw that Jibran was true.She came out right at his departure time and started waiting for him.Her husband and all children had left for schools already so she was alone to enjoy these Pakistani Sex Stories.

She greeted Jibran with Wa'Alaikum'As'Salam.It was surprise for me that Jibran had not given her any As'Salam'o'Alaikum.I went into smiles when I thought about Jibran's feelings.When Jibran returned from college,I observed the same thing again.My Aunt was not a very tricky Pakistani Woman that she would keep an eye on her children.She was just busy in her kitchen work.

The next day we planned to flirt that aunty in reality.Jibran was ready to go beyond limits so i advised him to ask the neighbor Mom further.The next day,Jibran given her a smile and soon their love affair started.Jibran shared every thing which happened in those days with me.I have to stay at aunt's house for at least a month and still I was having 15 days.One day,Jibran told me that she wants to meet me in her house.I was surprised on how fast the Mom was.She was experienced and a Hot Pakistani Wife looking for an enjoyment relation with Jibran.

I tried to forbid Jibran to go inside her house so that he can avoid being caught by her husband or someone else but he was now ready to go with her.I agreed with him on a reason if he meet her in the room which is visible from our window and he will keep a curtain slightly moved from the corner so that I can observe them being in Jibran's room.He said;he will try but not sure that he can do that.

The next day he left for college and I knew the plan that he will enter her house after that.I quickly entered Jibran's room by telling my aunt that I am using Jibran's PC for Internet.I closed the door and sat near window.I was keenly observing Neighbor Mom's Room but the curtains were closed.I was also hiding myself in corner.Suddenly,I saw Jibran's face inside room.I clinched my hands in excitement.After some time Neighbor Mom entered the room.The door was visible from where I was spying them.half of the bed and an iron stand can also be seen.

After a few minutes,Jibran started kissing her.both faces in french kissing can be seen there.Oh my GOD;what a scene that was for me.I have never seen such before.I got much excited.Soon jobran started hugging her in standing position.Jibran knew that I was spying them so he smiled a couple of times during kissing while looking towards my window.Then Jibran started removing his pants.I thought of leaving spy act at that time but then I continued to watch them in excitement.

Jibran was in underwear and this was my first time watching him in that state.Believe me,I was also feeling lust for Jibran now.I was eager to see his tool getting in Hot Pakistani Mom.Suddenly,The mom sat on iron stand.she was not wearing any clothes now.Jibran was going to pound a Pakistani Mom but I was feeling myself wet.I smiled on my state.Jibran removed his underwear and his Tool was out.He was quite fit when I observed his manhood.I have not seen a guy without clothes in real life.

Jibran placed Mom's Legs on shoulders while standing infront of her and then started screwing her in that position.He was pounding her and i was rubbing my panties and these were fully wet.Jibran got fired in 4-5 minutes.He was too hot or he has done it for the first time.When he was firing his hot juice on Mom's belly,she started kissing his face like a Mom.Then Jibran left her house and went to college.The day onward,Jibran and me were different in friendship.I will share those stories as well.I think you have enjoyed Sex Stories Of Pakistani Mom.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pakistani Girl and Brother-In-Law

I am Farida with my First Sex Story on This Pakistani Sex Blog.My story is slightly different from other Sex Stories.I belong to a conservative Pakistani Family where Girls are not allowed to have affairs or Sex with guys whom they like.However,I do manage to have a love affair with my Cousin and soon going to marry him with our parents approval.I am 23Y now with 34D size and very often guys would turn heads when I pass by.My elder Sister got married a few years back with my Muscular Brother-In-Law.He is very handsome,Fit and decent man.After a short introduction,Now I should narrate my Pakistani Sex stories here.
Believe me,My Sex Stories started right after my sister's marriage when I liked her Handsome Pakistani Husband due to his fit personality and body.He was tall,Rich,Educated and Funny man.I always loved to talk to him whenever I got chance.You can say that if my sister had not married him I surely had done that.I always considered my sister very lucky women.

By chance,when my sister delivered her first child,my mother sent me there for help.I was very happy and quite anxious to spend a few hours with my Brother-In-Law.My sister had to remain at Gyne ward for one weak at least so my Brother-In-Law asked me to attend my sister at hospital.Luckily,the hospital management forbade all attendants with patients and I have to stay at my sister's house.I visited hospital twice a day with Brother-In-Law to see my sister while enjoying his funny company.He was very friendly in nature and very gentle towards women.That's why I liked him very much.

One day,we were getting ready to visit the hospital in morning when my Brother-In-Law called be to be fast.I was just wearing my favorite black bra and the hook was creating problems.He again shouted from outside and I replied that I am coming just after putting the lock(I called my bra-hook a lock).He couldn't hear clearly what I had said so he came surprisingly to my room.He casually opened the door just speaking to me when I was trying to hook my Black Bra.When he realized that he has just opened the door at a wrong time,he made a quick sorry by saying;Oh-Sorry,I thought you have got ready and he closed the door again.

