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Monday, April 30, 2012

Code for Pakistani sex

This post of Pakistani sex stories is a bit funny code of Pakistani sex.hope you like this collection of sex jokes.This collection is as sweet as Italian cooking.These jokes have vital statistics for their readers and hence we are sharing here.we just try to have better refinance of this blog.So keep reading Pakistani sex stories.

Husband and wife sex story

A husband and wife decided they needed to use "code" to indicate that they wanted to have sex without letting their children in on it. They decided on the word Typewriter.
One day the husband told his five year old daughter, "Go tell your mommy that daddy needs to type a letter".
The child told her mother what her dad said, and her mom responded,
Tell your daddy that he can't type a letter right now cause there is a red ribbon in the typewriter." The child went back to tell her father what mommy said.
A few days later the mom told the daughter, "Tell daddy that he can type that letter now."
The child told her father, returned to her mother and announced, "Daddy said never mind with the typewriter, he already wrote the letter by hand.
A man in restaurant

A man goes into a restaurant and is seated. All the waitresses are gorgeous. A particularly voluptuous waitress wearing a very short skirt comes to his table and asks, “What would you like, sir?”
He looks at the menu and then scans her beautiful frame top to bottom, then answers, “A quickie.”
The waitress turns and walks away in disgust. After she regains her composure she returns and asks again, “What would you like, sir?” Again the man thoroughly checks her out and again answers, “A quickie, please.”
This time her anger takes over, she reaches over and slaps him across the face with a resounding “SMACK!” and storms away.
A man sitting at the next table leans over and whispers, “Um, Pal, I think it’s pronounced ‘quiche’.”
math tutor and math classes
A math teacher and his wife were both 54 years old. One evening the wife came home and found a note from her husband. It said: ''My dear, you are 54 years old and there are some things you are not giving me, so I am at the Holiday Inn with my 18-year-old student. Don't bother waiting up for me.'' 
He returns home that night to find a note from his wife: ''You are also 54 years old and there are things I need that you're not giving me. So I am at the Motel 6 with one of your 18-year-old students and you (being a math teacher) should know that 18 goes into 54 way more than 54 goes into 18, so don't YOU wait up for ME.'
Boxer tatoos
A woman goes into a tattoo artists and asks how long does it take for a tattoo to heal. He replies six weeks.
She said ok my boyfriend gets home in six weeks. she said she'll have mohammed ali on the right ass cheek and mike tyson on the left cheek and he said ok.
Six weeks later, her boyfriend gets home and she says i've got a suprise for you, he replies what is it. so she pulls down her nickers and shows him.
The man said i dont love you anymore. she replied why dont you like it.
he said no but i aint gettin in the ring with them two fuckers.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to seduce a pure Pakistani wife

Learning how to seduce a married Pakistani woman for Pakistani sex stories can seem like a task only for the most skilled pick-up artist, but with the right information and attitude anybody can do it. Finding a way to break down the barriers married Pakistani women put up is something that men all over the world have been trying to do. Here are some simple steps to take when seducing a married Pakistani woman.Unlike many modern cultures, Pakistani women still participate in arranged marriages. Because of this fact, many Pakistani women are very unhappy with their current mate. You can capitalize on this with confidence in knowing that they want to be seduced by another men.These vital statistics of party ideas would let you start the art of seduction for Pakistani sex stories.

Many Pakistani families live in all Pakistani neighborhoods.Try your seduction skills out during one of their events. You could monitor their activities in parks or hang around a couple of  good restaurants to find some prospects.Pakistani women love to be seduced by men who are confident.Make sure that you are confident in your approach and in your proposition.Don’t be shy,as they will pick up on this and leave you to yourself.Seduction is all about respect.You have to respect the fact that they are married, but use this barrier to your advantage. Make comments about how they would perfect for you if they weren’t married. This is a great way to show that you are respectful of their marriage, but still interested in hooking up with them.

It is NOT important to look like Brad Pitt to seduce a Pakistani woman for Pakistani sex stories.Just be yourself and most importantly, be well groomed. No woman would like her man to be unclean with shabby hair and dirty clothes. Take a shower, shave and apply some nice smelling cologne. Your attire need not be a business suit. Even a simple pair of CLEAN jeans and a nice tee with a trendy belt and a classy watch would go miles to make a style statement.Believe it or not,women love to engage in intellectual conversation. It is a big turn-on for a woman.So,do not think she is some bimbo who cannot think. Strike a conversation and you will be amazed by how much women know. Talking always breaks the ice and seduction becomes easier once the woman is comfortable.The best way to start a good conversation is by a genuine compliment.

It is easier to have married women for Pakistani sex stories.Pakistani women, today, believe that chivalry is dead. Prove them wrong by being a gentleman. Of course, chivalry is not limited to opening the door or pulling the chair for her. Treat her like a princess, respect her for what she is and tell her how beautiful she is. There is nothing is more chivalrous than a man respecting his woman.Do not touch her in an offensive way. Pakistani women can be defensive in seconds, if touched in a way that is degrading. Just touch her slightly on her hands and even shoulders. Don't try to give her a formal hug and keep your hands under control. Who knows, she might instead get out of control.If you follow these cooking techniques with care,you might be one of the top chefs for best recipe of Pakistani sex stories.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Housewife journey of Pakistani sex part two

This is the second part of housewife Pakistani sex storiesHe also inserted his palm into my bra and tickling my nipples one by one. Still I was pretending as if I am fast asleep to my surprise he moved down after sometime and tried to pull up my dress above my knees. His hand was now moving on my thighs and finally touched my pussy over my panty. It was already wet. Almost half journey of the luxury travel has been ended. It was a time for break near a resort point when the coach driver took a turn. The boy removed his hands from my body as everybody in the luxury coach may wake up and take a rest for a short time. I opened my eyes without giving him a gesture about that I knew all what he tried to do with me. The driver parked the coach in front of a luxury hotel which made an end to our Pakistani sex stories for a while.

I visited the ladies toilet during that time but I noticed that the boy followed me. He has intentions to talk to me which I got through my life experience. When I was out of the toilet, he came near me and said, Excuse me. I knew already that he wants to make some friendship, so I carelessly replied him with a light YES. He asked me in Urdu, where I was going. I thought for a while but if I tell my internal feelings, I liked him very much. So, I smiled and told him about my destination. We have a chit chat there in the resort place and he told me that he is getting a degree of computer science.finally exchanged our mobile numbers. He offered me some treatment at the end of journey which I agreed. I wanted eagerly to fulfill my husband’s fantasies of having sex with another guy for Pakistani sex stories.

When the coach started its journey again, I intentionally touched his tool inside his pants. It was around 6-7 inches long, thick and tight like a rod which I guess through his pants. I was enjoying the situation very much as my fantasy has become a reality. Soon,we reached the bus stand near shopping malls in Islamabad. We took our luggage and went to a cheap hotels near Islamabad shopping malls.He booked a room and introduced me as his aunt.It was not hard to think about where to meet women in Islamabad.Soon we were on the bed of Pakistani sex in hotel room for our own business.He locked the door and violently came near me and started fondling my breasts. He was very keen to start the fucking session in Pakistani sex stories.

