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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Office sex story at Pakistani sex stories

This Office sex story in Pakistani sex stories is posted by our blog reader.Khurram is an IT professional who shared this Pakistani sex story with us.Let's start his Luxury travel in his own was an IT company and i was being interviewed for manager's position.I took the form and thanked Maria who guided me with the formalities, she got an easy smile and was very helpful. my interview lasted for an hour and at the end of it i got the offer letter, a very lucrative offer with a decent hike i already made up my mind to join this company, only problem it posed is to relocate to Hyderabad from Karachi,i discussed this with Maria and she said she will help me in finding an accommodation in cheap hotel nyc for Pakistani sex stories.

she arranged a Luxury cab to airport for my return trip and i was ready to be back to Hyderabad in two months.I joined the office and Maria became my first friend in office, she supported me for all activities from my guest house, flight travel and house hunting, we even started going to lunch together almost was a Wednesday and i was leaving for the guest house, it was a few minutes walk from my house.Maria appeared on her four wheeler and offered to drop me. she asked me to take the driver's seat which i declined as i always prefer to sit pillion with opposite Pakistani sex.

In one week Maria and i became good friends and were getting closer, she was married and her son was 7 yr old, husband works in an auto insurance firm and works on weekdays.He travels on weekends.she was thirty two,a year younger than me,five feet five inches and a typical middle aged figure,big breasts and a well maintained figure which is OK for a married woman with kids.Next week i was supposed to travel to US via air charters and my wife decided to stay with her parents during my i boarded her on the morning bus and returned home, my flight was in the night and i was on my own for entire day.Maria called at around 12:30 PM for checking about my travel plan,i told her that i am alone at home and feeling bored, she said that she is planning to go to her mother's house near airport,i offered her to drop to her mother's place in my cab, she agreed and said that she will reach my home in an hour.I was really planning to have great Pakistani sex stories with her.

As we have recently moved to this rented house which was barely furnished but it had an ac installed which is very important in the 40 degrees temperature of Hyderabad.She came to my house and took my breath away in an instant,i couldn't believe it is the same girl that i see in office every day.she wore a semi transparent blue saree which had some nice design,below the transparent saree was a sleeveless blouse that was also completely open from the back, the blouse was low cut and her cleavage was looking damn sexy, i have seen Maria up and close several times,i know her boobs are not that great, they look heavy and loose, but in this attire they were looking enhanced, whether it was a padded bra,i will soon find out.

I showed her the house as we didn't had a comfortable furniture to sit. we recently moved to the rented apartment.A/c was installed only in the bedroom hence i asked her to sit in the bedroom mattress and make herself comfortable,i got some water for her from the kitchen.she sat at one corner of the mattress and looking at her mobile phone intensely, she was a little nervous and expression of her face was clear that she understands what is coming in Pakistani sex

I sat near her and asked her to show me the song being played on mobile,the song was a romantic number where heroine was semi clad and having a sensuous kissing scene,I moved closer in the pretext of watching the song, Maria was sitting with the support of wall and phone resting on her lap. i touched her hand and turned the phone around so that i had a better view. in the process holding her hand."Isn't she Sexy?" I asked her.There was no reply from her but a smile,i moved closer to her also sitting with support of wall sitting her side,my right hand touching her sleeveless left hand.she started another song and i moved my hand on her lap trying to stop her from changing the song,in the process my elbow brushed her left breast,i left it there holding her hand tight so as not to let her change the song.

There was a playful smile on her face and she scolded me. but i did not relent, she tried further hard turning towards me and trying to wrestle mobile phone away, in the scuffle i pushed her down and launched myself on top of her, pinning both her hands above her head and pinning her feet below mine, my tool was erect and pinching her on her belly, she obviously enjoying it and scolded me further,her Saree has shifted a little in the scuffle exposing her blouse completely.she begged me to leave her and i reluctantly let her go for the luxury travel.

This scuffle has relieved some of her inertia and she is now open to my touching her, i sat next to her again wrapping my arms around her and holding my face close to her cheeks. Brushing her boobs time to time. i rested my hand on her belly roaming my hand freely on her navel, to her thigh and then her feet, in return journey my hand took a detour inside her Saree touching her skin from inside slowly moving upwards making circles, she tried to resist out of shyness but relented and started enjoying my hand inside her, i slowly moved it forward exposing her shaved legs and touching my palm on her thighs, sliding upwards i reached the point of heaven covered by a smooth satin cloth, the moment i touched the moist cloth a moan came from above and Maria moved away from me,her face told me that it will be difficult to go the full length today,she was behaving like a teenager who never had Pakistani sex before.

I again pushed her down and rode on top of her, moving my mouth on her cheeks and shoulder and then moving it to her breast, kissing and fondling. Maria closed her eyes and it was clear she was enjoying the play, but on the other hand she was a little conscious of herself as well and was not leaving herself hand moved on her breasts and removed first hook of her blouse, she resisted again and i dropped on top of her pinning her below my body and then unhooked the second button,her resistance was not fierce but was enough to slow me down, so it took me 10 minutes to remove her blouse and bringing her white bra outside, i sucked her again roaming my mouth all over her body and moving my hand on her vagina, but she didn't let me move forward, moment i touch her sensitive spot she will catch my hand and won't let me move forward and i again move to foreplay hoping i am able to excite her enough to drop her guard.

I unhooked her bra to start my Pakistani sex stories in a unsuspecting manner so that she cannot delay it further.Bringing her massive tits out, well her tits are massive and compared to her body they are barely noticeable, i sucked them in my mouth and then clipped them in my teeth , causing her to moan with pain. i now removed all my clothing in one shot, letting her see my tool with a feared expression, of course she would not let me move in so i started rocking my tool on her belly masturbating in front of her, in a few minutes i was exhausted with juices flowing out, me and Maria  rested for an hour with i wearing nothing and she topless in our private jet flight of Pakistani sex stories.         

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