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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Having Sex in Pakistani village

Today I'm going to publish my real sex stories on this blog of Pakistani sex stories.My name is Rehan and I am 22 years old now.This sex story is all real with names changing.I belong to a village near Faisalabad,Pakistan.Last year,I forced an aunt into sex and enjoyed it very much.The incidental sex happened in our own fields.I belong to a middle class family and we have our own agricultural lands in my village.I was not very good in school so my father asked me to leave the education after matriculation exam when I got minor marks.He asked me to take care of our land and I started my work.I was quite good in managing all agricultural work and finally my father handed over every matter to me.There was a small water passage near our lands along the main road.

It was a normal routine in our village that most of the women and girls come to that place for washing their weekly clothes.Usually those Pakistani women used our trees and fields to spread their clothes after washing so that they can get a bit dry and after that they collect them when leaving for home.Our Orange Baag(Forest) was just been used for that purpose by our village ladies.I usually tried my best to look at their wet bodies because when they spread clothes,the water also sprinkles on there clothes and some of them have thin clothes which show off there wet bras as well.It was an awesome scene for a guy like me so I used to hide myself somewhere near that area or started some work in those lands just to see their wet bodies.


In those women,There was an aunt,Named Bushra,who was regular in washing her clothes every Sunday.One day I saw her spreading clothes on our Orange tree and believe me,I got an immediate hardness in my Shalwar because her Qameez(Shirt) was fully wet and her large breasts were giving an awesome scene.I watched her for at least 5 minutes in her visible black bra and then she went to wash the remaining clothes.The day onward,I just went there for her.She must be having at least 38 plus size.I decided to bang her but only the fear in my mind was her husband.She belonged to a poor family and her husband was the only man there.They were in low status as compared to us so i made up my mind to try my luck and if she won't agree I will do it forcefully.It was my plan.She was an awesome beauty of Pakistani sex and a great piece for sex stories.

The next Sunday,I eagerly waited for her and to my fortune she came an hour earlier than normal when no women had arrived yet.It was a great chance for me to try something nasty so I hide myself near the tree where she usually came to spread clothes.After washing some clothes in 30 minutes or so she came to our Orange tree and started spreading clothes.she was facing the other side to me and her big bouncy butts created more devilish thoughts in my mind.I looked around and found nobody on the road.There were two-three women far away on the village road.I went from behind slowly and approached her.She was surprised and stunned when she saw me near her and quite ashamed when I stared her wet body.In villages,normally all people know each other.She asked me in punjabi,What are you doing here.I didn't replied her and grabbed her breast.

She was stunned by my action and started to threaten me like a Traditional Pakistani wife by saying that leave me,I will tell your father and my husband.I was not willing to leave her and nobody was there to help her as that tree was quite hidden from the road.There was a sugarcane field along the Orange trees.She changed her tone when she looked around that nobody can help her.I didn't stop and continued to rub her big breasts.Finally i grabbed her ass where she was still threatening me.after a few seconds she changed her words and asked me to avoid these things there.She asked me to go to sugarcane field and she would come there.I was surprised by her words but she seemed true.It was quite nice for me that I would be getting her big vagina by her agreement.I went inside sugarcane field and she placed her clothes and looked around again.After ensuring that nobody was around she came near me.

She smiled and said,You are not a good boy.When i touched her again,she stopped me and took a promise that I will not tell this to anybody.I quickly agreed and given her an oath that I will not tell it to anybody.She bent herself infront of me and asked me to do it quickly as other women would be arriving soon to wash clothes.I lowered her Shalwar(Pants)which was tied with an elastic inside and quickly took my tool out and rubbed it for a few seconds on her hot and wet love valley.She was bent infront of me and my fully erect tool went deep inside her large valley.Her big ass started shaking when I started making jerks.I was also trying to sense the outside world so that if anybody comes we can hide.I banged her in donkey style for 5-6 minutes and finally deposited my hot juices deep inside her.When I completed my bang session,she quickly arranged herself and went away to wash her remaining clothes without saying a word.I was still thinking about what I have done.There was a certain fear in my mind that if she told my father,It would be a hard thing for me but thanks GOD,she didn't told anyone.I hope you have enjoyed my sex story.I would try to share one more here in Pakistani sex stories if I got time.

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