We were all naked now. He grabbed my head and inserted his shaft into my mouth. This was a whole new experience for me and my husband had never done this. We both were out of control into 69 positions. The power of vegetables/food was in that young boy.I was moving my heaps in madly excitement and crossed my legs around his head tightly. His tongue was moving around and inside my vagina with his leaps he was pulling my pussy skin and sucking and drinking my pussy juice. This was giving me immense pleasure and he continued this for more than 15 minutes. 

I was excited by the thought that I was having sex with a young student who is almost half of my age. He was not ready to leave a Pakistani wife like me. I pulled him up and told him not wait but just enter his shaft into my hole at one stroke. He positioned himself and I spread my legs to welcome his shaft into my valley. He kept his tool at the door step of my valley. I was ready and he gave a hard stroke, a great jerk of sexual Refinance. His total length was inside my valley of Pakistani sex

He increased the speed and thrust in our sex stories. Finally he got discharged into me. He fell on me. I experienced orgasms and we remained in this position for around 10 minutes. I was very much excited thinking of sex with a guy of my daughter's age. I was 40 at that time completely naked in luxury hotel room with a naked guy on me. Wow! Neither I nor he was ready to separate and still his hand was on my boobs which were totally squeezed. I told him that I have never experienced it he said that he had also done it for the 1st time. What a night it was and we got. He dropped me at my destination near the center for disease control where our patient was admitted.My husband asked me about my journey that I got late but I was not willing to tell him the real story.Hope you have enjoyed the sex stories of a hot wife.    

Monday, April 23, 2012

Improve your penis erection and strength for Pakistani sex stories

The majority of Pakistani men want to improve penis erection and strength for Pakistani sex stories.Men love to have a better penis which works fine and gets good erection.Some of these men who suffer from erectile dysfunction visit male enhancement clinics for medications and surgeons for betterment.This kind of medical treatment may work good for them but usually these medicine prove to contain side effects and high medical billing as well.If you just pay attention to your life style and simply try to get better food recipes, you will find the best solution for your penis through food.This article would be a gift certificate like Mad men season 5 for getting an idea about the foods which tend to improve your penis erection and strength for Pakistani sex stories.

Food is the daily supply of nutrients that keeps an auto insurance of your well going. If you can afford to eat out at luxury hotels and willing for AMC schedule, food is also your daily pleasure. Its also the main thing that helps keep your body healthy and stay fit.Without the right nutrients entering your body through the foods you eat, you will suffer from physical weakness, malnutrition and various other health problems.I bet you didn't know that food has a direct impact on the size of your penis. That's right, and not many people are aware just how much certain things have on our bodies. For example, the pants you wear can disrupt the process of spermatogenesis (the production of sperm in the testes) by being too tight.Appearance is important but not the center for disease control,it is not worth sacrificing a few million sperm to look good in a pair of tight jeans.

The key to finding the foods for Pakistani sex that enhance your penis is to look for foods that increase blood flow. Certain substances, called vasolidators work by relaxing smooth muscles that are found in the walls of blood vessels. Some examples are tuna, salmon, eggs, milk, liver, and vegetables like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.No, these foods wont add inches, but they do provide an excellent source of nutrients that will promote good blood flow which is key for to maintaining erection hardness. If your circulatory system is in shape, by eating the right foods, then more blood can pass through your sex organs giving you a slightly longer and much thicker erection.

On the other hand if you are willing to use some medicine or herbal treatment for an improvement of penis in Pakistani sex stories,The best way of achieving this is through natural methods, as these methods do not show any ill effects and are effective but harmless to over all health. Herbal enlargement pills such as Booster capsules designed for improving width, length and hardness of penis has ingredients which can promote secretion of testosterone hormone in the body, proper secretion of this hormone increases sensation and libido to promote more blood rush towards the genitals. Apart from this they also supplement the body with herbs which can clear the blood vessels and thrust more blood into the tissues to make them expand and grow in size eventually increasing the size of penis.

Herbal oils and creams for Pakistani sex stories,like Mast Mood oil can also provide similar results and if these are used along with massages then results can be quick and better. The herbal oils and creams have ingredients which can break through the skin barrier and affect the internal organs like erectile tissues and make them expand. Mast Mood oil along with massage improve blood flow and also clear the blood carrying vessels of the male reproductive organ by increasing sensation in the genitals, more blood rush, increases the length, width and hardness of the penis. These herbal oils have herbs which can improve endurance thereby increasing the duration of erection and if more blood is held in the penis for longer duration it pushes its erectile chambers to expand more which increases its hardness, length and width.This is all about improve your penis erection and strength for Pakistani sex stories.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My story of wife massage

Today I am writing my Pakistani sex stories of wife massage here.She was from Lahore and her name was Deeba. She was a mature woman in her mid 40's and it was obvious she had been very attractive in the past. She still was, and her only tribute to the aging process was long black hair that was interlaced with some gray. I never saw her with make-up, only in spa bathrobe, but I'm sure she was just like the hot woman of Luxury hotels in Europe.I met Deeba at the back entrance to the ladies luxury resorts in the elite class area of Lahore and escorted her to massage therapy class room down the hall.We entered the darkened room, her first and I asked her to disrobe, place her robe on the hook behind the door and place herself face down on the massage table.I stepped out of the room to give her some privacy.Then I knocked lightly and entered the massage therapy class room to start my Pakistani sex stories of wife massage.

Deeba had followed my instructions which I learned through online classes and I explained her that I wanted her to enjoy the massage and if anything makes her uncomfortable she had to tell me. She murmured something in response and I began her massage.Years ago when I was in job market, I had decided to start my female massage clients face down, on their stomach, because I found women relax better if they aren't on their back and a strange man is looking at them and touching them. It seemed easier for them to relax, and they were more involved in the massage by the time I turned them over on their backs.I was not a masseur who just gives massage like technical schools and ask their customer to pay the bill and go.I prefer friendship come massage.

Deeba responded to my touch very well. She was quiet and somewhat introverted, but I felt that she was experiencing a lot pleasure during the massage. I began slowly, with a couple of long, deep strokes extending from her shoulders down her spine to her buttocks -- then back up to her shoulders. She moaned inaudibly and I could feel her lower back arch slightly, elevating her firm buttocks. I continued the steady, kneading motions, working my way down her back to her buttocks.

When I arrived at Deeba's buttocks during the Pakistani sex session, I spread her legs slightly and draped her in a kind of diaper fashion with the drape towel. That way, one butt cheek was exposed, but her pubic area was covered. After thoroughly kneading the buttock with my hands, getting the feel of the flesh and muscle, I used my forearm, leaning over her and sliding the forearm from her buttock down her thigh to the place a bit above the point where the knee bends. Then I brought my forearm back up her thigh and dug it gently into her buttock, applying pressure to the hip as my forearm came up over her round butt. Finishing the left side, I moved to the right and repeated the process.She was enjoying this fine arts like a baby shower of Pakistani sex.

