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Sunday, April 8, 2012

hot wife massage story of Pakistani sex

This wife story of Pakistani sex stories is also completely true.For a background of us and a precursor to this story;I strongly suggest that you should read Wall Street Journal.For our anniversary in February I booked a luxury hotel room in a city close to us. 2 weeks before the date I got the idea for a massage and decided not to tell Hina beforehand as she would never agree. I went to some adult dating websites and found the contacts of a few handsome guys in our region who would agree to such a thing. I was not willing to accept any unwanted pregnancy during the Pakistani sex sessions. After much emailing back and forth I decided on one guy.We exchanged the Daily mail and then I decided to select his maple syrup for my hot wife Pakistani sex stories.

A week before the date,I decided to meet the guy at a coffee shop close to the Luxury hotel. He seemed nice, friendly, intelligent, and clean and cake decorating. He was white, in his early 20's. We made the whole plan for the pool parties of my hot wife where he would pretend to me a professional masseur. I even made the guy buy massage candle,oils and towels at his own medical billing. When the day came we drove down and checked in around 9pm, had dinner, got into the Jacuzzi and had some wild sex. Next morning we got up around 10 and had breakfast. Then I told Hina I had a surprise for her. I told her I had booked an in room massage for her, not telling her it was a man. She was surprised, delighted and curious as she never had a massage before. Anyway, the guy came around 11 and when I opened the door and he came in and introduced Hina, her face shown some alarm for Pakistani sex.

She spoke to me in Urdu that this is a man and I said to her that there were no females available for today and besides he is a professional anyway. She refused but then I managed to convince her, telling her I had already paid 100 dollars for this. She finally agreed and talked to the guy (I don't even remember his name). He said to get undressed as much as you feel comfortable and lie face down on the bedroom carpets and asked to for me to cover her with a towel. Hina went to the bathroom, changed into her bikini and came out wearing her bathrobe. Then the guy went into the bathroom, Hina took off her robe and lied down, I covered her sensitive skin with the towel and the guy came out as underwear men. He uncovered her until her lower back and worked on her harms, neck, shoulders and back. I came and unhooked her top to give her back pain relief. She was slightly alarmed but I told her that the guy was having trouble massaging her in Pakistani sex.

He then covered her up again and uncovered her legs up to her bum. He massaged her legs completely then uncovered her bum. He asked if it was possible to remove the bikini bottom as it would be a hindrance in the massage. Hina told me in Urdu no, but I managed to convince her again that the guy knows what he is talking about. She protested but I just lowered her bottom myself. She seemed stressed but lifted her bum anyway for me to remove the bottom. The guy worked on her bum and in working there split her ass a few times and got a good look at her hole during this massage therapy class of Pakistani sex stories.

Once he finished, he said he would go into the bathroom and asked for Hina to turn over. When he was in there I asked Hina how she was feeling, she said initially she was apprehensive but now she is relaxed and enjoying very much. She turned over and I said why you don’t just remove everything, this time she said ok as long as I am covered with the towel. He came out, worked on her face, arms and shoulders. Then uncovered her legs to her mid-thighs and massaged her legs. After that he asked if we wanted her breasts massaged.

She protested but I asked the guy if this is normal, he said many women like it. I asked for a moment and he went to the bathroom again. I talked to Hina and asked her what she thinks? She said it's going to be weird, but I told her the guy might be good and you might enjoy it. After a little bit more convincing she finally agreed. I told the guy it was ok so he uncovered her to just above her pubic hair. He massaged her stomach, her sides and then slowly worked to her breasts. Hinas nipples were hard rock and then once he touched her breasts, Hina let out a small moan with her eyes closed. He really pleasured her gently, playing with the nipples etc... Then he went back to her stomach and slowly inched towards her pubic area, uncovering the towel centimeter by centimeter. Hina also started anticipating his touches of massage therapy classes. She was really in heaven during these Pakistani sex stories.

When he was massaging the area right above her pubic triangle, I got up and asked Hina if I could remove the towel completely. Surprisingly, this time she was in a complete intoxication and she said yes. I removed it to expose Hina fully. The guy did her pubic area, and then worked on the upper thighs. He then worked on the inner thighs and by doing so, slowly pried open Hinas legs. Then inch by inch he came close to her pussy ad then he finally touched it. Hina let out a moan of relief and pleasure and her eyes were closed tight the whole time. He poured a lot of warm oil and massaged her pussy and but hole very finely and gently and also went inside Hina with his 2 fingers. Then he finally worked on her clit rapidly to make her climax. After that He said the massage is done.

Hina got up and she had lost all her inhibitions, she walked naked to mini-bar and got herself some water. Came back standing naked and shook hands with the masseuse and thanked him. She opened the water in our Jacuzzi and went inside, all in front of the guy. The guy took me outside and asked me if she wanted sex with him. I came in, told her what he was saying but Hina said no and despite my convincing she just said no and was starting to get upset so I said no problem. I went outside and told the guy she is done and the guy was nice and left. The rest of the day we spent relaxing in and around the hotel and in the night we had some amazing Pakistani sex.

I asked her afterwards about her thoughts about the whole massage therapy class of Pakistani sex. She replied that it was an amazing experience and she would not mind undergoing the same experience again but not for a while. She also added that she might be open to more ideas in the future and later during one of our conversations, upon my prying and convincing, she even said that she might agree to have oral sex with the masseuse (both giving and receiving). Upon hearing this, my joy has no bounds and I cannot wait for our next massage experience. Unfortunately it has been 10 months since this experience and due to being super busy at work, I have not had the time to arrange our second massage, but our anniversary is coming again in February, hopefully I can arrange the same and more again. This was all about wife’s online degree program of Pakistani sex stories.

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