When I was sitting in car,I looked at his face and felt that he was feeling shame on what he had done casually today.So,I started the chat by saying;Why are you too quite today?He said;No,I'm Not.He added that he is quite sorry on what he did today.I laughed and replied;No problem,Its OK'.He looked at me in amazement and again said that he is Sorry.I was eying this moment from years I think so I decided to cash that.I replied;Its OK, and I don't mind this from the people whom I like.He was surprised by my reply so he asked;Really?I replied;YES.

We reached hospital and after attending my sister for at least half an hour,My brother-in-law came to drop me home.When we were on the way,I felt a change in my brother-in-law's mood.He was looking at me in a different style.He asked me,Why I liked him?I said;Just because of your personality,style and body.We reached home and surprisingly he asked for a cup of tea before going to office.He called his office and told them that he may be 1-2 hours late from routine.I was in kitchen when he was calling his office but I could listen him and understand that my Pakistani sex Stories were about to start.I was happy because I have almost loved him from the core of my heart.

After giving him tea and taking my cup,I sat near him on the sofa.I asked him that why he has taken 2 hours rest from office.He smiled and said;To spend some time with you.Till now everything was going in a funny style.We laughed and talked untill we finished tea.I made up courage to ask him about the time till he has not done Sex with my sister due to pregnancy.I asked in a double meaning style but he responded quite straight by saying;I am missing sex badly from last 3-4 months as your sister's health due to pregnancy was quite week.

I laughed and said;then you should be very anxious.He bravely said;Why not you help me?I can understand what he meant but I kept it casual by saying;How I can?He said;because you like me.After saying this he came near me and said;Farida you are really very sexy.He held my hand but I acted as I didn't like it.I said;It is not good.I said this but I smiled.This act given him courage and he was quite a decent man to understand the hotness in my eyes for his muscular body.He said;Farida,its no problem,Your sister is not here why are you worried?It would be between you and me.Let's enjoy.Reader,Believe me,I couldn't control more so I closed my eyes and let him to decide what to do.

He started feeling my hands and then rolling his hands on my Breast.When he touched my Breast,I shivered.It was not my first time when some male has touched my breasts,I have done it with my boyfriend two-three times but he was my brother-in-law.He started rubbing my nipples and kissing my face like a hot Pakistani husband.I kept closing my eyes and feeling his hot body fragrances near me.After kissing me for 10-15 minutes and continuously fondling my bobs,he started pulling my Qameez up.Then he unhooked my bra after rolling his hands a few times over my bra.

I was moaning with closed eyes just like a Hot Pakistani Girl performing an Incest Sex Story on bed.He lifted me in his arms and took me into bedroom just like movies.I was in heaven.He laid me on bed and started pulling my Shalwar(Pants) down.i was completely wet by this time.My pussi was full of water outside.He removed my panties and started kissing my legs.He further moved up and blew his hot mouth air near my shaved pussi.By this time,I caught his head and pressed it on my pubic area.I have seen this in movies but never experienced this.He started playing with my clito and then touched his tongue right on upper muscle.

I felt my first orgasm.I shivered and he started licking me,inserting his tongue inside and providing me the best fun of my life.These happy moments are very rare in a Pakistani Woman's Life.Even,the majority of Pakistani husband's won't like to lick pussi.He licked me nicely and after doing it for 10-15 minutes he went into 69.He remarked;Farida,you are too hot.I smiled but didn't open my eyes yet.I have not yet touched his tool but when he went into 69 and his tool came just over my lips,I couldn't control more.His tool touched my face and I grabbed it.

It was too hard and seemed a bit bigger to that of my fiance.My fiance's size was a bit smaller and thinner as well.I really went into those thoughts when I have done it for the first time with my fiance.I just felt embarrassed when I compared myself to my sister.How lucky she was that she got this muscular husband. I started sucking him wildly without thinking that he was my brother-in-law.I licked his tip then his shaft and then his balls.Another difference which I felt there between him and my fiance was that he didn't had any fowl smell.My fiance has a strange smell in that area.I kept it eating like a lollypop.

My brother-in-law must have shaved his pubic area in recent times as there were no hairs around.I rimmed all his area as I was eating a stick bar ice-cream.He was also licking me like a honey place.Then we gone to the ending session when he lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders.He started pushing inside slowly,watching my face.First time,I felt as a few inches were inside that he would tear my flesh with that fat tool.But,when he got fully inside and stayed there for some time,my pain went pleasure.

He started pounding me deep while grabbing my breasts and kissing my lips like my husband.He was also remarking that you are much sexier than your sister and much hotter as well.I liked his remarks.He pounded me deep and all my pussi muscles were gripping his shaft.I was moaning loud when he placed his hand on my lips.I realized that i was too loud.Then he changed his position by lifting my one leg up and one leg straight on bed.He was experienced and stylish in Sex.He should be,because he must have screwed my sister a hundred times after marriage or even more.

After hitting my all spots inside he made me doggy.This was one of my favorite positions.He again started pounding me deep with his fat tool.I was in seven heavens now.I was enjoying each and every hit by his gorgeous tool and his muscular body.The best feeling was when his body was touching my butts during push pull process.I felt my second orgasm during the cutest Pakistani sex session of my life.