Moving down her hips, I took plenty of time working the thighs and buttocks, gently pulling the muscles in a way that spreads the lips of her vagina, ever so slightly. My heart raced when I did that, because the towel moved slightly, revealing her vagina. As I peeked, I could feel the cum dripping from my hard cock and my breath was coming faster.After working Deeba's upper thighs I traveled down those shapely legs to her's calves and feet. I slowly kneaded those sensitive calf muscles, finishing her *back half* with several long, sensual strokes up the back of her legs decorating her nicely,similar to the ones I'd began the massage with.

The long strokes up the back of the legs are a favorite massage technique of mine. The move is very pleasurable and I've found that many Pakistani women (and men) become aroused by that long slow, steady pressure on their legs. Deeba certainly was enjoying the massage and it was time to turn her over to work on her front half. I began on her neck, cradling her head in my hands, then working the muscles of her neck and shoulders with my strong fingers. I worked her arms and hands paying special attention to her fingers, then placed her arm alongside her head, as if she were reaching for something over her head. I slowly ran the palm of my hand up the side of her torso, feeling the curve of her ribs and the round softness of her breast. After duplicating the moves on her left side, I worked my way to her stomach and gently and firmly manipulated her stomach muscles.

Deeba was enjoying the massage and although she wasn't making any overt signs of wanting me to be more sensual, I felt she wanted me to go further. By this time, my erection was dripping and throbbing, but I refrained from touching her with it. I have learned through the years that there are less problems with massage if I focus on the pleasure of the client, rather than my own. It's also very erotic for me because the eroticism of the situation keeps increasing. After massaging her stomach and lower abdomen, I traveled the fleshy journey down to her legs, once again focusing on those thigh muscles which were so well developed from exercise and proper diet and weight loss plan.

As I continued to knead and manipulate her legs, her pelvis began to twitch slightly, then more pronounced. Her face revealed nothing, she was entirely self-contained, without any sort of As I stroked up her legs, her pelvis would arch to meet my hands, as if she were trying to pull my hands closer to her Pakistani sex spot. I kept up the pressure and the movements and she kept responding. I stroked closer to her *mons veneris* and Deeba's hips arched higher. I stroked closer and closer until my thumbs were sliding over the swollen lips of her vagina and she was arching her hips, raising her buttocks several inches off the table.Meanwhile,I touched my erect tool with deeba's vagina walls for Pakistani sex.

Suddenly, silently during this Pakistani sex ,her orgasm began. It surged up through her resort vacation and those lean, strong hips and thighs bucked and jerked, then settled back onto the table and were still. It was a powerful orgasm that started deep in her loins and abdomen, coming into the open from somewhere deep in her physical and mental unconscious.Strangely, I felt honored that she had shared such a powerful sensation with me. It had been a fascinating experience although I received no physical gratification.We finished the massage and Deeba said nothing -- nor did I. There was nothing to say. We didn't know each other, only some sensual, passionate side of ourselves had become acquainted with one another. There was no talk of: *"I'll see you again"*, or any sort acknowledgment of friendship. I stepped out of the room, Deeba put her robe on and I walked her back to the ladies side of the spa.Hope you like my wife massage story of Pakistani sex.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Which type of men attract Pakistani women for Pakistani sex

Have you ever wondered why some men have all the luck when it comes to hot Pakistani women? It's no secret that certain archetypal males have been proven over and over to be irresistible to Pakistani women, either singles or hot Pakistani wives -- and it's not simply because of their good looks or a well-defined six pack. The truth is that Pakistani women tend to be attracted to certain personality traits and so, naturally, they flock to the men who possess them. Below are these "ideal types" of guys that Pakistani women are drawn to, and an explanation as to why these guys are so appealing. But don't freak out or permanently alter your personality if you don't fit into any of these money earnings exactly – hot Pakistani women will see right through that in their Pakistani sex stories.

Ideally, you should exude some traits from each of these different categories; in fact, you probably already do. With a quick perusal of the list below, you should be in much better shape to understand what women are looking for, and most importantly, to make sure that you fit the bill to get extra cash in.I am not writing a review on sex in Los Angeles restaurants but these tips would be a fine art and highest paying job for guys.

1. The Romantic Guy
He believes in classic romance. He is constantly bringing her flowers or other gifts. He calls her often to let her know he is thinking about her and looks into her eyes and tells her how he feels.
Why he is so irresistible: A hot Pakistani woman loves to feel appreciated, and the romantic guy makes this happen. He uses romantic gestures to show her he is thinking about her. As an added bonus, she feels free to reciprocate and act on her own romantic tendencies.Being romantic can pay your bill.

2. The Confident Guy
He is totally secure and sure of himself. He is assertive in public and gives off an aura of power and control (within reason of course, as the "cocky guy" is not on this list). In a relationship, he doesn't get jealous of other men; he doesn't feel threatened by his co-workers.
Why he is so irresistible: Pakistani women are attracted to confident men. Consider this: If you think you are great, she will probably be influenced to think the same. The confident man doesn't seek approval from Pakistani women, and this makes them want him even more.

3. The Artistic Guy
The artistic guy is spontaneous and lives for the moment. Often, he will use his creativity to woo her, such as with something he has created for her.

Why he is so irresistible
: Every woman wants to feel unique and special. There is no better way to make her feel this way than to use her as your muse or your source of inspiration. She is intrigued by the artistic guy's creative mind and especially by the way he incorporates her into his art. Rebellious, smart, and considerate guys all get the girls and hot Pakistani wife.

5. The Free Spirit Guy (aka the Bad Boy)
The free spirit guy goes where the wind takes him -- and the wind usually takes him on some kind of wacky adventure. He might ride a motorcycle, or he might skip work to take her on a last-minute road trip, but this guy doesn't worry too much about the consequences; he just sees where his own devices take him.
Why he is so irresistible: Every woman wants a bit of a rebel (within reason, of course). She loves his carefree attitude and hopes that it will rub off on her too. The bad boy spirit adds an element of youthfulness to the relationship and she loves to try taming him -- although she knows she'll never actually succeed.

6. The Intelligent/Witty Guy
He instigates conversations that are intellectually stimulating and listens to what she has to say in response. He makes her laugh with his clever sense of humor and has an uncanny ability to make politics interesting. He can shoot the breeze with her for hours and it will never get boring.

Why he is so irresistible: As time goes on, your hairline may recede and your buff body may soften, but if you can keep her interested, you've won half the battle. An intellectual connection is a big part of what sustains a relationship and if you can show her that you've got that, she'll be hooked pretty quickly.

7. The Considerate Guy
He holds open her car door and pulls out her chair. He foots the bill for dinner and makes sure to offer her dessert. He always asks her out with reasonable notice and picks her up at her door. He is generally sensitive to how she is feeling and when she is ready to go home.

