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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Story Of Sex Starved Pakistani wife

My name is Aliya and this is my first story in Pakistani sex stories.I am a 38Y old housewife from Lahore.My husband Zeeshan is 5Y elder to me.Before writing my sex stories,I would first tell you a brief background of my story.We had been married for 15 years and it was all OK in the first 10 years of our married life.We do had sex every other night and my husband was fit enough in size and timings and approach to sex.Later on,In the last 2-3 Years,I have to suffer from lack of sex in my life.I could only get 2-3 sex sessions in the entire month and those 2-3 session were also not satisfying at all.Either my husband would get a mild hardness and struggle to enter inside me or he would finish in just 1-2 minutes after insertion.I was in the age where all Hot Pakistani women have an increased sex drive and it was too much for me to bear.


I asked my husband to take some medicine and try to fulfill my desires.I don't know why he didn't react to my advice but i was feeling sex starved.In the recent days,He spent most of his time in office and came late so that I could not ask him for sex.Meanwhile,His business manager,Farhat(Name changed) started to visit our house.I don't know it was my husband's idea to provide a fit man for me or something else but his visits to our house increased a lot.Often my husband called me from office and asked me to give some files to Farhat and sometimes I felt that my husband could have taken these minor things with him.Why he sends Farhat again and again to our house for minor jobs.

Being a conservative Pakistani wife,I had never thought about cheating my husband but his sexual health was urging me to do that.Farhat was almost 25Y old and a good looking muscular guy.Soon he became a good friend of mine as every time he visited our house we managed to sit for a while and sometimes we had coffee together.He called me Madam and whenever he talked to me,I could feel the lust in his eyes.He always searched my body and my assets through his eyes and It was never annoying for me.I was enjoying this too and it helped me to fulfill my sexual deprivation to some extent.I started to look for sex session with Farhat but it was a tough ask for a Pakistani wife to say at its own.


One day,My husband told me that he is leaving for Islamabad and he will be back at night.He told me that Farhat will come home as he has to copy some data from my husband's computer and I should help him.I agreed.Farhat came just after my husband's call and I guided him to my husband's computer.He was wearing a tight jeans and a blue T-shirt which looked gorgeous on his muscular body.I prepared some snacks and coffee for him and sat near him on sofa.During our chit chat,he appreciated my looks and my figure for quite a few times.My mind has been set-up to cheat my husband so i responded with a smile to Farhat's Admiration.He admired my young look in this age and my tight body and I was too much enjoying that.After copying the entire data he stood up and came near me.I could sense his mind so I prepared myself for the upcoming hot touches.

Suddenly,He grabbed me in his arms and I forbid him like a traditional Pakistani wife.He was not willing to leave me so I started to respond.We french kissed each other and he fondled my heavy breasts nicely.Soon he pulled my Qameez and unhooked my Bra.I was still forbidding him to remain in some limit but believe me,It was only a formal denial.I eagerly wanted that young blood to suck my breasts and bang me hard so that my sex starvation comes to an end.He sucked my nipples for at least 15 minutes and then started to remove my Shalwar(Pants).I have recently shaven my pubic area so it looked nice for some action.He licked me nicely and inserted his tongue deep inside.I don't remember how many years I had wished for that but husband failed to do that action.He licked all my dropping juices and I was moaning just like a real lusty Pakistani housewife.

The time to climax was there and I was eagerly waiting for his nice tool to enter me.He has also sensed that it was a time to finish these Pakistani sex stories.He pulled his dress off and removed his underwear.When I saw his young tool,I just felt my first orgasm.He was pink tool guy,Fat enough to flesh my meat inside and hard enough to hit my all spots.I wide opened my legs and he just pushed his tip inside me.I shivered with orgasm and he started to insert all seven inches inside.When he touched my G-Spot,I felt myself in heaven.He banged me deep and fast and hit all my corners inside.He banged me in doggy style and then asked me to sit on his pink tool.I was jumping and riding his hard tool like a whore.Soon He was about to release.He told me that he is just coming.So i quickly pulled out and sat near his tool so that his drops could go on my face.He sprinkled all his hot juices over my face and lips.It was hot and awesome for a sex starved Pakistani wife like me.This sex session provided me a satisfaction which i was missing from last 5 years.I thanked Farhat and he left our house.I still manage to get a weekly bang session from Farhat and now I am a satisfied housewife.I hope my sex stories are worth of reading.

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