My brother-in-law was just reaching towards the end of these Pakistani sex stories so he pulled his tool out and fired all his load on my large butts.When his hot juices fell on my body,I spread that all over my butts.We were finished and then he laid near me and started praising my hot and tight pussi.He thanked me for providing him an opportunity to enjoy such a hot sex session.After cooling ourselves down,he went into wash-room and took a shower while I made coffee for him.He left for office and I started reminding those moments again.I could feel now that how much deep and hard he had pounded me.My pussi was a little swollen now.I checked it while sitting in toilets and smiled.A smile with pain just came out of my face.My dream of Sex With Brother-In-Law had came true.I was more than happy now.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Incest Wife [Pakistani Sex Stories]

I am not going to narrate any fiction stories here.This Sex story is based upon incidents of reality.Most of the Pakistani Women in villages are involved in sex affairs within family because these relations are safe for their prestige and respect.Shagufta is also a typical Pakistani Hot Wife who loves to have sex relations,but not with strangers.She is almost 37Y old with a figure of 36-30-38.She lives in our village with her three children.Shagufta's husband is outside country from past three years.Her elder child is a girl who is almost 15Y old.Her husband's parents and one nephew (22 Y) is also living with them in that house.
These Incest Pakistani Sex Stories belong to Shagufta and her nephew.I was having doubts about their relation before watching them having sex in fields.We have a cultivated land very near to shagufta's land and its very normal to face each other daily.I do have a good relation and frankness with her nephew.One day,one of my friends told me that he has seen Shagufta and her nephew having some naughty acts in fields.I was not sure so I didn't agree him but My mind started to think about them in a curious style.We were living in that village for quite a long now and Shagufta has not been seen in any sex affairs in past.It was a strange news for me as well.

One day,I was cutting the large trees and due to tiredness I stopped for a while.I remained seated on tree for sometime.While looking around,I saw shagufta and her nephew loading Chara (Animal Food) on their carriage.There was nobody around them.Suddenly,I saw her nephew teasing her and laughing at her.I started observing them.My position on tree was not very visible to them as I was between two trees.Her nephew looked around and then came near her and tried to grab her breast.She laughed at him and asked him to carry on loading Chara.

He again looked around and asked her to follow him.He went near sugar cane fields and then entered the field.She also looked around and then went after him.I was watching these sexy moments of Incest Sex and they were unaware of my location.I can clearly observe them inside sugar-cane field.They stopped at almost two-three yards inside that field and when Shagufta came near,her nephew grabbed her breasts and started rubbing them.He was rubbing her breasts and I was feeling sensation in my Shalwar(Pants).My tool started to get hard.

After fondling her breasts for sometime,her nephew lifted up her Qameez(Shirt) and started sucking her breasts.She was not wearing any Bra inside.It was my first time to watch Shagufta's breasts.She was gorgeous and hot.Saggy breasts being sucked by a young man were also making me hot.He sucked her breasts and then she grabbed his tool.He was wearing a trouser so she lowered his trouser and started sucking his tool.I was feeling her lips on my tool and soon my pre-come drops came out.

I didn't want to loose a moment of these Incest Sex Stories so I kept myself cool and watching them without making any movement which can be observed by them.After sucking his tool for a a few minutes,she got bent in doggy and he started pushing his tool inside her.I couldn't guess his size exactly but he seemed to be very fit.He was at least bigger than mine.Shagufta was bent in doggy and he was screwing her nicely.

I was enjoying these Pakistani Sex stories like a bird on tree.He banged her deep and then after screwing her for 5-6 minutes he was about to come.He pulled it out and fired all his load on sugar-canes.I could see a wild feeling on his face.Shagufta came out of sugar-cane fields after adjusting her shalwar and qameez.He cleaned his tool with grass and then adjusted his trousers to come out.After getting outside they again started talking to each other and laughing while talking.They were completely unaware of the fact that I was watching them.

After loading their entire luggage,They both took their animals and left for home.When they were leaving their fields,I started getting down the tree.Shagufta looked towards my side and her face color went dark.She touched her nephew as she was telling him about my presence on tree but i didn't even tried to bother them.I was making up my plans for upcoming days with Shagufta.My behavior towards her was totally changed from that day.What happened next?I will tell you in my next sex stories.I hope you have liked my Incest Pakistani Sex stories.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sexiest Pakistani Model Sofiya Hayat

The Sexiest Pakistani Model Sofiya Hayat hot Pics collection is here for her lovers.This Hot Pakistani Model has broken all records of Glamorous Pakistani girls.This Pakistani Sex symbol is leading the news in British papers these days.She wears and sometimes not wearing anything over her hot body.She may not be so beautiful but her acts of exposing her body are getting popular every where around the world.Check Sofia Hayat Hot Photos below.