Why he is so irresistible: Surprised? You probably think that nice, considerate guys never get the woman, but consider this: Once a woman has gone through her share of the bad guy, the rude guy and the not-calling-her-back guy, she will likely reevaluate her priorities. It takes a bit of maturity on her part to realize this, but eventually most girls come around and realize that they want a guy who will treat them well in the long run.

The words of caution
Don't take any of these character types to the extreme in Pakistani sex stories or try to be someone you're not -- it will be way too obvious. The key to success here is to keep in mind why women like the character traits outlined above and what kind of gestures they appreciate. Then, mix them up and see which of these traits and gestures you are most comfortable with. With just a little bit of effort, you'll be able to find more than a few irresistible qualities within yourself -- and accordingly, she'll be easily wooed by your newfound individuality. We hope that this article would really help you in money earn for Pakistani sex stories.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Me and my Office girl's Pakistani sex stories

This is Sameer with my real life story of Pakistani sex. I am from Karachi and an accountant by profession. I am working as Manager Finance in a reputed company, managing the whole company in the absence of owner. My owner trusted me a lot as I worked hard for company to get the extra cash in past few years. This event happened last year when I wanted to appoint an accountant in my department for my help. In consent with my owner we decided to appoint a female accountant as they are more loyal to work for legal jobs.I gave an advertisement in news papers and as a result got hundreds of resumes. I selected five CV’s in which the candidate pictures were attached and they were very pretty girls of age around 21 to 25. I called them for an interview and selected the most sexy and beautiful girl who badly needed the job. I offered her a handsome salary package which she accepted quickly with thanks to me.Her name was Aroba.By her looks and boldness,she was just a heroin for my Pakistani sex stories.

The 1st day when she joined, I asked my admin department to place a table inside my room so that I can train the accountant. In this way she was sitting in front of me all the day. and inviting me to play pool with her eyes.She was wearing pink suit and was looking very hot and sexy Pakistani woman. I guided her few tasks and after an hour she was very comfortable with me. I used to sit late in office whereas all other staff went by 5 pm. I asked her that if you want to grow and learn you should sit late with me and I will guide you, which she agreed happily. We daily used to sit late and I taught her accounts and also become very close to her. We started share our personal things, dressing, and movies etc all. It was Saturday and it’s normally an off day of Officemax, but I asked her to come at 10 am so that we can spend whole day together and she can learn a lot more than normal days.

She came at 10 and entered in the room. When I saw her, I was out of my mind. She was wearing a very deep neck shirt and tights and looking very hot. She sat against me and given a meaningful smile. I said, you are looking very pretty, she smiled and said yap I know I am that pretty and adorable. Then during working on her laptop she turned towards me and asked sir can you please tell me the way to format that sheet. I stood up and stand behind her and bent down and use my hands to use her keyboard in a way that she is sitting on chair in front of laptop and my both hands were typing on computer covering her from her shoulders. Touch of her shoulder made me hot and then I deliberately touched my dick on her back. In few min when I rubbed my dick on her back it hardened quickly. She was feeling it very much as she started breathing very heavily. I have not shown her that I was doing all deliberately.

I realized that it’s time to play the game of Pakistani sex. I slightly moved my hands on her shoulder and rub them. I could easily read the meaningful smile on her face. After a few minutes, I told her that we have done enough work; we should take a break by listening some songs.I was already having hot songs collection in my laptop so I brought my laptop near her and played the songs. Every hot song was raising my tool more. She was aware of the fact when suddenly she laughed after seeing my pants. My tool was bulging out of pants.I also smiled and said shyly that its usual to get this.According to my expectation and her boldness,I was hoping to get her hand on my pants.She did the same and grabbed my tool suddenly and started rubbing it like hot Pakistani women of Pakistani sex stories.

Then I came close to her and kissed her neck.She stood up and we started French kissing in a very passionate manner.She was ready to give loans no credit checks by all means now.I was sucking her soft and sexy lips and she was responding in a great manner. Slowly I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and started sucking her tongue. We did that for 5-10 minutes mean while I was rubbing my hands over her sexy and warm body.Then I removed her top and bra as well. Her boobs were milky white in color and her nipples were pink. I rubbed her cups through my palm while kissing on her lips, and then I took her in my arms and took her to office sofa set in the room. Her 36 c size virgin breasts were naked in front of me and I started licking and sucking them. I took her nipple in my mouth and softly sucking and biting them. It became very hard and erect. She was also enjoying the Pakistani sex stories and this game very much. I removed my T-shirt and jeans and underwear as well to start the Pakistani sex session.

My dick was so much hard and erect that it started to pain in its accommodation. When she saw my huge harden dick she smiled and took that in her hands and softly rubbing it. I removed her trouser as well and now we both were nude from top to bottom in bad credit. I lay over her and licking her body from neck to breast and then her belly and then rubbing her love hole through my hands and started fingering her wet hole. She moaned a lot and I slided my finger inside her hole. Now she is moaning with pleasure loudly and I was fingering her in a speedy manner. Her pussy was dripping juices supplements and it gave me more intense feelings to fuck her as soon as possible in Pakistani sex stories.

She took my shaft in her mouth during these Pakistani sex stories. It was so good, she was giving a fine job to me which I really enjoyed, specially the rolling of her tongue over my erected tool. After 5 minutes I was about to explode in her mouth, which I informed her and she jerk my tool using her hands and I exploded all load on her breast. We both enjoyed a lot the whole day after which I dropped her to home at 5 pm. Friends after that day we enjoyed very frequently in office and in my house as well when no one was at home. I will tell u the remaining parts some other time. Hope u people have enjoyed best payday advance which i have given to Aroba in my Pakistani sex stories.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to sex with co-worker Pakistani women

Many Pakistani guys search for how to sex with co-worker Pakistani women?.I am not going to teach you about peritoneal mesothelioma but only about some tricks of dating.Chances are,if you have been in the workplace for any time at all,then you have probably had at least one crush on a female coworker.Most of the time, these crushes will be just harmless little flashes of attraction,but sometimes,that attraction seems to linger on.That can kind of get you thinking,and it might make you want to know if you can seduce your female coworker.Maybe you want to have a real relationship with her,maybe you just want to have a brief fling and release all of that pent up attraction that you feel for her.These tips are just like making money online with hot Pakistani women at office.These would really be helpful on legal jobs for  you to start true Pakistani sex stories.

Seducing a Pakistani woman you work with is not a thing which you should search in Online degree programs of dating.It is not out of your reach by any means.Lots of male and female co workers in Pakistan end up dating,having flings or even affairs,so if you want to see if things can happen with her…that’s perfectly understandable.One word of caution here before the extra cash in,though.Once you DO get things going with her,  there is no turning back.So,if you work in a very small office or you work close together,you may really want to weigh out the long term effects of trying to seduce the woman you work with.You don’t want to have things get weird and turn it into a situation where you don’t want to see her,so you don’t end up going to work,do you?If,after you have weighed it out and you still want to try to seduce a woman you work with,then pay attention to Officemax.It can be done and I have a few basic seduction tips to get you started for Pakistani sex.

1.Most of the time,  you have to start out small,  making subtle moves on her.
One thing that women have that most guys do not,  is the ability to put off having sex with someone if they think that it will lead to a weird situation.So,chances are good that she will think of the possibility of work and sex getting all mixed up before you do.That’s why you want to be a lot more subtle about it,so that you really get her warmed up to the idea of something happening between you and her.If you just come right out and tell her that you want to hook up,chances are she will say NO and that will be the end of it,even if she does like you because she will be thinking about the possible consequences and implications.The college students and office professionals must have a different approach to hot Pakistani women.

2.You need to let her know that you can keep things on the hush,  so that she does not become the fodder of work place gossip.
Pakistani women are very protective of their social images,and in the workplace,this is especially true.If you give off the impression that you are the kind of guy who will blab his mouth and brag about landing her in bed,you are not going to get any play from most women.Start sharing small,trivial secrets with her,just to let her see that you are not the type to go running your mouth.You want to make it easy for her to want to you and to want to go to bed with you,and she needs to know that you are not going to make it hard on her by running your mouth and letting everyone else know.

3.She has to become comfortable seeing you outside of the workplace.
Unless you want to play with fire in Pakistani sex stories and do things on the job,then you are going to have to hook up outside of work.Really,even though it may seem fun and exciting,hooking up on the job can cost you that same job if you get caught,so my recommendation is to hook up outside of work to avoid personal injury.Therefore,you need to be able to make her feel comfortable with seeing you outside of the workplace.Even something as simple as getting together for a drink after hours,or grabbing a bite to eat is enough to make her feel comfortable with seeing you outside of the workplace.From there,you can learn how to escalate things so that she ends up at your place.please do give comments about this article of office seduction in Pakistani sex stories.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Incest Pakistani sex story part two

Incest Pakistani sex story part two is here.For reading part one of incest Pakistani sex stories please click here.I was just thinking to start my Pakistani sex stories with my brother's hot wife.I was half way down the door when I saw my Brother's hot wife standing there.she was amazed to see me like that and me too as she came in suddenly.I tried to adjust my dress and she went out closing the door.I came out and I was not able to face her.she went inside the bathroom for a piss and came out,went inside the kitchen to make coffee.She asked me whether I need milk? And I said yes to her and she made steps to boil the milk.She did not come out of the kitchen to talk with me as usual but something strange was running inside my mind.I know very well that she is in need of sex as she had not got it for long time and she have seen my hard Endowment selling naked and erect.She should have been tickled up with that scene and when I saw the clock it was 6.15.I thought I can make my necessary steps to seduce her and screw her like pool parties tonight and as it is a separate Luxury house it will be difficult for others to hear any sound from the home.It was an ideal place for hot Pakistani sex stories.

So thinking about this,I believed that I will not get any better chance to screw her and I went inside the kitchen and saw her standing near the Gas stove.I called her Bhabhi,and said sorry for the thing that happened in the bathroom.she said it’s ok.She have forgotten it so to leave the topic.When I was about to proceed further into Pakistani sex,the baby cried and she went to bedroom asking me to take care of the milk.I made coffee for her and milk for me.I went to Luxury bedroom and gave her the hot coffee cup.I sat with her to drink it.After that we started to play with her daughter.After an hour,I went out for a walk and during the walk I saw jasmine flowers there I bought it for her as she loves it so much.Then I reached home by 8.40 and by that time she was feeding her baby.she made the baby to sleep and I gave her the flowers which I bought for her, she was very happy and took some of it and kept it in her head immediately and then we finished our hot dinner.

After that we started to watch TV shows.During that she slept while I was thinking about my hot Pakistani sex session to start.I was sitting on the same Luxury bed where she was laying and her baby was aside.I pretended to sleep by having a back rest with pillow.It was a part of my plan.I pretend to sleep and after some time and I took my left hand and kept it on her stomach as if I did it in sleep. She did not moved nor did resisted it by this act of her I got some courage and I kept my right hand on her boob again she did not moved nor did resisted after few minutes.I started to massage her boobs slowly and now she also started enjoying it I knew that I have got a green signal from her side.Although she was showing that she is sleeping in this Pakistani sex session.

I started my upward journey but this time lifting her nighty up. She had nice legs with our single hair on it. I lifted her nighty up to the knees and was kissing her legs and then went to her panty and kissed her pussy over her panty. It was already wet and I could trace the lining of her pussy I kissed her there and then went further up to her navel and then her boobs. Her boobs were still so firm they were struggling to get of her bra I took of her bra and started sucking them like a baby in the mean time.I knew that a hot Pakistani woman can not sleep when this thing is going on with her but she was still acting to be sleep.

My Structured settlements of sex were erect now.I took it out of my baggy trousers and touched it in her ass crack.She didn't tried to stop me and kept on acting of sleep.I entered my hard tool inch by inch into her and after some seconds all seven inches were fleshed into her valley.Her pussy walls have nicely gripped my shaft.She was very tight as she have not got a meat bone inside from past many months.I forgot to tell you that the baby birth was through major operation and her vagina was not loose by birth.I started stroking slowly and kept on screwing her.I have to take care of my strokes as the baby can wake up.I banged her in this position for 10-15 minutes when suddenly I felt my hot juices to explode.I didn't cared to pull out my tool and hence blasted inside her my entire load of Pakistani sex.

After screwing her nicely in my Pakistani sex stories,I was satisfied that I have completed my mission.She didn't tried to stop me or show me that she is awake during the fucking session.I knew that she was enjoying the entire drama by me.After getting cool,I got up and switched of the TV and went into the washroom for having cleaning of my tool.In the next morning,I tired to see her response but she didn't show any reaction.I got the idea that she don't want to tell me or ask me about the night but she has enjoyed our Pakistani sex stories.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

incest pakistani sex stories

I am 21 years old guy from Islamabad sharing my incest Pakistani sex stories here.This sex story is mine original in which I was successful in getting Refinance mortgages of sex from my brother's hot pakistani wife.My brother went abroad through International travel exactly when she was 5 months pregnant.The elders in our house told her to stay back as she is pregnant and it maybe danger for her travel so long and stay alone there.So she was staying back here in Islamabad till her delivery and after she delivered a girl,they said her to stay here that a sudden climate change would affect the baby and she was staying in Islamabad for one year and then she decided to apply for her passport and her visa for her initial steps of applying .This situation was ideal for me to start my Pakistani sex stories.

I was helping my brother's hot wife about which I had always fantasized to have a sex .After some time her parents went back to their native to look after their business and she was left alone in Islamabad with her daughter.she felt it difficult to handle her baby alone and to look after the passport  and travel abroad works.she called me for help as I was the only close relative she had in Islamabad.I was very happy with her invitation and I left my hostel room and went to stay with her.I was very happy as I was going to spend time with her alone for some long days until she gets cheapest airfares to travel abroad.I would be able to start my sex sessions of Pakistani sex stories with her.