Sofia has appeared in TV Advertising campaigns for big international brands like Walkers Crisps,McDonalds,and was the first model/actor who featured in the campaign for Timotei hair shampoo,a brand well known for hair products for blondes.This was the first time they shot with a brunette from Asian origin.She was perfectly fit as Hot Woman.She is creating Some Real Pakistani Sex Stories in UK these days.
Majority of Pakistani Women doesn't like to expose themselves but this Hot Pakistani girl is trying to cross every limit of nudity.
Sofia never intended to enter Bollywood like Veena Malik,but before even releasing her first film she signed 4 more.She has appeared numerous times in India's infamous page 3 columns and magazines as well as news channels.
This Pakistani Sex Symbol is getting fame in Europe and pleasing the white-men as well.She might have looked for shooting a Bluefilm of Pakistani Girl and soon be going to complete that.We are hoping for some Hot Pakistani Sex Stories from this Sexiest Pakistani Model in future.  

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Hot Sister Pakistani Sex Story

Dear Readers,I am Sharing a Real Sex Story of My Hot Sister.I have been reading Pakistani Sex Stories for one year on this blog so I decided to share my own story.First I should tell you about my family.We are living in Lahore and my father is a well settled businessman.My mother is a college lecturer.We are two brothers and one sister.My sister is elder in all three.This Pakistani Sex Story belongs to my sister.My parents have given enough freedom to my sister.She is free to spend time outside with friends and live life according to her wishes.Being elder,she always tries to suppress us and my mother always supports her in every matter.She is 22 years old.
By the time I grew up,i started noticing her activities and found that she had some dating habits.A couple of times,I saw her at park meeting some unknown guy.I told this to my mother but strangely,my mother shut me up and never asked her anything.I started feeling embarrassed as I was only 15 Y old then.One day,by chance I was returning from cricket ground when I saw My Hot Sister standing at the corner of street.There was no body around in the street.I managed to hide myself and observe her.She was unaware of the fact that i was watching her.She was talking to some one through window.Many of the Hot Pakistani Women do such meetings I think.

After a short talk she went home and I followed her.I was very angry but I didn't have that courage to tell my Mother again.I knew that she will support her and i will be disgraced.I started keeping an eye on My Hot Sister.I could not even sleep.So I got up and sat in balcony of our house.It was summer season.At around 1am,I saw someone crossing our wall to get inside.I could see him as we keep our lawn lights on at night.He was dressed in jeans and T-Shirt.I didn't make any noise and started observing him.My sister's room was close to drawing room.I could recognize him but i went down to see where he is going.

When i was on upstairs,I saw my Hot sister's window.The window was opened and the guy got entered inside.I was totally senseless for a while and I couldn't even think what to do.I checked my sister's door without making any noise.It was locked.Then I went outside slowly like a thief and tried to peep through windows.The curtains were pulled in-front of windows but there was a small gap.I could see what was happening inside.My sister has a habit to keep zero bulb on while sleeping so it was a dim light inside.I was totally shocked when I saw my sister enjoying Pakistani Sex Session with that guy.

I remained there to see.The guy was standing near bed with his jeans pant down,My sister was sitting on bed and giving him a nice mouth-job.She was performing it wildly like a professional.I was rather shocked and horny now.My Hot Sister done it for a long time and believe me,My tool was also getting hard.After a long session of this mouth job,the guy pulled my sister's dress off.He removed her Qameez and his pants.He started fondling My Sister's breast and kissing her.I couldn't cleanly watch my sister's breast due to dim light but I could guess how firm and big breasts she had.

I started rubbing my tool instead of getting angry now.He made my sister on Donkey style by placing her hands on bed and started screwing her from behind.My sister's mouth opened fully when he entered inside.He was fat tool guy and really hard.I couldn't recognize the screw-er of my Hot Sister as I don't knew him but I was enjoying this Pakistani Sex session.He started screwing my sister and she started moaning.She was controlling her voice and I could see her bouncing breasts in that low light.

Then After screwing my Hot Pakistani Sister for a few minutes he lifted my slim sister in his hands.He faced her to wards his chest and she held his neck with her arms while he pushed his tool inside my sister in standing position.It was the best scene of their sex.he banged my sister hard,hitting her deep inside and then he was about to come.He told my sister about that but I could only guess as I was not able to listen his voice.He pulled it out and my sister sat infront of his tool facing him.He started jerking his tool and soon he deposited all his load on y sister's face.

I felt my sister like a professional Pakistani Callgirl when she responded to this act.I got up and went away without waiting for him to come out.I jerked myself off until my juices came out.This sex session had created an Incest desire inside me.The day changed my feelings about my Hot sister.Now I always try to see my sister's under-garments and I knew her breast size.She is 36D now and she wears black,Pink and Red bras which are often visible through her thin dresses.Share your comments about My Hot sister and Her Pakistani Sex Stories.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pakistani Sex Story:Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriends Part two

This is the remaining part of Pakistani Sex Story "Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriend".I have to manage time to enjoy Pakistani Sex Stories with my neighbor Aunty so when It was 9PM,I told my mother that I am going to my friend's home and I will be back in two hour.I got out of my home,thinking of sex with such a Hot Pakistani Wife and making my plans on how to move things along,looked around on upstairs.There was no body around so I checked her door,Slightly opened it and entered her house.To my surprise,she was standing right in-front of the door.She greeted me with a smile and quickly pulled me into kitchen.
Her First Question was "If anybody saw me coming?"I told her;Don't worry,there was no one outside.She was relaxed now.She came out and bolted the main door after switching of the light.I asked her about her kids and she told that they are in bedroom,sleeping tight.I was getting out of control now.I gave a deep look through her Large Saggy Breasts and she was quick enough to understand my thirst.She smiled and said;What are you looking for?I pulled her and hugged her tightly in my arms.She forbade me in start like the majority of Pakistani women do before Extra-Marital Sex but I didn't left her and started fondling her breasts.She again said, Stop;Some one can come(Koi Aa Jaye Ga,Tum Jao).