She was busy for her passport and visa when I left to her house and thinking for a hot sex session of Pakistani sex stories with her.I planned to seduce and screw her as soon as I can so that I can enjoy her for a bit long period till she get her passport and leave abroad.I was praying God to pave me way sooner for that and God was on my side for that and he gave that chance at the fourth day I went to her house. We went out for a small shopping from super market and came back home by 2 pm at noon and we bought our lunch from a Luxury hotel as it was already late as soon.

We reached home we opened our lunch packets and finished our lunch as we were hungry.she went to her bedroom to feed the baby and she said me that she is going to sleep as she is tired.I said ok to her and started watching TV.I too slept unknowingly while watching TV when suddenly I woke up and saw the time it was 5.30 in evening.I felt to go to bathroom and so I stood up,bathroom was inside her bedroom.

I have to get inside the bedroom to reach when I entered the bedroom I saw my Bhabhi sleeping with her nighty slightly above her legs and I was able to see her thigh and her boobs as it was slightly visible above and I was speechless on seeing it and went near her and kissed slightly on her thighs and then at her face but she moaned a bit and turned slightly in her sleep so I ran into the bathroom and was watching her from there and she just turned back and was still her sleep.

I was afraid to go for Pakistani sex and touch her again feeling what would happened if she wake up when I’m touching her.I was watching her from the bathroom and her face and boobs were still visible to me and I was getting hard due to this.I wanted to masturbate thinking of I went a bit inside the bathroom just closing the door without locking the door in a hurry and I removed my track and inner and started to masturbate thinking of her.My Incest sex story is continue at Pakistani sex stories.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

hot wife massage story of Pakistani sex

This wife story of Pakistani sex stories is also completely true.For a background of us and a precursor to this story;I strongly suggest that you should read Wall Street Journal.For our anniversary in February I booked a luxury hotel room in a city close to us. 2 weeks before the date I got the idea for a massage and decided not to tell Hina beforehand as she would never agree. I went to some adult dating websites and found the contacts of a few handsome guys in our region who would agree to such a thing. I was not willing to accept any unwanted pregnancy during the Pakistani sex sessions. After much emailing back and forth I decided on one guy.We exchanged the Daily mail and then I decided to select his maple syrup for my hot wife Pakistani sex stories.

A week before the date,I decided to meet the guy at a coffee shop close to the Luxury hotel. He seemed nice, friendly, intelligent, and clean and cake decorating. He was white, in his early 20's. We made the whole plan for the pool parties of my hot wife where he would pretend to me a professional masseur. I even made the guy buy massage candle,oils and towels at his own medical billing. When the day came we drove down and checked in around 9pm, had dinner, got into the Jacuzzi and had some wild sex. Next morning we got up around 10 and had breakfast. Then I told Hina I had a surprise for her. I told her I had booked an in room massage for her, not telling her it was a man. She was surprised, delighted and curious as she never had a massage before. Anyway, the guy came around 11 and when I opened the door and he came in and introduced Hina, her face shown some alarm for Pakistani sex.

She spoke to me in Urdu that this is a man and I said to her that there were no females available for today and besides he is a professional anyway. She refused but then I managed to convince her, telling her I had already paid 100 dollars for this. She finally agreed and talked to the guy (I don't even remember his name). He said to get undressed as much as you feel comfortable and lie face down on the bedroom carpets and asked to for me to cover her with a towel. Hina went to the bathroom, changed into her bikini and came out wearing her bathrobe. Then the guy went into the bathroom, Hina took off her robe and lied down, I covered her sensitive skin with the towel and the guy came out as underwear men. He uncovered her until her lower back and worked on her harms, neck, shoulders and back. I came and unhooked her top to give her back pain relief. She was slightly alarmed but I told her that the guy was having trouble massaging her in Pakistani sex.

He then covered her up again and uncovered her legs up to her bum. He massaged her legs completely then uncovered her bum. He asked if it was possible to remove the bikini bottom as it would be a hindrance in the massage. Hina told me in Urdu no, but I managed to convince her again that the guy knows what he is talking about. She protested but I just lowered her bottom myself. She seemed stressed but lifted her bum anyway for me to remove the bottom. The guy worked on her bum and in working there split her ass a few times and got a good look at her hole during this massage therapy class of Pakistani sex stories.

Once he finished, he said he would go into the bathroom and asked for Hina to turn over. When he was in there I asked Hina how she was feeling, she said initially she was apprehensive but now she is relaxed and enjoying very much. She turned over and I said why you don’t just remove everything, this time she said ok as long as I am covered with the towel. He came out, worked on her face, arms and shoulders. Then uncovered her legs to her mid-thighs and massaged her legs. After that he asked if we wanted her breasts massaged.

She protested but I asked the guy if this is normal, he said many women like it. I asked for a moment and he went to the bathroom again. I talked to Hina and asked her what she thinks? She said it's going to be weird, but I told her the guy might be good and you might enjoy it. After a little bit more convincing she finally agreed. I told the guy it was ok so he uncovered her to just above her pubic hair. He massaged her stomach, her sides and then slowly worked to her breasts. Hinas nipples were hard rock and then once he touched her breasts, Hina let out a small moan with her eyes closed. He really pleasured her gently, playing with the nipples etc... Then he went back to her stomach and slowly inched towards her pubic area, uncovering the towel centimeter by centimeter. Hina also started anticipating his touches of massage therapy classes. She was really in heaven during these Pakistani sex stories.

When he was massaging the area right above her pubic triangle, I got up and asked Hina if I could remove the towel completely. Surprisingly, this time she was in a complete intoxication and she said yes. I removed it to expose Hina fully. The guy did her pubic area, and then worked on the upper thighs. He then worked on the inner thighs and by doing so, slowly pried open Hinas legs. Then inch by inch he came close to her pussy ad then he finally touched it. Hina let out a moan of relief and pleasure and her eyes were closed tight the whole time. He poured a lot of warm oil and massaged her pussy and but hole very finely and gently and also went inside Hina with his 2 fingers. Then he finally worked on her clit rapidly to make her climax. After that He said the massage is done.

Hina got up and she had lost all her inhibitions, she walked naked to mini-bar and got herself some water. Came back standing naked and shook hands with the masseuse and thanked him. She opened the water in our Jacuzzi and went inside, all in front of the guy. The guy took me outside and asked me if she wanted sex with him. I came in, told her what he was saying but Hina said no and despite my convincing she just said no and was starting to get upset so I said no problem. I went outside and told the guy she is done and the guy was nice and left. The rest of the day we spent relaxing in and around the hotel and in the night we had some amazing Pakistani sex.

I asked her afterwards about her thoughts about the whole massage therapy class of Pakistani sex. She replied that it was an amazing experience and she would not mind undergoing the same experience again but not for a while. She also added that she might be open to more ideas in the future and later during one of our conversations, upon my prying and convincing, she even said that she might agree to have oral sex with the masseuse (both giving and receiving). Upon hearing this, my joy has no bounds and I cannot wait for our next massage experience. Unfortunately it has been 10 months since this experience and due to being super busy at work, I have not had the time to arrange our second massage, but our anniversary is coming again in February, hopefully I can arrange the same and more again. This was all about wife’s online degree program of Pakistani sex stories.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Gossips for Pakistani sex

Plain-old condoms could soon be in for some stiff competition in Pakistani sex stories.This would be in the form of new erection-enhancing prophylactics some are calling "Viagra condoms."The condoms contain a gel designed to help men maintain a firm erection, the Wall Street Journal reported. Some men have trouble maintaining an erection while using condoms, and that can cause condoms to slip off - raising the risk not only of unwanted pregnancy but also of catching or spreading a sexually transmitted disease (STD).In addition to helping men preserve their erections, the company behind the condoms says they make erections bigger, the Daily Mail reported.This can be a great turn over for Online classes of Pakistani sex.

Adding flavor and cake decorating to oral sex is must in Pakistani sex stories.Oral sex is a fun and tantalizing foreplay technique that can really get the temperature rising.You can make it more fun by adding flavor to the sensitive skin.If he’s up for it,drizzle his penis with something totally yummy–chocolate sauce, whipped cream, honey, maple syrup, strawberry yogurt.whatever your decadent delight of choice!Choose a flavor that you can’t get enough of, and then lick and suck his now-delicious penis.It will be heavenly for both of you!Likewise, he can reportedly change the flavor of his own juices by eating citrus throughout the day–pineapples,mango,apples, etc.Some women report that this makes their man’s juices taste yummy in Pakistani sex stories.

In Pakistani sex, when talking about penis size,25% of white women say size doesn't matter at all. Amongst the other 75% of women only 10% say it's important and the other 65% believe it's evenly split between mildly and moderately important (approx 33% say mildly, approx 33% say moderately).Amongst the 75% the number one favorite size for white women is 7" length x 2" thickness. The favorite range for white women is 6" to 8" length x 2" thickness.A small percentage of women prefer less than that range and a small percentage of hot women prefer more.Amongst black hot women of Africa,the favorite size is 8" length x 2.25" thickness. The favorite range for bw is 7" to 9" length x 2.25" thickness. A small percentage of bw prefer less for back pain relief and a small percentage of bw prefer more.This is about penis size in Pakistani sex.

Pakistani sex stories are on rise in Pakistan.Due to the easy access to media and internet boys even girls have started the masturbation and have adopt the wrong ways of sex. Dating culture is very normal in Pakistan now a days and couples are doing any thing very easily even we can find the couples at public places involved in sex, these couples can be seen in parks, hotels, dating points, tea cafe’s, ice cream points, even at the Mazar e Quaid.Due to this increasingly search of sex many people contacts prostitutes to fulfill the desires, according to some reports more than lac womans are working as a prostitutes in Karachi and Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.

In Punjab province specially in Lahore its very easy to get prostitutes for Pakistani sex stories,same like Punjab and Lahore its very easy to access prostitutes in interior Sindh.Why this is easy due to poverty woman's have started working as a prostitutes to earn money, a lot of woman's and girls smuggled in various parts of country for this purpose, in other provinces children are being used for this purpose along with girls.These were few gossips and Packages of Pakistani sex stories.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Specific signs of Pakistani Girls

Specific signs of Girls at Pakistani sex is a wonderful informative article of Pakistani sex stories.Most men look out for specific signs of Girls of "how to tell if a girl likes you," before they actually pursue women. These signs somehow give men the confidence they need to assure that their effort is worthwhile. Well, the thing is, you don't really need to know everything there is to know on how to tell if a girl likes you. All you have to know are the basic signs regardless if you think she's doing it consciously or unconsciously.This would really be an Auto insurance for you to get your girl for Pakistani sex stories.

Here are some basic signs for how to tell if a girl likes you that you should keep an eye out for her Refinance Mortgages:

Eye Contact:Anytime a girl looks at you or stares back at you for more than 3 seconds, you should consider it pretty solid eye contact that no longer fits the description of just casual glancing. Casual glancing takes just about a second or two and it simply means that the girl is just looking around. I wouldn't give casual glances much weight in how to tell if a girl likes you. Eye contact that lasts for more than that doesn't mean she's just looking around-it means she's checking you out for getting Refinance Loans of Pakistani sex!

Solid eye contact should give you enough reason to approach a girl. Once you've approached and engaged a girl in conversation, the next thing sign for how to tell if a girl likes you that you need to look for is body language. Here are some examples of "I like you" body language:

Her body is facing you when you're talking to her (conveys she's interested)
She's nodding when you're talking (conveys that she's listening)
She's smiling and responding to you (conveys that she's engaged in the conversation)
She's touching your hand or your shoulder or your leg throughout the conversation (conveys that she's comfortable with you).
Compliance tests will help you significantly on how to tell if a girl likes you. Not a lot of men do this. Maybe it's because most men lack the confidence to do this or are just not comfortable doing this. But this is something you have to do. A compliance test is basically asking her to do something and seeing if she follows along. The test can either be big or small. I usually start with small tests and end with bigger tests. I might ask a girl to stand up if she is sitting down. If she complies to a series of small tests like this, you can build towards a bigger test such as asking a girl for her number or asking a girl to go get a cup of coffee. Of course if she complies to bigger tests, it's a pretty reliable indicator that she likes your Amortization of Pakistani sex stories.

Teasing should be on every man's radar for how to tell if a girl likes you. When she teases you, it means she's inviting you to play along in a little game of cat and mouse. I know what you're thinking-you hate when girls play games. But look at it this way: if she didn't like you at all, she wouldn't waste her time playing with you in the first place. Here are some examples of teasing structured settlements:

She bites her lip when you're talking to her
She rims the top of her glass with her finger
She blatantly reveals some skin for you (cleavage or legs) when she moves or adjusts her position
She stares at your lips when you're talking to her.

We think that these Refinance Mortgages of Specific signs at Pakistani sex blog will really help you in auto insurance of improvement in finding the real hot Pakistani women of your life. Keep reading these tips and taking your required Pakistani girls to Luxury hotels for fun and Pakistani sex stories.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Key dinners in Pakistani sex

Key dinners in Pakistani sex stories are the real face of Pakistani elite class women and their habits of wife swapping activities.Key Dinners are mostly held among people who have higher status in Pakistani society. Basically what happens is that after formal dinner Packages, everyone put their car/house keys on one table and then they all turn the lights off of that particular room. Then everyone has to pick one key after that the lights are turned on. So, the key that you get to spend a night with that individual or individual's wife/husband!! That's Key Dinner adopted in Pakistani elite class following the European life styles.This article of Key dinners in Pakistan would bring you the face lifts of elite class Pakistani sex stories.

I know an aunt(wife of retired Major in Army) who basically was in contact with online classes of elite people.She told me about this key dinners held in Pakistan. She told me that how common it is getting among Pakistani community nowadays. No, she is not involve in that kind of dinners but have dealt with people who have been on those dinners. and cupcakes parties.It was my first time hearing about Key Dinners ACTUALLY in Pakistan!These dinners are basically designed to get auto insurance of sexual variety by sharing one single wife and getting many hot Pakistani wives in lieu of that.Often in Officer ranks of Pakistan, this type culture of Pakistani sex is very popular.