I was not willing to leave her and my Tool inside my trousers was wet with pre-come drops.I kissed her all over her face but she was also a passive Pakistani Woman in sex.She didn't tried to get dominant so i placed her hand on my Tool and asked her to stroke.She started stroking my Tool,remarking about its hardness and I was enjoying all.Meanwhile,her cell phone ranged.She picked up the phone from oven placed inside kitchen and started taking the call.Surprisingly,it was her hubby on the call,was kissing her neck when she was talking to her husband.She asked him to take care and my Tool got more hardened when I thought about screwing a Husband's property.

It was the peak point of My Sex Stories when i grabbed her head and placed it near my Tool.I was looking for a nice mouth-job.She hesitated a bit but then she started sucking my tool like a lollypop.When,she was performing a mouth-job,her main door was knocked by someone.Believe me,it was me who was most angry.Some bastard has disturbed us but I asked her to continue without checking who is on the door.She continued to lick my shaft and balls with sliva flowing out of her mouth.Then,I felt I was about to release.I stopped her mouth-job and aske her to place one leg on kitchen cabinets.She placed her left leg on kitchen cabinet and i sat between her legs.

She was moaning with pleasure when I was licking her love hole from below.Then after licking for a few minutes,I got up and placed my tool tip on her dripping hole.She was dam hot.I grabbed her one boob in my left hand and then pushed my tool inside.Almost half of the 6.5 inches were inside in a second.She moaned with pleasure and I pushed more inside.I was fully inside her from behind,grabbing her breasts I started screwing her fast.Her breasts were jumping to and fro and making me crazy.Screwing her for a few minutes in that style,I asked her to sit on cabinets,so that I can screw her while standing.

I lifted her legs up and started hitting her deep in standing position.She was biting her lips with pleasure.I couldn't control myself more so I fired all my hot load inside her.She was very hot inside.She smiled after getting a nice Pakistani sex session.I was also very happy after enjoying my great sex with Pakistani Aunty.She hugged me tightly and then I left her house and came back to my home.I hope,My Pakistani sex stories are hot for Readers as well.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriend,Hot Sex Stories update

I have been Reading This Sex Stories Blog for quite a long time.A lot of Pakistani Sex Stories impressed me really and i was forced to share my own sex Story here.My name is Jibran and I belong to a middle class Pakistani Family.I'm almost 21Y old and doing my MBA these days.This Story of Sex with Pakistani Aunt is not a fiction story.I will narrate all the incidents as they happened in real but the name is changed.I am living in a flat with my parents and one sister.Our neighbor family has very good relations with us and my mother often sends the food items to that family whenever we have something special in the menu.They are also very good in that sense.Sorry, I forgot to tell that they are husband (Almost in Mid Thirties)and Wife (Early Thirties) with two kids.
There is an age difference between me and her,of almost 12 years.In initial days,I had not thought of any sex session with her but as the time passed on,My mind started to think otherwise.She became very frank to our family due to her frank nature and smiling face.A few times she used to visit market along my mother but she tried to manage a distance from me.She never tried to give me chance of any frankness when my mother was there but A certain dual standard was there.A couple of times,When she came my mother was not at home and she tried to give me a smile and a deep look into eyes while asking about my mother.I usually called her aunty.
I got her intentions that she wanted to enjoy but didn't want to spoil her prestige and her relations.I too cared for her respect and tried to talk to her when there was nobody around us.The mutual commitment changed into a good friendship soon.I knew that she was just enjoying a fun relation and she never wanted to disturb her married life.I had also developed my mind to just screw her and enjoy the Aunt Sex in Pakistan.After going along the fun relation for three-four months,I told her that I want to see her beauty.She laughed at me but I was too serious.I told her that I couldn't control more,please at least once.She denied several times for that meeting but I knew that it was just a formal denial.I knew that A Pakistani Aunty With Boyfriend can only be a sex relation and nothing else than that.

I really loved to sacrifice my virginity to her and no one else.One day she came to our house and told my Mom in louder voice that her husband is going to the other city for some business matter and he will not be here tonight.I was sitting in my drawing room and i knew that she was trying to tell this to me.It was almost 7 pm in the evening,I was on the stairs,enjoying the fresh air just then she walked out of house with her babies.We spoke for a while and then her babies asked her to go inside again.She confessed them to go inside and then We were staring at each other’s eyes.There was nobody outside,suddenly I walked towards her and touched her face to which she shivered a bit and then I placed my hand near her mouth and tried to smooch her.She forbid me in a low voice and then said;This is not a place for such things.Come after 9pm,the door will be opened.I will update the remaining part of My Pakistani sex Stories tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pakistani Women Hot Fashion 2013

clothing industry Brings Pakistani Hot Fashion 2013 Clothes for Women.Five Star Textile Mills product was Established in 1956,Five Star today is one of the biggest aspiring players in the global world fashion market and since then they serve their customers with very comfortable products and high qualities and also completely out class designs. Catch The Glamour Embroidered Silk winter party wear fashion dresses.Pakistani hot girls & Hot Pakistani women perfect evening assemble collection here.In Five star mid winter outfits complete catalog 2012,beautiful frocks,A-line long shirts,shalwar kameez and long shirts with Churidar Pajama etc are included.More than a style Five Star represents a lifestyle and form in complete freedom for Pakistani women.
These Hot Cloths for Pakistani Girls and women are awesome for sexy look and style with beauty enhancement.
Five Star is all about Unique Prints,Innovative Embroidery,Yarn Dyed Fabrics and brilliant colors.We are trying to reinvent the traditions to build a chic,cutting-edge style & blooming colors which will continue to inspire you all season long.
Each dress of this stunning Winter collection 2012 by Five Star textiles.Just have a look at these Silk collection 2013-12 by Five Star Textile Mills for cool season.Let’s see Five Star ready to wear winter casuals semi formal fashion line.
Pakistani women fashion is one of hot favorite topic of the time.Pakistani women fashion is one of the best trend in the world with hot dresses.
Hot Pakistani Women are just beyond limits in following latest fashion.The craze for Pakistani women Fashion largely exists in Hot Pakistani girls as well.We hope that this collection of Hot clothes for 2013 by Pakistani Sex blog is hottest.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pakistani Hot Sex Story

My name is Daniyal,44 year old and my wife is Bushra is 38 year old.This Pakistani Hot Sex Story Belongs to my Hot Pakistani wife.We have two children.I am going to narrate how my wife fulfilled my desire of watching her having sex with another man last year.In fact,in a period of one year,I enjoyed watching her getting banged by different men on different occasions.I must tell you that how I was urged into this desire of Wife sharing? There was a strong reason behind that.Once,my wife cheated me by having sex with someone else.She was not aware that I watched it.Initially,I was in a total angry mood but then thinking of my children and my home,I changed my mind and rather enjoyed those Pakistani Sex scenes.
Certain developments took place subsequently and I made her to accept her cheating act.She behaved like a typical Pakistani wife but I agreed to forgive her if she can do it in my presence.After a lot of hesitation,the second occasion was right in front of me in the same room with a young friend Aamir.That helped me to get contacts in my business which would result in lot of profit and also got a pleasure trip for me and my wife.Aamir was a young guy,almost 26Y old and the son of a great businessman from Karachi.My wife was also very happy in aamir’s company. My wife Bushra,even after having two children at the age of 38,looks very attractive and any man would like to have sex with her.In addition my wife is a hot and horny Pakistani woman who enjoys sex. even now she likes watching blue movies.
Once we went for a function at Aamir’s Farm house in Islamabad,leaving our children with my sister.During the party,A few other couples from business class were there.Wives having chit chat with each other and guys were also busy with each other.Aamir was more interested in talking to me and I saw him looking at my wife with a craze and lust.My mind was thinking to get something in business from Aamir so I decided to kill two birds with one stone, getting my business benefits and also my fantasy to watch my wife getting banged.I developed a so called headache and told Aamir about that.He asked me to take rest in bedroom of farmhouse.

Meanwhile,it was evening time and the party was finished when Aamir came to the bedroom.He was a gentle guy.My wife was waiting for me in the party lounge.He told me that my wife is waiting.I told Aamir that I have a severe headache and if possible,I would like to spend a rest night at farm house.His eyes were sprinkled with joy and lust and he quickly agreed to me.He also praised my wife's beauty and un-likely to a Pakistani husband,I smiled and said;Gentleman if you like her you can enjoy spending time with her while i take rest.He was quite surprised to my offer.He went and told my wife about the stay at farm house.She was also happy to spend time with him so she called my sister and asked her to keep our children at wife was just going to enjoy the Hot Pakistani Sex stories here at farm house.

She came to my room and asked me about the strange stay at farm house.I clearly told her that she has to spend time with Aamir so that we can get business benefits from him(Aamir was in kitchen at that time).I cleared her mind that she must allow Aamir to get frank and closer to her and seduce him even for a sex session.She was a bit nervous but after my words and insisting she agreed.The other thing which I told her was that she has to do it in this bedroom so that I can watch it.This was a bit difficult for her but she agreed to do that.Aamir came back with three cups of Coffee and we had a good Coffee session.I told Aamir to enjoy with Bhabhi as much he can.He could understand my words so he smiled and nodded his head.