They are just being too influenced by western countries, why cant Pakistan pick some positive things from these countries which would actually maybe help them economically.It is all about the real face lifts of Elite class of Pakistan.The consideration is important to the life style for elite class. Majority of this class wants to lead life following Europeans.Most of the officers call their colleague's wife as "BHABHI". The same lady  in 95% cases is involved in sex with the same man who calls her "BHABHI".Sometimes,the husband's are facing Erectile dysfunction and hence they want their wife to enjoy life with someone other. They try to adopt this charter flight of Pakistani sex stories.

However, the religious beliefs and cultural taboos control the behavior of Pakistani sex to a large extent. I'd guess that only a tiny itsy bitsy fraction of Pakistani population is indulging in these so-called "key parties". The number of people in Pakistan engaged in more mainstream (chup chuppa ke) extra-marital and pre-marital sex is considerably more. In the recent years, this elite class has dominated Pakistani society through media and cell phone. Often Cake decorating parties are also celebrated along with wives by Pakistani elite class which later on turns into wife swapping Pakistani sex stories.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Office sex story at Pakistani sex stories

This Office sex story in Pakistani sex stories is posted by our blog reader.Khurram is an IT professional who shared this Pakistani sex story with us.Let's start his Luxury travel in his own was an IT company and i was being interviewed for manager's position.I took the form and thanked Maria who guided me with the formalities, she got an easy smile and was very helpful. my interview lasted for an hour and at the end of it i got the offer letter, a very lucrative offer with a decent hike i already made up my mind to join this company, only problem it posed is to relocate to Hyderabad from Karachi,i discussed this with Maria and she said she will help me in finding an accommodation in cheap hotel nyc for Pakistani sex stories.

she arranged a Luxury cab to airport for my return trip and i was ready to be back to Hyderabad in two months.I joined the office and Maria became my first friend in office, she supported me for all activities from my guest house, flight travel and house hunting, we even started going to lunch together almost was a Wednesday and i was leaving for the guest house, it was a few minutes walk from my house.Maria appeared on her four wheeler and offered to drop me. she asked me to take the driver's seat which i declined as i always prefer to sit pillion with opposite Pakistani sex.

In one week Maria and i became good friends and were getting closer, she was married and her son was 7 yr old, husband works in an auto insurance firm and works on weekdays.He travels on weekends.she was thirty two,a year younger than me,five feet five inches and a typical middle aged figure,big breasts and a well maintained figure which is OK for a married woman with kids.Next week i was supposed to travel to US via air charters and my wife decided to stay with her parents during my i boarded her on the morning bus and returned home, my flight was in the night and i was on my own for entire day.Maria called at around 12:30 PM for checking about my travel plan,i told her that i am alone at home and feeling bored, she said that she is planning to go to her mother's house near airport,i offered her to drop to her mother's place in my cab, she agreed and said that she will reach my home in an hour.I was really planning to have great Pakistani sex stories with her.

As we have recently moved to this rented house which was barely furnished but it had an ac installed which is very important in the 40 degrees temperature of Hyderabad.She came to my house and took my breath away in an instant,i couldn't believe it is the same girl that i see in office every day.she wore a semi transparent blue saree which had some nice design,below the transparent saree was a sleeveless blouse that was also completely open from the back, the blouse was low cut and her cleavage was looking damn sexy, i have seen Maria up and close several times,i know her boobs are not that great, they look heavy and loose, but in this attire they were looking enhanced, whether it was a padded bra,i will soon find out.

I showed her the house as we didn't had a comfortable furniture to sit. we recently moved to the rented apartment.A/c was installed only in the bedroom hence i asked her to sit in the bedroom mattress and make herself comfortable,i got some water for her from the kitchen.she sat at one corner of the mattress and looking at her mobile phone intensely, she was a little nervous and expression of her face was clear that she understands what is coming in Pakistani sex

I sat near her and asked her to show me the song being played on mobile,the song was a romantic number where heroine was semi clad and having a sensuous kissing scene,I moved closer in the pretext of watching the song, Maria was sitting with the support of wall and phone resting on her lap. i touched her hand and turned the phone around so that i had a better view. in the process holding her hand."Isn't she Sexy?" I asked her.There was no reply from her but a smile,i moved closer to her also sitting with support of wall sitting her side,my right hand touching her sleeveless left hand.she started another song and i moved my hand on her lap trying to stop her from changing the song,in the process my elbow brushed her left breast,i left it there holding her hand tight so as not to let her change the song.

There was a playful smile on her face and she scolded me. but i did not relent, she tried further hard turning towards me and trying to wrestle mobile phone away, in the scuffle i pushed her down and launched myself on top of her, pinning both her hands above her head and pinning her feet below mine, my tool was erect and pinching her on her belly, she obviously enjoying it and scolded me further,her Saree has shifted a little in the scuffle exposing her blouse completely.she begged me to leave her and i reluctantly let her go for the luxury travel.

This scuffle has relieved some of her inertia and she is now open to my touching her, i sat next to her again wrapping my arms around her and holding my face close to her cheeks. Brushing her boobs time to time. i rested my hand on her belly roaming my hand freely on her navel, to her thigh and then her feet, in return journey my hand took a detour inside her Saree touching her skin from inside slowly moving upwards making circles, she tried to resist out of shyness but relented and started enjoying my hand inside her, i slowly moved it forward exposing her shaved legs and touching my palm on her thighs, sliding upwards i reached the point of heaven covered by a smooth satin cloth, the moment i touched the moist cloth a moan came from above and Maria moved away from me,her face told me that it will be difficult to go the full length today,she was behaving like a teenager who never had Pakistani sex before.

I again pushed her down and rode on top of her, moving my mouth on her cheeks and shoulder and then moving it to her breast, kissing and fondling. Maria closed her eyes and it was clear she was enjoying the play, but on the other hand she was a little conscious of herself as well and was not leaving herself hand moved on her breasts and removed first hook of her blouse, she resisted again and i dropped on top of her pinning her below my body and then unhooked the second button,her resistance was not fierce but was enough to slow me down, so it took me 10 minutes to remove her blouse and bringing her white bra outside, i sucked her again roaming my mouth all over her body and moving my hand on her vagina, but she didn't let me move forward, moment i touch her sensitive spot she will catch my hand and won't let me move forward and i again move to foreplay hoping i am able to excite her enough to drop her guard.

I unhooked her bra to start my Pakistani sex stories in a unsuspecting manner so that she cannot delay it further.Bringing her massive tits out, well her tits are massive and compared to her body they are barely noticeable, i sucked them in my mouth and then clipped them in my teeth , causing her to moan with pain. i now removed all my clothing in one shot, letting her see my tool with a feared expression, of course she would not let me move in so i started rocking my tool on her belly masturbating in front of her, in a few minutes i was exhausted with juices flowing out, me and Maria  rested for an hour with i wearing nothing and she topless in our private jet flight of Pakistani sex stories.         

Incest sex stories


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