I reacted to go sleep and they started to chat.I was reacting a sleep but i could hear their talks.Aamir praised my wife looks,dress and assets and she liked his appreciation.Soon Aamir was getting closer to my wife while sitting on sofa.I was just watching it from a peep through my blanket.He touched my wife's hand and grabbed it in his hands.My wife looked towards me and Aamir said;don't worry,he is sleeping now.I smiled after listening his comments.He got up and kissed my wife.She was hesitant in start but then responded him with a nice french kissing.During the french kiss,he grabbed my wife's big breasts.My tool started to rise as well but i have to keep it secret.

Aamir asked my wife If she is UN-easy in this room,we can go to the lounge.My wife thought for a while but then she asked him to carry on here.Both of them knew that I was agreed for this but they were having a formal talk only.Aamir quickly removed my wife's dress and soon she was in Bra and Panty.Believe me,It was the first time after my child's birth that my wife's sexy body impressed me.Her large breasts made Aamir crazy.He unhooked her 38D Bra and started sucking them.I was fully hard inside blanket and it was much difficult for me to control.He sucked her breasts for a long time and then placed his hand on my wife's wet panty.He rubbed it for a while and then removed her Panty.My wife has freshly shaved her pubic hairs.Her juices were flowing so Aamir inserted his finger inside.He was smooching her lips,fondling her breast with one hand and fingering her nicely.

I was enjoying more than Aamir.This must have been a 30 minute session of Pakistani sex with my wife.Then Aamir got up and removed his jeans and then underwear.He was slightly smaller in size to me but more in width of tool.He must be around 6.5 inches and as fat as wrist.My Hot Pakistani Wife grabbed his tool and started stroking it.He asked her to suck it.She was used to sucking as she has done it many times on my tool but aamir's fat tool was a bit difficult to take in mouth due to fatness.She managed to do that by opening her mouth fully and then doing it nicely.Soon she has 3-4 inches inside her mouth.She was working over his fat shaft nicely.It must be touching her throat.Suddenly,Aamir grabbed her head and held her when his shaft was 3 inches inside.He pushed it with a jerk and his fat shaft entered my wife throat.I could see water from her eyes.He held her head along his testis and her tongue was touching his balls.When Aamir felt that she might vomit he took it out.He slapped gently on my wife cheeks and again done the same.This time her was fully inside her throat and he held her like a whore over his pubic area.He started screwing her throat by holding her hairs with right hand and fondling her breast with left hand.

I was enjoying the all Pakistani sex Scenes of My Hot Pakistani Wife.My pre-come Drops were flowing inside my pants.After screwing her throat for a while,he made her doggy by placing her hands on my bed near to my legs.I could see my wife's sagging breast.He placed his fat tool on my wife's shaved hole and pushed his tip inside.My wife's breast bounced like football along his jerk.Then he pushed it more inside.Almost half of his fat tool would be inside.Then he made the final bang and fleshed it deep inside my wife.She screamed slightly due to his fatness of tool.He started banging her from behind and her bouncing breasts were visible to me.He banged her for 5 minutes in the same style while holding her left breast.

Then he sat on sofa right on my front side.He asked her to sit over his fat tool.She was wet in juices now.She sat on his tool and started jumping over him.I could see her big ass shaking in-front of me.He placed his hands on my wife's butts and slapped her for a few gentle slaps.It was the craziest scene of my life.I was going out of control and soon I exploded all my load insides my under-wear.My wife was enjoying women on top position and then he changed to missionary position.He lifted her legs to her chest and then banged his tool deep inside my wife.He placed his hand on my wife's breast and started screwing her deep.Soon,Aamir was about to come.He told my wife that he is coming.She asked him to pull out.He took it out and fired all his loads on my wife's pubic area.It was the craziest evening of my life.My wife's moaning voices and Aamir's young tool made my fantasies true.

I have enjoyed more than aamir and my Wife.My wife has taken a nice shower after that and Aamir went to drawing room for sleeping.When my wife returned after a shower,I smiled and kissed her.She asked;Have you seen everything?I told ;Yes,and enjoyed it.She was a bit nervous and quite as well later.The next morning Aamir thanked me for giving him a nice night.I smiled and welcomed him.The laters days Aamir helped me in establishing my busniess network to most famous merchants in Islamabad.I Don't know that my story is really a Pakistani Hot sex story or not but your comments will tell that.I would be sharing a few other Pakistani sex stories of my wife as well later.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sex Story Of Pakistani Tutor

This Sex Story of Pakistani tutor is a Real story. Only Names are changed for secrecy and privacy. This is my first Pakistani sex story here.I  am a regular reader of this blog but this time I thought to post and share some of my hot sexual encounters with Pakistani Women. My name is Babar, I am having 5.10 feet height,34 w,Wheatish look and 6.5 inches tool. I am from Attock.I am not very smart man who does have many Pakistani sex stories but I'm a normal looking man. This is true story that happened when I was in college and as a part time I used to provide home tuition for kids. I used to teach a student at their place. There was one family where I used to go to give tuition to their two children, both boys. I used to go to their home in the evening as the boys were free after their school time. I used to call their mother bhabhi Gee.she was not an extra-ordinary Hottest Female but very attractive with well-built breasts and curvy body. I was teaching her children for last 3 months but never thought of having sex with her. There was no existence of any sex stories around.
They were a middle class family. AS for as I knew the details, her husband was a Clerk and hardly got a salary of 10K those days but whenever I saw Bhabhi gee,She was wearing expensive clothes all the time. It was a strange thing for me.Normally,I could not meet her husband during the tuition timings and his late sitting on job. The routine was to go to drawing room and teach the babies for 1 hour and get back.Sometimes Bhabhi Gee would come to ask about kids and studies and she seemed to be a frank woman by nature. One month, they didn't manage to pay my fees and when it got 10 days late, I asked Bhabhi Gee for Fees. She told me that they had some urgency of money so they will pay me two months fee together next month. The next month also went like same. Two months crossed and one day I told her that it will not be possible for me to give tuitions any more as teaching without fees is not possible and as I told her so many times.

Now and I will take tough decision to stop teaching, then she told me to come next day at morning and I will pay you the fees. I was in some strange thoughts right from the time when she asked me to come at morning. I intentionally asked her the exact time to come and she told me to come at 11 am.Next day I went to her place to collect my fees. She opened the door and told me to sit there was no one in the house as her children went to school at 8am and husband went to office. She came sat in front of me and started talking to me.She told me that they were in some financial problems so she was not able to pay my fees, I told its OK but if she is still not able to pay from tomorrow I will not come to teach her sons. She told me to wait and went to her bed room. She came back and suddenly asked me If I could wait for one month more without stopping tuition?Even she further asked me if I need something else, Its possible. I was stunned and watching her at that meaning-full sentence. I told her bhabhi jee what? Can you please tell me a little detail? She Said; what else I can help you being a woman?I smiled and all my devil senses were awake now.

I got aroused and got up to move behind her.She was sitting and waiting for my next move.I slowly pushed my hands from behind her back to her neck and rubbed my fingers along her neck to hairs.She moaned slightly.Then I realized that the main door was not locked.I told her get up as the door was open and somebody may come,she stood and went to close the door.She came back after looking around in the street as well and sat beside me.She said,now door is closed and nobody will come.It was the right time to Have some fun oriented Pakistani sex session there so I started without wasting my time.That was the green signal and I put one hand on her shoulders and other one on her thighs and started moving my hands she got aroused and then I brought my lips near her lips and started kissing her she hugged me and I started to kiss her lips And inserted my tongue in her mouth and took her tongue and started sucking it.She was in mood now.

she started kissing me badly I licked her face then went to her ears licked her ears then came down licking her neck to her cleavage.She was moaning like anything oohhh baby ohhhhh after 15 minutes of hard kissing I took off her Dress and found that she was not wearing her panty and bra.I started kissing her boos pressing them hard and she moaned ooohhhh,uffffffff;then started to suck her one nipple and started rubbing slowly the other one with my fingers.She started moaning heavily ooohhhh aaooowa aaaooooommmm.I repeated this alternately sucking and rubbing each nipple after 15 min and I started licking her cleavage and coming down while licking.I came down to her Love hole and started rubbing her upper part of that hole,she was moaning aaaahhhhhhhoooowoooo then I started finger inside her,she was enjoying and crying,then  she told me to open my clothes I did it and she took my 6.5 inch tool in her hand.I told her to come in 69 position she came I started licking her between her legs and with one finger just started finger fuking her and she was sucking my tool.She was moaning and saying ahhhhh ufffffffffff.Her hole was wet and liquid was flowing all over my face she was so hot in sex.

She was so moaning that she stopped licking my tool and was just moaning,fffff ahhhhh owwwwaaaaaaoooo just eat my chut.After licking her for 15 min she told me she can’t hold more,she wanted me to screw her now.then she lay down like a typical Pakistani wife.I smiled and said;I will start in new fashion.She smiled,I lifted her left leg up and made her in scissor style,started screwing her slowly.Then I took both her legs on my shoulder and started rubbing my tool on her pubic area.she screamed in sex oooohhh please and then I started penetrating my tool deep in her Fleshy hole. All wet very wet I penetrated the front part of my Tool then gave one big push she screamed slowly,She told me that i was much Fat in girth than her husband.then I started pushing slowly then she also started enjoying slowly.

I increased my speed and she was moaning.Soon I felt that she was shivering with her first orgasm when she grabbed my back forcefully,I started to bang her hard and in few seconds she released her body and hugged me hard moaning oohhhhaooo aaaaaooo and I asked did she got orgasm she said yes and I was yet to ejaculate.I gave her push for few min more and I felt that I will ejaculate so I asked her where should I ejaculate?she told inside;as she was having sex after a long time and wanted her valley to be filled and to taste my juices.

And I ejaculated deep in her valley and hugged and remained on her for few min.then we went to the bathroom together and washed ourselves,she kissed me and said this is the best sex she had in her life and she told me that she got orgasm two times during the sex and she told that I can have sex whenever I feel like and I screwed her for many months and she even convinced her friend later on for me and I had sex with them also.I will share my sex stories in next posts.I think My Pakistani sex Stories are full of enjoyment.

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